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Holly's Day's

How a snowman brings a woman a new chapter in her life.
Holly sat on the deck of her parent’s house in Laguna Beach, California. She watched the surf of the Pacific Ocean lap at the golden sand. She thought about her life, and what she had gone through over the last year or so. It had been quite a year. This time last year, she thought she was in a happy marriage lived in Manhattan. Her husband, well ex-husband now, was a stockbroker and she thought her life was perfect.

One Saturday morning, Holly’s world crumbled. She ate breakfast while her husband, Tom, was in the shower. His phone beeped with a message. She knew that sometimes he was needed on a weekend, so she got the phone to take it in to him in case it was important.

As she picked the iPhone up she saw a name she didn’t recognize. It said Kelly, she didn’t recall anyone called Kelly, but then another message appeared. It was at that moment Holly froze, and realised what was going on. The message said, “I can’t wait to see you later. I’m so hot and need your attention.”

Holly sat back at the table with her insides in bits. It was like someone had ripped her stomach out. She didn’t know what to do, but at that point the anger set in. She tried to stay calm as best she could. A few minutes later, Tom came out, sat down, and smiled at her.

Holly took a breath, “So, what time you seeing Kelly to cool her down? Apparently she’s very hot for you.”

Tom stared at her and the colour quickly drained out of him. He gulped and said, “I’m sorry. It hasn’t been going on long. Please forgive me.”

Holly believed that if a boyfriend or husband did this, no matter how hard you tried to forgive them, you never fully would. Without another word, Holly got dressed and went for a long walk around Central Park trying to work out what she was going to do.

When she got back to their apartment, she told Tom she was going to go to her parents for a while. Holly told him not to bother contacting her. She told him she would never forgive him, and that it was probably over.

Holly packed some clothes, got a cab to JFK, and took the first flight she could get to LAX. After she had cleared security she rang her parents to say she was coming, and would explain everything when she got there. Holly grabbed a drink and stared out of the window thinking about what happened. She was quite surprised at how composed she was, but she knew it was just because there was more anger at the moment than anything else. She couldn’t work out why he would do this to her.

Even though she was forty-two, she looked after herself, and always tried to make a good impression and make him proud of her. The more she sat and thought, the more she couldn’t understand what she had done to turn him off her. She was by no way ugly, and she had been told she was attractive. She kept her brown straight hair neat, and it fell to her shoulder blades.

 Holly was not fat or anything, but she was curvy. She figured if a twenty-something year old woman pays an older guy attention he is going to look. That would have been fine, but in Tom’s case he touched too. As far as she was concerned, the bimbo could have him. Holly decided to stop thinking about it because it made her angry.

She stayed at her parent’s house for a while. In fact the only time she left was to travel to New York to sort out her divorce settlement and paperwork. It meant coming face to face with Tom, but at least he had the decency to not put any barriers in the way of the divorce. The final time Holly went back to New York was to sign her last legal document, and get her divorce settlement.

Holly traveled back to California on Christmas Eve. She spent a wonderful festive period with her family, and working out what she would do with her life. Before she married, Holly was a fully trained physical therapist. She loved helping people get back on their feet, literally. It wasn’t about doing something to make money, her divorce saw to her not needing to work. Holly wanted to do something to stop the boredom setting in.

After the festive period was over Holly quickly realized why she loved the beach and being home. Her parents said she could stay in their guesthouse and not bother buying a place. Of course Holly jumped at the chance. She could buy pretty much anything she wanted, but she loved her childhood home and loved being back around her parents. Besides for a guesthouse it was rather big, too big for just her, but she didn’t mind.

She spent the next few weeks getting sorted and after a day of painting she decided to go online. She went on to her Facebook page and talked with her friends both from New York and California. After a while of surfing the web she felt a bit horny. Holly wasn’t really in the mood for porn, but she found an erotic story site.

She read a few stories and was wet, but when she read this one love story she had to touch herself. Holly came quickly and was shaking from head to toe with the intensity of the orgasm. After her mind and body returned to normal Holly was surprised how much the story affected her.

She clicked on the name of the author and read the profile. There was nothing to suggest he was a weirdo or anything so she found herself sending a message, ‘I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your story. I was also impressed that story was written from a female point of view. Not too many men can do that.’

After that she closed her laptop, took a shower, and fell fast asleep to the sound of the waves.

Holly slept for about ten hours and woke just after 8:00. She loved how being home made her sleep better. In New York she never got more than five or six hours sleep a night.

Holly decided she wanted to set up her own physical therapy practice. This was something she had thought about for a while now, but the goodnight sleep had made her determined to do it. Holly got her breakfast and fired up her laptop. She researched the area and found the closest therapy clinics were at least an hour away so there was a chance it could work.

Feeling even better about her decision, Holly, finished her breakfast and went to see her parents. She told them her idea. They both on board and her dad suggested she should see if their friend Charlie would be interested in helping. Charlie was a Doctor and he might have some ideas.

