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Christmas With My Brother and My Best Friend

I love being dominated by the two most important guys in my life.
My brother was due to come back for his semester break this Friday. It was a long time since I has last seen him. He wasn’t able to come back last spring semester because he went on a vacation with his current girlfriend that time. I think they broke up this time so he decided to go home although he received a lot of invites to go somewhere. I’m pretty excited for my brother to come home. We have always been close.

“Heeeeyyyy…” a familiar voice says with a hand waving in front of me.

“Big brother.” I said in delight, hugging my brother. Well, he’s not actually my brother but my cousin but he’s practically my brother because my parents took him in when he lost both of his parents on a car crash.

“Beverly. You’ve grown up. How are you?” He said still not letting me go. I think he sniffed on my neck.

“I’m good. Did you just sniff me?” I asked him pulling away just enough to look at him in the eyes.

“Maybe.” He said sheepishly. I stared down at him.

“Yes. It’s because you smell so good and your smell never changes.” He said sniffing me again.

I sniffed him too and said, “You still smell the same too and I love it.” I tell him and I felt myself get wet.

I pulled him to a deeper hug.

“You wouldn’t happen to want to let go of me anytime soon do you?” He said making me wrap my legs around him and him gripping my ass.

“Nope. I like it up here.” I said not letting him go. He carried me up to his room and disposing me on his bed.

“Do you know how good you look right now?” He says. That shocked me.

“Wha-?” I said getting up. He walked up the door and locked it.

“You know what I learned.” He told me as he was going back to the bed.

“What?” I asked him.

“We’re not really cousins. Your parents are my godparents. You know what that means?”

“What?” I asked him nervously. I have a crush on him since I remember.

“That it’s okay to finally show you how much you mean to me.” He tells me.

“You are the most precious person in my life right now. I don’t have long relationships because you’re always the one for me. I liked looking at your jealous face and I feel sad when I see you sad.” He continued nuzzling at my neck. I relaxed beside him.

“I love you.” He said and proceeded to kiss me. I kissed him back.

“Tom told me what you did. I want you to do that to me too.” He told me. I was shocked at first but then I purred in approval.

He kissed me again. It was longer this time. We only pulled away to catch on our breath. He pulled my shirt off. He carressed me by placing butterfly kisses across my chest and going down. He licked the top of my breast, just above the top of my lacy bra.

“I never thought you were this naughty under your clothes. Does your mom know you wear this kind of underclothes?”

I barely understood him but I shook my head in response. He unbuttoned my pants and slid his hands into my underwear.

“Damn girl you’re wet” He said, pushing his fingers in and out my pussy. I sat up and pulled him into a deep kiss. I pulled his shirt off and pushed him to lie in the bed. I leaned forward to kiss him but pulled away to tease him.

“It’s my turn to pleasure you.” I said whispering in his ear then caressed his ear with my tongue. He groaned in response. I pulled out my jeans and my lacy thongs.

“You know what a girl's going to do with her bad brother?” I blow in his ear. He shook his head no. I let him smell my musk through my thongs.

“We tie them up.” I said tying together his hands with my thongs. I got to admit being aggressive seems to arouse me more than usual plus the fact that Jace, my brother turned cousin turned god sibling, was enjoying this kind of foreplay. I pulled down his jeans. He was rock hard, to the point that it aches.

“Jace, do you want me to suck you?” I asked him.

“Yessss…” he groaned. I licked off his precum at the tip of his 9 inch penis. A lot more took its place.

“I don’t think I can. Your cock is too thick.” I moaned.

“Will you stop being a tease, you slut.” He said pushing his cock towards my lips. I opened my mouth only to let his head in. I gave it a good suck and released it.

“Come on, Slut.” He said begging me to suck his cock. I giggled in amusement. Then the doorbell rang. No one was home beside the two of us so we had to pause to look who it was.

“Wait for me here okay.” I told Jace leaving him tied up with my thong. I pulled on my jeans and his shirt. The person who was on the door was Tom.

“Hey Tom. What are you doing here?” I asked him nibbling my lips.

“Your brother said he was at home around this time. I need to ask him something. So is he here?” He said.

“Kind of, but he’s kinda busy. I’ll ask him to call you later when he’s free.” I said. I just want him to leave or something so that I could find my release.

“Is it okay if I wait inside?” He asks.

