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Jonas (Excerpt)

Rae finds herself falling for a complete stranger.
I was in Paris that weekend. Having spent the entire morning picking out some new perfume in Guerlain, I turned out of the shop only to be knocked sideways by someone hurrying past. The shopping bag slipped out of my arms and I heard the tell-tale sound of glass breaking as the perfume hit the floor.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” The first thing that struck me about the man that stopped was his American accent. He turned back to pick up the bag and survey its contents. “Look, let me pay you for this.” He said, and he dug in his back pocket for his wallet.

“No, it’s okay.” I said automatically as I took the bag from him. My eyes followed the outstretched hand up a muscular arm to a tall guy with dark hair. “It was just an accident.”

“No, honestly,” He looked genuinely apologetic as he offered a fistful of cash to me. “I feel really bad.”

“Don’t.” I said, unable to stop myself noticing how attractively masculine he seemed on that sunny Saturday afternoon. “It doesn’t matter.”

“At least let me buy you a drink.” He said and without much further persuasion, I accepted.

We went to Charlie Birdy, a kick-back, brick-walled pub just off the Champs Elysees. It was inviting and modern, and we sat at the bar, sharing our first drink together. We hit it off straight away. I learned that Jonas was thirty nine years old, originally from New York and was, as he put it, ‘a modern-day bachelor’.

“So, how about you?” He asked, when we were well into our third round of drinks. “Good-looking girl like you… don’t tell me you’re in France alone?”

I shrugged nonchalantly, secretly pleased by his backhanded compliment. “There’s a job interview I’m going to and… well… I thought it’d be nice to get some time out for a couple of days.”

“Time out?” He raised a dark brow but fortunately didn’t press for details. “I guess Paris is as good a place as any for some of that.” He took a gulp of his drink. “Good bars, impressive views and an awesome nightlife… is that what you came for?”

“Hmm… yeah.” I shrugged agreeably. “Though I’m not so sure about the nightlife part. I usually just, kinda, sleep at night.”

“Really?” His eyes met mine in surprise. “You don’t go out? Queen, ECC, Le Rex Club, you haven’t been?”

I shrugged. “No. I don’t know anyone here and going out alone is kind of… well, crap to be honest.”

“Go with me.” He said as if on an impulse. “Seriously, you cannot leave Paris without having been clubbing.” He checked his watch. “Tell you what, tonight, I’ll take you out.” He pulled out his wallet to pay the bartender. “We’ll have a great time.”

I laughed nervously. “Are you really that sure of yourself? How do you even know if I’m into you?”

He smiled with an admirable abundance of self-confidence. “I didn’t ask you out like a romantic thing. I’m a bachelor, remember?” He shrugged. “Think of me as a personal tour-guide. All I want to do is show you how to have a good time.” He held his hands up. “But hey, only if you’re up for it. It’s your call.”

I hesitated, toying with the stem of my glass. It was an inviting proposal and Jonas did seem like a pretty laid-back guy. Add that to the fact that I was insanely attracted to him and my answer was obvious.

“I’d love to.”


After the initial head-rush I got from spending the afternoon with Jonas, everything seemed to fall into place with ease. I headed back to my hotel. Taking a long look at my flushed face in the bathroom mirror, I realised that I looked like an overly excited schoolgirl. That had to be fixed.

I turned up the radio and set to work. I washed my hair, even though it’d already been done the previous day and took a long cool shower. By the time I’d finished, my skin was silky smooth and I felt much more confident in it. It was only six pm by this time and I’d arranged to meet up with Jonas at half past eleven. I killed time brushing out my long brown hair and putting it up in a dozen different styles before deciding to leave it loose. Spending extra time on my makeup, I kept the look natural with minimal mascara and eyeliner.

As usual, I’d packed more clothes than I would wear in a month and took my time mixing and matching different outfits. Eventually, I settled on an almost indecently short but high-necked white dress which made the most of my long legs and diverted attention away from my less than impressive cleavage. Finishing the look with four inch white heels and a chunky silver necklace, I pinned my hair back off my face with a few slides and examined myself in the full-length bathroom mirror.