Holly was feeling so positive that she jumped in her car and went to visit Charlie right away. When she got to his office he was standing in the reception area. He smiled warmly at her, “Well, hello sunshine.”

Holly loved Charlie like an uncle; she’d known him her whole life.

“Hey, Uncle Charlie, can I have a quick word with you, if you aren’t busy?”

“You’re in luck I’ve had a cancellation.”

They went into his office, and she told him her idea. Charlie loved it and agreed they needed something like that in the area. He said she could use some of his empty office space. They even worked out an arrangement where his patients would get a discount. Holly left feeling totally pumped, and she went home to advertise for assistants.

When she checked her email she saw there was a reply from the writer of the story. His message was an extremely sweet thank you, and she couldn’t stop herself for sending a reply back.

Over the next month, things went really well for Holly. She opened her business, and things were going really well. She had steady clients, and was able to hire some more help.

She had also started an email conversation with the writer, David. With the time difference between the UK and the US she started out only being able to say hi in the afternoons, but now she talked to David whenever she could. They got along so well, and without realizing it she had started feeling rather close to him.

One Saturday morning Holly woke about seven and checked her email. Holly and David had exchanged personal email addresses so she checked first thing every morning. It had become their thing to say goodnight and good morning to each other every day. Today was no different, and when she checked her mail there it was.

Holly got excited because David wanted to see her and talk to her properly, and asked if they could Skype. She was so unsure, on one hand she wanted to so much, but on the other she was so scared to take it that extra step. They had already exchanged pictures so they knew what each other looked like, but videoing was a scary step for her.

She eventually thought to hell with it and sent an email. “Yes, David, I think I would like to Skype with you. I’ll be home most of the day so let me know when you can do it.”

She sent the email and was checking other emails when David replied, “I’m going to go do my shopping now so how about we meet in two hours?”

Her heart skipped several beats and her tummy got tight, she quickly hit reply. “Yes, two hours is okay with me.”

She looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:30, so she had till 9:30 to get ready. As she was about to log off another email arrived from David. He gave her his Skype name, and Holly quickly went to Skype to send a friend request.

Holly had no idea what to wear and was starting to panic when a realisation hit her. David had already told her one of his favourite looks is jeans and a shirt. Holly decided that’s what she would wear. A pair of jeans and a white shirt that she knew fit her well enough to show off her breasts. She laid her clothes out and jumped in the shower feeling so nervous, but very excited.

Many thoughts were going through her head like what would they talk about? Would they get along? Would he like her? The questions were going through her head a million miles an hour no matter how many times she said what will be will be. Holly got out the shower and got dressed. She never wore a lot of makeup, but she had to wear some. She decided on a ponytail because he had mentioned he was a sucker for a woman with a ponytail.

It was 9:20 by the time she was ready. Holly logged onto Skype and she saw he had accepted her request. Now she started to get really nervous, but sent a message saying hello. A message came back immediately asking if she wanted to hit call or did she wanted him too? Holly felt brave and didn’t even reply she just hit the video call button.

After what seemed like a lifetime David appeared on her screen. Holly’s tummy leaped into her throat. She was already attracted to him, but seeing him on the video just made her realize just how much.

When they started talking and they agreed to exchange pictures David told Holly he wasn’t anything special. Holly didn’t care and when she got the picture she realized he had no clue how handsome he was, and she loved that. Then again when he saw her picture he told her the same thing, so Holly thought they would make a good pair.

David smiled, “I guess you are hitting the video button.”

Holly giggled like a teenager and said, “I couldn’t help myself my brave pill kicked in. Hey you.”

David smiled “Hey you. It’s so good to finally get to talk to you.”

Holly couldn’t stop smiling and she was totally aware she wasn’t acting like a forty two year old woman, but she didn’t care.

Holly and David talked for hours and when Holly’s stomach growled she realised it was noon and that she needed to have lunch. With the time difference it was 9:00 in England and she knew David needed to eat too. Neither wanted to say goodbye so David said, “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you get your lunch and I will get my dinner. Then we can kind of have virtual dinner together. Sound good?”

Holly laughed, “I love that idea.”

That’s exactly what they did and before long it was midnight in England, and Holly knew she needed to let him go.

With a sigh she said, “Honey, I know it’s late there and as much as I would love to keep talking you, you have to get some sleep.”

David sighed, “I guess you are right, but we can do this again can’t we?”

Holly smiled, “Damn right we can do it again. In fact I insist we do.”

“I’m not going to argue.”

“Glad you are learning that early,” she said giving him a wink.

“Goodnight Holly. I will message you in the morning,” David said.

“Goodnight David. I will message you before bed,” Holly replied.

She barely managed to end the call before she started smiling from ear to ear.

