I miss you

By Cheltenham

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Tags: pleasure, kiss, hurt

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How I derive
a sense of pleasure
from my thoughts of you

A summery scent
finds its way to me
and I am reminded of our first night

In the darkness
I found you sitting
in your own little world

We were far enough
and in my mind
I should have tried harder

To see if you wanted
what I've thought about
for a long, long time

So quiet
As the trees gently whispered
and urged me closer

To where it is you dwelt
For a moment or two
in the haze of maybe

Everything seemed possible
The taste of your soft pout
could drive me to the edge of insanity

With a swirl of your tongue around my own
and the feel of your hands around me
I felt safer than I've ever known

But now I tend to try
not to think of you
though it pains me

I traverse the hours and minutes of days
This tinge of hurt is in my heart
for what I don't deserve to have