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Everything comes together eventually - part six

The saga continues - probably better than normal, sod all Ian in this one!
The phone by the bedside had hardly completed a ring before Ian picked it up - he'd been asleep since Beth had sunk into her slumbering depths, but it felt like his senses had been alert for the last few hours, his cock acting as look-out hoping desperately for some sign of love, lust, compliance ... god, basically just any hint of contact from the young body stretched out next to him.

"Hello, Ian here," he whispered, trying not to disturb Beth.

"Hello, arsehole, trying to be quiet because you've been drinking too much again are you," cackled a slightly too bubbly and happy sounding wife for his liking.

"No, not particularly Carole, you just woke me up that's all. Anything up, it's only just past nine you know."

"Ha, no, well other than the same thing which has been up most of the night, but I'm certainly not complaining. No, I just thought I would give you a call to tell you how last night went without you and let you know how I am, as I am sure you've been worrying."

"Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, sorry about the other night but..."

"Don't even bother Ian. Just sit there and listen for once will you, hey you might even want to take some minutes if you want. I got here okay, traffic was fine, booked into the hotel, nice room, and then went downstairs for the party. Usual crowd really, most of the family was here, we all went for an Italian before to give us some ballast I suppose and have some quiet time with Suzie before it all kicked off. The party was in the hotel ballroom, and quite a lot of Suzie's friends and workmates were there. Oh, before you ask, people asked where were you? I just couldn't be bothered, so I said we'd had a row and you were staying at home playing with your ego. Everyone was great, and just said that was good as it would be better without you, as you always show yourself up leering at anything over the age of puberty.

"So, anyway, the party got underway, the music was good, really ace 40's/50's r&b band, Sugar Ray Ford or something similar, playing some great old tunes but even some of their own. I was slightly tipsy from the wine at the meal and was happily sitting at the table with Suzie when Jonathan turned up and dragged me onto the dance floor. It was great to see him, a real surprise, did you know he was going?"

"Er, no should I have. Anyway, glad you had such a great time, but can't the whole saga wait until later. I've got to get up and do things Carole," Ian was beginning to fidget and his morning erection wanted emptying one way or the other, and his bladder was beginning to win the argument, even with Beth's head still on his chest.

"Oh no, hang on, there's still so much to tell you that really can't wait. You can humour a dried up old wife for a while can't you? Anyway, I danced with Jonathan for a bit and he was in quite a chatty mood. Ha, your son is so unlike you, thank god. So anyway, he held me close while we mooched to some of the slower numbers, just so he could yak away into my ear. He's really up at the moment, and in a really good mood. It was lovely to see him so happy, and I felt so proud of how good he was looking. It was quite a thrill to see women who didn't know us looking almost jealous at the two of us together, so close, so intimate. All in all, it was really odd, I could feel myself getting turned on by the attention, and also the way me and Jonathan were dancing so close."

"Christ, Carole, what are you saying, that you had the hots for our son?"

The volume of Ian's voice raised sharply and he involuntarily tried to sit up in the bed. Beth's head rolled down his chest, and she stirred slightly. Her hand reached out and held his throbbing cock, gently stroking it up and down for a couple of seconds. Beth breathed the word "Jo", before slightly shifting her position, with her head now on Ian's soft stomach and seemingly going straight back to sleep.

"Oh yeah, I should have known what a thrill that would be for you. Me and our 21 year old son, unable to keep their hands off each other once you weren't there. We just groped each other on the dance floor before making our way to one of the dark corners, where I got under the table and sucked his cock, before sitting on his lap with him inside me while everyone else was dancing or chatting and not knowing what we were up to.

"God, you really have been spending too much time on your porn sites haven't you. Get real will you Ian. We just had fun, and I had forgotten what it was to have fun. Anyway, Jonathan had to leave so I didn't have time to rape him, if that is what your sick mind was worried about.

"So, after he was gone, during the break between the band's sets - did I say how good they were? A really hot version of Caldonia, it was like Louis Jordan was in the room - anyway, I was at the bar getting a drink when this guy called Matt starts talking to me. Mid to late 30s, about 6ft, slim, cool side of casual, expensive looking clothes, dark hair, with really nice hazel eyes.
"Turns out he's Suzie's boss, so as a public relations bloke he's inevitably smooth. But the drink had loosened me up, so I was happily chipping away at him, and all the gloss and lies PR people put on things, making us buy crap that we don't want, don't need and can't work out how to use anyway.

