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Learning More About The Neighbors - Part 1

A drink with the neighbors turns into something unexpected ... a night to remember!
My wife and I are in our 50s and have been married for about 25 years. We are ordinary people. I work at a bank, while Rosie gave up her career in retailing to raise our two sons.

We have always been faithful to each other and I would describe our sex life as 'average'. I always thought that Rosie was a bit too conservative about sex and was afraid to experiment. However, as I loved her so much, I was happy to give up some cheap thrills for the benefits of a loving, committed relationship.

It also didn't hurt that I thought Rosie looked pretty hot, even 25 years later. She was petite but very curvy. While she never dressed provocatively, she knew from her career in retailing exactly how to show off her best attributes: her ample breasts and a lovely rounded ass. Even though she was 53, she still opted for tops that best displayed her bustline, usually worn with tight trousers or skirts.

About three years ago, John and Anna moved into the house next door. They were in their mid-30s and seemed very nice. We often chatted with them across the stone wall that separated our back gardens and they came over for dinner occasionally. But we did not have a lot in common. John and Anna were about 20 years younger than we were and they did not have children. They seemed to throw a lot of parties, while Rosie and I are generally pretty quiet socially. Still, we enjoyed talking to them and I in particular enjoyed watching Anna tend to her garden during the summer wearing short shorts and a bikini top. She was very good looking and had a great figure. For her part, my wife often commented about John's good looks.

So, I was a bit surprised - and rather pleased - when John and Anna invited Rosie and me over for a holiday drink the week before Christmas. Rosie said she was pleased but seemed a bit nervous.

That evening, I arrived home from the office and quickly changed from my suit into jeans and a casual shirt. Rosie unusually fretted about what to wear and eventually chose a tight sweater over a pair of black leggings and boots. We grabbed a bottle of Prosecco and walked over to the neighbors' house.

We sat by the Christmas tree drinking fizzy wine, nibbling hors d'oeuvres, and chatting about nothing in particular. Rosie was sitting next to John on a sofa, while Anna and I were both sitting in comfortable armchairs. At one point, I had asked how John how he and Anna had met.

John replied, "We met in a theatrical production when at university," but quickly changed the subject.

As the evening continued, we were all getting pretty drunk. We knew from watching some of their summer parties from across the wall that John and Anna liked to drink. When Anna reached a certain stage of inebriation, she developed this remarkable laugh, almost a cackle. Even though I did not know her well, I knew that Anna was getting pretty plastered that evening as she laughed more and more.

That still did not stop John from uncorking yet another bottle of wine. The conversation turned to Christmas. John asked us what gifts we were giving to our two teenage boys, but before I could answer, Anna interrupted.

"Would you like to see what I am getting John for Christmas?" she asked us, slurring her words a bit.

We said sure, although I asked whether she really wanted to ruin the surprise. Anna just winked at me, got up and rather unsteadily walked towards their bedroom.

John, Rosie and I continued to chat. About ten minutes later, Anna reappeared, but her outfit had changed considerably. Instead of a blouse and trousers, she was now wearing a nearly transparent white t-shirt that indecently hugged her upper body, along with a plaid skirt that barely covered her shapely rear. The outfit was completed with a pair of red high heels.

She twirled around rather unsteadily, causing the skirt to rise up a bit, revealing that she was probably not wearing anything underneath. However, despite that delightful view, my eyes were bolted to Anna's chest. The sheer material of her tight t-shirt clearly displayed Anna's firm breasts and nipples, which were highly aroused and were at least an inch long. I had never seen nipples that huge.

I did not know what to do or say. I immediately worried what Rosie was thinking as she was pretty conservative about sex. Even though she was pretty drunk, I was concerned that she would run for the door at the sight of Anna's provocative outfit.

However, I broke the silence by saying, "That's some Christmas gift, Anna. But, shouldn't you have waited for Christmas?"

Anna, who appeared much more drunk than I had originally thought, let out with another of her distinctive laughs and replied, "This is not his Christmas present. He'll get his present in a minute!"