After putting her laptop away she went to her parents’ house. She hadn’t been there two minutes before her mother said, “You look very happy. What’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on,”

Her mother could not be fooled, “I know you far too well, and I haven’t seen that smile for far too long. It’s good to see it back. So what has put it back on your face, or maybe should I say who, has put it back on your face?”

Holly admitted the truth to her mother about meeting David online. Although, she did leave off where she met him, she didn’t want to explain that to her mom. Her mother was a bit surprised by it all, but loved seeing her daughter happy again. Holly was the only child of her parents, Marcie and Harry.

It had torn them apart to see her so unhappy after her divorce. They had to admit it was something of a relief because they didn’t much care for Tom. They didn’t like his attitude; he always acted like he was more important than everyone else. For Marcie, just to see her daughter smiling again was a wonderful thing.

Holly and David kept on seeing each other. They had told each others families and friends about each other. It was getting to the point where they knew they had to see each other. It was October and Holly’s life was still on track. Her business had taken off beyond her wildest dreams, and she had a wonderful boyfriend that kept her smiling. It couldn’t have been better. Then one afternoon she got an email that shook her world and signaled the next chapter in her life.

Holly opened her email and it was from David. She thought it was unusual because she had already received his normal email. As she started to read it, her world stopped dead.

It was from Karen, David’s sister. The email said that David had been involved in a car crash about an hour before. Holly burst into tears, but continued to read. Karen had put her phone number on it so she could call her. Holly grabbed her phone and called her immediately.

To Holly it took hours for it to connect, and then finally Holly heard a friendly voice on the other end.

“Hello?” The voice said.

Holly took a calming breath, “Hello is this Karen?”

“Yes, is this Holly?”

“Yes it is. Thank you so much for emailing me.”

“You are very welcome. I thought it was only fair considering how much David talks about you. There are a few people he has told me to tell if anything happens to him, and you are at the top of the list. I messaged you as soon as I could,” Karen said.

“How is he?”

Karen explained about the car crash and what had happened to him. Because of her job Holly knew it was going to take a few months to get back on his feet. Karen also told Holly she would give her daily reports, and that she could phone her anytime she wanted, day or night.

Holly hung up and walked numbly to her mother. She explained what had happened, then burst into tears. Marcie held her like she did when Holly was a child.

When Holly had calmed down her mother said, “You know this might seem crazy, but if you are this upset and worried why don’t you go there? Go there and see for yourself how he is? You know that you will not be convinced that he’s okay until you’ve seen him for yourself.”

Holly was a bit stunned, but thought about what her mother said, and knew she was right. She grabbed her phone and called Karen.

“Hi. I know this may sound odd, but would it be okay if I came there to see him?”

Karen didn’t hesitate, “Of course. I think that is a perfect idea. It might help David to see you. He’s a bit low.”

“Oh, Karen, thank you. I will get the first flight I can. I will text you the details.”

“And so you know you can stay with me so don’t worry about a hotel. Just get a flight as soon as you can.”

Holly laughed, “Thank you, I hadn’t even thought about a place to stay.”

Karen laughed, “I figured. Holly? I’m really excited to meet you. And, thank you for making my brother happy.”

They said their goodbyes and Holly grabbed her laptop, and booked her flight.

A few days later and Holly was clearing security at LAX. The only flight out was a red eye, but she knew would be able to get some sleep. The flight landed in London at 8:00 in the morning, and the next plane left at 9:30. Holly was so pleased she made the connection even though she had to run to the gate she didn’t care.

The second flight was thankfully only an hour. Holly had flown enough; she just wanted to see David. When the plane landed Holly was so glad she had already done the customs thing, because it saved a ton of time. She walked straight to baggage claim for her case, and by the time she got there it was already on the belt. She grabbed it and headed to arrivals to meet Karen.

She was only standing there a moment when she heard a friendly voice say, “Hi Holly.”

Holly looked to her left and saw Karen. Holly smiled, but couldn’t help the tears that that clouded her eyes, “Hi, it’s so good to meet you.”

The two women embraced and Karen said, “I know the answer to this, but I will ask anyway. Do you want to go freshen up or go straight to the hospital?”

Holly didn’t hesitate, “The hospital please.”

Karen laughed, “Thought you might say that.”

It didn’t take long to get to the hospital. The two women walked down miles of corridors, at least it seemed like miles to Holly. They finally got to David’s room and Karen whispered, “Go in on your own.”

Holly took a deep breath and knocked on the door. When she heard a voice say come in, she looked back at Karen. Karen smiled encouragingly, and nodded her head.

Holly straightened her back and lifted her head as she walked in, “Wow, the first time we meet you have Superman pajamas on.”

David looked up and his mouth opened but nothing came out.

Holly smiled, “Hey you.”

David smiled back at her, “Oh my God, how are you here? When did you get here?”

“Well, the how is pretty obvious; I got a plane and the when bit is easy too I landed about twenty minutes ago.”