Before my ever-present insecurities had a chance to swamp me, I picked up the phone and called for a taxi. By the time I climbed into the back seat, the butterflies in my stomach were threatening to make me vomit before I even had a chance to impress Jonas. I tipped my head back and took a deep breath. Unless I got over these stupid nerves, I was going to make an utter fool of myself.


The taxi pulled up outside the exclusive ShowCase club at exactly thirty two minutes past eleven. I took my time paying the fare, hoping that I hadn’t arrived before Jonas. That would have made me look insanely desperate. The club was gigantic, hidden away beneath a bridge alongside the river Seine. Unlike the neighbouring clubs however, it had the space for what looked like more than a thousand revellers.

My eyes scanned the front of the building for Jonas, trying to pick him out amongst the guys and girls, all of whom were dressed impeccably. The door policy didn’t seem too stringent but everyone seemed to have their best outfits on. In front of the mirror I’d looked good, but now I felt like one in a crowd of many, no more remarkable than the next pretty girl.

“Hi there.” I jumped as I heard Jonas’ greeting in my ear, and felt his arm draping casually across my shoulders as he moved to stand next to me. “You look great.”

“Thanks.” I replied automatically. “You too.” And I meant it. He was wearing dark jeans over a black leather jacket and white t-shirt.

He grinned at me and I felt my heart melt a little more. “Shall we go in then?”

I smiled. “Lead the way.”

It took a while for us to get in but once we were inside it was worth the wait. The music was deafening and the atmosphere was electric.

The dance floor began to fill up and I felt Jonas push closer to me until I could feel him pressed up behind me. His hands dropped to my hips and I felt my heart thump faster in my chest, revelling in the feel of his proximity. We danced like that a while, my back to his front, me loving the feel of his body against the length of mine. The song changed and he spun me around to face him, though we were pressed so close I could only see his chest.

His lips brushed my fore head and I felt a shiver of delight run through me. Maybe he did want me. I tipped my head back to look at him properly but before I could meet his eyes, he’d dropped his head and was kissing me fiercely, his hands pulling my body closer to his. His hands were on my back and I could feel them going lower and lower. Normally I would have pushed them back up again but in that moment I was lost. I let him do whatever he wanted.

His hands moved down over the curve of my ass and he squeezed it, pulling me closer to him. His lips brushed wetly across my cheek to my ear and he said something but I couldn’t hear him, I could only feel his warm breath. He said it again, more loudly this time and I caught only two words; ‘hotel room’.

I took his hand and we pushed our way through the crowd of clubbers and out of the building. Ten minutes and a taxi ride later we were in a hotel elevator, making out like we were teenagers. The elevator pinged to a halt and Jonas grabbed my hand, pulling me down the corridor to his room. Once in, it was hard to keep control.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this.” Jonas said, his fingers digging into my ass as we kissed feverishly. “We should stop.”

“Don’t say that.” I moaned. “You’ve got my hopes up now.”

He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. For the first time he looked unsure of himself. “Seriously Rae, you don’t need me. I’m a bad guy.”

“I love bad guys.” I whispered in his ear, not letting him pull away in case he never came back. “Well, only really hot bad guys.”

“You think I’m hot?” He asked, and he gave a half-laugh, half-groan. “I’m almost twice your age, Rae. You could be with someone so much better right now.”

“But I don’t want to be.” I pushed his jacket off over his shoulders, running my hands up and down his muscular arms. “You’re the only person I can think of right now. And now you’re getting all uncertain and it’s scaring me.”

“Why’s it scaring you?” Jonas mumbled into my hair.

“Because I really, really want to have sex with you.” I whispered boldly, not caring what he thought of me in that moment. “There’s just something about you. Something so… alluring.”

“You feel that?” He gave a lopsided grin and my heart melted a little more even as it thudded inside my chest.

“I do.”

He kissed me without any encouragement. “I feel it too.” And that was when I knew I had him back.

