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the night is dark,
the bed is warm but lonely.
my fingers slide inside my panties
to softly stroke.

my thoughts are all of you...
that quirky, solemn mouth,
your words flowing over me
like warmth and laughter,
little touches of time and tenderness.

what I want is to feel YOUR fingers
serving my body
in the same way mine slide up and down
to tease my slit...
whorls and ridges rolling across me
to feel my moans
and my shallow breaths.

slide those fingers inside me
and feel my body spasm with joy.
do it now.

my fingers move faster
and deeper.
my thumb works swollen flesh
and I fall apart
with a shaking body
and clenching core
and your name on my mouth.

sated for the moment,
my fingers still touching and filling,
i fall dreamlessly
and deeply


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Posted 07 Apr 2013 10:10
would love to be sitting at the foot of your bed watching you
Posted 05 Mar 2013 15:01
It's always a pleasure to read your poems, but it's double the pleasure to hear you read them. Your sweet Southern accent is a delight.

Posted 15 Jan 2013 09:08
The redundant question becomes, which is more beautiful, the words or your melodic southern voice?
Posted 13 Jan 2013 10:46
You have created such a vivid image Laura. You know exactly how to express yourself. Great job!

Posted 09 Jan 2013 12:49
awesome, absolutely captures the imagination as it is read, so real
Posted 23 Dec 2012 18:29
this is GREAT!
Posted 21 Dec 2012 10:49
Soo enthralling and captivating!
Posted 09 Dec 2012 00:22
Supah Sugah!
Posted 08 Dec 2012 21:49

Posted 08 Dec 2012 08:50
Okay! Okay! This gets a second comment from me. OH MY!!!!! Your audio makes me wilt with pleasure!!!! A circus tent has arisen in my pants!

Posted 08 Dec 2012 07:12
What a stimulating experience to be able to hear your voice reading these words. Thank you SO MUCH for adding the audio to this erotic poem. It makes it SO sensual. Wish I could vote again!!

Posted 08 Dec 2012 06:07
Oh, Sugar you make it so exciting

Posted 08 Dec 2012 01:23
Truly a beautiful thing to behold. I thank you for sharing
Posted 06 Dec 2012 09:33
An homage to the underreported emotional ride that self-pleasure can be-- as well as the emotional intimacy and defined erotic satisfaction that finger-fucking can bring!

Posted 06 Dec 2012 04:45
Well damn!!

Posted 05 Dec 2012 20:07
" ... warm, but lonely ..." Oh my, yes.
Well said, and so hot.
Posted 05 Dec 2012 20:01
mmmmmmmmmmso erotic. I am sorry i was not there to witness the event.

Posted 05 Dec 2012 19:01
Great! You were thinking of me! haha

But seriously, outstanding erotic writing, perfect wording, deliciously described. A great poem!

Posted 05 Dec 2012 11:10
Oh yes, I can relate to this...

Thanks for putting my thoughts into words, once more...

Sizzling hot, Sugah!!


Posted 05 Dec 2012 10:17
I know this feeling, long for the touch of another. You wrote exactly how I feel. I love the line "I fall apart with a shaking body and clenching core and your name on my mouth" truly passionate. Well done.
Posted 05 Dec 2012 10:15
so vivid and honest. your words resonate with passion, lust, desire and openess for the ecstatic release. What a miracle and gift we can give ourselves. I feel your lovely power, your yearning for your lover.

Posted 05 Dec 2012 09:01
With a shaking body and clenching core... It's a great feeling to be sated, even if but a moment in time.

Posted 05 Dec 2012 06:14
What is most pleasing about your poetry (besides the lovely vividness) is your true ability to write well. Your work always scans properly and there are never grammatical errors. It is a pleasure to "follow" your work.

Posted 05 Dec 2012 06:03
Thank you for painting such a clear picture of such a personal moment with your words.
Posted 05 Dec 2012 03:47
" I fall dreemlessly, and deeply, asleep" wow. you creating marvelous beauty Sugah. 5
Posted 05 Dec 2012 02:05
What a way with words! Some lovely lines and phrasing as usual. "I fall apart" sort of captures it nicely. Well always.

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