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Alanna's Gift (part II)

Alanna's Gift (part II)

Tuesday Morning. It’d been a little over two days since the conversation at Sonic. I had fostered every hope that Alanna would come to her senses. Had every intention of talking her out of this crazy idea. Nothing even came close. If anything, she had gotten more adamant. More excited.

My breath hung lazily in the thick, humid chill, then slowly wafted across the picturesque view from the cabin steps. Tucked away on a hillside overlooking the main horse stables of the B-bar-B ranch, the cabin is like something out of a postcard. The ranch is owned in part by Robert “Bobby” Barrett, a long-time friend and client. With a phone call and a promise to show up for opening day of deer season, I was able to get use of the secluded getaway.

Overnight, an unexpected, late February blizzard dropped six inches of snow over the rolling hills and sparsely wooded landscape. The wind finally settled and the temperature had slowly risen to slightly above zero. The clouds faded and the sun had been up for a couple hours, selfishly rationing warmth. The air was crisp with a hint of cedar and wood smoke from the cabin chimney.

I was shoveling snow from the walks, stairs, and huge, wrap-around porch. The labor was a welcome distraction from the constant whir of my spinning thoughts. Anticipation, dread, excitement, and confusion jockeyed for position while my mind struggled to grasp the reality of what was going to happen. What I had agreed to. I kept telling myself that I had no choice. That I had been given no other option. It would have been a comforting argument if part of me didn’t want this so badly.

I had spent the entire morning preparing the cabin for Alanna. I wanted everything perfect. At least as perfect as I could manage. I spent a small fortune on silk sheets and pillow shams, a down comforter that the sales clerk assured me was the finest available, assorted candles and scented bath salts, even rose petals. At the last minute I opted not to spread the rose petals on the bed, feeling it was a little over the top. Too cheesy. Don’t screw this up Cam.

I stopped working long enough for a quick breather and enjoyed the breathtaking view from the front steps. The sun reflected brightly off rolling snow drifts in brilliant white, shadowed with cool blues and purples, giving everything a clean, pure feel. Several horses were in view, pawing lazily at the fresh snow in search of tender shoots of winter wheat below. Tall pines surrounded the stables and framed the valley in a rich, green border. The southern portion of the New Mexico Rockies provided a hazy, violet backdrop.

Alanna loves horses. For the past four summers she has worked for the Pine Grove Stables just to be around them. One of her favorite summer pastimes is riding out to the lake for an afternoon of horseback riding, swimming, and lounging in the sun with whatever book she’s reading while Spud, her favorite gelding, grazes nearby.

I went back to work on the front steps, absently hoping the snow would change Alanna’s mind about coming up. Not likely. I had hoped ever since the conversation at Sonic that she would find a reason to back out. No dice. Several careful, questioning conversations later, Alanna’s mind was still firmly made up. My only last ditch prayer was that when faced with reality instead of fantasy, she would lose her resolve. I knew that was highly doubtful.

Over the previous three days, Alanna had called many times with nervous questions over difficult subjects. "What kind of perfume do you like, Cams? What’s your favorite color? Would you like me better in jeans or a skirt? What’s your favorite color of lipstick? Would you please tell me where we’re staying?"

All of which I had no real answer for. The truth was that I would much prefer that she wore her normal geeky garb, no make-up, and would just come up to ride horses, read poetry, and hang out. Play video games and eat junk food with “Uncle Cams.” Well, at least part of the truth. The only truth I was willing to admit, even to myself.

I stood and gazed off into the valley once again, absently watching the listless drift of my frozen breath. The shoveling finished, my thoughts roamed to Alanna’s enticing, feminine form. I told myself I was only preparing my mind for what was to come. Consciously thinking of her not as my best friend’s daughter, not as my adopted niece, not as the girl I’d known all of her life, but as the sexually desirable woman she has become.

I allowed myself to see her in the white mini-skirt, red tank-top and red heels. Her long, silken hair framing feline features and wide, blue eyes full of curious wonder. Full, pouting lips, moist with anticipation and plumped with confused excitement. Soft, firm skin and gentle curves. For the first time I let unrestrained heat stir in me for Alanna. I thought of pressing my lips to hers, slowly drinking in her flavor. My mind’s eye slid along the cut of her top where it dips to reveal the curve of pert young breasts. Tan, toned calves and taught, unblemished thighs as they disappear beneath the hem of the thin, white cotton skirt.

Deliciously aroused by the thought of slowly slipping a hand up her skirt and sampling soft, smooth, forbidden flesh. Lingering for a moment, feeling her warmth, before parting supple, creamy thighs. Gently stroking her silken, spongy sex through sheer, lacy panties.

Lust grew hot within me before turning to fluttering nausea. I don’t know if I can do it, I thought as I walked to the tool shed to put the shovel away.

My emotional tug-o-war was interrupted by the ring of my cell. I checked the caller ID out of habit, but I knew before looking that it was Alanna.


“Hey, Cams,” Alanna’s voice was brimming with excitement. “I’m on my way. Should be there in a couple of hours.”

“Okay. You be careful. Lotta snow on the road. Drive safe and I’ll see you at the diner.”

