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Wanted: House Sitter Chapter 2

Samantha and Lani get to know each other better.
The sun shone through the bedroom window warming Ka-lee as he slept in his bed. Opening one eye then the other, he inched up on all fours, stretching, wagging his tail. He walked over to Lani's bed, whimpering to get her attention. She was late feeding him and letting him out. Alternating sitting, standing, wagging and whining he'd place his head on the edge of the bed trying to wake his mom.

Lani opened one eye, she smiled at her big boy. Reaching over, she gently stroked his muzzle causing him to become even more excited.

“Morning, baby boy.”

The whimpers and excitement broadened the smile on Lani's face. Ka-lee began doing his “wiggle dance” shaking his entire body while wagging his tail anxious to be fed and let out.

Lani eased the sheet back causing Ka-lee to scamper off for the kitchen to his food dish. She smiled while shaking her head, wondering what she would ever do without him. Looking over her shoulder, her smile broadened as she gazed at the form under the sheet.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” She whispered tracing Samantha's cheek with her fingertip.

“Very good, thanks. I'm not used to sleeping with anyone, how did you sleep?” Her eyes barely open.

“Nicely, thanks. I need to get Ka-lee fed and let out. He actually slept in this morning. Must have been all that playing at the bar last night.”

Samantha reached across Lani, her bare breasts grazing Lani's bare skin while she reached out to touch Ka-lee's muzzle who had returned wondering why Lani hadn't followed.

“You're not making this easy.”

Samantha smiled back, “I know, I really enjoyed that last night. Go let him out and we can talk.”

Lani sighed then quickly kissed Samantha, grudgingly extracting herself from the comfort of the warm bed. Slipping into a fresh pair of panties, she spoke to Ka-lee in a baby voice. Ka-lee continued his dance moving in and out of the room anxious for breakfast.

“If you want to get up, there's English muffins, yogurt, coffee, tea and whatever you can find for breakfast.”

Samantha stretched, yawning in the process. She watched Lani don her robe, slipping her feet into fuzzy slippers. She debated whether to get up or entice her friend back to bed. She opted to get up and talk rather than lay there hoping Lani would come back.

Locating the shirt she changed into the previous night, she slipped her panties back on and staggered out to the kitchen rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Lani looked up at her while dropping Ka-lee's kibble in his dish.

“Help yourself to anything in the kitchen, I need to let him out after he's done.”

“I'd love to.” Samantha smiled with an evil grin.

“Silly, I like coffee if you don't mind making it. I'll heat up a muffin when I get back in.”

“Not a problem, we do need to talk though. I'll make the coffee while you deal with your baby.”

Lani smiled, she slipped her arm around Samantha's waist on her way to the back door. Looking into her eyes she sweetly kissed her on the lips then sighed as Ka-lee skipped by them smacking their legs with his ever wagging tail.

“Ugh, I love him but sometimes.”

Samantha giggled then let Lani go. Walking to the cupboard she opened it, finding what she needed and began making coffee. While the coffee was brewing she found the muffins then proceeded to drop them in the toaster, adjusting the control to medium then pressed the knob down to begin the toasting.

Lani came back in with the ever bubbly Ka-lee wagging his tail and doing his wiggle dance again. He grabbed a chew toy then headed off to his bed content to chew and play by himself. Lani grabbed a pair of mugs as the toaster ejected their breakfast. Samantha poured while Lani got out some jam, she set the table for breakfast and their talk.

“I hope you know I really enjoyed last night, Lani.”

“I did too, I'm just glad we're not doing the awkward silence thing, like if we were both drunk and did something.”

“It's better sober.”

They giggled and nodded their agreement as they sipped and ate. Occasionally a foot would brush the others ankles and that would trigger a smile and a sigh from one or the other.

“You know I still like men.” Samantha confessed.

“I do too, but I think I might be more open now to a relationship with a girl or woman if the opportunity presented herself. It's very different not only physically but mentally too. Did you have that feeling?”

“Yes, more relaxed I think. I know we were both in the mood but it wasn't a rush to get naked and get off. Does that make sense to you?”

“It does. I'm glad you feel like that too.”

They paused to reflect and finish eating. There was a bit more coffee left, Samantha got the pot and offered the last to Lani. She politely declined so Samantha poured the last bit for herself.

