My Love

By KatieElizabeth

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Tags: love, romance, lesbian

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From the very first day,
I could see,
That you and I,
Were meant to be.

The most special person,
To fill my heart,
Making me whole,
We're never apart.

I'll hold you closely,
Look into your eyes,
I'll kiss you all over,
And enjoy your sighs.

Exploring everywhere,
My tongue caressing,
Nowhere hidden,
I'll keep you guessing.

Eyes closed for you,
My trust complete,
Your breasts pressed to mine,
Feeling your heat.

Holding each other,
Legs entwined,
Playing and teasing,
Passion aligned.

Moving together,
Our sweetness mingling,
Until we're over the edge,
With everything tingling.

You're my angel,
You're my love,
You're the one,
I always dream of.

You're my soul mate,
Our time truly fun,
A bond unbreakable,
You and I one.

I love you like crazy,
We always make time,
For me to be yours,
And you to be mine.