“I will, Cams.” I could almost hear Alanna’s eyes roll. “I’ve driven in snow before.”

“I know, just be careful. See you soon.”

“Can’t wait!” Her voice was bubbly and enthusiastic. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Now I’m the one who can’t wait.” I feigned excitement to cover the hesitant anxiety I truly felt.

I couldn’t imagine what the surprise might be, but I was sure I didn’t want to know. Didn’t want to think about it. Couldn’t help thinking about it. Something in her voice had changed. Or was it just the way she spoke to me? There was a flirty, seductive tone that was completely new and very confusing. Awkward and comfortable at the same time. I felt my head might split from the utter chaos playing through my mind.

“You’re gonna love it!” Her enthusiasm was contagious and I felt my curiosity pique.

“Gimme a hint?” I teased.

“Nope!” I could feel her smile beam through the phone. “You’ll see soon enough. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

The connection went dead and the flutter in my stomach became a rumble. I wasn’t this nervous when I lost my virginity! Don’t fuck this up, Cam.


Two hours later I was waiting in the parking lot of the diner. Alanna was due any time, depending on how much the snow had slowed her progress. I had resisted the urge to call and check on her for about as long as I could. Her number was pulled up on my cell with my thumb hovering over the send button.

Just as I was about to give in to worry and make the call, her car rolled into view and stopped at a light a couple blocks down the main street. The sight of her ’67 Mustang calmed me. I absently remembered long hours spent under the hood of that car, helping Frank restore it. Remembered the elation on her face when, on her sixteenth birthday, she first saw it. I breathed a long, slow sigh of relief and tossed the phone on the dash of my truck. I’m so sorry, Frank.

Relief was short lived. My heart raced as she turned into the lot. Nausea burned in my gut. I don’t know if I can go through with this.

Completely numb, I stepped out of my truck. In a fog of adrenaline and nervous confusion, I waited for Alanna to park. The closest spot was across the aisle from me and a few spaces down.

I heard the low growl from the old muscle car’s V-8 cease and somehow it snapped me back to this world. I began to walk across the aisle, intent on retrieving her bags from the trunk. Alanna stepped from her car, stood, and stretched a long, cat-like stretch. I stopped dead.

Standing in the middle of the parking lot with my eyes locked on her, I only had a moment to take her in, but the moment froze time. Her “surprise” was obvious, even from across the snow-covered lot. She must have spent all morning at the salon. Her hair spilled to her shoulders in soft, wavy curls. Subtle blonde highlights were glowing in the afternoon sun. Bottomless blue eyes sparkled and every feature of her beautiful face was perfectly accented with professionally applied make-up.

A low-cut, form-fitting, yellow sweater clung to every curve of firm, young breasts. Tight, faded jeans hugged her hips and thighs, accentuating her long, thin legs. Her figure perfectly showcased in the jeans and sweater, I was suddenly aware of my mouth hanging open in amazement. The child was gone. Alanna, in that moment, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Alanna stretched a second, quick stretch before a broad smile crossed her crimson coated lips. She dashed the short distance between us and jumped into my arms just as she always does. But, somehow different than she always has.

The embrace was warm and welcome. Part of our familiar routine, it acted to curb the uneasiness in my churning, fluttering stomach. Something seemed different, though. Warmer. Deeper. I held Alanna tight to my chest and squeezed her for a long moment. Two moments. For the first time I allowed myself to feel her. Gentle hints of arousal stirred somewhere deep within me. Forbidden desires softly scratching at the tightly locked door I’ve jailed them behind.

Alanna returned my hug with a vice-like grip around my shoulders, nuzzling her cheek against my neck. Her long legs wrapped around my waist, I felt her squeeze tighter than normal and gently, almost imperceptibly, grind against me. More tangible than the physical pressure and friction, the understanding of her gesture’s sexual nature prompted an immediate erection that I prayed she could not feel pressed against her.

After a long moment, Alanna raised her head to gaze deep into my eyes. The girl was gone and a woman stood before me. Her arms slid from around my shoulders and her soft, feminine fingers rose along my neck before caressing and holding both sides of my jaw, cupping my face in her tiny hands.

My arms still around her, our bodies close, I could feel her warmth through our clothing. Soft, gentle, pure warmth. I held her tight against me, wanting to feel her closeness. Wanting to develop desire that had been so fleeting and difficult to conjure until now. Firm breasts pressed against my chest and I felt the first achy throb pulse through my erection.

Alanna slowly rose to her tiptoes, and touched her soft, warm lips to my chin. Three times her tender lips kissed the point of my chin. I could feel her sweet breath on my neck, the nervous tremble in her fingertips as they held my face. Her tantalizing scent was clean. Mild soap and a faint hint of subtle perfume mingled with the fresh, snow-filtered air. Something sweet. Vanilla, maybe?

Alanna’s wide ‘glad-to-see-you’ smile was replaced by an expression of hesitant curiosity. Her deep, blue eyes searched mine for approval, for permission. Anxious energy flowed from her. I felt her chest flutter as her lungs stuttered through inhalation, then exhaled choppy little puffs of feathery breath on my neck and jaw.

