By Kiki

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Tags: heart, love, floating

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You picked me up
When I was shattered apart
Warmed me with your soul
And nourished me from your heart

You took me in
Cleaned and bathed what was mine
Polishing, peeling layers
Like a gem you made me shine

You made me whole
Admiring every part
Carefully mended me
You glued me with your heart

You watched me heal
Seeing things I never knew
Giving me light and space
Making me feel strong and new

You set me free
Pushed me out of your door
Encouraging me
To go out and explore

You watched aside
How I unfolded my wings
Directed me to
New flavours and kinks

You say I'm yours
But your eyes search and wander
New pieces to mend
New women to squander

You doubt you're mine
That I am not on your side
But just in my heart
As a friend or a guide

You have my heart
I don't know if you knew
By mending mine
You attached me to you

Now you've moved on
Washing and bathing new parts
It aches to see
That we are drifting apart

Yes I'm adrift
Moving further from you
The ropes are cut loose
I don't know what to do

Floating at sea
Out of sight pretty soon
Destination just known
By the stars and the moon...