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Return to Cala de Sirena-Part 2

After a fight with his sister, Don gets an even more unwelcome visitor.
The weekend was longer for Don than any other before. He moped around the cabin, hurt by the angry words his sister had said to him. Monday morning he rode into work and did his normal duties with a heavy heart. Afterward, he wandered into the bar to find Jason sitting at their normal table, with a pitcher of beer, two full glasses, two full shot glasses, and the sampler plate waiting.

“I figured you’d be ready for a cold beer,” said Jason, “and something a bit stronger for your pain.”

Don sat down, the two men grabbed the shot glasses, toasted, and drank them down. Don coughed a bit as he choked on the drink, then smiled and said, “Thanks man.”

“I’m sorry things didn’t go better with your sister,” said Jason.

“You and me both. Angel warned me this would happen, but I was hoping she was wrong.”

“When are you going to learn, our girls have powers we’ll never understand, and they know things.”

“Yeah, I know,” sighed Don as he sipped his beer. “I was just hoping that she was wrong about Jenny.”

“To be honest, I was hoping your sister would have taken the news better too. She seemed like such a wonderful lady and I was sure she’d understand.”

“She is a wonderful lady,” said Don as he dipped a chicken strip into some sauce, “she’s just angry and hurt.”

Don bit into the chicken strip when he heard a woman’s voice say, “Don, is that you?”

Don’s eyes grew wide as he slowly turned and to see if the voice he had just heard, came from the person he feared it was.


The slender, petite brunette walked up smiling and said, “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you.”

Jason sat back and sipped his beer, but said nothing. “What are you doing here?” asked Don.

“I came to see you silly,” said Amy with a smile. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“I’d rather not,” said Don. “Jason, this is Amy. Amy. Jason.”

“Hi Jason,” said Amy in a rather sticky-sweet tone.

“Amy,” said Jason in a cool tone, “I’ve heard all about you.”

The expression on Amy’s face reflected that she knew it couldn’t be very good. “May I sit down and join you?”

“What do you want Amy?” asked Don.

Amy sat down next to Don and said, “I want you baby, I’ve missed you so. I realized some time ago that I’ve made a terrible mistake by divorcing you all those years ago, and I want you back.”

“You what?” questioned Don.

“You heard me silly, I want you back. I realized some time ago that I should have worked things out with you instead of moving forward with the divorce.”

“It’s too late, I’ve remarried,” said Don.

“Really?” said Amy in a harsh tone of disbelief. “If that were the case, why can’t I find any record of the marriage?”

“Because that’s not how we do things here in Cala,” said Jason.

“Oh really now?” questioned Amy.

“Yes,” said Don. “I’m married now to a wonderful woman who loves me, and I love her.”

“Don’t be silly Donny, you’re just still hurt and I understand that. I was terribly cruel to you when you were being so willing to try like you did. Come on baby, give me a second chance.”

Amy wrapped her arms around Don, but he carefully removed them and said, “Amy, I’ve already told you, I’m married now to a wonderful woman and I’m not going to screw it up by getting mixed up with you again. Now I don’t know how you found me, but I would appreciate it if you’d go back to where you came from and leave me the hell alone.”

Ginger walked up and asked, “Everything all right boys? Do I need to get Dante?”

Don glared at Amy, who said, “No, I was just leaving. I’ll see you again soon Donny. Trust me.”

Amy kissed Don on the cheek, slid out of the booth, and left. Don, Ginger, and Jason watched her leave. Then Ginger said, “What’s with the barracuda?”

“That’s my ex-wife, Ginger,” said Don.

“An ex is an ex for a reason,” said Ginger. “Besides, she’s not as nice as Angel is.”

Don and Jason looked up at Ginger in shock. “What did you say?” asked Don.

Ginger winked and said, “Don’t worry Don, my tail is just fine the way it is. Did you boys think I didn’t know? Grace cried on my shoulder for years about you, Jason. And for the record, I do have two kids, twin girls. They had a father like Don, but he was killed in a freak accident shortly after they were born. That was a few years before Andrew arrived.”

“Who’s Andrew?” asked Don.

