By Kiki

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I ache...
To be near you,
To sense your burning skin on mine,
To softly feel your breath sing upon my skin,
and inhale it as an effervescence to my soul.

I ache...
To taste your lips,
To enter your eyes and delve into the depths of you,
To feel the sensuous warmth of your smile,
and absorb it as a catalyst for my heart.

I ache...
To slide my tongue upon your sex,
To feel your arousal from my touch,
To hear your moan under your breath,
and swallow it as an aphrodisiac spell.

I ache...
To mold myself to you,
To release myself with you in a volcanic burst,
To feel you rush through my veins, 
and let our bodies share secrets neither of us knew exist.

I ache...
To caress your cheek as you sleep,
To feel your heart beat against my palm,
To relish in the lusty memory of our passion,
and relive this sacrament for nights yet to come.

This is a Michael and Kiki collaboration.