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Happy Valentine's Day

he fucked me on February 14
It’s been a while since James and I started dating, with that Tom didn’t talk to me anymore and tries to avoid me. It really hurt to be apart with my best friend. I got my crush but lost my best friend. I’m in love with my best friend but I don’t have the courage to say so and finally lost him to the head cheerleader, Micah.

Let’s not dwell in the sad part of life, ok? On February 14, James took me out on a date. He brought me to a restaurant where we saw Tom and Micah. It was kind of awkward because of what had happened between me and Tom plus the fact that Micah doesn’t know that.

“Hi,” Tom said standing up to greet me and James.

“Hello.” James and I both said didn’t know what to say next.

There was an awkward silence between us. Then Micah pulled Tom’s sleeve to let him know she was there with him and not with me and James. So James excused us and left them to themselves.

“I don’t know what happened between the two of you that made you uncomfortable with each other but I hope you make up with him ‘coz he’s you’re best friend right?” James told me as we took our seats.

I nodded, couldn’t say anything ‘coz I was thinking how Tom and Micah are so incompatible together. I think I was a little biased because of what I was feeling for Tom. I was watching him all night while trying to listen to James. I think he was talking about football or something. I think I saw Tom stand up and go to the restroom; I stood up unconsciously and excused myself. I told him I was going to use the loo. I looked around to look whether there was anyone around but seemingly the coast was clear. I slid into the men’s bathroom and saw him peeing.

“Hey Tom,” I said.

“Bev, what are you doing here?” He warily asks and was eyeing the door.

“Don’t worry I locked the door.” I told him.

“Why did you do that?”

“I just want to talk. You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you?” I asked him walking towards him and looking at his member, he was finished peeing and trying to zip it back in. Unfortunately, it was hard to do because instead of being flaccid, it started to become stiff.

“Yes, because of what happened that shouldn’t have happened.” He said.

I grabbed his cock. It was big and meaty. I smiled. He was totally under my control. He moaned as I started giving him a hand job. My hands sliding through his cock faster then slower. Precum is leaking out. I was turned on.

“You shouldn’t do this.” He told me but his body is saying otherwise. He thrust his hips towards my hand, begging me to make him cum.

“I know we shouldn’t but isn’t it the best things in life are the forbidden?” I whispered to his ear are started to suck on it. He moaned louder.

“I’m cumming!” He told me. Then his lust took over. He kissed me and ripped my panties out. I was so wet; my panties were totally soaked and rendered useless. I moaned. It felt so good. To think that he was very hesitant a few minutes ago and now he gave into his lust and pleasuring me like never before. It was so intense.

“So is this what you want? Huh?! Answer me you slut!” He said while pulling my hair. I nodded. I am loving every minute of this. He then entered my soaking wet pussy with his fingers. Stroking me unto the parts in which only he could reach. I was so happy that he is touching me again and giving me the pleasure he can only give. I couldn’t take it anymore. I begged him to be inside me. To put his dick into my pussy and ram himself into my pelvis or something, which he did. It felt like heaven to me. He pumped in and out of me. I was cumming. And I felt the pressure of his dick. I think he is cumming.

“Come into me!” I told him.

“I’m cumming!” He told me as he came into me. He came and spewed load of cum into me. His cum dripping out of me. It felt good. I could barely stand up.

He straightened his clothes and walked out of the door. It took me several more minutes before I came out. Just as I’m about to walk out of the door, a man in his mid-forties stepped into the bathroom.

“The ladies room was occupied.” I said and walked out of the room smiling sexily. Later, I received a text and saying: “Thanks for the fuck, babe. Talk to you later.” I smiled because we’re back together and my cunt is dripping with cum while my boyfriend is telling me another one of his jokes.

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