“The man who I told you about when we first talked.”

“So Grace isn’t your daughter is she?”

“No, she’s my niece. Angel however, is my daughter.”

Don’s dream flashed through his mind and the face mysterious woman from the water became clear. “You!” cried Don.

“Yes Don, I work here for fun and to scope out the tourists for my girls. You have no idea how upset I was when I heard my girl got hurt, or how relieved I was to hear you didn’t try to take advantage of her. Angel told me you tried to not force her, and how she had to coax you into that first time. She also told me about how you learned her secret by accident.”

“It wasn’t like she didn’t try to tell me in her own way,” said Don.

Ginger sat down next to Jason and said, “Angel loves you, Don. It took a lot of mermaid magic to get her pregnant with Joy. This is why you two haven’t had a second child. And as for you Jason, Grace is trying, as is Star, but you hurt them both. You can thank Angel for aiding in her forgiving you. And yes Don, Joy is your daughter. Think back to the night she was conceived, didn’t things feel different between you and Angel?”

Don sat back and reflected to that night. Angel had just returned from one of her monthly outings with her family, before he knew where she was going or why. She had made them dinner, and he remembered it tasted a bit differently than he expected, but was rather enjoyable. He also remembered being so aroused by the end of dinner; his only thought was tearing off Angel’s clothes and ravishing her body. He had just thought it was because she had been gone, but this night was so different, the desire that raged through his body was like nothing he’d experienced before. Angel walked into their bedroom and by the time he’d followed her, she was already naked.

Don stripped down and kissed her passionately, almost forcing her mouth to open and accept his tongue. He threw her onto the bed and kissed, nipped, licked, and caressed every inch of her flesh. His mind was a blur with sexual desire and passion as he roughly mauled her soft flesh.

Her breasts were sweet and firm, and she would moan and tremble under his touch. He knew she wasn’t frightened, but equally aroused. Her sex was wet with arousal, the sent filled his nostrils and fueled his desire. When he licked her outer lips, she nearly climaxed right then. He slid his tongue to her clit, and two fingers into her sex and devoured her like a starving man. He was rewarded with two powerful orgasms back to back. Then he mounted her and pounded her mercilessly. Never in their history had he been so forceful or aggressive with her when they made love. No, this wasn’t lovemaking they were doing, this was raw, animalistic fucking. First, he was on top of her, slamming his erection deep inside her. Next, with his cock still deep within her, he rolled over and she was on top, riding him as he thrust deep inside her. They ended with her in a doggie style position, his index finger fucking her ass, and his cock fucking her pussy until he filled her with his sperm. He had never taken her with such animalistic passion and desire before, and he fell asleep shortly after they had finished.

The next morning he woke to Angel kissing his morning erection and they made love more gently, the way they normally did. He was concerned for days after he had hurt or scared Angel, but when he tried to talk to her, she said it was due to her absence and for him not to worry. Now he understood why that night was unlike any night before, or after it. About a month or so after, Angel announced she was pregnant, and until this moment, Don hadn’t thought about that night again.

“So that’s why I—”

“Yup,” said Ginger. “I’m sorry we had to do that to you, but Angel knew you wanted a child and she wanted it to be yours. She was well aware what would happen, and she was willing to do what was necessary.”

Don shuddered at how rough and animalistic he had been with her, and how sweet and gentle she was with him the next morning, or how she seemed to not be bothered by it all. Now he finally understood. “Do I want to know?” asked Jason.

“Let’s just say that night was something that echoed a porno, and something I’d rather not experience again,” explained Don.

“Again Don, I apologize,” said Ginger, “but know that it was something done with love.”

“I know,” said Don. “But doesn’t she know I love her, and I was willing to love her for the rest of my life, child or no child.”

“Yes Don, but she loves you enough to undergo a night like that. And if I were willing to take that risk, she’d do it again. You must know she’s asked me a few times since Joy was born to give her the potion again, but I won’t. You’re a good man Don Taylor, and because if it, I know that if we tried this again, you’d have a really hard time living with the guilt. Besides, Joy adores you and to be honest, I don’t think she’s willing to share you, even if it would be with her sister.”