“Okay.” I opened the door to let him in. I really cannot deny this boy. He pulled me towards him.

“You smell like sex. What are you up too? ” He said nuzzling at my neck.

“Hmmm? Nothing.” I said wrapping my hands around him giving him a peck on the lips. I released him and went upstairs. I went straight to Jace’s room.

“Jace, we have company. We need to finish this later.” I tell him taking my thong off his hands.

“Don’t stop on my account.” A voice from the door said. I turned it was Tom.

“Why did you follow me up here?” I asked him in surprise.

“Well, I knew it was fishy that you didn’t jump on me like you usually do.” He said ripping Jace’s shirt off me.

“Bro, do you wanna share?” Tom asked Jace.

“Sure. This slut is freaking hot but she needs to be disciplined.” Jace said. He pulled me back to the bed while bringing along a tie. Will he tie me up? I felt my pussy clench.

“Are you going to tie me up?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t be afraid my dear.” Jace said. Then suddenly it turned dark. Tom blindfolded me.

“What are you doing?” I’m really scared now.

“Relax. The blindfold will enhance your other senses.” Jace voice tells me. Then I felt him tug my hands towards the bedpost. He really is tying me up. It was kinda hot. I felt someone rubbing my clit through my jeans.

“Damn, she’s mad wet.” Tom announces.

“Just take off her jeans.” Jace said finishing tying me up.

“Sir, yes sir.” Tom replies in mock salute.

I felt a pair of lips against my lips. I don’t know who it was.

‘’Is it your first threesome?” I think it was Jace who asked. It barely registers who was talking. It was all because of the pleasure I was receiving. I nodded my head.

“This is going to be fun.” I hear someone say. I writhed to gain their attention. I felt two different fingers inside my pussy.

“Please…Please…please.” I begged. I don’t know what I’m really begging for. I just want the ache to ease. I want this pleasurable burning to go away.

“Please what?” Someone asks.

“Fuck me.” I said.

“Okay.” They both agreed. One guy kissed my full on the lips while I felt another pair of lips in suckling on my nipple. The pleasure was too much. The pressure is building. I feel myself close to an orgasm. They felt it too because the number of fingers increased to three. That pushed me over the edge. I passed out.

“Was the pleasure too much for you my sweet?” Jace said when they saw me coming around. They removed my blindfold.

“You know we’re not through with you yet right.” Tom said. I nodded. I know it isn’t the end, we’re barely starting.

“Can you untie me now, please? Pretty please with cherry on top?” I asked them tugging my tied hands.

“Nope. I like seeing you that way.” Jace said. Tom went down on me and started eating my pussy out. It felt so good. I wrapped my legs around him to make him go deeper in me.

“Suck my cock now, bitch.” Jace tells me as he offers his dick to me. I suck him, unable to do anything else. I’m loving the fact that I was dominated by the two most important guys in my life.

“Please make me cum already!” I begged.

“What’s in it for us?” asked Tom.

“You can have me whenever you like, wherever you like. You can do whatever you want with me. Please just make me cum.” I said.

“Fine.” Tom said and started pounding me so hard. In and out. Jace then removes his cock in my pussy and disappeared. He comes back a minute later holding a KY lubricant.

“W-what’s that for?” I asked, beginning to panic on what I was thinking he was gonna do.

“Relax babe, you’ll enjoy what I’ll do. You’re gonna love it. You’ll have two cocks pounding you. You’ll feel them at the same time.” Jace says. The way he describes It makes me wetter than I already am.

Then I felt him spreading the lubricant in my asshole. I was so erotic. Tom never stopped pounding me. I never stopped moaning and screaming. The feeling intensified when Jace entered my asshole.

“Your ass is so tight. It’s even tighter than your pussy.” Jace groans. His groans makes me moan so much more than I’m already am. He started pounding me. while Tom was out, Jace was in me. Then when Tom is in me, Jace pulled out. That only makes me cum. I think I already came 3 times and was on the verge of passing out.

When they came in me I really did pass out because when I woke up the next morning, I was back in my room, cum free but don’t have any underwear. At first I thought it was only a dream until Jace flashed me the underwear I was wearing the night before.

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Posted 11 Dec 2011 16:46
Hot story. Liked it a lot.
Posted 11 Dec 2011 03:23
Hot, spicy 3sum, passing out is soooo much. 5

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