Soul of Mine on Fire

By Arlene

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Tags: love, giving, eternal fire, soul

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The warmth of my soul.
In the sweetness of your arms, 
I find my self loving you,
white sheets, fusing, delirious,
condemned to your kisses,
twisted delicacy, 
a thousand flavors, 
slave of your fires.

Stealthily, I get lost in your eyes,
to the heat within my soul, 
and imprisoned within desires.

You're like the rain's sensual caresses,
or the pulsating blood in my veins.
You disarm me with passionate melodic sighs.

The pleasure of your body will ignite the fire within me,
And while my yearning reaches you, you become,
you explode like the earth clinging to the tree, feeding.

Now my voice is a whisper, lost. 
You, with your kisses silence me.

If I kissed your lips with madness,
if the world did not matter and I lost my sanity,
if we made love in all its forms,
if we empty our pain in tears,
if I love you in all its expressions ...

if you saw my naked soul today,
looking at the horizon,
contemplating the purity of love
in an instant I would be yours.

if your hands were to touch me 
I'd melt into modesty 
giving into us without a warning,
if it's lust then I shall fall into sin.

Hidden pleasures and lust.
If we toured our skin on skin
sipping nectar from my insides,
My timid voice in a whimper
to disturbed, shy this gasp,
then, it was actually a dream. 

I thought; if today I had you by my side,
our passion would becomes moans and spasms.
an eternal night, and the words burned in flames,
caught in icy looks would dismay.
My capture heart slips, 

with a delightful obscene aroma, 

and I fall into the sweetest torment.
My Soul in fire it would be.