“I need to stop by mom and dad's on my way home and get my things. Were you going out there anytime soon?”

“I might go visit your mom, she's nice to talk to. Plus Ka-lee always gets worn out and sleeps good when he goes to play with Gwen and Sadie. I just don't want to have them feel like I'm imposing on them.”

“They would say something if they felt that way, I know they both like you. They trust you with the house, and their dogs, right?”

They both giggled at that comment.

“I don't know if they would if they found out what we did last night. I hope they trust me with all their kids, two and four legged.”

“They probably would raise an eyebrow or two but I'm old enough to do what I want.”

“That's true. I just don't want to ruin the house sitting thing, it would be a pain all for everyone if this upset them.”

Lani flashed an impish smile trying not to blush, “Did you want to take a shower before you leave?”

“Is that an invitation?”

“It is if you want it to be.”

“I wouldn't mind at all, there's a spot that's hard to reach on my back.”

Her words stopped as they both burst into giggles. Lani took Samantha's hand and led her back to the bedroom. They quickly dropped what little they were wearing and headed to the shower.

Lani grabbed an extra towel while Samantha got the water temperature just right. Samantha stepped in first and waited for Lani. She stood under the shower head letting the warm water cascade down her body, eyes closed enjoying how it felt. Lani stepped in pausing a moment to enjoy the view that greeted her. She closed the glass door then swooped in next to Samantha partially pushing her out of the stream.

“Hey! I need to wash my hair.” “So do I. But first things first.”

Lani managed to twist Samantha's face away from the water as she placed her lips upon her friends. Samantha smiled bringing herself closer and returning the affection. They stood kissing for a few moments until Lani paused.

“Good morning, that's how I'd like to wake up on the weekends.”

Their hands exploring each others back sides as they giggled together, looking lustfully into each others eyes.

“It would be nice, I just don't think I'm ready for an all inclusive all girl relationship right now. I need to think about that. Don't get me wrong, I do love how I'm feeling right now. I just need to come to terms with it in my head. That make sense?” Samantha confessed.

“It does and I don't mean to push you. We can just get together when the need arises if you like.”

Samantha lifted Lani's face with a finger. She brought her chin up closing her eyes then kissed her new friend. This kiss was different, it wasn't the playful lusty kiss they had been doing. This was heartfelt and pure passion. Samantha was slowly coming to terms with her new desires. As they continued their kiss, hands massaged, each pressing the other to them as they stood under the stream. They each felt the difference with this kiss and when Samantha paused this time, both had a dreamy look in their eyes.

“I really could get used to that Samantha.”

Samantha swallowed and coughed. The water had detoured and gone down her throat at the wrong time. Lani backed away and let Samantha clear her throat looking a bit worried as she waited.

“Oh God, I'm sorry. The water.” “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I could too, Lani. But let's wait.”

“Sure, now where's that spot that needs attention?”

Samantha smiled turning to point to her lower back as she stuck her ass out for Lani. Lani grinned grabbing the shower gel then squirting some on Samantha's outstretched ass then her own palms. Samantha bit her lip watching Lani prep. She wiggled a bit, enticing Lani which made her laugh.

Lani placed her hands on either side of Samantha's hips and began massaging the gel into her lover. Working her hands in small circles, she went from Samantha's hips to her cheeks making sure she covered every inch. Samantha giggled then straightened up, leaning back as Lani reached around sliding her hands up Samantha's tummy.

“Be careful, I'm slippery when wet.” “That's original, not to worry, I won't let go of you.”

Lani moved her hands higher just under Samantha's breasts, her thumbs teased both nipples. Samantha cooed closing her eyes enjoying while leaning further back into Lani. Lani kissed her shoulder, moving her fingers to join her thumbs playing with Samantha's swollen nipples. Samantha pressed her rear into Lani moving herself so it seemed as if they were spooning while standing. Samantha got an idea, she bent down turning the water off. Lani paused, with raised eyebrows she asked what was going on.

“Water by itself doesn't make you all slippery, let's just soap each other with no water.”

“That sounds like fun, then we can rinse after and not use up all the hot water. Very green thinking, my dear!”

They both grinned, Samantha replying, “Right, that was my first concern, being green.”

Lani grabbed the gel, squirting some into her partners palms, then added more to her own. Making sure none dripped to the shower floor, they reached across the narrow expanse between them. Soft warm hands applied warm gel to already slightly soapy skin. Initially they went very slow, watching the others reaction.

