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Scent of a Man

Scent of a Man

Can the ‘Scent of a Man’ excite me, moisten me, and force me into Taboo Territory...?
Suddenly I feel a shiver down my spine, instantly releasing flashbacks. My fingers stop flipping the DVD's in the box halfway through the Cs. I look up. That scent, I remember buying it for him, could it be…

'Stop it,' I think. 'It's just a bloody cologne. Lots of men wear it.'

I go back in my search for the DVD I want. Despite my rational thoughts I feel my heart racing and my blood pumping through my veins.

It feels like a magnetic field is enveloping me, giving me goose bumps. I look up again, my eyes glancing over the people surrounding me, when the scent grows stronger. My nose picks up the trail, like a dog chasing a fox. Bedazzled by the prospect of my prey I quickly turn around, when my nose hits something hard yet still soft.


I feel a pair of strong hands grabbing my upper arms, holding me firm and preventing me from falling. Even with the unexpected physical contact my thoughts are still filled with that scent, which is now overwhelming. I feel my knees weakening; hot flashes are riding over my body as my face is locked on a chest.

Just as my mouth opens to stumble out an excuse I hear, “Whoa. Slow down lady. Be careful.”

My heart skips a beat: that voice, it is you. I look up and see the change in your eyes when you recognize me. Slight panic at first, then softening with warmth. For an instant, it’s just us. There is nothing and no one around us as our eyes get reacquainted and speak for themselves, fifteen years disappearing in seconds. Your hands loosen their grip, but you’re still holding me. I feel a burn on my skin and I wonder if you’re just keeping my balance or…

“Kiki?” you mumble with a husky voice, your eyes now surprised and with that familiar twinkle, “Is it really you”? Knowing how stupid that sounds, you say, “How many years is it? How are you?"

Still trying to regain some composure, my voice feels lost. “Nick. Sorry, thank you'' I say in little more then a whisper. I clear my throat and continue, “I’m fine. I didn’t mean to walk over you.”

I try to take a step back, but your body has me cornered. I am caught between your chest and the DVD racks. Looking up, I am reminded how tall you are. Your presence is overwhelming me. Just as your mouth moves to say something else, I see a small manicured hand on your shoulder and hear a shrill voice.

“Nicholas baby, I want to go! You promised!"

Instantly, you let go of me and step back and sideways. I see two dark, cold eyes lock onto me.

“Who is she?”

A tiny yet beautiful creature glances her piercing eyes over my body. An icy shiver is sliding down my spine. Our bubble is broken and the air is quickly filled with a thick nauseating scent.

‘My God!’ I think, ‘What happened to your taste in women?’ I feel the urge to grin but restrain myself.

Your attitude changes, and in a second your right arm envelops her tiny little shoulders and I hear you say, “Yasmin meet Kiki, she is an old friend of mine.”

'Old friend of mine? Fuck!' I feel my jaw dropping and want to get out of here. The people, the department store, the flashbacks, the scent, you … suddenly it’s all too much and I decide to get the DVD tomorrow.

Forcing a smile, I manage to say, “Nice to meet you.” I follow my barbed greeting with an excuse about a running parking meter and walk away.

Behind me, I hear you call, “Kiki, Wait!" I pause to look back, but then I hear your wife, I had noticed the ring, telling you she really wants to go. I feel she sensed we might be more than ‘old friends’. As I descend the escalator I look back just in time to see you glance over your shoulder, your eyes frantically apologizing. Then you turn and steer Yasmin towards another exit.

In the car I notice that my hands are shaking. I open the sunroof and all of the windows. I need the fresh spring air to clear the moment and cool my temper. My head is spinning, I never expected to see you here and I can’t get your words out of my mind, “… an old friend”. 'An old friend? Fuck you Nick!' We were together for seven years, old times' sake sex included. We had been each other’s first- well my first, and your first serious attempt at a relationship!

I start to grin, finally realizing that you couldn’t exactly have said, “Yasmin, meet Kiki, my first love. We used to fuck like bunnies and I never forgot about her.”

Maybe the fresh air is starting to work...