Don chuckled, as he knew Ginger was right. “She does love her daddy.”

“Yes she does Don, and she’s a lucky little girl,” said Ginger.

“Now, I have a question,” said Jason. “If you work here, and most of you ladies only have one child, how have you survived so long when so few single men come here?”

Ginger smirked at Jason and asked, “Are you really that naïve? Do you honestly think this is the only island we inhabit? Honey, wherever there is open water, there are mermaids. Several of us work at the different islands. My sister, Grace’s mother, works at a neighboring island. Besides, if we hadn’t expanded, Mr. Lee would have caused us to become extinct years ago. That greedy bastard wants to put us on display like a freak show exhibit. That’s why none of us go anywhere near him, his wife, or their kids.”

“You know Mrs. Lee has seen one of you,” said Don, “claims she saw the mermaid when she was a child.”

“Yes, I’m well aware of this,” said Ginger, “and I think I know who it was she saw, but I’m not sure. The bottom line is, we can sense them approaching and we know how to hide.”

“I remember Angel’s reaction to Mr. Lee the first time and how hysterical she was.”

“That was due to her head injury,” said Ginger. “She couldn’t remember why she was afraid of him, only that he was dangerous and she needed to hide. She told me you held her after he left.”

“I couldn’t figure out why she was so upset,” said Don. “You should have seen her panic when Mrs. Lee’s boat entered the cove.”

“She thought he was with her,” said Ginger.

“I realize that now,” said Don.

“Well boys, I’d better get back to work. Sorry for the secrets, but you understand, I do it for my girls.”

Don nodded, “Thanks for the talk.”

“Fifteen years and you just now share?” teased Jason.

Ginger huffed as she stood up. “You broke my niece’s heart, you’re lucky I talk to you now. Had it been Angel or her sister, your life would have been pure hell.”

“It already was,” said Jason.

“That?” said Ginger. “Oh honey, that was nothing to what I would have done to you.”

Ginger walked away as Don looked at Jason and said, “Damn sure glad I didn’t break Angel’s heart.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Jason.


Three days after his encounter with Amy, and his talk with Ginger, Don arrived at his cabin home and noticed the lights were on. Excited at the prospect of his wife and daughter were home, he quickly docked his wave runner and ran up the shore to the cabin.

As he approached the stairs, he began to get an uneasy feeling in his gut, as if something was wrong. Don walked into the cabin, and instantly knew his wife wasn’t home. Standing in his living room, wearing a skimpy sheer white negligée that stopped at her matching white panties, was Amy.

“What the hell are you doing here?” snapped Don.

“Is that anyway to treat your wife dear?” she said sweetly.

“You’re not my wife anymore Amy,” said Don. “Remember, you divorced me.”

“And I told you that was a mistake baby.”

Amy walked up and tried to put her arms around Don, but he dodged her grasp and stepped aside. “How did you find this place?”

“Oh now come on dear, I love our new home.”

“Our new home?”

“Why yes dear, of course we’ll need to redecorate. The seashells and starfish are just too… beachy.”

“There will be no redecoration, and this isn’t ‘our new home’ Amy, it’s mine and Angel’s. Now please, leave.”

“Now Don! Is that any way to treat your wife?”

“Amy for the last time, you’re not my wife anymore. You divorced me over five years ago.”

“Really Don, I can’t believe you’d let a little thing like that get in the way of our happiness.”

Don shook his head and grabbed his phone, “Amy, I swear to god I’ll call the island police and have you arrested for trespassing.”

“Who do you think they’ll believe Don when I cry rape? There’s no record of your wife, of your marriage, and as far as anyone knows, I’m your wife. How hard would it be for me to get a bit banged up before they get here?”

“Amy, you wouldn’t dare?”

“Wouldn’t I?” she said with a wicked smile. “I told you before Don, I want you back.”

“And I told you that I’m happily married.”

“I know dear, to me.”

Don paced around the room. “Amy, I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking or why you’re here, but you need to leave.”

“No, what I need to do is take my husband into our bedroom and make love to him.”