Answering her unspoken question, I squeezed her body tighter to mine and dipped my chin lower, until our lips nearly met. Alanna’s blue eyes flashed relief then closed. She strained higher on her toes to close the space between our lips. My last image before closing my own eyes was that of her jaw quivering nervously as she parted her soft, crimson lips slightly in anticipation of our first kiss.

Our lips touched hesitantly at first. Lightly pecking out gentle patterns, I alternately worked from side to side, daintily kissing her lower lip first, then the top. Alanna’s lips were plump and warm. Full with excitement, and delightfully smooth. Her clean, pure scent mingled with fresh, minty breath.

My mouth watered with warm desire as I began to open my lips. Alanna’s moist lips parted eagerly to accept my exploring tongue. The first taste of her sent little, electric tingles through my entire body. I felt reluctance melt from my mind into a warm, flowing liquid that ran down my spine and into a forgotten puddle at my feet.

Desire and need grew from deep within me and blossomed hot and welcome in my stomach. Hesitation and apprehension were replaced with deep passion and a cocktail of emotion I had never before experienced.

A surprised, squeaky sigh born of long pent passion escaped the corners of Alanna’s lips and through her nose. I felt the hot release force its way out as my tongue first entered her warm mouth and began to explore her soft, smooth tongue. Her entire body was trembling against mine. Coming as hot puffs of air through flared nostrils, I felt her breathing grow shallow and become more rapid on my cheek.

Sweet mint combined with the metallic taste of new lust and Alanna’s own distinct flavor. Kissing her deeply, I drank passion greedily from this fresh spring. Tasting our desire as it blossomed from deep within our bellies and travelled freely between us. Feeling that enveloping heat grow and expand.

My breath caught unexpectedly in my chest. The unfamiliar emotional mixture of true, unconditional love, forbidden pleasure, and burning sexual desire were a pleasantly confusing and welcome experience. My heart pounded with excitement as I held Alanna tighter still, releasing every ounce of myself into our kiss.

Our lips finally parted, but we remained locked in a tight embrace. Our foreheads pressed together. Eyes swimming in one another’s gaze. Our mingled breath hung hot between our faces in the cold, February air as our lungs heaved to catch up.

A wide, warm grin spread across Alanna’s beautiful face. Her eyes sparkled happily as she whispered heavily, “Thank you, Cameron. I love you so much.”

I smiled silently. Still unsure if I liked her calling me ‘Cameron’ instead of ‘Cams.’

“I mean for doing this,” she added as she relaxed her grip around my neck and leaned back slightly.

Alanna’s dazzling blue eyes were soft and warm. Her smile genuine. Still, there was a distant sadness in them. Just a slight hint of it.

“You don’t have to thank me, Alanna. I’m happier to be with you than you can possibly imagine.” I would have told her that whether it was true or not, but at that moment, I was surprised to find that I was telling the truth. Probably the purest truth to ever cross my lips.

“But ya still owe me seven bucks for the kiss,” I shot her an evil wink.

Alanna playfully punched my chest, “Well, if you want full price you’re gonna have to learn to kiss as good as Robbie Fitz!” Her eyes sparkled with mischief.

Reluctantly, our bodies separated and we made our way to her car to gather her bags. No way her little Mustang would make it up the muddy, snow covered road to the cabin. We would have to take my truck and leave her car at the diner until morning.

With her luggage stowed in the back seat, I opened the door for Alanna and watched her slim, sexy form fold into the passenger seat. I couldn’t help stealing a glance at her perfect bottom, nicely displayed in the tight jeans. I desperately wanted to reach out and caress her curves. Feel the firm mounds of flesh cupped in my hand. My mind finally embracing these forbidden desires, the last remnants of dread and anxiety melted away leaving lustful need in their wake.

I closed her door and skirted around to the driver’s side and, after fumbling through my pockets for the keys, climbed behind the wheel. Alanna slid across the bench seat and snuggled against me. She looked up into my eyes and smiled happily.

“You ready?” I smiled back.

“I’ve been ready for a long time,” her reply was soft but certain.

“Seatbelt,” I pretended to scold her.

“Oh, good grief,” she played along while snapping the latch. “Happy?”

“Very,” I put my arm around her and pulled her close. “Happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

The short drive to the cabin took about forty minutes because of the snow. We rode in comfortable silence most of the way. Alanna seemed content to snuggle against me and play with the radio, searching for a decent station without too much static.

When we arrived, Alanna was giddy with excitement. She hopped from my truck and bounded up the stairs, stopping on the porch to take in the view.

“This is awesome, Cams! How did you find it?” Her smile oozed happiness.

“A friend owns it. I’ve been here a few times on hunting trips. Knew you’d dig the horses and mountains.”

We stood together on the porch for a while, enjoying the view. Long shadows crossed the snowy landscape as the sun arced toward the distant mountains. It was late afternoon and soon the shadows would engulf the valley with the early mountain twilight.

Horses pawed the snow and Alanna happily explained the different breeds and their markings. She was breathtakingly beautiful. The fresh highlights in her hair glowing in the fading light. Liquid blue eyes twinkling with happy excitement. Her petite, young curves bouncing with nervous energy.

