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Oh how I love you

First story, please critique if at all possible :)
His name was Cory. I didn't know that until after about two weeks of talking with him. I really loved his personality and we really connected. I would see him in the halls and wave trying to be casual even though I had a certain kind of longing for him. It wasn't necessarily a sexual longing; it's just that I wanted to be with him.

After about a week of casually seeing each other, I finally got up the nerve to ask him to hang out. I saw him in the hall once again like I did everyday. I decided I would "accidentally" bump into him.

I grabbed my friend Cynthiana,"Cynthiana! See that guy walking down the hall." I motioned over my shoulder at Cory.

"Ya, what about him?" She lightly responding as she could see something in my eyes giving away that I liked him.

"Well, can you help me? Just act like you need to go somewhere and I will talk to you." She agreed so I grabbed all my music books in hand and started backing down the hallway toward Cory, still talking to Cynthiana. She motioned for me to walk a little to the left. I felt him before I actually ran into him. My books fell out of my arms and I turned around.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." I said to him sounding very convincing. I had won best actress senior year of high school and best lead female role in most plays I had done.

"It's no problem. Here let me help you with those." He said as he bent down to help me pick up my books. I couldn't help but blush. "So you're into music?"

"Um... ya. I'm studying to be a music teacher for elementary school kids. I'm only an intern right now." I explained as we picked up the last of my books.

"Oh really? That's cool. I love little kids." I smiled as I imagined Cory with little kids running around him. I just couldn't see it.. But I went along with it anyway.

"So, do you want to uh... um... never mind," he stuttered as he started to walk away.

I caught up with him and said,"No, what were you going to say?"

"It's stupid. I barely know you. I was going to ask you out for coffee or something..."

I smiled. "Well I believe that's a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better." I giggled a little.

"How about tomorrow? Lets say around 9 o'clock?"

"Sure, that sounds great!" I smiled as I turned to walk back over to Cynthiana.

She saw the look on my face,"What did he say?"

"He asked me out for coffee tomorrow." I smiled and blushed at just the thought of being around Cory more. Cynthiana smile and took my arm in hers as we walked back to our dorm room.

"You are going to have the best time ever, make out a little, maybe even some sex, then come right back and tell me EVERYTHING!" I smiled. Typical Cynthiana.


The next morning I was getting ready to meet Cory for coffee at the local coffee shop on campus when I noticed Cynthiana was still asleep. I decided to let her sleep knowing I would be late if I woke her up.

I threw on my cutest pair of jeans, the one that makes my butt look oh so fabulous, and a blouse that looked good enough. I put on some make up and did my hair then snuck out, trying really hard not to wake her up.

Once I got to the coffee shop, I saw that Cory was already sitting at a table with two coffees. I saw him as he motioned for me to come over. I sat down and instantly took a sip needing the morning boost. "How are you this morning?" He asked as I started taking gulps of the hot coffee.

"I'm great. It's just early for a Saturday." I finally took slower sips so I could actually taste the coffee and I noticed that it was my favorite. "How did you know my favorite coffee was hazelnut?"

He smiled and gave me an almost knowing look, "Lucky guess." I smiled as I felt like and idiot. I had just remembered that we had talked about that a couple days ago. "So Amy... what do you have planned out today?"

"Nothing. Actually nothing at all. I'm a really boring person on Saturdays." I laughed a little at how true it was. "You?"

"Same." I smiled and starting getting a little excited.

"Would you like to take a walk with me?"

I blushed a little,"I would love to." We got up and he opened the door for me like a gentleman. "Thank you." We just walked around campus getting to know each other a little more. After about an hour or two of just talking, and walking around campus we found a bench and decided to rest.

"So, Amy, I've really loved this time with you." He smiled as he put his hand on my thigh casually.

"Me too." I said obliviously looking at his hand, feeling a little jolt of electricity. I looked in his eyes and smiled. He smiled back and out of nowhere I leaned forward and kissed him softly then pulled back abruptly... "Oh um.... I'm sorry." I looked away nervously. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over at him slowly. I didn't really expect what he was about to do but I had no objections. He took both my hands in his and kissed me slowly and softly not pulling back. My heart jumped as I just kept wanting more than what I got.

He stood me up and led me to his car. He was a junior at the University so he lived off campus. Once in the car I practically jumped him to get another taste of his lips. I felt him chuckling under me. "Would you like to come home with me?" I smiled and nodded then put my hand in his lap feeling his bulge, feeling brave.

"As long as I get to see what you're hiding in there."

He smiled, started the car, put it in drive, and sped away before I could get another word out.

To be continued.

Note: I purposely didn't give many descriptions so you could be creative and let your imagination wander. Don't forget to tell me what you think. It would be greatly appreciated. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 10 Oct 2013 06:26
Yes, agree with CrotchRocket - well written and hope there are several following stories to enhance this beginning.
Posted 14 Apr 2011 17:34
You are a very good writer and keeping the suspence up for the next part of your story can't wait to read more of your stories and this one as well keep up the good work sweetheart
Posted 11 Apr 2011 06:12
excellent start... write more please....
Posted 17 Mar 2011 11:57
lovely story... very cute and sexy....
Posted 11 Mar 2011 11:48
Good start. I'm intrigued to see where you take this!
Posted 11 Mar 2011 11:30
It is a nice and well written story Ash! Looking forward for the next chapter. Thanks for sharing

Posted 11 Mar 2011 10:48
Very good writing! xx S
Posted 11 Mar 2011 01:55
cant wait to see what happens next! write up soon!

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