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Italy Birthday

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It's February the 18th. I am on my way to the airport to catch a plane to visit a wonderful man for his birthday. My plane takes off but I have a long flight ahead of me. It's an overnight flight and as luck has it, I do fall asleep on the plane. When I wake up we have one hour 'til landing. It is now early, February the 19th.

I go freshen up in the washroom. The plane lands in Italy, I go and get my luggage and then I get a taxi. I show the driver the address and he says he knows where it is. Fortunately it is not a long drive. He pulls up to the house, I get out and all of a sudden I get very nervous. I only hope and pray that he is there because he does not know that I am coming.

I knock on the door and it opens very slowly. He is looking at me but I don't think he knows who I am. I introduce myself to Roberto and he gives me this warm passionate kiss and hug. He invites me in and the first thing I say is that I am sorry that I didn't say anything about coming but that I wanted this to be a surprise. He is very happy that I've taken him up on his offer of visiting him.

He then asks if I have had breakfast and I say that I haven't. He puts my luggage in one of his rooms, then takes me by the hand and we go out to this little market for some fruit and cheese. As we talk, he is holding and kissing my hand all through the meal. He can’t believe that I am there with him. After we're done eating, we get up and leave to take a walk. We come up upon a little old lady selling flowers and he buys me a rose.

Walking arm and arm through this quaint little town, we find this little bakery. When I go in I ask if they could deliver this cake tonight at this address they agree. We then head back to his house and we both get comfortable. I am wondering what he means by comfortable. I go freshen up and put away some things. As I am changing and he knocks on my door and I invite him in. All he has on is a pair of lounging pants.

All I have on is my bra and panties. Coming over to me, he takes my hand and leads me to the bed to sit down. His hands start touching my face and then down my neck. He then unclasps my bra and it falls to the floor. Pulling me up by my hand, I am pressed against his chest. My arms are wrapped around his neck and we are both looking at each other.

I feel his hands on my breasts rubbing them and then kissing them. His mouth finds my nipples and he is starting to suck and lick on them. We now go back to the bed and he is lying on top of me, our bodies become as one and my legs are wrapped around him. I feel his cock getting so hard and I ask him to get up for a minute. I untie his lounging pants and they fall to the floor. He then takes off my panties and lays me on the bed.

He is lying next to me, I am on my side and his cock is getting so hard. I take it in my hand and start to rub it up and down so slowly. Then I take the head and start to suck on it. I can't take it anymore. I am now straddling his cock and I help put it in me. I start to ride his cock slowly at first, then faster and faster. He is now on top of me and he is thrusting himself in me so hard and deep.

I wrap my arms around him and our bodies are like one. His lips are finding mine and he is kissing me and our tongues find each other’s. I can't let go of him. His cock is now so thick, I feel him release his hot juicy cum in my pussy and it is running down my thighs. He takes his finger and dabs some on my lips and gives me a kiss tasting each other’s juices.

We are lying there in and I whisper in his ear, “Happy Birthday, Roberto. I love you.”

The next day I wake up and Roberto is not with me but there is a red rose on my pillow. I get up, wrap a sheet around me and go to look for him. I find him in the kitchen and there he is, making us both breakfast. I open the sheet and wrap it around both of us and he gives me a good morning kiss that I will never forget. He has fresh croissants and fruit on the table.

Pulling my chair right next to him, I can't get enough of him. He asks how long I can stay and I tell him that, if he can put up with me, a week and ask how does that sound? Even though Roberto has to work, he takes this day partially off and shows me around town, just to get my directions. We walk around a bit and then go back to his house. He apologizes that he has to go into work for a while and he gives me a kiss goodbye.

I again go to town because I want to surprise Roberto with a home cooked meal I can make. I buy some pasta, some sausage and I decide to make my own sauce. I buy some bread and some red wine. I get back to his house and relax for a bit, looking at pictures around his house. He told me that he would be back at about 4 or 5.

So about at 3:30, I start cooking some spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce. I also make some garlic bread to go with it and a salad. Roberto comes home and is surprised that I have done all this. He opens the wine and pours us both a glass. I put everything on the table. I serve it up as we talk about the rest of his day. All I can do is just watch him eat. I can't take my eyes off of him.

He takes his fork and he starts to feed me his spaghetti. I can feel electricity between the two of us. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the couch then I am lying in his lap. I have both my arms around his neck, kissing him there. My mouth finds his and we are so lost in each other. His hand goes under my blouse and he starts to rub my breasts. I can't let go of him at all.

I just want to stay like this for some time. We go to bed that night, just holding each other all night. The next few days he works part time so we get to spend time together. But each night, we go to bed, we have passionate sex and enjoy each other. I can't believe that the week is going so fast. I knew it would though.