“Well, Alanna, are we gonna hang out on the porch all night or would you like to see the cabin?” I smiled warmly and offered my arm.

“Can’t wait,” she took my arm and happily followed me through the door and into the small, cozy den.

“I love it, Cams,” Alanna giggled happily as she explored the lower level.

“Want something to drink?” I called to her from the kitchen.

“Sure, what do you have?” Her voice echoed from somewhere down the hallway.

“Looks like Sprite, Coke, water, Coors, or Coors Light. There’s also champagne, but that’s for later.”

Alanna popped around the corner. “Just a bottle of water.”

I grabbed two waters from the fridge and we went into the den.


Sitting on the oversized couch, Alanna snuggled to me and sipped her water indifferently. My arm draped around her, she lay her head back on my shoulder and absently peeled at the label on the plastic bottle. I could feel her warmth on my chest. Her soft, feminine form comfortably pressed to me.

Deep, hot arousal bloomed in my belly and shot through me. I was acutely aware of her subtle weight against my body. Her fresh scent teased my nostrils. I pulled a long breath to drink in the sweet aroma of mild soap and subtle perfume. I could almost taste her. Sweet tingles of forbidden desire vibrated through me. All senses came alive with excitement and anticipation.

“So, how do we… I mean, when do we, you know, start?” She turned her big blue eyes to me and melted my heart.

“That’s totally up to you, princess.” I was dodging the question a little because I was unsure myself how to proceed. “Tonight is all about you. How ‘bout we just sit here for a while and talk? Let things progress however they progress?” I tried to sound wise and all knowing, but inside I was nervous as a teenage boy on his first date.

“Okay.” Alanna smiled a broad, relieved smile.

She turned slightly and leaned her head on my chest. The soft warmth of her cheek pressed just beneath my collar bone sent tiny tingles of electricity up and down my spine. I let my arm slide down from the back of the couch and cupped the curve of her hip with my right hand. Alanna gently pressed herself against my palm; the slight pressure an unspoken acceptance of my touch.

I looked down to meet Alanna’s upward gaze. Felt the warmth of her soft breath settle on my neck and seep inside the collar of my shirt. Her blue eyes were wide, a thousand unspoken questions dancing behind them. Her lips glistened crimson, moist from the abandoned bottle of water. She opened her mouth slightly as if to speak, but bit her lower lip softly to stifle the thought.

Alanna slowly raised a trembling hand to my chest and her slender fingers hesitantly touched the second button of my shirt. She nervously toyed with the button while asking permission with her eyes. I smiled warmly and nodded a slight, almost imperceptible affirmation to her silent request.

With delicate feminine dexterity, her fingers freed the button and slowly slid to the next. Again her eyes searched mine for approval. I happily conveyed my consent. The second button was soon followed by a third and fourth, leaving only the bottom two left done.

Alanna timidly slid her hand inside my white linen shirt and I felt the smooth, gentle coolness of her tiny hand timidly exploring my abdomen, just above my navel. Her hand trembled noticeably, palm flat against my skin. A slow, tingling rush of warm euphoria whispered through me as her touch increased in pressure and slowly made its way upward.

Hesitance fading, Alanna began to stroke her delicate fingertips back and forth along my abdomen and up to my collar bones and back. Pectoral and abdominal muscles twitched involuntarily at her touch as electricity fired through hyper-sensitive nerve endings.

My mouth watered and heat filled me. The promise of forbidden pleasure engulfed my core, intoxicating me with newly embraced desire. I gazed wantonly into Alanna’s wide, questioning eyes; momentarily dazed by her pure, unblemished beauty.

I tightened my grip on her hip and easily pulled her light frame into my lap with one arm. Wrapping her in a tight embrace, the pressure of her soft breasts against my bare chest stirred my dark, shadowy desire to a flaming burn. Our lips met and hers parted to accept the gentle advance of my tongue. Her taste filled me and her scent tantalized my senses.

After a long, slow kiss, Alanna pulled back and looked into my eyes. Her lips spread in a broad smile, a twinkle of mischief in her eye.

“Give me five minutes before you come up. No cheating, Cams. Five minutes.” Her playful tone and devilish smile must have painted curiosity across my face because she added, “Your surprise, silly,” then quickly pecked my cheek and bounded up the stairs to the bedroom.


Which brings the story to the present. I’m sitting in the den of a borrowed cabin, anxiously watching a clock tick off five minutes so I can go upstairs and deflower my best friend’s daughter. Yeah, I’m having one last shot at panic and despair while she’s up there doing whatever it is she’s doing.

I’m certain panic, despair, guilt, good sense and all the other emotions and feelings and moral judgments that oppose what’s about to take place will lose and lose handily. They are just going down swinging. I feel like a truck is parked on my chest and I have a crazy urge to bolt. To be anywhere except here. Except, here is where I want to be more than anything. Fuck, why is this so confusing?

The five minutes are up and I feel myself being carried up the stairs but it doesn’t feel like my own feet carrying me. I’ve heard of ‘out-of-body’ experiences before, but now I think I understand. Not that I really think my soul has left my body, but I do feel like something else is controlling everything and I’m just a spectator within myself.