"I told him you're just a turd polisher, oh yeah, and what was that Bill Hicks used to say, that he was Satan's spawn. He just gave up and pleaded guilty - mind you I had been bashing his ears for a good 10 minutes by then. Anyway, the band started up again, and I felt sorry for him, and asked if he was going to dance. He said yes he'd love to as long as I didn't mind if he spun round me a lot. I forgave him and we went out into the jiving throng.

"He was quite a good dancer, but he kept his distance, which sort of upset me, as I thought he might get a bit close up to me, but I just assumed I had scared him away. I was sure he weren't gay because he seemed to have a fairly subtle eye for the ladies. Anyway, after four or five songs, he said thanks but he was going back to the bar. I scolded him for having no stamina, or was it just that he didn't want to be seen to be dancing too long with someone as old as me. He actually looked a bit hurt and came up closer to me and said age had nothing to do with it, it was just that he didn't want to get in the way as had seen me with my man earlier.

"I nearly drowned out the band with my laughing. Matt had to hold me to ask what was up and his face was a picture when I explained who Jonathan was. He said that we'd looked so close together and intimate, and I assured him that my darling son had been whispering in my ear, not biting it! Anyway, that really broke the ice, and from thereon in we just danced the night away together.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was wearing my red dress, you know the one with the halter neck that somehow manages to flash some of my tits while holding them up and in place, the knee-length number with the slits in the legs. Anyway, for much of the night his hands were on my back holding me tight. It felt so sexy it was lovely, and I really have to thank you for that Ian, for making it so special, as when I packed in such a hurry I forgot to put any knickers in. That seemed to really turn Matt on when he realised and his hands were soon exploring everywhere.

"Once the band had finished and we'd managed to get four encores out of them - they really were great Ian, probably not your thing, but it took me back to the days when I used to go to the old style blues clubs, really made me feel young again - where was I, oh yeah, of course, once the 80s disco started up, we felt out of place and just wanted to get out. I said thanks to Matt for a great night, and he asked if I wanted to share a taxi with him. I explained that I was staying at the hotel so thanks but no thanks. He looked unsure what to do or say, other than telling me he hadn't had so much fun for ages and that he wished it didn't have to stop.

"I thought sod it, I must have been a bit light-headed by that stage, or just still pumped up from all the dancing and groping we had been doing, so I said, well do you want to come up for a nightcap before you go. His face lit up as an answer so we just dashed out of the ballroom and into the lift and then to my room.

"Anyway, we got in, and while I made a beeline to the minibar, asking him what he wanted to drink, he just came up behind me, put his arms around me and said he just wanted to drink me up. Then he just held me and gave me the longest loveliest kiss I can ever remember. When I finally broke away, I told him to take a deep breathe, sober up and think seriously about things for a second. I told him I was in my 50s, that I had got two kids, that he could do so much better than be with me, and, oh, that I was married.

"Matt just held my hands and led me to the bed and sat down. He said that Suzie had said that I was married to some pompous prick who had turned boring into an art form. When he'd seen me together with Jonathan he'd assumed that I had seen sense and listened to Suzie and dumped you, and that I had taken on a young lover to make up for lost time. He told me that he thought I was beautiful, both as a person and in my looks. That he had not had such a great time since him and his wife split a couple of years ago, and that he really wanted to know me better, but that he would also really like to make love to me.

"Well, what could I do Ian. Should I fall forart formooth talking of a PR man who probably just wanted a quick legover with someone he knew he'd never see again and who was too old to bother to try and chase him afterwards, or should I feel flattered, say no, and keep faithful to the man of my life for the last 30 years or so.
"Tough choice. I gave it maybe two seconds before I stood up, took his hand, shook it, watched the sadness in his eyes and then put his hand up my dress, between my legs and up to my dripping pussy. No contest!

"We just tore the clothes off each other, well, not really, we were a bit more civilised than that, no flying buttons or ripped underwear, but then I didn't have any on to start off with. We just fell into bed and laughed and kissed and felt like 20 years old. We made love straightaway, he's a bit bigger than you in all ways, but I felt so wet and relaxed that his cock just filled me in the best way that I can ever remember.

"I sat on top of him and rode him for all my life, while he reached up and played with my boobs, and sucked them, and kissed them. He obviously didn't have to reach up as far as he would have had to a few years ago, but hey, he didn't seem to care and I was flying high by then.