Holly wanted to run to him. She wanted to throw herself on him and never let go, but she stood where she was, suddenly unsure of her choice.

David opened his arms, “Holly, please come kiss me?”

Her heart raced and relief flowed through her. She had to stop herself from running to him. She sat on the edge of his bed.

“I had hoped our first kiss would be in a better location than this, but I don’t care.”

“Please, kiss me.”

Holly leaned down slowly until their lips touched. I warmth spread through her body and all doubt went away. Their kiss was slow, tender and brief. David’s arms were around her and head was on his chest. It felt right as they just held each other.

Holly was enjoying the warmth of his arms, and the sound of his heartbeat, but all too soon they heard a cough at the door. They looked up, and saw Karen standing there with tears in her eyes.

“Is it okay to come in?”

David asked “Is this down to you?”

Karen nodded and David got tears in his eyes, “Thank you so much.”

The ward sister came in with tears in her eyes too and said “I’m a sucker for romance. Do we need to get another bed in here tonight?”

Holly and David looked at each other and Holly said “Well, that would be really nice, but I don’t want to cause an inconvenience or anything like that.”

The nurse waved her hand, “Oh trust me you aren’t. You have no idea how romantic all of us are finding this.”

Karen suggested they go get some take-out. Holly bought David and herself a burger and fries. By the time she got back to the room there was an extra bed pressed next to David’s. She climbed on and they started to eat their food as they snuggled each other.

When they had finished David said “I can’t believe you came to see me. I always thought it would be me who came to see you.”

“Well, you can rectify that situation. When you are out of here, come to Laguna beach with me.”

“I’d like that so much.”

Holly sat up, “I’m glad you said that, because I know an awesome physical therapist that would have you back on your feet in no time. She would also, have you on your back occasionally too.”

David laughed, “I like the sound of that, but will you really help me? They mentioned I would need some therapy, but I would much rather do it somewhere hot and with you.”

“Of course I’m sure. I love you, David.” Holly realised what she had said, but she did love him, and it felt right saying it.

David touched her face, “I love you too, Holly.” Then he kissed her. When they broke Holly laid her head on his chest, and was out for the count.

Holly woke about 6:30 and looked up at David, “Good morning. I like that I can say that in person and not via email.”

“I was just thinking that,” he said and kissed her good morning.

There was a knock on the door, and in walked David’s day nurse, ‘“Well good morning. You must be Holly? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m guessing you two wouldn’t say no to breakfast. It will be about an hour, but I wanted to see what you wanted.”

When the nurse left Holly lay back down on David, and ran her hand up and down his body. She loved being able to touch him. Her fingers moved lightly across his tummy, and absentmindedly, her fingers moved across his crotch. She was a little surprised, but please that she found him hard.

“Well, someone else is glad to see me,” she said sitting up.

“Yes I am, very happy.”

“Our first kiss was in here, so why not the first time we make love too?”

David’s eyes opened wide, “Are you serious?”

Holly got off the bed, walked to the door, and locked it. She turned back to David and pulled her pajama top off, exposing her breast to him. She grinned at his shocked expression and started walking slowly back to him. About a foot or two away from the bed she pulled her pajama bottoms and panties down; all without breaking eye contact with him.

She climbed back on the bed and straddled him before she leaned down, and kissed him passionately. She was grinding herself onto him, moaning in his mouth, and she wanted more. Holly moved off him to the end of the bed and pulled his bottoms down.

She climbed back on the bed and started to stroke his dick. She kept her eyes on his as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. There was already pre-cum leaking out, so she‘s swirled her tongue around the tip. She made sure to get it all before allowing it slide between her lips. She slid down taking as much as she could and then slid back up, and gave the head a kiss.

Holly moved back up his body and until her pussy hovered over his dick. “Yes?” she asked.

“Yes,” David sighed.

She slowly lowered herself down until he was completely inside her. She started to rock back and forth enjoying the feel of him inside her. As she got used to him being inside her the faster she moved. As she picked up the rhythm David squeeze her breasts and pinched her nipples making her cry out.

After all this time of waiting, and wanting each other they were both on the edge. Holly couldn’t take it anymore, and had the most intense orgasm she had had for so long. As soon as she came, she felt David cum inside her. Feeling him cum inside her was such an amazing feeling.

Holly curled her body on his, and through their heavy breathing, they sighed at the same time, “I love you.”

Holly got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got a wet cloth to clean David too. Once they were cleaned up, Holly unlocked the door. About ten seconds later Lucy brought there breakfast.

Not long after they had eaten, David’s doctor came around to say he could get out of hospital. However, there were stipulations. He would have to have therapy, and take things easy for at least the next few months. Holly spoke up and told the doctor what she did and her plans for David.

The doctor turned to David, “Looks like you are in very capable hands. I can’t think of a better place to recover, besides I don’t think you will get away with anything either.”