With that, Anna knelt in front of John and bent over in her tiny skirt, giving me a full view of her beautiful ass and a clear glimpse of her shaved pussy. She unzipped John's trousers and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. While it was still pretty soft, it was rapidly stiffening. Anna began to suck greedily at his dick, which continued to grow in length. It soon grew to at least nine inches, although it still was not completely hard. John reclined, looking at the ceiling nonchalantly and seemingly enjoying every minute of his wife's special 'gift'.

I looked over to Rosie, next to John, and she was mesmerized, staring at John's cock and breathing heavily. I was sure that she had never seen a monster cock like John's. Now, a nearly foot-long penis was standing proudly just a few inches from where she was sitting.

As I was rather drunk and aroused, all I could say was "Wow! That's one helluva Christmas present."

Anna stopped slurping, turned to me and said, "No, silly. This isn't John's present; this is."

With that, Anna reached to Rosie's hand and placed it around John's shaft. Rosie is small-featured, and her hand barely fit around his penis. Without any encouragement, Rosie started to stroke John's huge cock, first tentatively and increasingly with gusto.

I could not believe it. In a matter of moments I had gone from having a jolly Christmas drink with the neighbours to watching my wife jack off the biggest cock I had ever seen with a semi-naked woman urging her on and occasionally licking the huge cockhead. Now I did not know what to do: should I grab Rosie and run away? Do I shout at John?

So, I did nothing but watch.

After a minute or so, John reached over to Rosie and began rubbing her substantial tits. Rosie sighed deeply, and then she pushed him away, but only so that she could lean over and begin licking the head of his cock herself.

Rosie slowly tried to swallow some of John's huge dong, I could tell that she wasn't going to make it very far. Rosie was never that interested in sucking my cock and therefore not very skilled at it. I usually had to beg her to go down on me and when she did, she never put more than the head in her mouth. Now, she was faced with a real challenge but it was clear that she was not going to give up easily.

Anna remained on her knees, watching the older woman attempt to suck her husband. Anna quickly observed that Rosie would never be able to fit much of John's cock in her mouth. So, Anna said softly to Rosie:

"It takes a long time to learn how to suck that kind of a cock. Why don't you just fuck it instead? That's what John wanted for Christmas … he wanted to fuck you! And now you are going to give him his present early."

Rosie sat upright, looked Anna in the eyes and said: "Yeah, I see what you mean. I really want that, too." She then paused, looked at what must have been a confused look on my face, and said: "Anna, would you mind doing something for my poor husband?"

"Not a problem," Anna replied, and she crawled over to me, unzipped my trousers and removed my hard-as-nails cock.

Rosie had told me many times that my cock was pretty big compared with most guys', but I don't think mine was even half the size of John's. So, when Anna began to suck, she simply engulfed my whole member all at once, something I had never experienced. It was an amazing sensation, and I had to do everything I could to stop cumming immediately.

I had never been so aroused. Anna, sensing my problem, slowed down and began to nibble gently along my shaft and down to my balls. She quickly pulled down my trousers for better access. All the while, I was watching my wife strip off her top, her boots, her leggings and finally her underwear. She was now totally nude and slowly climbed on John's huge cock and after many seconds, she started to slowly take it into her pussy, a little bit at a time.

Anna stopped what she was doing and turned around. Slowly stroking my dick, she said:

"I love to see John's cock fill a woman's cunt. It's amazing to see it stretch a pussy for the first time, and I love it when the woman finally takes in all that meat. It's the most erotic sight in the world. Don't you agree?"

I could only mumble yes.

By now, about half of John's cock was inside of my wife's cunt, with an obscene amount still left to go. Rosie began to moan as she shifted her body to accommodate more of John. I truly thought that John would split her open, but Rosie appeared to be loving every moment ... and every inch.

As Rosie began to move up and down on John, fucking as much of his cock as she could, Anna got up and pulled her t-shirt over her head, giving me a full view of her perfectly formed breasts and the longest nipples I have ever seen.