I unbuttoned his jeans hurriedly, my fingers scrabbling with the fly on them until they came loose and I could push them down. He stepped back a minute, kicking them off with his shoes, and then he pulled his t-shirt off. His body was perfect, with broad shoulders and just the right amount of muscle. He walked backwards to sit on the edge of the bed, still wearing his boxers.

“Take your clothes off.”

I blanched. “You do it.”

“I want to watch.” He said, and his eyes were intent as they gazed at me.

I stepped out of my heels, suddenly feeling much smaller and more vulnerable.

“Don’t be shy,” Jonas whispered. “You’re beautiful.”

I wished I could believe him. I reached up to undo the single button behind my neck and tugged the dress down over my ass and let it drop to the floor. I stood there in a stranger’s hotel room, wearing nothing but my black panties. Jonas didn’t move. He just sat there, his eyes moving up and down across my body, appraising me. I pushed my panties down past my hips and let them fall to the floor, leaving me completely naked.

Jonas let out a breath as I stepped out from them and then he stood up, walking around me before stopping in front of me. “I’m going to enjoy you.” He murmured, and his finger tilted my chin up so he could look into my eyes. “You’re perfect.”

And then he was kissing me again, his hands holding tight to my waist as he spun me around, pushing me face down onto the bed. I felt his weight on me, holding me in place and I knew it was going to happen. There was no way out. It was just me and him, two strangers, naked together. His mouth moved over my neck, and he pulled one of my legs up so he could feel between them, testing how wet I was. His finger slid inside me, slowly moving in and out, as though teasing me about what was to come.

“Jonas…” I gasped out his name, my voice full of need. “Please…”

His finger stopped moving. “Please what?”

“You know what.”

“I want to hear you say it,” he murmured, and he kissed my shoulder gently. “Tell me what you want Rae.”

“You. Inside me.”

He laughed softly and shifted a little behind me. I felt him shuffle out of his boxers and then he was scooping my hair into one hand and holding me in place as he sank his hard cock into me.

“Oh…” I whimpered as he stretched me, his breathing disjointed in my ear.

“You are one sexy girl, Rae.” He whispered. “I want to fuck you, so, so hard. What do you say?”

I breathed in deeply. “Do it.”

He began moving, sliding out of me before slamming in deep again, making me cry out. It hurt a little, but more than that, I felt the pleasure seeping through my body. Jonas pulled me up off the bed, so I was practically sitting on him and his hands found my small breasts, cupping them and pulling at the nipples. His teeth tugged at my earlobe. “The things I want to do to you.” He growled softly and he flexed his hips to fill me again. His hand moved from my breast to my throat, his fingers spreading across it, holding me tightly against him. His other hand dropped to my waist and he started moving faster again, pushing deep inside me over and over again until I could do nothing but moan.

“I want to hear you louder,” Jonas gasped and all of a sudden he’d flipped me onto my knees and pulled my hips up to meet his. He sank into me and started going much faster, much harder than I could have expected. I cried out loud as he slammed against my cervix and he did it again and again and again until my mind was a whirl of sensation. He didn’t stop though or slow down, not for a second. He went rougher and quicker, pushing me higher, forcing me to chase the release until I felt on the edge of a precipice, one step from losing myself entirely. One more thrust from Jonas and I came, so hard and so fast, my body shuddering beneath his. I felt like I’d lost all control but it felt so utterly delicious that I just basked in the sensation, allowing the pleasure to ripple through my body.

“Fuck…” Jonas groaned as I clenched around him and I felt him come inside me, filling me with his spunk. We collapsed down onto the bed and he slid out of me gently, rolling onto his side. I wanted to say something but I was too tired. My eyes closed and I fell asleep.

Some time later, I opened my eyes and he was wide awake, leaning on his elbow as he watched me.

I stretched my aching legs. “What time is it?”

“Time for round two.” He murmured and before I could respond, his mouth was covering mine, his legs pushing mine apart as he held my hands tightly in his. “I want to see your face this time.” He whispered and he thrust into me hard, his eyes drinking in my reaction.

