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Aria and The Guys Part 1

An introduction to Aria and the men that star in her sexiest fantasies
As usual, the small coffee shop down the street from my apartment is packed and buzzing with the morning’s rush. Let’s Grind has always been my home away from home with its dark red walls, over stuffed couches, worn coffee tables, and the seemingly ingrained smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

A sigh of contentment escapes from me as I lean back into the soft love seat. I can feel the morning rays of sunlight pouring in from the store front window bathing my skin in the most amazing warmth. I close my eyes for just a few minutes of rest. A rather firm hand on my shoulder shakes me out of my daze.

“Aria…You still with the living?”

I reluctantly open my eyes to see the beautiful dark green eyes of my best friend Simon; he has finally arrived with our coffee order and hands me my hot coffee. I give him a half smile.

“Sorry, I must have dosed off.”

He walks over to the arm chair across from me and casually puts his feet up on the coffee table between us; a typical Simon move with his carefree, laid back attitude. Amusement crosses his face.

“Well maybe if you didn't stay up all night studying for your finals you wouldn't be falling asleep in a loud public place.”

At his words, I quickly take a few tentative sips of my hot coffee and Simon starts reading the local paper he picked up at the front when we came in 15 minutes earlier. My gaze seems to settle on Simon. We've been best friends ever since grade school when he to my rescue from a school yard bully; we've been attached at the hip since.

We grew up together, supported each other, and even went through the awkward teen years as best friends so when we managed to get into the same college I was ecstatic. The thought of not having him around was torturous. He’s the closest thing I have to a brother and me his sister. He smiles at me and I just now notice he’s been watching me staring at him, I’m sure a pink stain across my cheeks appears.

He starts reading an article in the paper once again and I can’t help but notice how much he’s changed over the years. He’s no longer the geeky, lanky kid that looked uncomfortable in his own skin. No, now he has this constant confidence and charm that has me thinking less than brotherly thoughts.

His lanky profile has changed into lean firm muscle that bulges slightly over his smooth white skin and his height now reaches around 5 foot 8. His jaw line has become firmer and squarer with a permanent 5 o'clock shadow any time of the day. His dark brown hair, much like his personality, hasn't changed much since high school; he still keeps it buzzed fairly close to his head.

I suddenly realize the admiring nature of my wandering thoughts and instantly feel guilty. I shouldn't have any sexual pull to him. For all intents and purposes, he’s my brother. A look of concern presents on Simon’s face.

“Aria, are you feeling okay?”

I sit up a little straighter and try to hide my previous thoughts. I feel like I’m an open book when he looks at me but I can’t ever seem to break through that easy going attitude of his to get a read on him. I frown.

“Yah, I’m just stressed about finals and sleepless nights aren't helping. They start in two days and I feel like I don’t even know anything.”

He makes a sound of disapproval and gets up to sit next to me on the couch. He uses his fingers to guide my face up to look at him. As of late I've been having a hard time looking at him in the eyes so it takes me a few seconds for me to lift my eyes and stare into his deep dark green pools.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get through it together as always.”

The words of encouragement break down my emotional control and I’m trying very hard not to babble like a baby in public. He starts to rub his lightly calloused hand up and down my arm sending electrical shivers to my breasts. I go from emotional distress to arousal in 3 seconds flat. Suddenly feeling the urgent need for space, I lean away from his rubbing hand.

“Well, I’m going to go back to my place to study some more before I have to go to work, thanks for the coffee.” I say as I started to get up off the couch.

“C’mon you've studied enough, why don’t you relax for a bit and come over to my place to play a bit of Xbox?”

I can’t but laugh a little, Simon’s always on that thing. I give him a sweet smile.

“I’ll take a rain-check for after finals.”

I quickly exit Let’s Grind and start the short walk to my apartment. Really Aria, you can’t be having feelings for him, they’ll never be returned. And damn almost crying … it must be the sleep deprivation. I need a cold shower when I get home. Walking briskly I can’t help but think of the last time Simon cleaned up tears from my cheeks; I had walked in on by good for nothing boyfriend cheating on me.

Simon has always been caring towards me in that way, always worrying about me, always protecting me. A smile creases my face as I remember my first serious boyfriend when I was 16. He thought he had to impress my father but it was actually Simon who gave him the ‘if you ever hurt her talk’.

After a few blocks, I have finally arrived at my apartment building. I enter the revolving glass doors and wave at the sweet receptionist, Layla, on my way to the elevators. The layout of the building is simple and clean, nothing fancy but nothing trashy. I press the call button, step into the elevator and press the 5th floor.

