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Our Worlds Collide

Our Worlds Collide

Dedicated to my best friend and love, I am continuously inspired by his strength and his grace.
Remember a real person lies
Behind the persona that you see,
Forget the glitter and sparkles
Somewhere I am just me.

We come to this fantasy world
To escape all of life's woes,
But you can't escape the pain
That only your heart knows.

We created a fantasy world
A beautiful shiny new place,
But reality is hard to escape
The mirror still knows your face.

Everyone needs a fantasy world
When trying to escape conflict
But even in a our fantasy world,
The outcome we can't predict.

If you are not extremely careful
Your two worlds will collide ,
Then from the collision's outcome
One cannot possibly hide.

No matter how broken you are
To your own self stay true,
Let people fall deeply in love
With the realest version of you.

I thought I was safely tucked away
In my perfect fantasy place,
But sometimes people surprise you
With even the most innocent embrace.

When I met him on Lush
My two world's collided into one,
We were so real from the start
That I felt that my search was done.

His presence touched my heart
He soothed my aching soul,
Becoming his friend was easy
Falling in love out of my control.

We came together broken
With our hearts full of fear,
I can't believe I met him
Or yet that I met him here.

I met him while trying to escape
From the pain and fear in my heart,
After I learnt that two are better than one
Finally our healing could start.

Together we found comfort
Pain and fear could not hide,
For together we are healing
Conquering our struggles in stride.

I can't explain how it happened
But he became my best friend,
Our love is now so beautiful
I can feel as our hearts mend .

I finally let someone in
Let them know the real me,
Best friends in the beginning
Hoping real life lovers we'll be.

I met him while trying to escape
From the pain and fear in my heart,
I discovered that two are better than one
And finally the healing could start.

This is the crazy but wonderful story
Of how from reality we cannot hide,
We try to hide in our fantasy world
But eventually the worlds will collide.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 25 Feb 2014 22:46
Love this.

Posted 03 Feb 2014 18:44
A wonderful poem!
Posted 31 Jan 2014 21:33
So beautiful, and so many of us in lush could relate to this wonderful poem...thank you for sharing.

Posted 27 Jan 2014 00:42
Posted 26 Jan 2014 12:49
That opening statements sums up this site perfectly. A beautiful, heartfelt poem, thank you for sharing. Cxx

Posted 26 Jan 2014 12:30
Very lovely, I am happy you are a special Lush friend

Posted 26 Jan 2014 07:43
I absolutely loved this! Wow!
Posted 26 Jan 2014 06:55
beautiful poem

Posted 26 Jan 2014 05:23
"Let people fall in love with the real version of you" - truer words have never been spoken! Beautiful expression of your soul wonderfully written.
Posted 26 Jan 2014 03:12
I guess the secret is ya, honey.
Posted 26 Jan 2014 02:12
Love is a beautiful thing. It comes with hurt, it comes with pain, but there’s always sunshine after the rain.

Posted 26 Jan 2014 00:24
its beautiful!!

Posted 26 Jan 2014 00:21
Beautiful, powerful, moving and heart warming poem of two lonely hearts drawn together. Trusting someone new to come into your life, to reveal to them the pain and scares of your soul, is the hardest thing we do. Trusting is the key to healing a painful past. Blessings to you both.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 22:56
So beautiful, poignant, and very true about the two worlds we try to keep separate.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 22:22
A wonderful poem that is so real. I am very happy for the two of you that it has worked out this way Cheers

Posted 25 Jan 2014 21:02
An amazing love story for an amazing lady. It is clear to all that he has your heart. I am so happy that the nicest lady on lush has found someone to make her heart sing the song of love . I hope the two of you last forever and ever.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 21:00
love the true about two worlds meeting

Posted 25 Jan 2014 20:21
This is perfect and beautiful. Knowing just a little about the two of you, I am glad that the two of you have found peace and love together. Like a puzzle, the two of you are a perfect fit! Your beautiful poem was powerful and very moving, filling my eyes with tears. A definite favorite!

Posted 25 Jan 2014 20:16
When fantasy collides with reality, something has to be swallowed or you get your two cents worth. 5
Posted 25 Jan 2014 19:51
Only a few gets broken by love and survives. I'm glad to know you found your reality in 'HIM'. . No less than 5.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 19:48
It's like you spoke the words I could not find but understand so well.

Posted 25 Jan 2014 19:26
This is a beautiful, poignant, heartfelt poem. I am so thrilled for the both of you. I love your poems they are written from your heart. Bravo. 5

Posted 25 Jan 2014 19:04
This is a beautiful poem. I felt myself witnessing a romance.

Posted 25 Jan 2014 19:03
Ahh, Lush love. . .but it's love all the same. Sweet poem, Lily.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 18:57
happy you found happiness. loving poem

Posted 25 Jan 2014 18:48
a beautiful poem, so glad you have each other.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 18:47
Your love and closeness is glory to behold. I'm happy you have eachother.

Posted 25 Jan 2014 18:44
So glad you two are together. It is lovely to see.

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