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A soft breeze touches my face
A warm hand on my shoulder
The earth still moist from the storm
Light is shining bright
Songs of birds, little symphonies
Heart is beating steady & soft

You are still there
A constant in my mind
Yet you softly fade
Mingle with my thoughts...
Feelings of you emerge
Heat, boil, don't over cook
I still want to scream, whisper
Sing your name
Call, ask, share my life

It has been too long...
So many questions left unanswered
You hit me hard with your heart
Flakes of intense pain follow
Whirl through my soul
Willing to softly settle down
Covered in sweet bandages...

Each minute further apart
My heart is mending softly
Room for new,
Though always a soft spot for you...
Your vision, your face, your lips
The touch as I type this, soft
Time does make you soft
Opens new roads to explore
Puts a soft smile on my face....

I will always love you from a distance
Though the person I love
Only exists in my heart
I miss you
The urge to tell you is fading
Is softer too
If you're smoking a cigarette
Leaning against the open window
You might hear my words in the wind
A soft whisper...

Dreading the future
Seeing you with a new love
Writing for, adoring her
I'll keep hiding and staying low
Until my heart is ready again to glow
A friendly hand is offered
Put mine in theirs...
Turning my back
Softly walking away

I want to turn
Run to you,
Hold you,
Hug you
Lay my head in your lap and be
No words, no talk, just feel
Merge, souls connecting once more
Lose and find each other
In those depths we know so well...

Delusional thoughts...
How can you feel and be
When words and communication
Are tormented and disturbed
When each is stuck in its own, separated
Captured by thick walls,
Of hurt & misunderstanding....

Walking away
In silence and just be
No words are necessary
Each step, second
Further away from you
I look up feeling the hand
On my shoulder
And smile

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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