“I want you to know,” he whispered, “That I’ve been here. When you walk tomorrow… I want you to remember me.”

“Oh god…” I felt my body surrender to his and I was lost again, receptive to his every touch and word.

He made me feel so good that I gave myself up to him willingly, time after time that night. Every time I opened my eyes he seemed ready, his hands digging into my flesh and his smile seducing me. For an older guy, he had an abundance of energy and I soaked it up, every last drop, letting him explore my body and find my most sensitive zones as we immersed ourselves in each other again and again.

The next morning I woke up, feeling sore in the best way possible. My eyes took a moment to adjust to the early light of dawn streaming in through the open curtains. It took me a moment to realise that I was alone in the bed. Propping myself up on an elbow, I brushed my hair out of my eyes, trying to quell the surge of panic in my stomach. He couldn’t have left… could he? I pushed the sheets away from my naked body and stepped out of the bed.

The clothes we’d left in a trail to the bed had been picked up and thrown over the back of a chair. His leather jacket was still there and his watch was on the bedside table. I cautiously pushed open the door to the en-suite. It was empty but the warm humidity and smell of soap told me he must have been in recently.

“You’re up.” The unexpected voice came from behind me and I jumped, startled.

I turned to face him, realising a little too late that I was still naked. Despite all we’d done, I still felt uncomfortably exposed. Jonas was dressed in jogging pants and a t-shirt and he was holding a cardboard cup of coffee in each hand.

“I didn’t know what you’d like, so I got you a latte.” He set the cups down on the dressing table and dug in his pocket, pulling out a couple of little packets of sugar and milk, and even a plastic stirrer.

“Wow.” I was impressed. “You thought of everything.”

“After last night, I thought I should put in a little effort.” He said with a smile and his eyes ran across my naked body with barely-concealed appreciation. He noticed my discomfort and he picked up a carrier bag by his feet.

“I brought you some clothes.” He held it out to me.

“I should probably wash.” I muttered and I took the bag and ducked into the en-suite.

I stood under the cooling stream of water, letting it soothe my body as I let my mind consider the implications. Was that a one night stand or not? If he brings coffee, does he want me to stay? I wondered whether he was just being polite. After all, it wasn’t as if we were likely to start a relationship from one chance encounter in a foreign country. Still, I couldn’t help myself reliving the memories of last night. His dark eyes, his skilful hands, his hard mouth… I wanted to feel him on me again and again.

I shut off the water and dried hurriedly with the soft white towel before inspecting the contents of the carrier bag. I discovered black jeans, a white tank top, a jacket and underwear. I slipped into everything but the jacket and walked back into the main room. Jonas was on the phone. I added milk to the remaining coffee cup and took a sip. It was delicious.

A few moments later Jonas ended his call.

“You didn’t have to buy clothes for me.” I said. “I already have too many.”

“Not very many in this room though.” He said. “Unless you want to wear last night’s again.”

I frowned at him. “Well… thank you.”

He smiled. “You’re very welcome. How do you like the coffee?”

“It’s perfect.” I picked my clothes out from last night’s pile and dropped them into the carrier bag. Jonas picked up his watch and fastened it around his wrist, watching me with a smile.

“Should I go?”

“Go?” He couldn’t hide his surprise. “You want to leave?”

“Only if you want me to.” I said nervously.

He shook his head. “After last night? You think I’d want you to go?”

I shrugged awkwardly.

“No. Stay.” He said and he took the bag off me. “I want to know you better Rae.”

“You do?”

“Only if you want me to.” He gave my words back to me and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay. I’ll stay.”

“Good.” He sat on the windowsill, leaning forward. “So tell me about yourself.”

“What, now?”

“Uh-huh. No time like the present.”

I shrugged. “Can we do this later? I’m kinda hungry, what with all last night’s… exertions.” I grinned sheepishly at him and he smiled.

“Sure. I should have known.” He put on his jacket. “Let’s go eat.”


We spent that entire day together, and for the first time in my life I felt at ease. Jonas took me to lunch at a tiny neighbourhood bistro and then we took a cruise down the Seine on a Batobus, taking photos at all the eight stops.