The tap-tap-tap of my hand knocking on the bedroom door snaps me back to reality.

“Alanna, is it safe to come in yet?”

“Yes, Cameron. Come in.”

So formal. Still don’t like this ‘Cameron’ thing.

I take a deep breath and slowly turn the knob until I hear the metallic click of the latch clearing the strike. The hinges moan as I push the door slowly open. Hesitation and nervous excitement duel within me. I desperately want to see what is on the other side of the door, but at the same time I know that this is my absolute last chance at resisting. Last opportunity to call this insanity off. If I see her it will be…

…Ahh, fuck. Too late.

Alanna is standing in the doorway to the bathroom, partially silhouetted by the light over the vanity. She is wearing mint panties and bra, trimmed in pink lace and accented with tiny, pink bows. Matching garters and thigh-high stockings complete the sheer perfection of the sight before me. She looks to be torn from the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Everything about her perfect.

I feel my mouth fall open but no words will come. My eyes will not move from her and I feel them begin to burn as they refuse to blink. My mouth is beginning to water with desire. I feel my breath catch shallow in my chest and my heart begin to pound in my jaw.

“My God, Alanna…” my words finally seep forth in a raspy, passion-laden whisper, “You’re perfect.”

“I hoped you’d like it,” she smiles brightly and slowly turns for me to inspect the lingerie from all angles.

“Oh, uh yeah. I love it,” my scattered thoughts are finally organizing themselves into sentences. “But you... I mean, you are completely perfect right now. Thank you.”

Her smile broadens and she begins to walk toward me. Blue eyes twinkle with mischief as she bounds the last few steps and jumps into my arms. Her lips press against mine and kiss me deeply, expressing her long-pent need. Long, muscular legs wrap around my waist and lock me in a second embrace. Her hips grind against me, less subtly this time. My erection presses back without shame.

I carry her to the bed and lay her on the soft comforter. I allow myself a brief moment to drink in the sight of her gorgeous lines and curves. All as if they were drawn by the hand of an artist tasked with capturing the exquisite perfection of the female form. Her surreal beauty and tender innocence stirs an indescribable combination of emotional responses in such rapid succession that I cannot even begin to process what is happening in me.

My inner battle between forbidden desire and guilty hesitance is lost in the dusty pages of ancient history. Replaced by a new war between overwhelming love versus an irresistible, boiling need to greedily consume her.

My shirt falls to the floor before I realize I’ve shrugged out of it. Covering her body with mine, our lips meet. My kiss softly expresses the fiery passion ignited by the tingling sensation of her bare midriff against my naked torso. Unbearable need washes over me. An orgasm of raw desire lifts me somewhere just above reality. I find myself floating between euphoric intoxication and a sense of hyper-awareness in which I can actually feel my soul.

Our lips part and eyes meet in a long, searching gaze. I’m pulled back into the reality of the moment by what I see in those deep, blue oceans of emotion. More plainly communicated than any spoken words could convey, Alanna’s wide, engaging eyes reveal volumes. Fear. Uncertainty. Complete trust balanced with a pleading desire to have that trust justified. Most of all, unconditional love.

I’m suddenly aware of Alanna’s supple body trembling beneath me. Nervous excitement and uncertainty paint her expression. Her lower lip quivers involuntarily. Her eyes show the slightest hint of tears welling in the corners.

I consciously push back against my own overwhelming desires. Almost losing myself in my own flood of unfamiliar emotion, I temporarily lost sight of how delicate reality is. Slow down Cam…don’t fuck this up.

Sliding to one side, I take Alanna in my arms and hold her close in a warm embrace. Still trembling, her body clings to mine and the warmth of her is excruciating. My throbbing erection is screaming at me, begging to greedily ravage her. Take her this instant. My jeans have become a medieval torture chamber, painfully constricting my engorged manhood and maddeningly dampening the sensation of Alanna’s hip pressed so invitingly against my tormented bulge.

Our faces inches apart, I smile warmly at this divine creature. My fingers gently stroke a wayward shock of hair behind her ear. I softly kiss her forehead and absently stroke my other hand along the small of her back.

“You okay?” My voice has just enough bass in it to be above a whisper, “We can stop any time if it gets to be too much, you know.”

Alanna’s eyes soften, tension is chased from her expression by a loving smile. “I’m better than okay,” her voice is soft and sure, “Just a little nervous. I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry,” stroking her cheek with the back of my hand. “I’m nervous too, sweetie.”

Her smile broadens and she nuzzles her chin to my chest. “I love you, Cams.”

“I love you too, Alanna.” The words fall so effortlessly from my lips that it takes a second to realize it’s the first time I’ve ever uttered them with true meaning. The first time I’ve ever even understood this kind of love.

Alanna raises her head from my chest and silently invites a kiss. Our lips meet in a soft ritual of love and passion that is so universally human and, at the same time, uniquely ours. Our bodies press closer, limbs tangling together as desire blossoms, controlled and beautiful. Slowly we melt into one another, blissfully surrendering individual identities as our separate existence syncs to a singular, sensual rhythm.