“Well I hope you brought him with you and that you’re headed back to whatever dark hole you crawled out of because you’re not having sex in my bedroom with me or anyone else for that matter.”

Amy threw her arms around Don and kissed him forcefully on the mouth. Don pushed her away and screamed, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“Come on baby, you know you want me,” said Amy.

“Then why does he keep pushing you away?”

Don turned to see Jenny standing in his doorway. “Jenny!”

“Amy, I told you at the café he’s moved on,” said Jenny as she walked into the cabin.

“And I told you at the bar I’m married,” said Don.

“And I’m telling you both I want him back, and I’m not leaving without him. He promised me till death do us part.”

“You ended that promise when you filed for divorce,” said Don.

“I made a mistake letting you go Donny,” said Amy.

“It’s too late,” said Don.

“I’ll bet he even still has our wedding ring!” exclaimed Amy.

“As far as the wedding ring I had with you,” said Don, “then yes, I’ll admit I still have it. I brought it with me with when I came here.”

“See!” cried Amy. “He still has the ring, the symbol of our marriage.”

“I’ve moved on and remarried.”

“No you haven’t!” snapped Amy.“If you had, there would be some record of your marriage and there isn’t! I think this ‘Angel’ is just a figment of your imagination!”

“Then what do you call me?”

They all turned to see a slender, petite blonde at the door. “Angel!” cried Don. “Jenny, Amy, this is my wife, Angel Taylor. Angel, this is my sister Jenny, and my ex-wife Amy.”

Jenny smiled as she looked at the beautiful woman walking to her brother. “Angel,” she said, “it’s an honor to meet you.”

Angel smiled at Jenny and said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner but I was unexpectedly delayed.”

“Amy, I believe you were questioning the existence of my wife, well here she is in the flesh.”

Rage filled Amy’s face as she said, “It… it… it can’t be!”

Don wrapped his arms around Angel and kissed her lips. “I’ve missed you so much baby.”

“But, but, but–” stammered Amy.

“As I said before Amy, I’m happily married to a wonderful woman,” said Don smiling.

“And I also believe he asked you to leave,” said Jenny.

Amy grabbed her bag and asked, “May I use your bathroom to change?”

Don looked at Angel and she smiled and nodded. “You’ve got 5 minutes Amy.”

Amy slipped into the bathroom as Don sighed with relief. “Ladies, would you please excuse me for just a moment.

Don stepped into the bedroom as Jenny said, “It’s nice to finally meet you Angel.”

“Don speaks of you often Jenny, and your two children Amanda and Jimmy. He misses you all very much.”

Don stepped out of the bedroom asking, “Jenny, when did you get here? Better yet, why are you here?”

“Let’s put it this way, I was here long enough to know you didn’t invite her. I also came to beg your forgiveness for what happened the other night.”

“You’re here now,” said Don, “there is nothing to forgive.”

Jenny hugged Don, then turned to Angel, “And you, thank you for making my brother happy.”

Amy stepped out the bathroom wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Angel stepped up to her and said, “You’ve got until sunrise to get off my island or I swear, you will regret it.”

Amy frowned and said, “That sounds like a threat.”

“I’m giving you one chance. Leave and never return, or face the consequences.”

“And if I don’t?” asked Amy.

“Then may god have mercy on your soul,” said Angel in a dark, and serious tone of voice.

“Before you go Amy, I have something for you,” said Don.

Amy smiled. “What is it?”

Don took Amy’s hand and set a gold wedding ring in the center of her palm. “I have no need for this anymore as I have this one now.”

Don pointed to the band around his finger, then reached over and showed off Angel’s ring. “And as you can see, my wife has the matching ring.”

“Oh those are beautiful,” said Jenny.

“Oh and Amy, one more thing,” said Angel in the same dark, and serious tone as before. “If you ever try to kiss my husband again, I’ll rip your lips off myself.”