"I know you want to suck them," she hissed, "and I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want to fuck you while your slutty wife is fucking my husband. I want to feel your cum splash inside my cunt."

Anna pulled up her miniscule skirt and, facing me, lowered herself on top of my cock so she was fucking me the same way as my wife was fucking her husband. I was surprised how tight Anna was, considering how stretched her pussy must be from fucking John's monster for all these years. She stuck her right breast in front of my mouth, and I began to suck her nipple like an infant as she started to move up and down.

Unfortunately, being an old geezer, I lasted all of about 30 seconds.

"That's OK, Lover," she said gently as I started muttering apologies for my failings. "I told you I wanted to feel you cum in my cunt. There's nothing better than hot cum in my pussy. We can rest for a moment, and then you can fuck me again, for as long as you want."

Anna slowly removed the rest of my clothes and snuggled beside me in the armchair. Together, we watched my formerly prudish wife continue to fuck John and finally begin to orgasm, even though at least four inches of John's dick was still waiting to enter her slit. As she started to cum, I never heard my wife so vocal.

"Oh shit, oh fuck! I am cumming so hard. Jesus, I have never cum like this. Oh my God! It's so fucking good."

For his part, John was fucking my wife in what could best be described as a professional manner. He knew exactly what he was doing to prolong her pleasure. He would thrust up to maximize Rosie's orgasms, but made sure that he did not hurt her with his huge penis. Her orgasms seemed to go on for several minutes as he continued to fuck her gently. Then, John finally shut his eyes, clenched his teeth and apparently shot a huge load into her pussy.

I was still rock hard, so after a moment Anna got up, lightly pulled me by the cock and led me into the bedroom, with Rosie and John soon following. Still wearing the skirt that barely covered her ass, Anna knelt on the bed and said simply, "Doggie. Fuck me as hard as you can!"

So I did. Standing alongside the bed, I fucked Anna with slow, long strokes, gradually building speed and power until I was ramming all I had as hard as I could into her depths. Alongside her on the bed, my wife lay on her back as John slowly licked her cunt, even though it was already full of his cum. Rosie was so aroused, it only took about two minutes before she began her second set of orgasms and her pleasure seemed to light Anna's fuse. Anna's surprisingly tight cunt began to spasm around my cock, and she thrust her ass back suddenly so that the head of my cock rammed into her cervix.

After her orgasm subsided, Anna looked back over her shoulder. "That was fantastic. I love fucking new cocks, and yours is really nice. It's so good to know that I can have all of a cock inside me without it hurting. Now give me more pleasure. Pull out for a second."

I did as I was told, and Anna turned around and started sucking my cock again. After having fucked her for at least 10 minutes, I was nearly ready to shoot my load again and, when I began to cum, Anna pulled away. My first shot hit her open mouth, but she let the remaining spurts spray all over her face. As I began to calm down, she smiled at me and began rub my cum into her skin with her fingers. She scooped up a load and licked some of the juice. She then stuck her finger in my mouth, so I could taste my own jism.

"Yeah, eat your own cum," she panted, as she began to finger her clit with her other hand. "Now you're a cumslut just like me. We can be partners forever, now that we are sharing your cum." Anna then started to French kissing me passionately, swapping more of the cum still in her mouth with me.

Meanwhile, John had begun fucking my wife again. For the second time in less than an hour, I was watching a man with a huge cock fuck Rosie. As John was on top this time, it was hard to see how much of the monster was stuffed inside of her, but I think he had gone much deeper than during their first tryst.

Anna toyed with my now-flaccid penis while kissing me gently as together we watched my wife begin to cum again, this time shouting jibberish as she again lost control. John finally dumped another load into her super-stretched pussy before climbing off and holding her gently.

Between the vast amount of wine consumed and the unexpected sexual activity, both Rosie and I were exhausted. After a respite, we pulled on our clothes, said good-bye and thank-you to our neighbors, and staggered next door. I checked on the boys and, by the time I got to the bedroom, Rosie was already fast asleep - but with a smile on her face.

To Be Continued
Learning More About The Neighbors - Part 2

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