Anyway, what am I thinking? I am in a relationship myself and I really love Jack. Without realizing it I have put Pat Benatar on the car stereo. Oh God… what am I doing?

As I enter the highway I let my thoughts wander. Driving always helps put my thoughts in order and the fresh air and warm sunlight makes me feel more normal. The breeze is blowing through the car and I feel the sun burning on my blond hair, adding to the highlights. In the mirror I check my eyes and see them greener than I have ever noticed. My cheeks are flushing and my lips are swollen, looking like they want to be kissed but that is probably because I have been pinching them with my teeth.

I’m surprised at the effect you have on me after all this time. I realize I can’t go home in this state, so I decide to drive to the beach. I need to clear my head before I head home.

Time has treated you well. Your brown curvy hair is thinner and grey at the sides. You have a few smile lines at the corners of your beautiful brown eyes and around your big smiling mouth. Your boyish slender figure has been transformed to that of a man. You must work out a lot. Lucky Yasmin.

“Stop it!” I shout out loud in the car. I am with Jack now and there is no need to stir up all these old feelings.

But are they really that old? I still think about you more then I care to admit, mostly after you’ve appeared in my dreams - and they're not about us drinking coffee together. I wake up then wondering why you’ve emerged from the depths of my soul again.

As I let my thoughts go, I feel the ache in my heart descending to my lower belly into a pleasurable tingling. I sigh and slightly spread my legs pulling my skirt up a bit. Who would have thought I’d bump into you after all these years?

Listening to ‘our’ music, I flip my skirt a little further trying to get some cool air to the heat between my legs. I feel my knickers are soaked already. My nipples are hard and visible through my blouse. You always had that affect on me. I’m crawling though traffic towards the beach and although I realize that any truck on my right can glance down at me through the open sunroof, I can’t help myself. I know that fighting this will only add to my frustration and it isn’t like I'm cheating. I just need to get you out of my system and close Pandora’s box again, so I start to touch myself.

The possibility that some lucky trucker can see me arouses me even more and I slowly lift my skirt up to my waist, giving my right hand more access. I push my knickers aside and let my hand find my aching clit. I catch my breath as I find just how excited I am. The music, you… God it feels so good and the tension is rising in my body. I can’t pull over as there is no exit nearby, so I decide to keep my movements slow and try to focus on the road as my fingers urgently find their way. Fantasizing that it is your hand, I slide two fingers into my dripping pussy. My eyes close involuntarily as I feel the wave of pleasure building inside me.

I hear a truck pulling next to me, then a whistle. I look up through the sunroof and see a blond driver who’s licking his lips as he peers down at me like the cat who caught the canary. The woman I was when I’d gone out this morning has vanished.

I wink back.

Seeing him makes me imagine that you are watching me, just like you used to all those years ago. It’s a wonderfully sexy thought. I unbutton my shirt a little further, feeling the cool wind on my flushed skin. I move and open my shirt to show my newfound friend my breasts creaming over my lacy bra. My pink hard nipples shining like two rubies through the transparent black lace. I pinch the left one moving down the lace and within seconds a tingling sensation spreads between my legs.

I feel the wave coming. Thankfully the traffic has stopped now. On my left I see a back window and a driver who is on a cell and not noticing me at all. It is just me, the blonde truck driver on my right and you in my mind. I pull my left leg higher to help my fingers get deeper whilst my thumb starts working on my clit. In my mind I see you against the frame of our bed stroking your shaft, flicking the back of your tip, precum oozing out while you watch me on the opposite side, my legs pulled up sliding a vibe in my velvet pussy lips, flicking my clit, my hips bucking as we look in each others eyes. My body feels like it is on fire, I can't stop this, my fingers frantically thrusting in me. Hitting my g-spot I feel the heat exploding spreading over my body, through my spine covering me from head to toe. I feel a shiver and my muscles contract as my fluids start oozing out my screaming pussy.

Oh my God... Drops of sweat are sliding between my breasts and as I scream your name as I cum, my trucker blows his horn to celebrate my climax.

I look up though the sunroof and see the driver raising his thumb, giving me a big grin. His other hand is not in sight so I’m guessing he might be having some fun of his own. The traffic starts to move again, I smile a quick “Thank you.” and blow my blonde friend a kiss before hitting the gas and scream with the music, “In a crazy, crazy world like this."