Don was shocked to hear such a dark tone from Angel, as she had always been so friendly and cheerful. He also noticed her eyes seemed to be darker, almost black as she glared at Amy, and she glared at Angel, as if the two were engaged in a staring contest. Even though Amy had a few inches and pounds on Angel, it was clear that Amy was slightly intimidated by Angel. Finally, Amy broke the stare and quietly left. The three watched Amy walk out to the cove, pull her hidden wave runner out, and leave.

“Angel, where’s Joy?” asked Don.

“She’s with Grace and Star,” said Angel. “She’ll be home tomorrow before you come home from work. But right now, I want to get to know your sister.”

Jenny smiled and asked, “Is everything Don told me about you true?”

“It is, and I’m so glad I was wrong about you,” said Angel. “I told Don you wouldn’t accept me, and he said you would.”

“I didn’t at first,” said Jenny. “That’s what our fight was about. Well, that and I said your daughter wasn’t his.”

“I assure you Jenny, she is,” said Angel.

“Yeah, I thought about that after Don kicked me out. That and everything else he told me, and I realized that I was wrong not to believe him. Angel, I don’t care if you’re a mermaid or not, you make my brother happy, you gave him a daughter, and that’s good enough for me.”

Jenny hugged Angel, and Angel returned the hug. “Thank you Jenny.”

“Jenny, when are you all leaving?”

“Day after tomorrow,” said Jenny as she released Angel. “I can’t believe I missed out spending more time with you Don, not to mention meeting your wife.”

“Don’t worry Jenny, you will see more of Don sooner than you think,” said Angel.

“How so?” asked Jenny.

“Well, for starters, you can bring your family here tomorrow for dinner and meet your niece,” said Angel with a smile.

Jenny and Don smiled. “Angel,” said Don, “that’s a wonderful idea.”

“In fact, we’ll have a party, and I want you to invite Jason as Grace and Star will already be here.”

Jenny began to ask, “Are Grace and Star—”

“Yes, they are,” interrupted Angel.

Don was beaming. He knew for Grace and Star to meet his human family was huge. Jenny took a deep breath and asked, “I can’t tell anyone about you can I?”

“No, you can’t,” said Angel.

“Okay then, then I promise to let you all know ahead of time when I plan my next visit.”

“And I promise to let you spend more time with him,” said Angel.

“I’d better get back, I told Daniel I’d be back before dark, and at this point, I’ll be cutting it close.”

“Let’s walk her out Don,” said Angel with a wink.

Don smiled, as he knew what Angel was thinking. The three walked down the beach to the cove. Don walked into the surf and helped Jenny board her wave runner. She was about to start the engine when she felt a hand touch her leg. She looked down to see Angel in the water, wearing a bathing suit top that matched her rainbow mermaid tail.

“Dear god!” said Jenny. “You really are a mermaid.”

“I told ya,” said Don.

“Can it touch it?” asked Jenny.

“Sure,” said Angel.

Jenny reached down and touched Angel’s tail. “Wow, it’s so, scaly. Does it hurt when you change?”

“No, not really,” said Angel.

“Well, I’d better get home. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“Bye sis!” said Don.

Jenny started her wave runner as Angel swam away, then swam alongside Jenny until she left the cove, then swam back to Don’s waiting arms. He carried her to the shore and waited until her legs morphed back. Then he set her down so she could gather her clothes, but she remained naked except for the bathing suit top.

Don asked, “How did you know Amy kissed me?”

“Let’s just say, I was home a lot sooner than I let on. I had followed you home, and when I saw the lights and you running up the beach, I got scared. Until I heard you question her presence and tell her she’s not your wife any more. I was going to come in when I heard Jenny come up. I stayed hidden while I watched, and waited. Then I saw her kiss you and if Jenny hadn’t gone in, I would have.”

“Were you serious about ripping her lips off?” asked Don.

Angel looked deep into Don’s eyes and said, “What do you think?”

Don knew by the dark look in Angel’s deep blue eyes, that she was deadly serious. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. “I think I’d like to make love to my beautiful wife. That is unless you must leave me tonight.”

“The only place I’m going tonight is our bed, unless you’d like to make love somewhere else?”

