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Arduer: Part 1: New Beginnings (I)

A twisted tale of friendship, loss and love...or not?
This was going to be a good weekend, Violet thought to herself. Her parents were out and she had the house all to herself. Her mom was away visiting an aunt with her younger brother, her dad on some business trip. She liked it like this, no nagging parents or irritating little brother. Why couldn’t they do this more often? Finally, peace at last. Smiling, she headed up the stairs towards her bathroom for a nice warm shower.

As the shower warmed up, Violet stripped off her clothes, discarding them in a pile somewhere behind her. After doing so she felt the cold breeze, sending little goose bumps across her skin. Brhhh.Now she remembered why she wanted a shower. Quickly she jumped into the shower, at the same moment it started to rain outside.

Stepping under the warm water she instantly felt better. As the water cascaded over her skin she let out a sigh of relief. After a few minutes of just relaxing, her thoughts began to wonder. At first she thought about the usual things; school, ughh,family, what she was going to do with the rest of the weekend, and finally her friends, or more like one in particular - her best friend, Crystal.

She thought about Crystal's stunning smile that could cause a whole room to smile with her. She thought about her mesmerising blue eyes that like her name were a crystal blue. She thought about her long blonde hair that flowed down to about her full perky double D breasts, but above all she thought about how much she wanted her badly in a naughty way.

I shouldn’t be thinking this!

She knew that her thoughts about Crystal were wrong. She was her best friend after all. They had known each other since pre-primary and had been best friends since. Crystal also happily had a boyfriend, Matt, who was 18, two years older than them.

It wasn’t until very recently that Violet began wanting Crystal in this kind of of manner, which was to be much more than just friends. She wasn’t sure why she had these feelings and was more than a little confused about it all. It was all her parents' fault telling her all her life that this kind of thing was wrong. But she couldn’t help herself. Violet tried to push these bad thoughts from her mind but they just kept returning to Crystal.

* * * *

Crystal had just been dropped off at her boyfriend Matt's. Her heart was racing and she had butterflies in her tummy. Today was a special day for her and Matt, because from today they had been dating 6 months. She felt like it was only a few days ago she met him but half a year had gone by already. Wow. Crystal had put in extra effort for the occasion too. She was wearing a short black skirt that barely reached halfway down her thighs; black heels and stockings complimented this. She was also wearing a low cut top that gave teasing hints of her cleavage. To finish the look off she had her hair down and light mascara highlighting her blue eyes. She quickly adjusted her hair and makeup before going in.

As soon as she entered inside she new something wasn’t quite right. She wasn’t greeted by the usual tight embrace and light kiss on the lips, instead all she got was a quick glance towards her then he turned back to playing COD or whatever the fuck you call that stupid game. Crystal tried to keep her positive attitude as she went over and sat next to him, still smiling.

Finally after a few minutes he paused the game and broke the silence. “Why are you even here?” His voice was slurred, he was obviously drunk.

Trying to keep calm she replied extra sweetly, forcing it on, “Don’t be silly, you know why I’m here, don’t you babe?”

Turning towards her, raising his voice a bit, he replied, “Don’t get sarcastic with me, bitch. I obviously don’t or else I wouldn’t have asked.” This startled her even more than the first statement. This wasn’t like him, she was confused and angry about it but decided to let it slide, reasoning with herself that he was just drunk.

Coolly she replied, “Sorry, it’s just that today's meant to be big, we’ve been dating for half a year today.”

He moved up next to her. “Has it been that long already?” She could smell the alcohol on his breath and could feel his hand running up her leg, then she heard his voice again. “And you still haven’t put out at all. Nothing, not even a fucking blow job!”

That was it. Slap went crystal’s hand across his face. He didn’t even flinch, too drunk to feel it, she figured. Instantly after she felt herself being jerked up, then a push, and before even realising it she was on the floor. Something went snap.Tears started to build in the corners of her eyes.

She saw him make his way to the door, opening it yelling, now in a rage, “Get the fuck out, you dumb slut. Wait, I meant frigid bitch, because that's what you are.”

She made her way out past him limping, every step painful. Out into the darkness and rain she headed, nowhere to go, her leg really hurting. Faintly in the background she heard him continue, “It’s not like you meant anything to me anyways. I just wanted to get a fuck.” The tears really started to flow then.

* * * *

Meanwhile Violet had finally had given into her inhibitions. God the water felt so good flowing over her. She felt her nipples get hard under the warmth. She raised her hands up, gently caressing her young body. She let out a soft moan and slid down the shower wall and onto the bathroom tiles. Taking the shower head with her, aiming it between her legs.

“Mhmm, fuck yeah, Crystal yes.” She let out another moan of pleasure as she felt the water gushing against her pussy, her breath getting shallower as she imagined it was Crystal between her legs kissing and licking her virgin pussy.

God this was so naughty, but that just excited her more. By this time her clit was throbbing, so she started to rub it with her free hand. She wasn’t really thinking anymore at this point just doing what felt good. Soon after she guided one of her fingers inside her yearning pussy. Gasps of joy passed her lips as her finger entered her.

Her moans slowly got louder and louder, as she fingered herself more quickly. Vaguely in the back of her mind she heard a knocking sound, but she ignored it as she was getting closer and closer to cumming. As she got closer to this pure bliss she arched her back, pushing her breasts out, grinding against her finger as she continued to fuck herself. She was so wet now, she could hear it every time her finger entered in and out of her wet hole. She was about to cum. She would have if she'd had just another minute. Oh so close. But then her phone rang playing Class A Team by Ed Sheeran. Fuck, that song only played when who else but Crystal called. Violet was about to ignore it but then it went to voicemail.

Oh no! Before the voicemail even finished, Violet had stopped what she was doing (that was going to have to wait until later), gotten out of the shower and headed down stairs to meet her damsels in distress.

To Be Continued...

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