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Never Been Kissed - Chapter Three

A tale of love and romance...
A few minutes later, in silence, my frustration turned into anger. Who did he think he was? The arrogant bastard. I glared at the spot where he had stood. One moment he wanted to kiss me, the next, he tells me to kiss a different boy then, he does the opposite. On the cheek - like a child! What does he want? I must be mad, I thought heatedly, as I paced back and forth. What was I thinking? Well, even if he changes his mind, I shan't kiss him. I won't ever, I swored, before going to bed. Not even if he were the last man, and I, the last woman on Earth. Even if I have to avoid him until the wedding.

This vow didn't last a morning. As I walked out through my door, he stood with crossed arms and feet, leaning against the wall, every inch of his muscular body exuding entitlement, arrogance and good-breeding. We locked gazes, silence between us. I was about to turn and walk away when he shot his arm, grabbing my wrist, gently but firmly.

"Do you ride?" Nicholas asked, lifting a dark brow.

Shooting him a scathing look, I tried to free myself. "Do you mind?"

His mouth twitched, suspiciously like a smile. "Yes. Do you ride?"

"What do you mean, do I ride?" I asked, disdainfully.

He was different today. This annoyed me, inexplicably.

"A horse, my sweet."

Why did he want to know? My eyes narrowed. "Why?"

"Call it curiosity, Ever."

"And you won't let go, until you're satisfied?"

Nicholas smiled. "Maybe."

I scowled. What was wrong with him? He can't give a straight answer. Where would I have learnt that in New York City? Central Park? "No. I do not ride."

"Excellent," he said, releasing my wrist. "Then, you won't have an excuse."

"An excuse?"

He nodded. "Riding lessons."

"Riding lessons?" I asked, hysterically. "With you?"

"That's the idea."

"I am not taking riding lessons, especially not from you."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because--I don't want to...that's why," I sputtered, lamely.

Nicholas chuckled."You're not afraid, are you?"

I flushed. Was I so transparent? "I'm not afraid of horses, if that's what you're getting at."

He shook his head. "No but as you jumped to that conclusion..."

"Well, I'm not. There's just no justifiable reason as to why learning to ride a horse is necessary for someone like me."

"There's no reason," he said, softly, before his eyes penetrated mine. "No reason except as a reason itself."

It dawned on me that I was either going to have to kill him or kiss him - to get any sense or reason. He was utterly incorrigible, beyond redemption.

"For what?" I asked, exasperated. What's the reason for the reason?

"For my presence."

I was silent as I thought about his words before bursting into laughter. "You really are an arrogant, pompous, narcissistic bastard--"

"As much as I enjoy your creative insults, my sweet, I'll have you know that I am not bastard-born. My parents were happily married," he said, dryly. "But please...if it makes you happy, please continue."

I glared at him. "It does--your birth status has no relevance and you know it!"

He smiled, nodding once in his aristocratic way. "Whatever pleases you, Ever, my sweet vixen."


"This isn't the Victorian ages, you know? Stop calling me possessive endearments or farm names. It doesn't endear you to me."

Nicholas chuckled, shaking his head, his eyes sparkling. "Ah, my sweet, sweet Ever."

"Didn't you hear me? Stop that," I said, scowling.

"I would, Ever--but I can't," he confessed, softly, his hand lifting to tuck a stray lock to my ear. "I feel strangely like being possessive and endearing when I'm with you, Ever."

I turned bright red, my cheeks warming. I stayed silent.

He continue, his hand dropping to tuck into the pocket of his trousers. "I am infatuated with you--everything you do fascinates me. You're like an enigma, a problem. I wish to solve you."

I breathed, swallowing silently. I felt flattered and a little indignant. "I'm not some problem you need to solve, Nicholas," I said softly, my words gentle as if I were speaking to an animal that might run away if I spoke harshly.

"I quite like you," he stated, simply and honestly.

I smile, my mouth curving. He and his brother were the same, both afraid to express their feelings. "Then just tell me."

"I just did."

I ignore this. "And stop being such an arrogant ass."

"I was unaware that I was acting inadvertently like an 'arrogant ass' as you gracefully have a predilection to put it," he said, defensively. "But I will try to be less so."

"It would be a start," I said. "There are many things that displease me about you."

He furrowed his brows. "Like what?"

Nicholas was utterly clueless. Unbelievable.

"For starters, well, saying and not saying, doing and not doing."

He laughed. "Pray heavens, tell me what that means."

"You speak in riddles. You tease me. You don't..." I drifted, blushing as I averted my eyes from his far-too-perceptive vision.

"I don't what?"

"You don' know!"

His eyes arrived at a conclusion, sparkling with humor. "I don't kiss you, is that it?"

"Yes," I spit out.

"I will, you know," he said, suddenly. His eyes locked into mine. "I will kiss you. I will."

I breathed, tilting my head back. "Good."

He smiled. "In good time, naturally. I will kiss you, when the time is right. For now, shall we head downstairs for breakfast?"

Disappointed, I lower my head, my eyes drifting. "Oh. I look forward to it. Breakfast sounds great."

Nicholas took my hand, in his and we walked the long passages, his masculine voice filling the corridors with laughter while I stayed silent, ignoring his presence.

I looked forward to the moment. I looked forward to it, very much...
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