The wicked smile on Angel’s face was all the encouragement Don needed. He took her into his arms and they fell onto the beach. Since she hadn’t bothered to put her clothes back on, Don quickly removed her top and began to kiss and lick down her breasts.

His hand slid down between her legs as he felt her sex was already wet and ready for him. He was instantly hard, pushed his shorts down, and slid his cock into her sex. Once he was fully in, he began to piston his hips, thrusting his cock deep within her.

Angel moaned loudly as they kissed and made love on the beach. Soon, she moaned louder and he knew her climax was close. He moved faster, slamming his cock deep within her until they both climaxed together. Once he was soft enough to fall out, he dashed into the cove, rinsed himself off, and ran back onto the beach chasing his naked wife into their house. They made love two more times that night, and once in the morning before Don left for work.

Jason was standing on the dock when Don pulled up. “You’re late.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” said Don.

“I didn’t see any blonde head in the water with you this morning.”

“Why would you? She came home last night.”


Don stepped up on the dock as he said, “I had a surprise visitor at my house last night.”

“I see, what I don’t understand is why Grace and Star didn’t come home.”

“No, you don’t see,” said Don as they walked, “Amy showed up last night.”

“Holy shit!” said Jason. “What happened?”

Don shook his head. “I got home yesterday and saw the lights on and I was sure Angel and Joy were home and I was so happy. Then as I approached the house, this feeling of dread hit me, and I knew something was wrong. I walked in to find my ex-wife standing in my living room, the room where Angel had spent hours talking, making love, watching Joy grow within her belly, and so many other wonderful memories. Oh, and she was wearing this white, sheer, negligée.”

“That’s not good.”

“Oh it gets worse, she tells me she’s loves our new home but she wants to redecorate it as it’s too ‘beachy’ for her.”

“Let me guess, Angel decorated it.”

“Yeah, when she was pregnant with Joy, she went nuts with seashells and such. At first I thought it would drive me nuts, but it grew on me so fast I can’t imagine the house looking any different. I think that’s when it went from a cabin to our home. Anyway, Amy’s all, ‘I want you back,’ and bullshit like that.”

“And you told her no.”

“Jason, you couldn’t pay me to hurt Angel. Besides, I suspect Amy’s got an ulterior motive, though I have no idea what it might be. She played this game with me when I was trying to save our marriage. I learned that the hard way. The only good thing that came out of it was I booked the trip that brought me here.”

“Yeah… that is a very good thing.”

Don sighed, “Anyway, I kept telling Amy it was over and for her to leave, when she kissed me.”

Jason’s eyes grew wide. “Are you shitting me?”

“Nope. I couldn’t believe it myself. That’s when, Jenny walks in.”

“Holy shit man! What did you do?”

“She’d been watching and listening for a while and knew who was doing what. She told Amy I was over her and that she needed to leave. Amy went ballistic saying she didn’t believe Angel was real. That’s when Angel showed up.”

“No fucking way!”

“Way. Man I swear I’m not making this shit up. Amy changed her clothes and then I saw something I thought I’d never see.”

“What was that?”

“Angel threatened her.”

“WHAT?!? Sweet little Angel?”

“Oh let me tell ya Jason, there was nothing sweet about her. Her voice took on a dark and dangerous tone to it, her eyes darkened, and let me tell ya Jason, I was fucking scared.”

Jason sighed. “Remember five years ago when I said if she turned you down, then god help you?”

“Yeah, but I knew she’d say ‘yes’.”

“What you are seeing is what would have happened had she said no.”

“How do you know?”

Jason looked around then said quietly, “Because I might have lied about you being the first ‘sperm donor’ I talked to. There have been a few others.”

“That explains why Ginger knew I was there to meet you.”

“Well, there was one in particular before you. The guy was a real ass. Why the mermaid who got him even bothered I’ll never know. Anyway, I guess even mermaid magic has its limits. The girl revealed way too much to him way too soon, and he was going to sell her to Mr. Lee. He was here for about three or four months before I even met him. Of course, during that time, she got pregnant. The problem was, he didn’t want to be a father and beat the hell out of her until she lost the baby.”

Don was shocked. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Yeah, and remember how I said they mate for life?”