Our lips part and I carefully read her reaction as my fingertips trace a cautious line from her delicate neck, along her shoulder, finally following the strap of her mint bra. A soft, abbreviated sigh escapes her lips and a shiver of sensation raises chill bumps as my touch finds the tender flesh of her pert, young breast. Stiffening nipples struggle against the dainty fabric. I desperately want to strip the bra away and hungrily take them between my teeth and feel them harden fully against the friction of my tongue. The impulse is almost too much to bear.

My lips almost touching her ear, I softly whisper, “I’m going to touch you, Alanna. Stop me if you begin to feel uncomfortable or if you don’t like something, okay?”

“Okay. But I don’t want you to stop. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” her voice is raspy and slightly broken by nerves and unfamiliar sensation.

Slightly trembling with raw excitement of my own, I slip my hand inside the pink, lace trim of her bra and sample the firm, eighteen year old flesh beneath. Intentionally avoiding contact with her nipples, my hand slowly travels back and forth, gently massaging the tender mounds. Finally, taking the first sip of carnal pleasure from this forbidden fountain.

“How does that feel, Alanna?” My voice sounds foreign to me, dripping with lust I’ve never felt before.

“It feels good,” her eyes are closed and she sounds more relaxed than before. “Really good. I’m tingling all over.”

“I want to see you, Alanna. Can I…”

Before I can finish the thought, Alanna slips a hand behind her, the latch pops free and the taught material falls loose, the pink lace catching on fully erect teenaged nipples just before falling completely away. A moment that seems like a thousand lifetimes. Soft, young mounds of creamy flesh peeking out from beneath lacy fabric. My eyes fixed and waiting to feast on this visual delicacy.

She shrugs gracefully from the straps and after what seems an eternity, Alanna’s breasts come into full view. Perfect, dime-sized nipples. Rosy pink and fully erect. Angled slightly upward and perched atop plump, creamy mounds of vanilla-white skin framed beautifully by subtle tan lines.

My heart is pounding and I desperately want to devour her. I love her dearly but a very dark, primal part of me needs to take her. Ravage her. Use her nubile, young flesh to quench this maddening thirst for forbidden indulgence. I can feel my erection twitching and bucking against its evil denim captor. I involuntarily grind the throbbing bulge roughly into her hip, seeking any form of relief. The pressure and friction only increase my need.

Unable to completely resist my own urges, my lips circle first one rigid nip, then the other, allowing my warm breath to flow across the hyper-sensitive nerve endings before finally taking one between my teeth and the other between two fingers and gently inflicting just enough pain to send white-hot electricity dancing through her spine, trickling down her inner thighs, and finally ending in a tingling tickle that curls her toes.

“Oh, my God!” Alanna’s breathy response tells me the sensation pleasantly caught her off guard.

My hand slides down her torso, lingers at her hip long enough to pull her forcefully against my aching crotch, grinding our hips into each other, desperately seeking relief. Her breathing is shallow and her expression difficult to read. She chews her bottom lip, stifling a whimper, but I’m not certain if it’s from pleasure or pain. I feel a shudder run through her body as my hand moves downward from her hip to cup the firm flesh of her taught, little behind.

Planting slow, meandering kisses upward from her freshly tortured nipple, I pause at her neck and softly ask, “Still okay, baby?”

“Yes,” her reply is breathy and distracted.

“I need to get out of these jeans before I explode,” my own voice flutters slightly in my throat. “Are you comfortable with that?”

Alanna’s eyes open and a passion-drunk smile slowly crosses her lips. “Can I take them off?” Her tone is slightly timid. Embarrassed.

“Of course you can, sweetheart,” I slowly, reluctantly untangle myself from her and lay back against the headboard in a semi-sitting position.

Alanna raises to one elbow beside me and pauses for a long moment. Her big, blue eyes timidly rove along my chest and abdomen, occasionally stealing a curious glance at the bulge just below the waistline.

Her eyes meet mine as she raises a trembling hand to my chest. Her touch is soft and feminine. Hesitance fades to inquisitive concentration as her gaze follows gentle fingers making their way slowly downward. Lost in new discovery, she is absently biting her lower lip and completely oblivious to how beautiful she is. I’m awestruck by her simple, youthful perfection.

After hesitantly tracing her fingers along the waistline of my jeans several times, Alanna finally releases the button and slowly pulls the zipper down. Sweet relief is finally drawing near. Unable to wait any longer, I raise slightly off the bed and help her push the jeans from my hips and down my thighs before they fall in a heap on the floor.

Alanna lets out a quick, stifled, chirp of a giggle when my miserably engorged erection springs upward, finally free of restraint, and slaps against my abdomen with an audible little thap!

She turns a broad smile and inquisitive eyes to me. “Can I… Um,” a nervous giggle betrays sheepish curiosity, “I mean, can I touch it?”

I smile warmly and nod. I’m again struck by her innocent beauty as I watch her trembling hand timidly reach for my manhood. Her touch, though understandably awkward, sends bolts of white-hot energy coursing through me. Velvety soft fingers gently caress me as if handling something fragile, priceless. My throbbing shaft involuntarily bucks and flexes in her tiny hand, silently begging to be gripped tightly and stroked hard. But her touch remains gentle and feathery, unintentionally teasing me to the point of madness. So deliciously frustrating.