Holly smiled and shook her head, “No, he so won’t, trust me.”

His doctor laughed, “Well, in that case I see no reason why you can’t get out of here today.”

David was so relieved. He hated being in hospital and was looking forward to going with Holly.

David rung Karen to come and get them. She came within the hour, and the first thing she said was, “I’m not sure if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing, but mum is looking forward to meeting you.”

Holly looked worried, “Oh my God. I didn’t even think about that. I was just so preoccupied with seeing David.”

Karen smiled, “It will be fine, honest. Are you going to stay a few days before you head back home?”

David told her what they were going to do and thankfully, all Karen said was, “Well good, and you do what she tells you.”

Holly spent the next few days with David, and met the rest of his family, and friends. Just as David had assured her, they all loved her. She even managed to get David’s therapy underway.

Holly managed to get business class for their flight back to California. She wanted David to have as much room as possible. David was unsure about letting her buy the ticket, but he soon realised not to argue with her.

He playfully whined to his sister about Holly being bossy and Karen said, “I like you hugely.”

“Thanks. I’ll make sure he knows his place.”

Later that evening right before bed Holly said, “Well, let’s get you packed.”

David looked a bit worried and Holly sat down next to him and asked, “What’s up honey?”

“Are your parents going to be okay with this?”

“They’re fine with this, and they are looking forward to meeting you.”


“Yes it is, so let’s get packed.”

The following day was an early start. The flight to Heathrow was at 7:00, so they needed to be up at 5:00. David woke up to Holly kissing her way down his body. He opened his eyes and looked down at her.

She looked up and smiled at him, “Good morning honey.”

He smiled, and she resumed what she was doing to him. Holly got to his dick, and took him in her mouth. David loved the feel of her, and loved that she could take all of him into her mouth. She did it again and again. She squeezed his balls, and started to suck him a lot faster now.

She pulled off him and started to swirl her tongue around his tip. Her doing that, as well as playing with his balls was driving him crazy. He knew he was going to cum soon. He grabbed Holly by her hair, and pushed her head onto him again.

“God yeah, Holly, I’m going to cum,” he told her, griping her tighter.

She kept sucking and squeezing, and soon she felt him cum. Rope, after rope of cum shot down her throat, and she sucked it all down. Then she took his dick out her mouth, and proceeded to clean it with her tongue.

Holly sat up, kissed him and said, “We can get ready now sweetie.”

David smiled as he kissed her as she got out of bed, “Okay babe, I love you.”

She stopped and spun around, “Say that again.”

David looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you, Holly.”

Holly threw her arms around him and said, “I love you too. I’ve wanted to say that again for so long, but I was afraid to. I do, David. I love you so much, which is crazy, but I don’t care.”

They kissed and held each other until, Holly stopped crying. She broke the embrace, “We really do need to get ready now, honey.”

They dressed and Karen came to take them to the airport. Once they were checked in they said goodbye to Karen.

Karen hugged Holly and said quietly, “Please look after him? He is my baby brother and I love him like crazy.”

Holly answered, “I promise you I will. I love him like crazy too.”

Karen pulled back looking in Holly’s face, “Oh my God, you do, don’t you? I’m glad because now I know for sure you will take care of my brother.”

Then she hugged David, “You better keep her or else I will kill you if you don’t.”

David laughed, “I plan to do everything I can to make sure I do.”

They cleared security and it was time to board. It took David a little longer to get up the steps of the plane but he managed it. The first plane wasn’t business class, but it was only an hour flight so he didn’t really mind. In fact, he was just happy to be with Holly. The flight was over quickly and they landed at Heathrow.

They had two hours to wait until the next plane so they went and had breakfast. As they ate David looked at Holly and was about to speak but nothing came out.

“What were you going to say?”

“Nothing really, just that I’m so glad you came here. I have to confess, I was at the point where I was going to ask if I could come and see you.”

Holly smiled, “Really?” David nodded. “Well, if you had asked that, I would have said, to get your ass on the next plane.”

He laughed and they finished their breakfast.

Soon they headed toward the gate area, as they were nearly there the board flashed that their flight was ready. At the gate Holly and David were allowed to go straight on board. David was relieved to see this time there was an air bridge to the plane and not steps. They got on board and David was so grateful they had extra space. The thought of a, close to eleven hour flight, in a normal seat didn’t appeal to him.

The flight was going good and they just talked and got to know each other more. They watched movies on David’s iPad, and laughed at the fact they liked the same movies and TV shows. David was kind of worried about the long flight, but before long, there was less than an hour to go.

When they landed they got their stuff and walked off the plane. It took another half hour or so to clear security and get their cases.

They headed to arrivals where Holly’s parents were waiting for them. Holly hugged her parents then said, “Honey, this is my mom and dad, Marcie, and Harry. Guys, this is, David.”