At the last second a foot clad in a rather expensive looking leather shoe stops the doors from closing. As the doors slowly open up, I see my tall and handsome neighbor Dean who hastily enters the elevator muttering apologies. Where Simon has a boyish charm, Dean has a dark and mysterious attraction to him.

He’s tall, has nearly black short hair, eyes as dark as the night’s sky, and 10 years my senior to my tender age of 22. His face has the bone structure GQ models would envy and he’s high ranking in a business company, a chief of something. In short, women drop at his feet like flies, myself included.

Although we've never said more than a few words to each other when passing in the hall or elevator, I've often heard the loud moans and screams of ecstasy of well satisfied women from his apartment and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t wished to be in there place. I've even gone as far as playing with my pierced, sensitive nipples and rubbing my plump clit while listening to the happy moans of a woman that Dean has inspirited.

As the elevator reaches our floor, I try as much as possible to ignore his all-consuming presence while I walk to my suite. He walks pass me and before I enter my place, he smiles and wishes me a very good night. His smooth and deep voice causes my clit to spontaneous throb and I can’t help but blush like a virgin and nod like an idiot.

“You too,” I manage to get out.

As soon as I get into my place, I can’t help be feel relieved. This is my place, my space, and no guys can come in here getting me hot and bothered like a horny teen. My place is small but the rent is affordable and it’s perfect for me. To the direct right of the entrance, there’s the full cream colored kitchen complimented by beige cupboards and black counter tops; it comes with a small matching island and two gray bar stools that run parallel with the entrance.

The apartment is open concept so the living room is directly in front of the kitchen. It has the same cream colored walls as the kitchen, a blue couch facing away from the entrance door and a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Small wooden end tables are at the ends of the couch and a matching book shelf is tucked into the back corner. To the left of the living room and kitchen is a small hallway that leads to a small storage room, my bedroom, and the bathroom.

After putting my now empty coffee cup in the garbage, I go down the short hall to my bathroom and start the shower. It's a cozy 3 piece bathroom with a large shower stall that has alternating colors of small brown tiles, and a glass wall instead of a curtain. The shower is directly in front of the door while the single sink that sits in a cream counter top is on the right hand side.

I look in the mirror above the sink and assess my appearance. After my latest break up, Simon suggested I change my hair because that’s what girls do; so I did. I cut my straight and long strawberry blond hair to the point it was only brushing my shoulders and had it lightened so it was slightly more on the blond side. I had to admit it looked good with my heart shaped face and it accented my blue-gray eyes.

As the steam from the hot shower started to fill the room, I realize that my cold shower turn into a burning hot one, whatever. I pull my clinging t-shirt over my head and remove my black lace bra. In front of the bathroom mirror, naked from the waist up, I start rubbing my hands over my neck and shoulders in an attempt to relieve some of the tension there.

The hot steam from the shower keeps filling the bathroom making it hot, humid, and perfect. I let out a loud sigh as a bead of sweat trickles from my neck down the center of my chest between my breasts which makes my nipples tighten in response. God even my own sweat is turning me on. What’s happening to me? It’s as if I’m constantly on edge, always aroused.

My rubbing hands slowly work lower and lower over my pale soft skin until they reach my breasts. I grab them, push them together and gently squeeze loving the sensation. They’re an average C cup, still perky, and round tipped with small pink areolas and nipples that are decorated with small silver rings.

Loving the sensitivity of my pink stiff nipples, I take my index finger of each hand and softly run circles around them. They contract so fully that my areolas have disappeared leaving only my hard nipples standing out. I pinch them between my two fingers and tug gently feeling an instant jolt of desire that runs down my spine to my throbbing clit. I repeat this several times until I’m lost in the sensation.

My breathing quickens and I can feel my pussy juices starting to soak my panties as my fingers continue their assault on my now darkening nipples. I pull lightly on the rings that run through them causing me to let out a low moan. While I continue to overload my hyper aroused body with nipple play, I can’t help but think of Simon’s slightly calloused hands running over my jutting sensitive nipples. Having the rough feeling against my soft skin would feel marvelous. What would it be like if he sucked one of them into his mouth and used his textured tongue to tug at them by my nipple rings?

I imagine what Simon hands would feel like as my own leave my now aching nipples and slide across my smooth stomach to the waist band of my skirt. Feeling like it weight 20 lbs, I undo the zipper at the back. The beige flirty skirt glides down my legs along with my g-sting. I see that my panties is soaked with my own wetness from being aroused a good part of the morning. Fuck I need to get laid; maybe my shower will help cool me off.