“Well, she was trapped. She couldn’t have another man, and she didn’t want him anymore. So, the day before he was to meet with Mr. Lee, she told him to leave by sunrise and never return. I remember as we were doing the beer and sampler thing. I remember she was still bruised from his attack. She didn’t even look my way, it was like I was invisible.

I remember hearing the dark tone of her voice, the dark color of her eyes, and how fucking scared I was, especially after what had happened between me and Grace. But see, I only broke Grace’s heart, I never physically assaulted her. I never saw Grace’s eyes look so dark and menacing. I mean, yeah I was an ass to her, but no worse than other men had been to other mermaids. And at least I was trying to make it up to her.”

“What happened?” asked Don.

“He blew her off. Threatened to beat her again if she dared to come near him. I tried to tell him not to piss her off, but he scoffed at me.”


“Well, first there was a storm that hit the island like nothing before. The damage was severe. Scores of people were hurt, homes were leveled, it was bad. Three days later his body was found. I have no idea what happened to him, nor have I ever asked. I don’t know who the mermaid was as I’ve never seen her again, and I won’t ask Grace as I’m afraid of how she’ll react. I just know this, Shakespeare once wrote, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and that’s nothing to a mermaid with a broken heart.”

“You know it wasn’t Shakespeare who said it right?”

“Don, I don’t give a fuck if Jesus Christ himself said it, I just know that if I were to ever hurt Grace again, I’d find out first-hand what happened to that man all those years ago.”

“Jason, do you think Angel could actually hurt Amy?”

“I think to protect you and Joy she would.”

Don sighed. “I hope to fuck Amy listened then.”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

The two men walked the rest of the way to the office building in silence. At noon, Don ran to the bar to pick up lunch for Jason and himself as they were in the middle of a big project, and was sure he saw Amy in one of the shops. He decided it was just a random tourist with short brown hair and wasn’t actually her. As the two men ate and worked, Don remembered about the dinner party and invited Jason, who accepted immediately. What Don didn’t tell Jason was that Grace and Star would be there as well.

As the two men left for the day, Don was sure he saw Amy following them. Jenny and family met them at the dock, and they all rode to the cove with Don and Jason in the lead. Angel was waiting on the beach holding Joy, with Grace and Star standing by her. Jason didn’t bother anchoring his wave runner when he saw them, just dove into the water and swam to them. Don docked the two crafts and escorted his human family to the shore.

Joy smiled big, put her arms our and squealed, “DADDY!”

“Well,” began Don as he took Joy into his arms. “This is Daniel, Jimmy, Amanda, Jenny, Angel, and this little princess is Joy.”

“Auntie Angel!” exclaimed Amanda. “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

Amanda threw her arms around Angel and hugged her tight. Angel hesitated at first, then hugged her back. “It’s nice to meet you too Amanda. You’re uncle has told me so much about you.”

“And he’s told us so little about you.”

Jimmy stared at Angel with his mouth open. “Wow! You’re pretty!”

Angel giggled and said, “Thanks.”

“Oh yeah,” said Don, “I almost forgot, this is Jason’s wife, Grace, and their daughter, Star.”

Jason was still kissing Grace and hugging Star when he separated and said, “Sorry folks, I just wanted my wife to know just how much I missed her.”

“I’d say she knows that now,” said Amanda, giggling.

Everyone laughed and walked up to the cabin. Joy spent more time with Amanda and Star who seemed to connect almost instantly. Jimmy was by Angel’s side offering to help her with everything and Don couldn’t help but laugh at his youthful energy. During dinner, a strange sound echoed from outside. Jason looked out and said, “Storm’s coming. Looks like we might be stuck here.”

“Then stay the night,” said Angel. “We can make room.”

“Can Manda and Star sleep in my room Momma?” asked Joy.

“I’m sure we can arrange that.”

“What about Jimmy?” asked Amanda.

Don wasn’t thrilled about his sixteen-year-old horny teenage nephew in the same room with Star, so he said, “Jimmy can sleep in my office alcove. Then Jenny and Daniel have our room and Angel and I can sleep out in the living room with Jason and Grace.”