David moved forward and shook Harry’s hand, and went to shake Marcie’s hand too. As he did she shook her head no, “Oh honey, that is what you do with another guy.” Then she proceeded to give him a hug.

David laughed “It’s really nice to meet you both, and thank you for letting me come to stay.”

“Anyone who can make my daughter smile like the way you have done must be a good guy,” Marcie replied.

They took the cases to the car and drove the hour or so to Laguna Beach. On the way Holly’s parents asked David about himself, and about his family. The hour seemed to fly by.

After a quick tour of the house, David wandered out onto the deck, and couldn’t help but smile to himself.

Holly came up behind him and snuggled close to him, and asked, “Are you okay sweetie?”

He looked down at her and smiled, “You know what, honey? I’m completely fine.” They kissed and hugged each other for what seemed a lifetime.

They went inside and decided to have a nap. Their bodies were still running on UK time, and it was close to midnight, even though it was only 4:00 US time. In each others arms, they drifted off to sleep.

When David woke up he was looking straight out to the Pacific. He could now understand why Holly loved it so much. Holly woke up not long after him and they lay in each others arms just watching the waves roll in. Soon Holly got up and made tea as David wandered out to the deck area. He noticed the garden went all the way around to Holly’s parent’s house, and he decided to go and have a little look.

David wandered along the pathway past the mixed smell of the flowers and found himself on the deck of Harry and Marcie’s house. They were sitting on the deck drinking coffee.

“Hello, David,” Marcie said smiling.

David smiled, “Sorry, I was just having a bit of a wander, I didn’t mean to intrude or anything.”

“Don’t be silly. Do you want some coffee?”

“Thanks, but I don’t drink coffee. I think Holly is making tea.”

Just as he had finished saying that Holly came onto the deck and said, “Yes I was making you tea and I wondered where you had went.”

David smiled at her, “Sorry, I went for a wander.”

“That’s okay. Get a good look at the pool; you are going to spend a lot of time in it starting tomorrow.”

Harry laughed, “Looks like you are in for a tough time buddy.”

David took his tea form Holly and said, “Well, it’s for my own good so I guess I really can’t argue or complain, even though I probably will.”

“You guys are probably hungry, so how about we go to the steak house up the beach?” Marcie asked.

David rubbed his stomach, “I could eat a horse, if I’m honest.”

“Well, that’s sorted we will go in an hour.”

Holly and David went back to Holly’s to get ready. David was ready first and was waiting on the deck when Holly came out. He turned and she took his breath away. She was wearing a tight pair of black skinny jeans, and a t-shirt that had the right amount of cleavage showing, and her hair was in a ponytail.

“What are you looking at?” Holly asked suddenly feeling self-conscious

“You look beautiful.”

“I’m only wearing jeans and a T-shirt.”

David walked toward her and kissed her gently, “I know, but you look completely stunning.”

Holly threw her arms around him, “Aw, thank you honey. I’m glad you like.”

Holly and David went out to eat with her parents and had a wonderful time with them. By the time they came back the evening was a glorious seventy-two degrees, and compared to back home it felt like summer to David. It was 11:00, but he wanted to take a walk, so they headed down the beach path.

As they walked hand in hand the only light was the moonlight shining down. David suddenly stopped, pulled Holly to him and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

When they broke the kiss she asked, “What was that for?”

“I don’t know, I just wanted to kiss you. I love you so much, and I love you are in my life, and I don’t ever want you to be out of it.”

“I’m not planning on going anywhere honey. You know there is an empty beach, so I think you really need to make love to me.”

David looked around then looked at her, “Oh honey, I want to do that so much.”

“Then do it.”

He moved them to the sandy bank, sat down, and pulled Holly down with him. He moved her sun dress up and she pulled his trousers down, and his already rock hard dick popped out.

“David, get that thing in me now.”

David didn’t need to be told twice. He rolled her over, and pushed his dick into her in one movement. They started to slowly make love to each other. Holly matched each and every thrust he made, and it didn’t take long before he felt his balls tighten. Half a dozen thrusts or so later his dick erupted and shot his load deep in her. It made Holly have a huge orgasm, and her pussy clamped onto David’s dick and milked every last drop out of him.

David stayed inside her until he went soft. They just held each other and he didn’t want the moment to end. Holly kissed him and said, “We really need to head home. It’s your first session in the morning, and I am going to work you hard baby.”

David laughed “I look forward to that.”

Holly woke around 7:00 and got some juice David and herself. She took his back to the bedroom, and gently shook him awake.

Holly smiled, “Good morning, sweetie.”

He looked up at her and said sleepily, “Good morning, baby.”

Holly leaned down and kissed him, “I have brought you juice, so drink it, then we will head to the pool. You can have breakfast when you’re done, I promise.”

Holly grabbed a couple of towels out of the closet, she handed one to David. Then she grabbed her bikini and put it on while David watched, “You really don’t have to wear that on my account you know?”