Burning with need, I pull her on top of me and kiss her deeply. My hands form themselves in the curve of her lower back and gently urge her to rock forward and back, grinding the smooth, soft skin of her freshly waxed thigh against my throbbing manhood. Desperate for further relief, my hands slide downward, grasping a firm, perfectly shaped cheek in each. I gently coax her legs to part slightly; then guide her little crease onto my aching shaft. Nothing between us except her sheer, mint panties.

Her soft crevice is soon coated with the slippery lube oozing from my tortured cock. I can feel the nub of her engorged clit through the thin panties as it travels rhythmically along my rigid length. My hands gently guide her movements, selfishly stroking my hungry shaft with her warm little slit. Fully indulging myself in forbidden pleasure, greedily satiating my lust for her innocence. All remnants of guilt and hesitance lost to burning, uncontrolled desire.

Alanna’s smooth thighs quiver against my hips. I can feel excitement coursing through her body. A sputtering sigh escapes through trembling lips. Her eyes are tightly closed. An expression of quiet concentration paints her face. Without uttering a word, her shuddering body conveys a subtle message of being lost in the moment. Silently savoring every new sensation, savoring the realization of long secreted fantasy come to life, she is determined to capture every nuance of this experience in her memory’s lens.

My hands find their way to the middle of her back and coax her body to mine. Our lips meet as the warmth of our bare torsos wash us away in waves of liquid sensation. Alanna’s hips grind more fervently as the heat of our kiss pushes passion through her veins. Her body trembles against mine, shivering as though exposed to an icy breeze.

Erect nipples and supple young breasts caress my rippling chest. Involuntary abdominal contractions cause my pelvis to lift her seemingly weightless form upward with slow, forceful, grinding thrusts. Her breath is hot and labored against my stubbled cheek. Soft lips gently kiss along my jaw and down my neck, filling me with blossoming explosions of torturing need to be inside her. To take her.

The down comforter whispers seductively as I gently roll her to one side. My eyes follow my trembling hands as they slip the mint green panties from her hips. My mind is a simple spectator, completely detached from the actions of my body. Anxiously waiting for the story to unfold.

Alanna’s lithe body lay before me. A gift I never expected and certainly do not deserve. I pause to drink in her pure, untainted beauty. I feel like an artist regarding the pristine beauty of a blank canvas; quietly appreciating clean perfection that will be lost forever with the first stroke of his brush. I take great care to commit this moment to memory. Every line, every detail. I want desperately to remember her this way forever.

Alanna’s eyes meet mine. Questioning. Seeking approval. Affirmation. I return her gaze with a soft smile. Kiss her calf gently. Then trail kisses upward as I slowly cover her body with mine. One on her thigh. Another just below her belly button. My lips lazily explore her warm flesh before finally pecking lovingly at her lips.

Alanna’s legs part involuntarily to accept me between them. My rigid manhood nestles gently in the crease of her puffy, passion-swollen sex. Engulfed by her slippery folds, the underside of my shaft is immediately coated in her creamy secretions. I slowly stroke gentle pressure along the rigid nub of her clit. Long legs gracefully fold around my thighs and her hips rock slightly upward, instinctively optimizing the angle. An unspoken act of submission, giving herself to me.

I feel her entire body shudder beneath me. Our eyes meet and I see giant pools of blue lost in desire and uncertainty. Tears well in the corners and threaten to spill. Her breath comes in shivering rasps, laden with subtle fear, unfamiliar passion, curious wonder, and long repressed desire.

“Are you sure, Alanna?” I almost can’t recognize my own voice, raspy with need.

“I’m certain, Cameron,” her fluttering whisper is filled with anticipation.

Exhilaration filling me, I gently rock my hips back to align my twitching manhood with her tender, virgin opening. Her slippery folds accept the pulsing tip easily at first. Her swollen lips part hungrily at the slightest pressure to engulf the engorged head.

Gently pushing forward, I feel resistance and the excruciating desire to forcefully plunge inside her and quell the throbbing in my loins. The need is almost unbearable. With great care and restraint, I slowly increase the pressure until a shockwave of pain shudders through Alanna’s eyes.

I immediately relent, “You okay?” I’m horrified at the thought of hurting her.

She nods quickly, an apologetic expression on her face, “I’m sorry, it just hurt a little, but I’m fine.”

“Don’t apologize, sweetie, we can go as slow as you need to, okay?”

Another nod is accompanied by her hips rocking slightly to accept me once again. Her thighs hug my hips and pull me to her, slowly increasing the pressure until it’s almost unbearable. A soft whimper of painful exhilaration escapes her lips as she pauses to acclimate herself to the sensation.

I’m lost in my own fight to keep from roughly taking her. My need to be inside her is excruciating. A primal urge that can’t be ignored tickles my spine and fires every muscle in my body. My cock throbs uncontrollably against her tiny, stubborn pussy. Twitching, bucking, begging to plunge inside her little slit and cleanse itself of this dull, miserable ache.