Don saw the look of relief on Jason’s face as he didn’t want Jimmy alone with his daughter either, even with his own sister there. “Oh now Don, we can’t put you two out,” said Jenny.

“Nonsense,” said Angel, “you are family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

By the time they had finished dinner the storm had hit the cove. The sound of rain pounding the roof, the wind howling though the trees, and lightning flashing in the sky rattled the cabin and its occupants. The family found blankets and pillows, and soon the kids were safely tucked away in their respective rooms, Jenny and Daniel were settled in Don and Angel’s room, and Don, Angel, Jason, and Grace were sleeping on the living room floor.

About midnight, Don woke and found Angel and Grace sneaking out of the cabin. The storm was still raging as he watched the two women strip naked on the porch. Angel glanced up at Don, and he was horrified by how dark, almost black her eyes were. It reminded him of the way they looked the night before when she told Amy to leave. He watched the two women run down the beach and dive into the rough surf. Don wondered where they were off to but decided to try to go back to sleep. Just before dawn, he felt Angel’s cold body snuggle into his.

“Where did you go?” he whispered.

“Shhhh,” said Angel, “you’re dreaming. Go back to sleep.”

The next morning, the storm had passed, and left piles of driftwood and palm branches littered all over the beach. While the men gathered up the debris, the girls put the bedding away and fixed breakfast for everyone, except for Joy who insisted on helping her daddy and dragged the smaller branches to the piles and gather seashells. When the men returned, they saw Angel, Grace, and Jenny chatting excitedly about Don, Jason, and life on the beach.

Amanda and Star were talking about boys and music, and it seemed that everyone was getting along well. Jason made a few phone calls and shut the office down for the day as many of the staff members were cleaning up their own beach mess and didn’t have a minor family reunion to help.

After breakfast, the kids went out to play on the beach and the adults shared stories about their respective lives. The storm forced Jenny and Daniel to stay an extra day, as there was some damage to the boat that was to take them back to the main island where they would fly out. Don was thrilled at the idea of extra time with his family, and even went with them to the airport, though Angel and Joy stayed behind. Jenny promised to visit again soon and once the plane left, Don rode back to the island, and took his wave runner back to the cabin.

Two days after Jenny and family left, Amy’s lifeless body washed up. She was wearing the same t-shirt and shorts from the incident in the cabin, and Don’s wedding ring on a chain around her neck. It appeared she had been caught in the storm and drowned. However, the coroner was bothered by what appeared to be mysterious bruises, like she had been severely beaten, he ruled that they were from debris that had been thrown around.

Of course, this didn’t stop the island police from questioning Don about what happened. He admitted to the two times he saw her, and how he made it clear, their marriage was over. He also told them he thought he’d seen her in the village, but until now, had thought the woman he’d seen had been a tourist. He never told them that he saw Angel and Grace sneak out at midnight, or when she returned her body was ice cold.

It was many years after Angel told Don about that night. Joy spent the night with Ginger, and Don and Angel were alone.

Angel explained that her family had called forth the storm, like they had when a single man would come to the island, and when he saw Grace and her sneak out, it was to find Amy, and kill her. She admitted to seeing him at the window, but she wasn’t herself, which explained why her eyes were so dark. Amy was a threat to her family, specifically Don and Joy, and Angel wasn’t about to let her put the two people she loved the most at risk. Amy had proven how dangerous she was by showing up at their home unannounced, and her biggest fear was she’d try to hurt Joy.

Angel also admitted it was only the second time she’d been part of such an attack, as the first one was when her twin sister had been beaten and forced to lose her child. Don knew this was the man who Jason had told him about, and he now knew something that even Jason didn’t, who that poor mermaid was.

What Jason didn’t know, and what Angel shared with Don was the reason for the brutality of the attack.

After the encounter with the man Jason had witnessed, Angel’s sister had committed suicide, and it broke Ginger and Angel’s heart. The anger felt within the family was so strong, the storm it brought nearly leveled the island. It would be a few years before both women would be healed, and that happened, when Don rescued Angel from the under the debris on the beach.

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