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Suspended Desire

Written for the love of my life, poizenivy
Twine dangling down to your wrists
Hands bound with silky cloth above your head
Blindfold covering your eyes
Knees digging into the soft comforter on the bed
Such beauty in you this way

Soft lighting, candlelight dancing
Music quietly soothing
Hint of jasmine and vanilla in the air
And the musky scent of desire

Sitting inches from you
Warm breath against your skin
Sensing my presence without feeling my touch
Remaining still, listening, waiting, wanting

Fingertips tracing the shape of your lips
Mouth taking possession of yours
Kissing deeply, tongue probing, dancing with yours
Inhaling your scent, wanting you

Body straining, arching towards mine
I remain just out of reach
Our only contact - lips hungrily crushing together
Tongues intertwined

Leaning forward, nipples touching
Brushing across yours from side to side
So hard and sensitive
Moaning escaping our lips

Fingers circling, pulling, twisting your nipples
Thumbs flicking back and forth
Palms cupping your breasts
Squeezing, massaging, kneading

Running one hand down your belly
Resting on your thigh
Your hips pushing towards mine

Bodies aching, desire growing
Fingernails grazing your inner thigh
Pushing legs apart wider

Palm cupping your pussy
Juices flowing
Spreading your dripping lips

Rubbing my hand down your slit and back
Dipping my fingers into your wetness
Feeling your need for me

Kissing you deeper
Making love to your mouth
Your body desperately straining to be free
Hungry for more, eager for freedom

Plunging fingers deeply inside 
Your body closing around me
Taking my hand prisoner in your walls
Juices freely flowing over my hand

Thumb on clit
Circling then rolling across
Hips finding rhythm with hand
Pushing, grinding, pumping

Whimpering from you
Growling from me
Pulses racing, breathing quickening
Climax building

Fingers sliding in, out
Quicker, harder, deeper
Curling up inside you
Stroking, pressing, pushing deeper

Body tensing, arching
Grinding down
Clamping around my fingers
Spurting your cum over my hand

Quivering, shaking
My arm around your back
Holding, supporting

Watching your expression, smiling
Your grip loosens
Fingers slowly removed

Releasing your bound wrists
Removing your blindfold
Arms around my neck

Bringing fingers to our lips
Sucking, licking, tasting
Sharing between us

Taking you in my arms
Gazing lovingly into your eyes
Whispering, “I love you, baby”

Softly, passionately kissing your lips
Laying you back
Sliding up beside you

Draping my leg over yours
Pulling you close
Pulses slowing

Breathing calming
You reach for me
Desire still smoldering…

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Posted 18 Jan 2014 08:24
Delivered with passion , feeling and emotion..
thank you so much..
Posted 04 Mar 2013 20:37
Very well written, keep up the good work.

Posted 06 Dec 2012 09:19
Very intense and emotional. Thank you for sharing that. "5" is NOT a large enough score to give this.


Posted 26 Oct 2012 21:36
This is beautiful. So well done hunny! ♥
Posted 24 Oct 2012 08:15
OMG That was totally sexy and HOT!!!!!!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 04:08
Totally TORRID!
Posted 01 Jun 2012 06:33
A cornucopia of images building passionate lust... beautifully crafted.

Posted 21 May 2012 09:39
EXCELLENT!!! so much passion and desire, simply amazing, absolutely loved it, thanks for sharing, Hope you write more.....
Posted 02 May 2012 13:33
Beautifully done. Thanks fo sharing your talent and passion with us. Can't wait for the next poem ... and the next ... and the next
Posted 31 Mar 2012 14:04
Excellent well done!... Now I know why I have this urge to come back to Lush again & again... it's to read wonderful poems like this.... 5+++.
Posted 27 Feb 2012 12:48
So much passion, eloquent, rapturous and wonderfully expressed..

Posted 22 Feb 2012 16:52
Beautiful poetry. The emotion and passion really came through. Your first post, but definitely not your first attempt at poetry. Well done.
Posted 22 Feb 2012 14:38
Stunning ... of course
Posted 21 Feb 2012 13:06
Wow, thanks so much, everyone, for all the wonderful comments and feedback! Your support means so much to me!
Posted 20 Feb 2012 15:22
sweetly done - it does feel long and drawn out but its very length reflects so nicely what it describes. Neat and evocative.
Posted 20 Feb 2012 12:01
Oh My. I loved it. Made me........
Posted 20 Feb 2012 04:05
loved the cadence,pace, gr8!
Posted 20 Feb 2012 01:23
What a lovely foreplay. Great expression of emotions. 5
Posted 19 Feb 2012 21:56
Baby girl, this is amazing and I am so happy you decided to share it! Thank you! You make me feel so beautiful!
Posted 19 Feb 2012 21:20
Very well done, very strong imagery, very passionate, very erotic! Great work
Posted 19 Feb 2012 21:15
VERY SEXY GREAT first post my sexy friend... KEEP up the GREAT work
Posted 19 Feb 2012 19:31
Great work! So much passionate in so beautiful words! It's truly a wonderful poem and I wish I could give it a 10!
Posted 19 Feb 2012 19:26
Posted 19 Feb 2012 18:57
very nice..... even as a straight woman i felt the passion of it....

Posted 19 Feb 2012 18:47
I'm in awe! The beauty of these words flowed together so perfectly. The passion, desire, pleasure and eroticism was amazing. Loved it!

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