“I can’t believe you’ve never done this before.” Jonas laughed at my star-struck face as we disembarked at the Eiffel Tower.

“I never knew it was this good!” I was in über-happy mode, unable to wipe the enormous smile from my face. It was only when I saw the monumental queues at the Eiffel’s ticket office that my joy diminished a little. “We’re never going to get to go up.”

“Sure we will.” Jonas grabbed my hand. “We’ll take the stairs.” He led me around to the ticket queue for the stairs which was considerably shorter and a minute later we were at the south pillar of the tower, faced with the seemingly impossible task of going up on foot.

“How many stairs are there?” I asked nervously. I was wearing last night’s heels and my feet already ached a little from so much sightseeing.

“Three hundred and sixty.” Jonas pulled me along and we started the climb. “To the first floor that is.”

I gaped at him. “There’s more than one floor?”

He grinned at me with an air of disbelief at my lack of knowledge. “Yes. There’re three. It’s another three sixty steps to the second floor.”

My heart sank a little. “And the third?”

“No steps. You have to climb up the tower itself.”

I stopped for breath and stared at him. “You’re kidding.”

He laughed. “No, there’s an elevator to the top but the second floor is best really.” He tugged on my hand urging me to hurry up as he ran up the stairs with admirable ease.

By the time we’d reached the first floor I was winded. The views were less impressive than I’d expected but Jonas assured me that they got better higher up. We took a couple of minutes to decide we didn’t really care to hang around any longer and then Jonas was rushing me along to start the climb to the second floor.

“I can’t keep up!” I dragged on his hand. “Why are you in such a rush?”

“It’s best at sunset.” He explained, checking his watch. “You get to see the views at day, and then the whole city all lit up at night.” He grinned at me. “You really shouldn’t have worn those shoes. Do you want me to carry you?”

“I’m not a child!” I protested but he bent down regardless, wrapped his arm around my thighs and all of a sudden I was over his shoulder. “Oh my god,” I gasped. “This is so fucking embarrassing.”

Jonas laughed, taking the stairs two at a time. “I really like your shoes,” he said absentmindedly.

“I knew you were too good to be true. I’ve hooked up with a fucking cross-dresser.” I said sarcastically, hoping no one could see us. “Feel free to borrow them any time.”

He laughed. “They’re not my size, but thanks anyway. No, I’d rather have you wear them. While I’m fucking you.”

My stomach clenched deliciously at the thought. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

He laughed. “Oh I fully intend to keep it. Maybe tonight, when we get back to the hotel.”

My insides did a backflip. “Yes please.”

“Then it’s a date.” Jonas said and I heard the smile in his voice. “Now stop distracting me or we’re gonna miss out on the views.”

“Views, views, views.” I mumbled. “I bet you’re exaggerating anyway.”

“I’m not.” He insisted. “You’ll see.”

He was right; I did see. When we reached the top of the stairs, he set me down gently onto the floor and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we took in the beauty of the city below. It was amazing. I gazed out at the buildings and lights and couldn’t help myself wondering if I was falling in love, not only with Paris, but also with Jonas. He smiled down at me, loving my awestruck expression.

“You look beautiful,” he said unexpectedly.

I blushed. “So do you.”

He bent down and kissed me, right there in front of all the other tourists but I was too euphoric to feel embarrassed. I kissed him back hard, letting my body press against his and my hands link around the back of his neck.

“I can’t wait to get you back to the hotel,” he whispered when we finally broke apart. “I want to go slow this time. Take my time with you. Get to know you.”

I swallowed, the heat from his gaze warming every inch of my body. “When you put it like that...” I paused the sentence with a kiss, pressing my lips to his and delighting in the feel of his desire. “I can’t wait.”

Note: This is an excerpt from a novella I’m currently working on. It is very much work-in-progress so any feedback would be really appreciated.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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can't wait for the other parts!

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I loved this story, great work!
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this is soooo wonderful!
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Simply amazing. 5++++

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