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After a Full Day of Work

We lay in bed after a full day of working
Hoping to be asleep in the mist of talking

Our bodies entwine as usual under covers
Hands move around in search to discover

Finding erect nipples and cock risen firmly
Can be a while before our eyes close sleepily

As exploration continues playfully at first
Moans and vocals sound the need to quench a thirst

Shedding clothes slowly to free moist organs
Dim light above gives sight to enhance fun

You stroke my shaft while my fingers insert
You get wetter with every caress of your hearth

Massaging ass cheeks while two fingers fuck
Legs spread widely, my mouth lowers to suck

Engorged lips and clit respond to my tongue
Like an electric surge enveloping your mound

Bringing you almost to the point of no return
Hovering above is the tool for which you yearn

Squatting slowly so your flicking tongue touch
My cock then disappear into your mouth of lust

Grasping the headboard to prevent me from sitting
Your prone head movement is robotic and fitting

Resisting the urge to throat fuck you with passion
Allowing you to gag controllably on my piston

Nasty slurps generate fluids lavishly down your neck
Watching your action is stirring an explosive effect

Freeing myself so you can prostrate on top of me
In the 69 position we allow mutual feeding freely

You're intensely suckling on my cylinder with pride
Over sweet texture of pussy and clit my tongue slide

Spreading folds of cunt lips to deeply tongue fuck
You intermittently lose cock focus and rapidly buck

Trying to absorb every trace of seeping cunt juice
Face fucking your soaked twat makes you confused

Ordering me to, "Suck hard on that clit!"
My lips envelope your precious pearl in a tight fit

Strong thighs soon squeeze me in a vice lock
Screaming loudly as your body powerfully rocks

Your climax seems forever while I suffocate
Long after releasing me, your body jerks and vibrates

Allowing you to catch your breath before getting ready
To slam you full of thick hard cock inside your cunny

You rise to kneel and make your favorite decision
My wood dives deeply when you’re in this doggie position

Aiming my canon to the entrance of your enticing target
Allowing my cock head to just kiss where it’s so wet

You exclaim at the feel and push back in anticipation
I teasingly avoid your cunt as you beg and plea with passion

Gripping your hips so you can envelope my pole
With one swift move you bury my cock in your hole

The ride begin slowly with complete exit and entrance
Your yelling urges me to speed up our slam fucking dance

Pounding you deeply, roughly while you talk dirty
Precum and pussy juice mixture escape your tunnel freely

You bury your head in a pillow to muffle your loud screams
My hips erratic horizontal motion is plowing your pussy seams

Your tight inner muscle tries to squeeze all of my cum out
Hitting rear vaginal wall transfers approval out your mouth

I feel that tightness in my sack as my pulsing rod get set
Your body begins to tense and relax as your peak is being met

Almost simultaneously your shriek and my grunt echoes
Buried with one last stroke my hose content ferociously flow

You brace back tightly in explosion while milking every drop
Your body jerks throughout your profound climax, then stop

Keeping my cock buried deep as you crumble in the bed
I lie on top of you with my neck on the side of your head

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 14 Jan 2013 22:36
A great job, sweetie. Very passionate, hot and urgent

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