I open the glass door of the shower and step into the hot spray of water. I moan softly at the amazing feeling and I can’t help but play with my nipples once again. As I go to grab the body wash, I see my favorite toy sitting on the shelf next to it. I must have forgotten to put it back under the bathroom counter after I was finished playing yesterday morning.

I bite my lower lip in contemplation. Screw it, I need some relief. I grab the 7’ long and 4’ thick realistic looking dildo and rinse it under the hot water. Under the running water I start to stroke the soft rubber material enjoying the shape of the cock with its cut flared wide head and thick veiny shaft.

“God I love cock,” I mutter out loud.

I love the shape, the texture, the taste; everything about a dick turns me on and gets my pussy wet. I kneel down on the warm tile floor of the shower stall and position myself so that the hot water is raining down on my back. Lining the large fake cock up with my mouth, I use its attached suction cup to fix it onto the wet tile wall and lean a little forward so now the hot water is trickling down between the spread globes of my ass. In this position the water is stimulating my rosebud and pussy lips.

I've always loved to suck a nice cock. Some of my girlfriends are revolted by it but hearing and seeing the pleasure I’m giving to him is something that gets my nipples hard and clit begging for a good rub. I imagine how I’d suck Dean’s cock if I ever got a snowball’s chance in hell.

I start by slowly licking around the head, around and around in circles in an almost teasing manner. I flick my tongue once, twice, over the very tip before taking the tapered head into my mouth. I've been practicing deep throating on this dildo so I continue to swallow the cock as far as I can.

The feel of a dick in my mouth and the water stimulation on my small rosebud makes my clit poke out with need. I can’t help but reach down and rub the little ball of nerves up and down making me muffle out a moan on the large cock in my mouth. Running out of breath I pull back to the tip and start the process all over again.

After a few minutes, I find my two fingers have worked there way into my pussy and my other hand is pinching at one of my nipples. Lost in lust, I un-suction the cock from the wall and put it right under the opening of my pussy. Making sure it’s secured onto the shower floor, I lean forward until my hands are pressing against tilled floor and spread my thighs to lower myself until the head of the cock is almost touching my bare pussy lips. Fantasizing about Dean’s cock, I let the head of the dildo run through my dripping wet folds.

“Mmmh” God that feels so good.

I repeat this several times, rubbing it against my blood filled throbbing clit until the head is covered in my sweet juices. The large cock is now notched against my tight waiting pussy and I slowly start to push down. I can feel it spreading my lips in half and stretching my opening making it burn with its intrusion. While I’m working large un-lubed dildo into my cunt, I wonder how Dean and Simon would do it.

I imagine Dean would try to get his cock in in one single push while Simon would work it in slowly, easing it in and out. He'd make sure I’m with him every step of the way. Either way I’d love every second.

Finally stretched and adjusted to the cock, I can sit down on its full length which prompts an involuntary moan from my throat and my breathing is getting more labored by the minute. I can feel the firm head of the dildo bumping up against my cervix and the girth is putting a wonderful amount of pressure against my vaginal walls. Unable to sit still any longer, I move up and down on the dick starting off slow and then riding it hard and fast like it was my last day on earth.

“Fuck yes, yes, yes!” I moan out.

I can feel my ass cheeks and tits moving up and down and the hot water running down my back to my asshole but I don’t care. It just makes me even hotter, even more frantic to cum all over the hard cock in my pussy. Moaning the entire time, I can feel my orgasm building and building until I’m on the edge. I reach down with one hand and start rubbing my clit back and forth furiously while my other hand starts massaging my puckered asshole.

My climax keeps edging closer and closer and when my a finger breaches my tight rosebud I cum so hard I see black spots in my vision. I have to put my hands out so I don’t collapse on the shower floor and the feeling of my tight pussy walls convulsing and clamping down on the large dildo sends me into another orgasm.

I take a couple deep breaths of hot steamy air to try to get my ragged breathing and racing pulse under control. With the dick still inside me, I sit back on my heels and tilt my head back into the running hot water. The sensation of the hot water is indescribable as it runs along my post-climax hypersensitive skin of my face, neck, breasts and stomach.

After a minute or so of catching my breath, I lift off the dildo and turn around to face it. I lean down to lick my juices off of my favorite toy. I lick up and down the entire toy and put almost all it in my mouth gliding my tongue everywhere it could reach. I've always loved the taste of my sweet cum and licking it up off a cock is something I look forward to doing. Once I’m finished, I stand up and clean the dildo with soap and water and put it back on the shelf. I clean myself up and go through my normal shower routine.

Lounging on my navy blue couch in comfy sweat pants and an over-sized sweater, I look up from my study notes and see that the clock on the wood side table is displaying 6:12 pm. Damn, got to go to work. I quickly get dressed for work; tonight I’m wearing a black mini skirt, a blue sheer tank with a black bra underneath, and my best red T-strap peep toe 6’ heels.