It is now the last day I am with Roberto and I try not to think about it. We wake up and he tells me he is with me all day and that he is going to pamper me. Roberto is taking me to this beautiful place for dinner. I tell him then I have to go buy a nice dress to wear. I didn't bring one. So we get dressed and leave for town. I find this one store and Roberto helps me with the language. He tells the lady that I need a dress to go out to dinner.

She brings me a few to go try on. There is a red one and a black one I really like but they are both kind of revealing to me. I try the red one on but I don't want to show Roberto, I want to surprise him with which one I pick. I like the black one, so I go to buy it but she tells me that my boyfriend has already bought it for me! 

As we walk back to the house, I look at him and thank him for the dress. Something I will cherish always. We go get ready for dinner at this restaurant he is taking me to. I go and take a shower and I hope that he might come and join me. I hop in and as I am washing, I feel two hands grabbing my wash cloth. Roberto is joining me in the shower.

Again our bodies are like one. My breasts are tight against his chest. I take my arms and wrap them around him so tightly. His mouth finds mine and again it's the most passionate kiss ever. Rubbing his cock and it is getting so hard and thick. Pinning me against the wall, he slides it into me and I can’t help it I cum so fast. I also feel these hot juices in me and he has cum and it is running down me.

He thrusts even harder and I cum again. We finish our shower and we both get dressed for dinner. He is in the living room waiting for me and I come walking out and I can't take my eyes off of him. He is dressed to the nines in a tux. He takes me by the hand and twirls me around to get a full view. I am hiding the revealing neckline and he takes my hand away.

I am not used to that much showing. He rubs my cheek and we head out the door. We get there and it's a quaint little place. We walk in and much to my surprise there is only one table set for two with candles and flowers. We have the whole place to ourselves. I also find out he has already ordered everything.

He ordered a whole meal, starting out with an order of calamari. Then a salad and another surprise he ordered me a pizza. He knows I love it. Then this man comes up and starts playing music for us. Roberto stands up and takes my hand and asks me to dance. We are dancing and he is holding me so tight. After a couple of slow dances we sit back down.

He says I have something for you. I feel like he has done enough already. He gives me this little box. It is a ring and it has his name engraved on it. He says it's a friendship ring and that he wants me to have it if I choose to. I am really surprised and start to giggle because I take a little box out of my purse. I give it to him and he opens it and it's the same kind of ring he gave me. I had my name engraved on it also.

I put his on and he puts mine on. We just sit there staring at each other and talking until we get up to leave. We go back home and we just get comfortable and he is holding me again while we sit and just chat. We are also kissing each other so passionately. We go to bed and we are both naked and just fall asleep holding each other.

I wake up the next morning and I take a shower and get my things all together. I am watching Roberto as he sleeps. This has been the most wonderful week I have ever had. I wish I could have met him a long time ago. I am not good at goodbyes. I have tears starting already. My hand is rubbing the side of his cheek.

He wakes up and I am sitting at his side on the bed. I just have a robe on. He unties it and he makes such passionate love with me. We both hop in the shower and have our fun in there. He has me giggling now. We both get out and we dry each other off and we both get dressed. He takes my suit case and puts in the car and we head to the airport.

He is holding my hand all the way there. I feel tears welling up in my eyes and I'm trying to hold them back. We get there I get all my documents out and ready to go. He is waiting with me as my plane gets called for boarding. I don't want to get up. He pulls me up to him and he kisses me again. I don't want this to end.

I have tears rolling down my face. He wipes them away. He makes me smile and we both say goodbye to each other and he kisses me again and again. I walk away and I look back one more time and he is wiping his eyes too. I smile and blow him a kiss. I go to sit down in my seat and the stewardess asks if my name is Linda and I say yes.

She gives me this box and says Roberto asked me to give you this. It's a beautiful glass angel and both of our names are engraved on it and the year. I start to cry with joy this time. Yes I will miss him but I know we will keep in touch. I get back home and the next day I get on my computer and find him on.

I thank him so much for the gift and the good time I had. I tell him I am glad I came out to visit him. We talk for about an hour. When I go to log off I tell him that I hope he had a wonderful birthday, because I had the best time I have ever had in my life. Before I log off he asks when my birthday and I ask why. He tells me we will celebrate it together. I tell him it is a date.

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Posted 06 Dec 2013 16:57
A beautiful romantic story. What a nice surprise visit.
Posted 31 Jan 2013 07:07
WOW!! A shame my birthday is in September
Posted 23 Oct 2012 11:44
sweet love story
Posted 14 Jul 2012 05:20
Less of erotica and more of a pleasent trip. 5

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