Then Samantha took charge, telling Lani to raise her hands up over her head. She went from triceps to toes along Lani's front creating a cover of tiny white bubbles. Tapping at her side, without a word Lani turned to get her backside done. When complete Samantha stood back and marveled at the soapy young woman before her.

Then it was Lani's turn, Samantha was partially soapy already but Lani made sure she recovered those areas. When she had completed her delightful duties, taking just a bit longer than Samantha despite the lack of soap free areas she giggled.

"What now?' Lani asked.

Samantha moved closer. Breast to breast she began shimmying up and down Lani. Both sprouted impish grins as Lani got the idea. Bumping and grinding their slick bodies against each other, fun soon turned erotic. Lani slowed her movements down holding Samantha while brushing her breasts across Samantha's slick skin. It only took a few moments for the girls to be anxious for more. Samantha took the lead, slipping her arms around Lani, pulling her closer. Their lips met, hands massaged and moans ensued. Lani shivered, partially from the cold air surrounding them and part from the feeling Samantha awakened in her.

“Cold?” Samantha asked as their lips parted. “A bit.” Lani softly replied. “Want to rinse off and go back to bed?” “I thought you were confused on this.”

“I am, but you're just feeling too good right now. Can I be confused later?”

“Up to you, I know what you mean. This is new to me too.”

Lani removed her hand from Samantha turning the water back on. She jumped as a sudden short burst of cooler water hit her. They both laughed and backed away from the stream until it had a chance to warm up. Stepping back in they took turns rinsing off. Their talk bouncing back and forth between idle chit chat and serious feelings. The water began cooling off despite shutting the cold side off. They had been in the shower almost forty five minutes talking and soaking.

Stepping out first Lani grabbed a towel opening it wide to dry off Samantha. Taking her time, she gently removed the tiny droplets of water from Samantha's skin. She'd dry an area then softly kiss it, admiring her handy work. Samantha stood watching her using the mirror to see the two of them in some sort of live action soft core movie. Smiling and giggling when an area was tickled, Samantha continued debating a relationship in her mind.

Lani finished; taking a step back to be sure she'd completed her task. Then she used the same towel to quickly dry herself, tossing it onto the toilet. She took Samantha's hand, leading her back to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” Samantha wondered.

“I'm tired of you being so wishy washy. I'm in the mood and I know you are too. Don't say a thing just come to bed with me.”

Samantha quieted down, her vain attempt at protest fell on deaf ears. Lani threw the covers back, curtsied and invited Samantha back onto the bed. Samantha smiled while climbing back on, adjusting the pillows, she lay back, hands to her sides as she faced Lani. Lani followed her slipping one leg over Samantha's to straddle her.

She grabbed Samantha's wrists pinning them at her shoulders. Leaning in she extended her tongue circling Samantha's aureole. The moan from Samantha was all Lani needed to continue her plan. She slipped her leg higher between Samantha's. Arching her back, her thigh slid up Samantha's pussy. She kissed and licked each breast while moving her thigh up and down. Arching now and then she made sure her breasts touched Samantha during her gyrations. Samantha closed her eyes, gripping the bed sheet while moaning out encouragement to Lani.

During one of her movements, Lani felt the tell tale warmth of Samantha's excitement. She kissed her way to Samantha's tummy, pausing at the young woman's navel to play with it for a few moments. Samantha giggled, complaining about it tickling at the same time loving Lani's tongue. Lani granted her a respite by slipping further down, kissing and licking her way between Samantha's legs.

It took Samantha a moment to realize what Lani was going to do. Her half hearted attempt to stop Lani was met with terse but gentle instructions to lay back and enjoy. Lani then kissed her way up the inside of Samantha's thigh skimming over the swollen moist lips, pausing to blow her warm breath on them.

Samantha closed her eyes deciding to enjoy rather than fight the notion in her mind, Lani felt good down there, deep inside her mind Samantha knew this was right. She arched her hips up spreading her legs a bit wider, surrendering herself to Lani. Lani could feel Samantha relax as she shifted to gain better access. Lani swallowed then prepared to taste Samantha completely, never having done this before she hoped she was doing it right.