I darken my eye shadow, thicken my eyeliner, and reapply my pink lip gloss. I bar tend at a popular downtown club called Black Cherry a few times a week to help pay the bills and tuition loans. The dress code is anything sexy and since its dimmed lighting I like to wear my make-up on the darker side. Plus looking hot helps me get bigger tips. The clock now says 6:40 pm. Fuck! My shift starts at 7:00 pm.

I rush out my apartment and hop into my car. It’s about a 15 minute drive from my apartment to Black Cherry on a good day with no traffic so I just clock in on time. Yew. As I walk to the employee lounge to put my purse in my cubby, I pass by my manager Ron.

“Hey Ron,” I say in passing.

“Hey Aria, cutting it close are we?” he says raising an eyebrow in question.

“Yah sorry I got caught up in studying.”

Ron laughs and puts his hand on my hip.

“Well since you look like a hot piece of ass tonight, I’ll let it slide.” He leans into me slightly as hes speaking.

Forcing a smile and sincerity, all I can manage to say without cursing him out is thanks. I side step out of his hold continue the short distance to the lounge. Fucking old pervert.

After putting my purse in its cubby, I get to work behind the 18 foot bar with the three other bar tenders. The bar itself is a work of art with its dark walnut wood and off-white marble counter top. The bar back is just as long and looks even bigger with the ever-stretching mirror behind it.

The Black Cherry essential gets its name from the decor. The lights are always dimmed making the dark brown walls look black, and the chair and booth cushions are a rich cherry red. In front of the bar are approximately 20 high tables and booths run all along the adjacent wall.

To the left is the dance floor with colored flashing lights, too many speakers to count, and a DJ booth. To the right is a black iron staircase that leads up into the VIP room which looks over the bar and the dance floor. The VIP lounge is also something else.

It has a panoramic view of the club but the floor to ceiling window is one-way glass so you can see out but no one can see in. It has low hanging lights that can be dimmed to whatever level of brightness the customer wants and four black leather couches with red decorative cushions that are separated, two on each side, by a large glass table. A 50’ flat screen TV is mounted above the decorative fire place and a home stereo system plays whatever music the customer likes.

For anyone above drinking age looking for a good time, Black Cherry is the place to be. It gets packed to maximum capacity every weekend and the VIP room is rented out weeks in advanced. I can’t help but smile because I really enjoy being part of the club atmosphere. Admittingly I love flirting with an all the men in hopes of getting bigger tips. It makes me feel a little dirty but I like that. To be honest, I’m lucky to even have this job. If my aunt didn't know the owner and sing my praises on my mixology skills, my resume wouldn't have even been looked at.

By the time 12:00 am rolls around I haven’t stopped and I’m starting to get a little tired. I feel a small finger tap me on my shoulder from behind. I turn to see Brandi, a 5 foot nothing petite blond with a shapely backside.

“Hey Aria, I came to cover the rest of your shift.”

I draw my eyebrows together in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

She leans against the bar and says “Ron said you’re on VIP tonight. The party just got here about 10 minutes ago and they’re waiting to get there drink order.”

I let out an involuntary frustrated sigh. “Really? Can’t you do it?”

She gives me a sympathetic smile and pats me on my arm.

“Sorry babe, I offered but Ron said you have too.”

Rolling my eyes in anger, I take a quick trip to the employee lounge to touch up my makeup and have a few sips of water. Fucking bastard, he’s probably doing this because I won’t sleep with him.

I get the VIP lounge rental form to see who and how many people are in the party. MegaSolutions business firm, party of 10. Mmh, the name sounds familiar but I don’t have any time to try to figure out. I climb the iron stairs up to the VIP area.

When I enter the luxurious lounge, there are 8 men sitting on the couches talking and laughing, and two looking out towards the dance floor checking out the girls grinding up against each other. The men on the couches notice my presence so I walk over to them.

“Hi, Welcome to Black Cherry. My name is Aria and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.”

As I’m introducing myself, I notice the appreciative stares and glances some are giving me. I’m instantly aware of how short my skirt is, that my top is practically see-through, and my heels are essential fuck-me shoes. Feeling the beginning of arousal in my tightening nipples, I unconsciously bite my lower lip.

“Can I get anyone something to drink?”

They rattle off their drink order and I excuse myself to go to the other two men standing by the window.

“Excuse me, my name is…”

My words die in my throat as the first man turns around.

“Aria? Hey, it's good to see you. I didn't know you worked here.” It’s Dean! Fuck, fuck, fuck.

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