I hold still. For now, winning the fight against my own carnal demons. Holding myself above her, biceps and triceps twitch and roll from agonizing restraint. Reluctantly, I allow Alanna to control all motion. Feel her gently grinding with short, almost imperceptible strokes that steadily increase the pressure until I’m certain I’ll explode. For a brief moment I’m consumed with the irrational fear that somehow karma is teasing me. Tormenting me with this ultimate sexual fantasy that is somehow impossible to fulfill.

Alanna wraps her arms around my neck and pulls her body off the bed to meet mine. Her thighs squeeze tightly in a final, desperate embrace. Suddenly, the pressure relents and I feel her warmth engulf me. A gasp of relief and astonished pleasure is caught deep in my chest as my full length slides mercifully into her elastic grip.

Alanna sucks a long hiss past clenched teeth in reaction to the slight pain and unfamiliar sensation of fullness. Still once again, except for her body’s involuntary shudder against the intrusion, she slowly relaxes then melts into the moment.

I slowly withdraw half my length from her velvety grip, before gently pushing my rigid cock deeper inside her. A euphoric rush intoxicates me as I savor every slow inch of her vice-like canal. Each careful stroke taking her tight, little pussy just a little deeper until my entire length is glazed in her shiny nectar. Gauging her response to my movements, the speed and force of my thrusts increases as I allow myself to selfishly sample this forbidden treasure. Fully indulging in her virgin flesh.

Alanna’s breathing shallows and her pliant body begins to adjust to my rhythm. Young, inexperienced muscles begin to pick up the dance and soon her hips are grinding to meet my thrusts. Soft, almost inaudible whimpers paint my chest and neck with feathery puffs of warmth.

With every movement, her vice-like canal clenches around my shaft. Squeezing and releasing, milking the tension from my body and replacing it with overwhelming emotional release. I feel my soul submerged in an ocean of love and caring I’ve never felt before. My spirit is awakened to a sense of enlightenment. Suddenly everything I thought I knew about love and emotion is redefined in an instant. I’m filled with understanding of truly sharing yourself with another person. For the first time in my life, I know what it is to be in love.

I look down at Alanna and my physical being melts away. I’m drowning in adoration for this beautiful creature. Overwhelmed by her trust and the gift of her innocence. My longing to protect that trust. I’m no longer my own. I belong completely to Alanna, gladly surrendering my entire being to her. Right and wrong no longer exists in my definition of our love. It simply is. We are.

Alanna’s cadence overtakes mine, hungrily devouring me with passionate urgency. Any prior hesitance is lost to physical need. Her hips thrust themselves into me with greedy force. I can feel her orgasm building, trembling in her firm thighs.

“Oh my God, Cams,” her voice is a whispered squeak.

“It’s okay, Alanna, let go. Let it happen,” my voice is strained with passion.

Her body goes rigid and a quaking shudder runs through her. She pants out soft, abbreviated whimpers as sweet climax fills her with new sensation. I firmly push forward slowly, rocking my hips against her thrusts, allowing her to grind her clit against me while my shaft keeps heavy pressure on her g-spot. The sensitive knot of her cervix teases the head of my cock, sending shockwaves of electricity through us both. Her sweet secretions soak her shivering pussy, coat my cock in liquid warmth, and make soft, squishing sounds with every stroke.

Alanna’s inner muscles spasm and contract viciously. Her velvety grip tightly clenching around my shaft and coaxing my own orgasm forth. It’s upon me before I realize and we are locked in a rigid embrace. Bodies trembling together in forbidden ecstasy.

The first spasm racks my body with a cocktail of physical and emotional pleasure unlike any I’ve experienced before. My seed quickly fills her depths and spills liquid warmth around my shaft. Unable to control my desperate urges, I plunge my twitching cock inside her, taking her deeply, and hold her writhing body tightly while I release everything into her.

We cling tightly together as the waves of euphoric delight rinse tension from our bodies. After a long moment of blissful relaxation, I raise my head and gaze happily into her eyes.

“I love you, Alanna,” the words speak themselves. They hang in the air before I realize they had formed. Possibly the millionth time I’ve spoken them to someone. Definitely the first time I’ve spoken them with any understanding of what they mean.

Tears fill her blue eyes and her lips part in a beautiful smile, “I love you too, Cams.”


Silently, Alanna and I share a warm bath, our bodies lazily enjoying the sweet sensation of wet skin pressed against wet skin. Alanna’s head rests comfortably on my chest. My arms are draped loosely around her shoulders. The scent of lavender, from the bath oils and candles, lingers in the air. She absently ushers foamy piles of bubbles back and forth with one hand. I touch my lips to the back of her head, planting a gentle, loving kiss.

“You okay?” My voice is relaxed, soothing.

“Mmm,” she nods. I can see her aloof smile, shimmering back to me from the small hole she has cleared in the bubbles.

“What’re you thinking, princess?”

Alanna turns slowly to me, her eyes full and happy. Her lips part to speak, but she stops herself. She turns back to the bubbles and rests her head on my shoulder.

“What is it, Alanna?”

“I want you to teach me…” barely above a whisper, her words soften as the thought trails off.

“Teach you what?” I squeeze her reassuringly.

She turns to me again, her eyes soft and pleading, “Everything.”

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