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The Devil's Thirst: Ordeal

Two mythological lovers unite in an attempt to consummate their forbidden love.
Her Garden Broiled, her tree charred, her lechery scorched 

Her sights froze, her sounds benumbed, her taste congealed 

For her devil, the beast, the demon, she longed for

"Take me" 

The angel commanded, she wished, she coveted 

The Devil stood, body still, wings silent, breathing violent

"Take me now" 

The angel sighed, she allayed, she quivered 

The Devil stared, eyes effulgent, tears bloody, vision slaying


The angel prayed, she begged, she teared 

The Devil grinned, breath searing, teeth bladed, focus piercing


The angel echoed, she knelt, she bowed 

The Devi approached, feet imprinting, movement impacting, form empowering


The devil growled, replenishing their void with sentient waves of assurance

His presence, a promise to never let go

His mercy, a non-exhibit virtue

His angel, only his, his right, his beauty to feed on

Tongue slithering, oral drops punching the lifeless grass, sparking up flames

Arms reaching for her, inhuman strength flushing through them

The angel rose, the angel accepted, the angel submitted

Thrust up above the blazed holy floor, The angel sore 

Visions locked, the devil held his pride, his joy, his prey

The devil tongued his taste till her hive, waiting, breathing, holding

"Taste your angel, take your reward"

The devil knifed, the devil sunk, the devil fed

Screams of ecstasy tore through divine ether

Others were warned, the inevitable blasphemy had finally commenced

The angel shrieked, the angel gripped, the angel gushed


The devil ordered, the devil drank, the devil pleased 

Clouds hurdled, shades of sorrow never witnessed before

An attempt to lid the animated heresy

Breeze howled, chills that failed to extinguish

desperate to silence the shame

Lightening flashed tearing the holy fabric

seeking to blind our fathers eyes

The devil sucked, the devil ate, the devil quenched

Her wings feathered, her halo dulled, her glisten faded

Nails forked his skin, an exhilaration so intense

Tearing through his solid hide


The devil growled inviting the pain, growled in her


Her purity tainted, innocence shattered to prickly bits

"Yes...yes....fuck yes"

The angel drenched, the angel shook, the angel came

In her devil, in her demon, in her beast

Archangels flew, his fury grew, her guardians blew

The horn of wrath, the trumpets of war, the harps of sacrifice

The angel descended, the angel gazed, the angel witnessed

"Take me, destroy me, mark me"

The angel bent, the angel sighed, the angel smiled

" me...use me"

The Devil grinned, the devil clasped, the devil embraced

"mine....mine....only mine"

The devil spoke, the devil pushed, the devil roared

Her forbidden chasm, now consumed by his flesh

Her lips clamped between her teeth

Her fists grappled against her pale palms

Her body suspended in a field of weightless eternity

Her intellect shunning away her allegiance to her creator


The angel screamed, in pain, in joy, in delight


The angel yelped, the angel moaned, the angel sniveled

Feeling her devil's pride forcing apart her rigid rules

Filling her pit of suppressed wishes

Inducing pulsating aches within her vacuity

The angel arched, the angel touched, the angel was alive

The devil receded, the devil thrust, the devil throbbed

The council rose, the spawns roared, the demonic guards rode

The devil defied, his satanic loyalty, her heavenly sanctity, the tensed balance

The horns grew louder, the gallops felt stronger, the rift felt heavier

The devil bucked, the devil pitched, the devil impaled

Her wings shed, her halo brittled, her sheath frowned

His horns cracked, his hide tendered, his ferocity dimmed

Her mind lost in the cacophony of thoughts, sights and sounds

His mind focused on her orifice, her lucid shame, her rippling coat


The angel sang, her feathery pennons split, her soul flamed

"my demon...yes"

Enough was said, enough was heard, enough was done

Her guardians descended, His keepers ascended

Some drew lightening, some drew fire


the devil clutched

The angel stiffened

The devil yelled

One last force

One last breath

One final shout


The flow

The feel

The seep

The devil fell, the devil collapsed, the devil breathed

The angel teared, the angel held, the angel puffed

The devil felt his love palpitate 

The angel felt his poison permeate

Two sides of equal rage approached

The ordeal was done

The sin was committed

The realms had been stained

Their ground eroded

The lovers clouted, the sinners fell, the doers cast

Into oblivion, into mortality, into suffering

The angel was cursed, she was his

The devil was blessed he was hers

They were in each other, for each other, by each other

Now,then, always

The End

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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