Sticking her tongue out she started down close to the bed then drew her tongue along Samantha's lips, barely touching them as she did. Samantha moaned, encouraging Lani with a snake like hiss of “yes”. Lani grinned, then continued exploring Samantha, repeating her first taste with slightly more pressure.

Samantha pressed her head deeper into the pillows, her hands wandering over herself, massaging her breasts, her tummy and eventually slipping her fingers through Lani's damp locks, attempting to steer Lani to her spot.

Lani knew where she was going, her tongue slipped between the folds of Samantha's glistening pussy, circling within her. Lani wasn't ready to focus yet, she wanted this to last because she was almost as aroused as the object of her affections. Tracing Samantha for a few moments she went back outside, kissing and blowing warm air against soft delicious skin. Samantha pressed Lani's head back to focus on her needs. Lani grinned to herself sensing Samantha was over her conflict. She went back to find Samantha's spot bringing her to climax. She was hoping that Samantha would return the favor, but not really expecting her to. Lani was enjoying the way this felt and tasted.

When Lani slipped her tongue back Samantha let go. Her hands, which had been moving about touching Lani and herself now shifted back to the sheets. She gripped them hard, like a driver white knuckling down an icy hillside unable to control their vehicle. Arching her body the waves within her caused her tummy muscles to contract and her toes to curl. Her moans became louder. If they had been paying attention they would have seen Ka-lee's ears perk up wondering what was going on.

Lani continued delving between Samantha's legs until the young woman could take no more. Samantha managed to blurt out a terse “stop” which Lani ignored for a moment. When Samantha added “please” Lani reluctantly abated her explorations. Her cheeks were glistening as she rose from between Samantha's thighs with a wide grin on her face. Samantha managed a few more shudders then opened her arms to hug and kiss Lani, thanking her for taking her up to then over the edge.

Lani snuggled into her whispering that she enjoyed it almost as much. They lay there letting their heart beats get back to normal. Samantha brushing Lani's cold wet hair back from her face gently kissing her, their eyes glossed over with a combination of love and lust.

After a few quiet moments and an uncomfortable silence, Samantha began to return the favor to Lani. She slipped down to Lani's breasts, sweeping her tongue over one nipple then the other. Lani cooed as Samantha traced each aureola pausing to admire them in between licks. Lani had been aroused earlier when making love to Samantha now that feeling was returning quickly. She didn't want to push Samantha but she wished she'd move a bit quicker.

Samantha was building up her courage, she had tasted herself on Lani's face. It wasn't as bad as she had imagined but the idea of placing her mouth down there still gnawed in her mind as being dirty. She made up her mind to at least try it, Lani had done it for her and now she felt she needed to return the favor. Kissing her way down Lani's tummy she shifted her position and spread Lani's legs. Taking a deep breath which made Lani giggle, she went in and rather crudely kissed Lani's pussy.

Lani was a bit disappointed but didn't say anything. She closed her eyes and hoped that Samantha would do better. She really didn't want to “fake” anything just to please Samantha but she had a feeling of dread that this part would turn Samantha off completely.

Lani resigned herself to just accepting whatever Samantha was going to do and to be happy with it. Just in the split second she was making up her mind, Samantha slipped back down and began making love with her tongue and fingers.

She wasn't subtle about it, she went directly to Lani's clit, focusing on it, coaxing it, not looking up for a reaction, she could feel Lani's enjoyment. Lani quickly smashed any thoughts of faking anything. This was real and it felt delicious. Samantha had found the courage within her or she was really enjoying making love to Lani.

Lani didn't care at that point what switched in Samantha's mind she was loving the feeling. Her legs spread further, her hands slipped under her ass to bring herself up for Samantha. Samantha began varying her motions, slipping her finger in with her tongue, which drove Lani further into orgasmic bliss.

It didn't take much longer before Lani shuddered and called out to Samantha. Lani's body erupted into quick convulsions as her legs clamped down briefly on Samantha's head. Samantha managed to free herself kneeling back on her heels watching her lover writhe in joy. Lani's reactions eased after a few moments then the smile on her face grew. She purred opening her arms beckoning her back to cuddle.

Samantha was proud of herself as she scooted back up into Lani's arms. They kissed and hugged a bit more then both slowly drifted off for a nap. Lani content now that she had finally crossed a threshold in her sexuality and Samantha a step behind her.

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