Holly laughed, “If my parents weren’t here I wouldn’t, but they are so bad luck buster.”

They headed to the pool and Holly jumped in and turned to David, “Come on get in here.” David jumped in and resurfaced in front of Holly

“So what do you want me to do?” He asked.

She moved to the stairs and sat on them. “Well, it might sound silly, but come more into the shallow end so the water is just at chest level. Then I want you to walk from side to side.”


“Even though you are walking, the resistance of the water makes your body work harder. Now, get on with it, I want five widths to start with.”

David began to do what he was told, but he couldn’t even manage three before he had to stop.

Holly knew he couldn’t manage anymore and said, “Honey, it’s okay to stop and take a breath, there is no hurry.”

It was at that moment David realised there was going to be no quick fix to getting better. After a while he managed to finish his five widths, and sat next to Holly. David was getting his breath back when Holly said, “I’m sorry honey I know it sucks, but there really is no other alternative.”

He looked at her with a trace of anguish on his face and said, “I know, and it beats doing this in a hospital.”

Holly smiled, “Exactly. There is a bright side to everything.”

Next, Holly got him to swim a couple of widths to see how he got on. She quickly realised his limits, and knew she had to build up his core strength to make sure he got some stamina back. It tugged at Holly’s heart strings to see him like this. Outwardly, he looked fit and well, but she knew inside didn’t quite match the outside. She was going to make it her mission to fix that situation as quickly as she could.

Marcie came out on to the deck while David finished his last lap. “How is he?” She asked Holly.

“Not as good as he looks, but it’s nothing I can’t fix.”

Marcie patted her arm, “I know you, honey.”

Holly sighed, “I will.”

“I’m making pancakes.”

“Good I’m hungry,” Holly said.

“They will be ready shortly.”

David stood up and Holly said, “Mom is making pancakes.”

“Good, I’m starving.”

David and Holly ate their breakfast, and then got dressed so she could show David her work.

When they got out to Holly’s car David stopped, “So, who thought it would be a good choice to get a Mercedes?”

Holly laughed, “I got a good deal, so shut up you car snob and get in.”

When they walked in the building Charlie was getting some files from up front. He smiled big at Holly, and greeted her warmly, “Hey good morning sunshine. Welcome back.”

Holly hugged him back, “Uncle Charlie, this is, David.”

Charlie shook David’s hand, “Hello David, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry to hear what happened to you, but you are in good hands.”

“I know that sir, thank you.”

Holly showed David all of the things he was going to use. To him, some of them looked like something from a medieval torture chamber. As they went out of one room they saw Holly’s assistants Sophie, and Holly introduced her to David.

They eventually made it to Holly’s office and David sat behind her desk.

When Holly saw this she smirked, “I think you will find that is my seat.”

David laughed, “And your point is? There is a perfectly good chair at that side of the desk.”

Holly laughed and gave him a peck, “God, I love you.”

David stared into her eyes, “I love you too, honey, I love you so much.”

The next few weeks Holly worked David hard and he grew stronger every day. It was the week before Christmas and David told Holly he should go back home. He really wanted to spend Christmas with her though. Holly knew her parents were going to spend Christmas with relatives. They had a cabin in Aspen, and the plan was for Holly to go with them.

They agreed that she would go with him for Christmas, and then he would come to Aspen with her for New Years. With that settled they told her parents their plans. They were a bit disappointed, but they knew they would see her for New Years.

A few days later they were back in the UK, and Karen was at the airport to meet them.

The weather was a lot different here then it was in California. They had gone from seventies there, to almost freezing, so it was bit of a shock to the system.

They drove to David’s house and took their stuff up to the bedroom. Thankfully Karen had kept the house warm. After a quick freshen up, they went to Karen’s for dinner.

Holly and David had a lovely evening catching up with David’s family. Later on, Holly got excited because it snowed outside. Watching her excitement, David realised how much in love with her he was. He knew then that he wanted to be with her forever. It was at that moment he knew what her Christmas present was going to be. He was going to ask Holly to marry him, which meant he needed a ring.

The next morning David told Holly he was going shopping.

“I need to go too,” she said.

“The only problem with that is I don’t want you seeing what I’m getting,” David told her.

Holly smiled, “I don’t want you seeing what I’m getting either. How about this, when we get there you go your way, I’ll go mine, and we will meet up later?”

“That sounds good to me. How about we meet for lunch and get presents for the rest of the family together?”

“I love that idea,” Holly said, giving David a quick kiss before going to get ready.

When they got to the mall they went their separate ways, like they had agreed. David headed straight to the jewelers. He was totally confused as what ring to get her. He knew she didn’t like complicated things so he settled on a simple diamond solitaire ring.

The assistant got it out of the cabinet and showed it to him. “Do you happen to know her size?” the assistant ask.

