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Mason's Love

Reese recently learns her father is a criminal and is distraught. She is love with her best friend.
“We've got a mess on our hands don't we Reesie?” he said suddenly. He pulled me close to him and held me tightly. I felt warm and safe. Something I don't think I'd felt in a long time. He sighed and we waited for the elevator door to open. When it did he let me go and started to fumble in his pockets for his house keys. I followed him down the hall and into his apartment.

I took in the familiar sight of the dirty, expensively furnished apartment. Mason's parents gave him an apartment when he turned 18 last year. He has a full scholarship to college and so his parents will pay his rent for the first two years. Of course he has a job with his dad and gets paid a lot more than a 19 year old boy should.

He appeared from the hallway across the room with a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I hadn't noticed he was gone. I was too lost in my thoughts from the day. Thoughts so jumbled I really didn't know what my feelings were about it. He threw the clothes at me and I caught them.

“Go change sweetie. I'll grab your clothes out of the bathroom and wash them for you,” he said sweetly. I nodded and passed him on my way down the hall. I found the bathroom in the same familiar place, third door on the left. I opened it and stepped inside, turning the light on.

I closed the door and struggled to get my wet clothes off. They stuck to me and hurt as they came off. I looked at myself through the ornate mirror above the sink and took in how horrible I looked. My skin was covered with a thin layer of grime. My naked form, curvy, thin, and all was making me feel sick. I decided to take a shower knowing Mason wouldn't mind. I jumped in and took a quick one, letting the soap soothe my stressed frame.

I started to get onto the floor when I noticed there was no carpet where there should have been. It was too late though, I slipped on the wet tile and landed in the tub, yelling as I went down. I hit my shoulder on the shelf on the shower wall and knew I was going to bruise. I heard thumping in the hall and Mason's voice.

“Reese! Are you alright!?”

I tried to get up but only fell again. He opened the door a crack and asked if I needed help. I stuttered and felt my throat start to close again and my breathing became shallow. Everything kept going wrong. I thought this task would be easy at least. I was already shaken by what happened, this just made me want to cry.

He evidently heard me because he came in, looking at my face the entire time, not my naked body. He picked me up by the waist and pulled me out and into his arms for what felt like the tenth time today. I clutched the back of his shirt so hard I thought it would rip.

I loved Mason so much it hurt. I've loved him for years but never wanted to jeopardize our friendship. We almost never fought, but when we did it was horrible and crushing. It broke my heart when we fought. I knew that if it hurt that much just to fight then it would most likely kill me to lose him if I told him I loved him and he didn't feel the same.

He helped me get dressed and dry up. It seemed like my being naked didn't phase him. He made me feel like a little kid as he carried me to the living room. The pullout couch was unfolded and made up. He laid me down and kissed my forehead. He turned on my favorite CD, “Recovery” by EMINEM and turned it down really low so that it was only background noise. He climbed into the bed with me and played with my hair as he looked at me.

“So,” he said, “do we want the Vodka now or later?”

I smiled up at him and laughed a little. He always knew how to lighten things up. He laughed too and we lay there smiling at each other for a long time. Slowly, he put his hand up to hold my face and touched his forehead to mine. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply as I looked at him. He leaned his face into me until his lips just brushed mine. When he knew I wouldn't pull away, he kissed me long and deep, wrapping his arms around me as we kissed. After we kissed for a while I started to grab at his shirt for him to take it off. He suddenly went rigid and gently took my hand in his, breaking the heavenly kiss. He looked panicked as I opened my eyes.

“I'm sorry,” he said standing up. “Um...I'll just go get some drinks.”

“No. Don't leave!” I said loudly in an effort to be heard. He spun around fast. Looking at me like I was a blind person who just realized they could see. “I'm sick of people leaving! I'm sick of surprises and it all ending with me being hurt!” 

I kept ranting about nothing and everything and barely noticed him run over until he was top of me and kissing me. I felt warm everywhere as his hands went through my hair and his lips kissed my neck. I put my hands in his think black hair and kissed his cheek waiting till he pulled back up to kiss my lips. I felt his strong but gentle hands as they silently asked for permission up my shirt. I nodded a little and I felt his warm hands touching my chest. My bra had been wet along with my underwear, so the thin fabric of two pairs of shorts were all that was between us. I sat up a little and took my shirt off slowly. He took me in, putting loving hands on me. It felt so good with his hands on me. He lay me down and held my face in his hand and asked,

“Reese, I want to make love to you. Can I?”

I nodded and he slowly pulled his shorts and shirt off revealing all of himself to me. I did the same and as he looked at me he said, “Come here beautiful.”

I fell into his arms, feeling his arousal hard on my leg. I could feel myself getting more excited too. He thrust himself inside and even though it was my first time, it didn't hurt at all. It had nothing to do with his size. He was well endowed, but it didn't hurt at all. All I felt was pleasure and I started to get louder as he made love to me harder and faster.

“Oh, Reese, you're so beautiful baby,” he sighed into my hair.

I told him to kiss me and he met my lips with hot fervor. It all felt amazing. I had never had one, but something told me that my orgasm was imminent. I let it come and I screamed Mason's name and I felt his body shudder over mine. He held me tighter and kissed me deeper as I felt him climax inside of me. It was a sudden rush that sent me into another orgasm. We were sweating by then and he took himself out of me. We were both breathing heavily when he pulled back to look at me.

“I think I've made myself pretty clear on the fact that I love you,” he breathed, smiling only the smile he can. He was amazing and handsome and by the events of the past day and a half, I was pretty sure he did love me and of course that I loved him too.

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