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Shy Girl Gone

Releasing my inner Shy and exploring my inner Vixen!

An escape from reality you provide me with pleasure,
To be creative and explore my sexual treasures

Breaking all the rules, allowing me to be me,
Craving to set my naughty alter ego free

With a once vulnerable and nervous laugh,
I’m now willing and eager to set my own path

I’m not the girl I once was, no hesitations no doubts,
Ready to bare my other side, reveal my kinks I have nothing to hide

Like a wild mare thrashing in heat,
I’m desperate and wild for a sexual release

Leaving me breathless with an aching need,
Hot and bothered, weak at the knees

Blood goes coursing through my veins,
With moisture building between my legs

A constant high I cannot escape,
I’m constantly aroused and soaking wet

I’ve ignored the signs, I’ve ached so much,
Spreading my legs, I begin to touch

Fingers buried deep inside,
Stroking, rubbing, I grab my vibe

Riding it out like a rough wave,
My body shudders, I begin to shake

My mind wanders with dirty thoughts,
Invading my soul, challenging my heart

Strap-ons, reluctance, anal and rimming,
My deep, dark secrets I've always kept hidden

I ache to reveal the Vixen within,
To dominate my demons and sexual sins

Passions fuelled by my blazing needs,
Insatiable desires overcome me

On my knees, or against the wall,
Fuck me, tease me, offer it all

I need your release, dominate my mind,
Take my hands, wrap them, tie them, spank my behind

My layers unravelling, my guard is down,
I'm bewildered and delighted at what I’ve found

Good-bye “Shy Girl” you will not be missed,
I'm eager to embrace my new sexual bliss!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 19 Jan 2014 04:26
That was a hot, sensual, erotic poem. I really enjoyed. Lovely and beautiful. 5
Posted 17 Feb 2013 16:58
Vividly described awakening that can't help but conjure images and desires of my own. The poem itself changes like the woman becoming more urgent as it progresses. Excellent!!!
Posted 25 May 2012 10:29
Ohh, Surprise me.... I really like this. The image of exploring the woman you have become is so much more stimulating than seducing the girl you once were.
Sensuously growing...
Posted 02 Mar 2012 15:29
That is a beautiful poem. I look forward to reading more.

Posted 09 Feb 2012 11:11
Wonderful and so passionate, amazing flow, I could feel your desire burning as you transitioned to this beautiful sexual being in front of my eyes!!!
Posted 02 Feb 2012 18:05
love this hun - feel like you wrote just for me
Posted 28 Jan 2012 07:26
Shy no more. Well written!
Posted 27 Jan 2012 05:36
Posted 17 Jan 2012 07:42
cummming out ,I would say..loved it!
Posted 06 Jan 2012 11:27
So beautifully written and so erotic, well done! Among the lines I can feel how your sexuality is woken and tranfered form Shy to Vixen. 5+
Posted 23 Nov 2011 14:27
|I think you have found yourinner Vixen! Beautifully written
Posted 12 Nov 2011 19:36
Very special..a new insight that all should read. 5 for doubt.

Posted 04 Nov 2011 16:59
that was excellent!!! written by one, but the thoughts of many here at lush....well spoken, or should I say, written!
Posted 03 Nov 2011 11:30
I always knew it was the shy ones that were the most fun. Now you've gone and proved it!

Posted 01 Nov 2011 03:57
Well said ShyVixen. I completely understand where you're comming from.
Posted 25 Oct 2011 03:12
"awakened to her needs,she came alive and found her body responding,and we knew the woman inside her had lost her shyness"
Posted 24 Oct 2011 14:44
You are a very, very naughty girl and your Vixen needs to be punished ever so nicely!
Posted 24 Oct 2011 10:46
Loved this. Really spoke to how I feel sometimes. "I need your release, dominate my mind, Take my hands, wrap them, tie them, spank my behind". I'll be sharing this with my husband later. Superb job.
Posted 24 Oct 2011 09:07
Wonderful. Excellent ryhtum and flow. Luv the analogy of a Mare in heat. Well Done!
Posted 24 Oct 2011 09:00
Bliss in a poem, that was good-very good.
Posted 24 Oct 2011 08:59
not so much of the 'Shy' now - loved it x
Posted 24 Oct 2011 07:25
"I ache to reveal the Vixen within, To dominate my demons and sexual sins"

Damn! I'd say that vixen is being revealed all right, and in a very nice way! After all, what's the point in salvation if we didn't have sins to be saved from?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 06:17
The Shy One has definitely left the building!!! Great job in communicating your ever-growing passion. This is excellent girl!
Posted 24 Oct 2011 05:44
Very well down!! Love it......Can't wait to see even more of the Vixen!
Posted 23 Oct 2011 23:11
Way to embrace your dirty side Shy-girl !!!
Posted 23 Oct 2011 22:16
A beautiful sex focused poem, but meaningful as the Shy-Girl is changing to embrass the new sexual bliss. 5+
Posted 23 Oct 2011 21:42
Damn very well done Love
Posted 23 Oct 2011 20:49
Beautiful use of words !! We all are here to let go of inhibitions and to experience the unexplored . A perfect '5' !

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