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A Note To Self

A Note To Self

Tags: love, loss, wisdom
If only we could prepare our younger selves.
If I could write a long letter
For my younger self to read,
So many things I would say
So many warnings to heed.

Don't even try the wasabi peas
For the taste you cannot stand,
And learn to pick fresh blackberries
Without staining your shirt or your hand.

When you take the training wheels
Off your first bike at last
Trust in yourself to succeed,
Just don't start off quite so fast.

Take care of yourself the best you can
For one body is all you will get,
But if you crave pizza at one in the morning
Indulge for you likely deserve it.

Dance like no one is watching
To a song turned up too loud,
Don't be afraid to stand out
Don't try to blend in with the crowd.

Never settle with just ordinary,
For mediocrity will kill your spirit rapidly.
It is what happens when we stop daring
To live right out loud and love madly.

Continue to learn and grow
Never stop trying to be a better person,
Because every time you stumble in life
You learn an important lesson.

Help those without a voice,
Anytime that you get the chance to.
Do it because it makes you feel good,
Not because you have to.

If only I could write my younger self a letter
With all that I now know,
I could advise them which mistakes will hurt
But will help them grow.

I would make sure to tell myself
Forgiveness is the fastest way to heal.
Let go of pain and the hate in your heart
Let only happiness be what you feel.

The mistakes you make in love and life
Will cause you sadness and pain,
But if you learn a lesson from each,
The mistakes will not be in vain.

When love and loss break
Both your spirit and your heart,
Only you can put yourself
Back together after falling apart.

Trust each new lover,
Do not punish them for the pain of your past,
And give everything you have to them,
Hoping this love will be your last.

Never complain of a headache
To get out of sex with your man,
Sex cures many ailments
Have it as often as you possibly can.

Love with all of your heart
Throwing caution into the wind,
Never unfairly judge people
Grab every opportunity to make a friend.

Finally, when that special someone
Unexpectedly captures your heart,
Treat them like a precious gem
Even if inside you are falling apart.

True love will only appear in your life
A limited number of times you see,
Don't stop wooing even after they love you
For love never comes with a guarantee.

Love with all of your precious heart
Give it everything that you have in you,
Then maybe just maybe you will find
That fairy tale you loved did come true.

For if I could write my younger self a letter
I would tell her life is worth the pain
Live it to the very fullest that you can
Nothing to lose but so much to gain.
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Posted 10 Apr 2014 15:20
Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 27 Jan 2014 06:28
A prose of nothing but pure truth; nice one, Lily. This was beautiful!

Posted 27 Jan 2014 05:02
Excellent advice and a very enjoyable read!

Posted 27 Jan 2014 04:35
heartfelt and beautiful Lilly... well written...thank you for sharing
Posted 27 Jan 2014 01:43
loved this, lilly, what a joy you are.

Posted 27 Jan 2014 01:06

Posted 27 Jan 2014 00:14
Absolutely Beautiful...
Posted 26 Jan 2014 22:11
Nobody learns through lectures; we need to commit mistakes to learn. 5

Posted 26 Jan 2014 21:25
Beautiful! What a wonderful thought, to be able to write your younger self a letter...I wonder if your younger self will believe you.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 18:53
well written

Posted 26 Jan 2014 18:34
I shared this poem with my wife. We snickered and laughted. We shook our heads at how truthful your words are. Life's experiences teaches us lessions that our youthful arrogance thought not necessary. Well written. Outstanding as always Lilly.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 17:57
You simply are a treasure. Tears came to my eyes and memories flooded my mind. I can't quote just one part because I loved every word.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 16:19
What a beautiful poem. Another masterpiece for your collection. Another poem straight from your heart. Lovely and beautiful. 5 as always.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 16:10
Well done. Great truths. Forgiveness is the quickest way to heal. The headache to get out of sex. Lol. That is why I buy the industrial sized bottles of aspirin.


Posted 26 Jan 2014 15:59
That was quite something.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 15:58
Now Lilly , you have hit it on the nailhead what life and love should be. This is another classic work of art!! Thank you !!

Posted 26 Jan 2014 15:58
Posted 26 Jan 2014 15:40
Wow..Lilly.. You made me cry it's a beautiful poem.. One that is heart felt.. Thanks for sharing

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