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Paradise Found

Paradise Found

In glorious beauty, eyes do dine, and through a sigh a soul doth speak.
Through young willow tree ‘gainst which I rest,
Warmest sunset bathed upraised face.
As assiduous star slowly plunged from crest,
Above this tranquil, mute resting place.

Lulled to a slumber I float, serenely adrift
Upon a lonely sea of unfulfilled dreams.
Unconscious void, a welcome gift,
Through warmth of dappled amber beams.

Bright vibrant hues of the rarest of flowers
Flecked deep recesses, hidden and unseen.
From between the trees of tall ancient towers,
Amid the blanket of plush laurels green.

Yet despite nature's beauty I forlornly languish,
Into a dream I quite welcomely fade.
A heart without love in sorrowful anguish,
Dissolving into summer’s blossomed-bough shade.

An angelic wraith from highest height,
Descended to the earth but for one, unseen.
From blinding light of clouded white,
To earthly shades of forest green.

An untold beauty from obsidian skies,
Filled me with longing, tight at the seam.
An angel of heaven did spell mine eyes,
But was it a vision, or a waking dream?

She walked through shadows, dark as night,
Like a star in cloudless midnight skies,
And passed into moonlight, glowing bright
In the shimmering depths of ancient eyes.

A spark of love conveyed the sign,
With rosy flush upon soft cheek.
In glorious beauty eyes do dine,
And through a sigh a soul doth speak.

Arms of sanctuary, tender and warm,
A calming embrace to consecrate
The melding into love's pure form,
Until troubles fade and slowly abate.

A desperate heart that pounds inside the breast
And eyes that sparkle with unshed tears,
Feel softest hand rest upon heaving chest
And replace with calm the deepest fears.

Between cherry-blossom glades it blew,
Sweetened surge of evening valley-breeze.
Through luscious, rich autumn mane it flew,
A resplendent hue, with wistful ease.

Feathery hair, a warm burnished gold,
And lips as sweet as summer's red wine.
Impassioned kiss from soul so bold,
With delicate touch of love divine.

Glistening upon her bosom's swell,
The glorious flow of each delicate curl.
Kissed by a flurry from lush green dell,
Shimmering with the richness of a pearl.

A trembling whimper flowed between soft lips,
As love teetered desperately on the edge of abyss.
Her fingers cradled slender curve of hips,
As my soul bathed in seraphic bliss.

Deep in my heart, a throbbing ache
Radiated a glorious passion-heat.
As her mouth claimed mine, I began to break;
Submission to her intensity sweet.

I sank into eyes now vicious and raw,
As body burned in thunderous delight.
Kissed life-giving breath left me in awe,
As friction erupted into sparkles of light.

From frenzied peak we sank to rest,
Mind a storm of rapturous pleasure.
Held between flushed heaving breasts,
A happiness impossible for heart to measure;

Ethereal salvation in the black ink of night,
With quill, rewrote my story upon page.
Wet pigment flowing over parchment white,
Put all-knowing Fate into a rage.

She whispered beauty on this silent eve,
In my chest, my tender heart did pound.
Happy to fade and for this world to leave,
Once paradise lost, now paradise found.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 30 Nov 2013 00:13
Beautiful. I am simply amazed by your metaphors. The rhyme of this poem reminds me of all time great Wordsworth. Not comparing you with him; just the beautiful rhyme you used. 5
Posted 15 Nov 2013 16:58
Original atmospheric poetic devices abound, creating unexpected feasts for the imagination. Once again, your poetry astounds me with its beauty and intensity. Brilliant xxx
Posted 05 Nov 2013 07:40
awesome! 5+
Posted 09 Oct 2013 18:38
Absolutely marvelous and gorgeous writing! 5+
Posted 09 Oct 2013 08:41
It was wonderful,there should have been offered a 10 ,thank you

Posted 03 Oct 2013 19:49
Liz! Liz! Now you are showing off. You wrote a splendid poem that captures the essence of passion. How dare you use such wonderful imagery, gorgeous words, and worse you made it rhyme. I have no choice but to vote a 5, brag about your amazing talent and how beautiful your poem is. So there little Miss Perfect! Bravo indeed!
Posted 30 Sep 2013 13:13
You don't even know how good you are Amazing!

Posted 29 Sep 2013 13:43
Lovely Talented Liz...what can I say that hasnt already been said. dont stop doing what you do.
Posted 29 Sep 2013 10:17
"Arms of sanctuary, tender and warm"
Beautiful, romantic, warm
Posted 29 Sep 2013 00:37
Amazing babe x
Posted 28 Sep 2013 20:30
Wow, bravo! This is so passionate, intense and beautiful. Simply wonderful.

Posted 28 Sep 2013 14:39
Such a beautiful poem. So passionate and poignant. Your words flow so nicely. Very intense. Lovely. 5

Posted 28 Sep 2013 14:28
How does a 21st century girl become a romantic and lyrical poet of ages gone by? It must be magic - and incredible talent. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.

Posted 28 Sep 2013 14:04
Dear oh dear... Your offerings become better... I'm beyond impressed...

"Ethereal salvation in the black ink of night,
With quill, rewrote my story upon page.
Wet pigment flowing over parchment white,
Put all-knowing Fate into a rage."

In ANY genre, that's art.

(One of the things I LOVE about your poems is that I can HEAR them... I hear Alan Rickman reading this... And isn't that funny... Perhaps not what you meant... But your beautiful words make me hear a voice inside my head... The piece is the piece. We readers interpret as we read... We hear the words.)

A Five.

xx SF
Posted 28 Sep 2013 13:42
Quite nice and such discipline expressed in arranging each stanza. I'll have to read it again as well.
Posted 28 Sep 2013 12:36
That is one of the most amazing poems I have read here. Absolutely fantastic!!

Posted 28 Sep 2013 12:28
So beautiful!

"As love teetered desperately" ... so lovely, my friend. Calming, and it was amazing with the ambient music I'm listening to right now. It gave it an ethereal quality.

Posted 28 Sep 2013 12:10
The feelings in this poem are all so beautifully described. It's a very calming and a poem that makes me feel very happy!

Posted 28 Sep 2013 11:26
wow so beautiful and amazing great story

Posted 28 Sep 2013 10:36
Absolutely Stunning. Poetry like this doesn't usually capture me so much, but I found I just couldn't stop reading, captured by the intensity and beauty of the words. Really great Job.

Posted 28 Sep 2013 10:21
This is beautiful and intense. I think I shall have to read it again to fully appreciate its beauty, such is the depth of your writing.

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