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At Night

This affliction is never going to leave me,
It is all I can do just to let you be.

I don’t even know if I could find you again,
You would never reply to anything I send.

It is like I am so incomplete,
There is no way at all for me to compete.

I am stuck in this big empty void,
Longing for that certain hot, sexy boy.

It does not matter that he does not feel the same,
My lust keeps on growing, it will never wane.

It is all pointless hoping for what will never be,
So broken up over all the things I never got to see.

All the promises that were never kept,
While you invaded my dreams as I slept.

I am so frantic on the inside,
Totally freaked that you chose to hide.

Even though I always knew that is what you would do,
You were my sweet pet and I just wanted to care for you.

I thought with time it would get a little better,
I can’t even bring myself to read your last letter.

My eyes are dry like they are full of sand,
I have no more tears left for this special man.

It is always with me this constant, dull, numbing ache,
Unfulfilled desires making me wish I wasn’t awake.

Because when I am asleep at least I have my dreams,
I can be at peace and not worry, well that’s how it seems.

You are not so far away you are right here,
I pull you close to me and tell you not to fear.

We do everything that we have always dreamed of,
I give it to you hard but filled with all my love.

Then you slip away with the morning light,
It always leaves me longing for the night.

I can’t believe I am still thinking about you,
Thinking about all the dreams that did not come true.

I wonder what you dream of at night,
If you think of all the stories that I did write.

Are any of those words stuck in your head,
Making you wish that we were together in bed?

You know you will always be my deepest desire,
Now all I can do is wait to grow tired.

Sleep will please me it is what I will do,
Any night I wish then I can be with you.

I wonder if my words are still ringing true in your mind,
The words of your dreams that you wished you were mine.

When the sun goes down it will be much better,
I just close my eyes and then we are together.

As long as you are well I will be just fine,
When I want you I will wait for the night time.

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