"God, it was brilliant, I had forgotten how good sex can be, and what with him thrusting up and down inside me, and playing with my boobs, and me stroking my clit, I must have come three or four times before he finally came. I just collapsed on top of him and kissed him. I had tears in my eyes, I felt that great, and they dripped onto his eyelids. He held me close to him for a couple of minutes and then rolled me off.
"I expected the worst and assumed he was just going to get up now he'd had his way, or maybe if I was lucky, he would fall asleep so I could cuddle up to him. Instead, he opened my legs and started kissing my lips, and sucking my clit.

"I immediately felt insecure again, and apologised for my hairy bush, but he said it was perfect and that he really hated women who fell for the trap of shaving just to try and meet the porn industry's aim of making girls and women pre-pubescent. He just lay there, sliding his mouth and face in our shared juices, bringing me to yet more ecstasy. He seemed to do it for hours as I just lay there - his tongue and mouth sending jolts of electricity through me.
"I began to feel guilty, well eventually I did anyway, and said, hey, I was getting everything and I was doing nothing for him. He told me not to be stupid, and that eating me like that was the best supper he could imagine. Finally I could take his herculean efforts no longer, and I dragged my legs out from underneath him, and pulled his head up to mine.
"We kissed again for ages, smelling him and me on his shiny glistening face. He then sent me higher up the scale by putting his cock into me again, with my walls trying to crush him as if they had felt neglected. This time I was on my back and we could kiss and slobber while his cock sploshed in and out of my slurping cunt. Again it felt like hours rather than minutes of love making, god, it was incredible, we both broke from kissing and simultaneously said I love you, it really was amazing.
"We just kept saying how much we loved each other, how great and lovely the other one was. At some stage, after Matt had cum again, we just held each other close, kissed, and fell asleep. Anyway, Matt woke up half an hour or so ago, and we did it all over again, not even caring how much we both stunk of sweat, sex, and booze, mind you having said that, Matt is now in the shower, so maybe his nose has now woken up.

"So, anyway, I'm just ringing up to say, bye, and thanks for being such a twat and not coming here for Suzie's do. It's the best farewell present you could ever have given me."

"What, what do you mean?", Ian barely croaked the words. Listening to Carole, the love of his life, the mother of his children, had drained him mentally, but the passion of her relating her adventures had pushed his cock over the edge, and he'd cum, some of it over him and the quilt cover but also as he had felt around, some of it had gone over Beth's arm.

"I'll try and keep it simple for you Ian. We're finished. I can't put up with you anymore, I know that I haven't actually loved you for years, and better still, Matt and me are going to be an item. Your brain should be able to cope with that - I guess we'll call it a mutual split, unless you want me to say that you've been unfaithful with your wrist and mouse?
"So there you go, or there we go, in our happy separate ways. Oh I meant to say, the reason that Jo was so happy was that he's fallen for a friend of Rickie's. so you should already have met her."

"Met her, when? Who is she?"

"Beth, she was going down with Rickie and was going to stay the night at our's - well your's I suppose now. I know it was meant to be a secret and that they weren't going to tell you she was going out with Jo, but anyway, I guess today's a day for surprises. Anyway, must go, Matt's calling me from the shower. Enjoy the rest of your life and try not to drain the life out of anyone else. Bye!"

Ian felt himself shrink into the bed. Jo! She had said Jo. He never called his son Jo, his name was Jonathan, and Ian had always got grumpy when people called him by just the two letters. He had often chided Carole for speaking of Jo - if we'd wanted his name to be one syllable we'd have called him Joe. As the enormity of Beth laying there in his bed with him, of the feelings he felt for her, he heard another storm blow through the front door.

"Dad, Dad, are you up yet?"

It was Rickie, and he heard her strident steps race up the stairs.

"Are you still in bed? You lazy sod."

Ian relaxed as he heard her steps go beyond his bedroom door, only to hear her running back.

"Dad, Dad, where's Beth. Her clothes are here but she isn't. Has something happened to her?"

Before Ian could stir from his frozen frightened almost comatose self, Rickie burst through the bedroom door. "I'm really worried about Beth ... Beth?"

Rickie's noise had woken Beth, who lifted her head up and blinked sleepily at the cause of the noise.

"What the hell is going on?" Rickie's gaze flashed from Ian to Beth and back again, seeking answers but getting any. She angrily pulled at the quilt and revealed her naked cowering father and Beth's barely covered body, as well as the unmistakable smell and drops of cum.

and still more to occur, you know not to hold your breath!
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