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One Thousand sweet nothings

One Thousand sweet nothings

Tags: love, romance,
Mushy slushy but too real to deny.
One thousand words cannot tell him what her smile, the one she saves just for him, tells him when they share a moment.

One thousand kisses cannot show him how much she loves the feel of his soft lips and hot breath on her daily, without ration.

One thousand touches of her hand, her fingertips on his, cannot touch him the way her desire for him does.

One thousand easy ways to show you care, a book she glanced in the bookshop, will not cover half the ways she has imagined showing him.

One thousand dreams, from two thousand night's sleep, will not live up to the reality she knows with him.

One thousand I'm sorry's will never grow tiresome if he means them, and they can make their peace before they sleep.

One thousand miles would not be too far if she had to walk it, to rescue him.

One thousand feet would not be too far to fall, if he were there to catch her.

One thousand huffs and puffs would not test his patience, if from them, he learned how to annoy her less.

One thousand glances in his direction to remind him that she is his, when in a crowded room, would be a pityful amount, if he were to lose his sight and never see her glance again.

One thousand memories, he'd replace readily for just one new experience with her, even if he knew it would only last a minute.

One thousand tears would never be all there were, if he lost her.

One thousand orgasms would never sate him, his need for her, truly insatiable.

One thousand gallons of water would not extinguish the fire that grows in them when their bodies meet in the middle of the bed after a day of anticipation.

One thousand pounds would not be enough to replace the smell of her, which lingers on the pillow, long after she has risen, and left him to sleep.

One thousand "please please please fuck me's" would never encourage him to fuck her more than his desire to hear her scream in ecstasy.

One thousand "I love you's" will never do it justice, there must be a better word, one that the rest of the world doesn't throw away in a heartbeat, that he can use, to show her, that this is more special than that!

One thousand bogie men, in one thousand dark streets, will not scare her as she walks alone, with a longing for him, which brightens her path.

One thousand choices, would be neglected so that he might love her endlessly because he has no choice, he is compelled.

One thousand years would never be enough time to show her just how truly sexy she looks when she's feigning being cross with him.

One thousand stupid love poems won't melt his heart the way that she does by simply holding his hand as they stand strong against the world, a world which suggests pessimistically that nothing this good, is meant to last forever.

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