“Yes, luckily for me she took her ring off before her shower and I managed to get a measurement of it. I just hope I did it right.”

The assistant gift wrapped the ring for him, and he headed to meet Holly for lunch. They ate, and decided what to get his family. Holly was determined to make sure David got them something good. Especially, after he admitted he wasn’t the best at buying presents.

They spent the afternoon getting their gifts, and wrapping paper, and ribbon to wrap them.

“You know, I will in no way be helping you. I can’t wrap gifts to save my life. I normally pay people to wrap them.”

Holly smiled and kissed his cheek, “Well, it’s a good thing we are a team, and I can isn’t it?”

The next day was Christmas Eve and David was thinking about how to propose to Holly. He was looking out the window when an idea suddenly hit him. “Holly, wrap up warm,” he called out to her.

“Um, why?” She asked.

“Just do it.”

She shook her head, but did it anyway. When she was done, David led her outside. “Honey, what are we doing out here?”

David wrapped her in his arms and gave her a quick kiss on her nose, “We are going to build a snowman.”

Holly laughed, “Are you serious? David, we’re adults.”

“So, adults have to bring out their inner child sometimes.”

Holly laughed and shrugged her shoulders, “You’re right. Let’s build a snowman.”

They spent the next hour building a big snowman, and having fun with each other. When they were done Holly said, “Okay, I have to admit that was fun.”

When they went back inside Holly took a shower and David took the opportunity to phone Holly’s parents. He asked for their permission to propose to her, and of course they said yes. David explained to them his idea on how he was going to do it, and her mother cried. David knew then it was the right decision.

Holly and David spent the evening watching Christmas movies, and went to bed about 11:00.

David waited for Holly to go to sleep, and then he quietly got up and headed downstairs. He found a bit of cardboard, and a marker, and wrote a message on it for Holly. The message was fairly simple, it said, ‘Holly, will you marry, David?’

David attached it to a bit of ribbon, and then took the sign outside to put it around the snowman’s neck. He headed back in and managed to get back into bed without waking Holly. He was so nervous, but thankfully, he managed to get to sleep.

The next morning, Holly woke up first. She was very excited and couldn’t wait for David to wake up so she gave him a kiss and cheerfully said, “Merry Christmas honey!”

David opened one eye and looked into Holly’s excited face and couldn’t help but grin, “Happy Christmas darling.” After a few moments of snuggling, they headed downstairs and opened their gifts.

His family knew what he was going to do so they came over early. Karen nodded to him and he mouthed, ‘I’m doing it now.’

He took Holly’s hand and said, “Come with me a minute.”

David took Holly’s hand and led her outside, then turned to face her and said, “Holly, there are no words that express how much I love you, and how much I thank you for helping me get better. I love you so much. This is the best way to show you how much.”

Holly was already crying before he turned her to face the snowman. Holly took a second to read the sign, and when she turned, she found David on one knee with the ring.

“Holly, will you marry me?”

Holly burst into tears and nodded, “Yes, David, yes, I’ll marry you.”

David took the ring and slid it on her finger. To his relief the ring was a perfect fit. He stood up and she pulled him into her arms and kissed him.

David pulled back long enough to say, “Holly, your family is watching. Do you want to say anything to them?”

Holly looked up and saw Karen holding an iPad, and she saw her parents watching on Skype. They waved at her and a fresh flood of tears came and she couldn’t say anything.

Her mother’s voice came through the speaker, “Honey, we are so happy for you and David. That was such a beautiful proposal.”

Holly composed herself enough to talk, “Merry Christmas you guys! I will see you next week.”

“Merry Christmas to you too, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Holly said waving bye to her parents.

She walked back to David and threw her arms around his neck and said, “I love you so much, but I have one tiny question.”

“You can ask me anything.”

“Can we please go back inside, it is freezing?”

David laughed and kissed her again, “Of course my love.”

After Christmas, they went to Aspen for New Years. Holly was the happiest she had ever been. She still couldn’t believe the way they had actually met, but was thankful every day that they had. One email, one little email changed her life forever.

I would like to take this time to say, have a very safe and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year, I hope it’s filled with love and laughs.

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Great , like always.
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Sorry i took so long to get around to reading it. A lovely story, full of romance and hope for the future.
Posted 17 Dec 2013 15:55
I don't know why i tell you when you already know! I love your stories!
Posted 13 Dec 2013 04:55
Absolutely beautiful story!!! You have a wonderful talent for romance. Keep up the great work John! I look forward to reading your next story! Love that even though we are all here for the fun of sex you can put it in such a beautiful romantic way. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year ever!
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A wonderful, romantic and so very enjoyable story. Makes me smile and be happy for them. Lovely. Thank you.
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Absolutely wonderful, perfect for the christmas season

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Gorgeously romantic and Christmassy! Really, really lovely story, I love it x

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This was very sweet and very romantic. Just what I needed around Christmas time. Thanks John.

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