The box is open and I know it's going to be hard to close again…


We had met at boarding school and were an item since my first week. When the school closed after summer you went to study law in the south and I had two more years of BS to go. Though it was hard, we survived that period. I started to study art history up north and you soon left to the US for a year. When you came back things went rough and we officially broke up.

We remained in contact though and had occasional old times' sake sex; we never had a problem in that field. Then I went to Italy for a year, fell in love with Paolo and that was it for us. When I came back heart broken you were involved with someone else and from that moment on we were never free at the same time and lost contact. The last I heard about you was that you'd quit the firm and picked up your old passion, writing. I never saw or heard from you since.

Until a month ago, when I ran into you at the store at the DVDs section.

I park my car, not knowing what you drive and feeling anxious, if you’re there. A part of me wants to turn around, but the curiosity of what’s to come, wins and I continue. I’m really nervous now....

I vowed that day, after I saw you again, that I’d put you back in the depth of my soul. I even went to the attic to hide Pat and all our other 80's music. Just the sound made me crazy with lust. Then, within a week you wrote me. You had tried to stop the urge but couldn't resist and had found me on a social networking site. Though resistant at first, I soon surrendered and after the formalities and filling the voids, the mails became more honest and sexual, needy. We exchanged e-mails for weeks and decided we would meet for lunch and now here we are.

I see myself in the window of a shop as I’m nearing our meeting place. My highlighted blond hair is pinned up loosely, little makeup, face tanned, stamped with slight freckles, accent on the green eyes. Coming directly from the office I wear a business suit but I‘ve put on my best skirt for you, showing my long tanned legs. Though we agreed to only have lunch I bought a new set of lingerie and a nice pair of killer heels! My shirt fits like a glove around my body showing my firm boobs. I lost a few pounds, a result of losing my appetite since our encounter a month ago, but the loss suits me well. A sudden wave of insecurity comes over me thinking about your tiny Latin-looking wife but I decide to snap out of it and to like what I see in the window.

I turn the corner and see our lunch venue. The terrace is full, as are all the others on the square. Tourists, students, suits, nobody has lunch inside in this weather. I see you sitting at a small table on the side, your arm casually around an empty chair next to you. Your face is in profile, showing that aristocratic nose of yours and your strong features. You’re tanned and have a two-day beard (you remembered…) and look stunning. Your beautiful eyes are hidden behind shades.

I feel damp between my legs and slowly walk towards you, ignoring all other tables. You see me now, your mouth widening in that familiar big smile and showing your white teeth. You sit back, pull up your shades and take me in like a lion watching its prey. I stop and give you your moment. My heart is beating like an adolescent on her first date and my knees are weakening. As I walk to you, the look in your eyes washes the last trail of insecurity away and I realize there is no return.

You stand up and kiss me teasingly on the lips, short and promising, and just as I’m about to plunge in a kiss, your lips move away and run slightly along my neck as your nose delves in my hair and smells my perfume. Again, it is your scent that bedazzles me.

You guide me to my chair and slide in the chair next to me. We sit close. Your presence is intoxicating me. I see you’ve ordered us a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and a dozen of oysters.

I grin, “ Isn’t this a little over the top?”

A wink and a devilish smile, “A first reunion with a glass of milk and a cheese sandwich is not my style."

I feel that a splitting headache is going to keep me out of the office the rest of the day.

My legs are burning, where our thighs connect. Our mouths are chatting whilst our eyes speak their own language, electricity surrounding us. The oysters are heavenly and the Champagne is starting tohave an effect on me. After a while I stand up, fighting the urge to jump you in front of the whole terrace and square to see, and go to the ladies. As I walk away I feel your eyes are burning holes in my back and ass.

Inside the restroom I lean my head across the cold tiles. Light headed from the bubbles and your overwhelming presence, I’m feeling aroused and I decide to give you an appetizer for our lunch. I take down my new black lace French knickers, which by now are soaked and fold them in my hand. I come out again enjoying the breeze sliding under my skirt, feeling like everyone knows what I just did.

I sit down next to you and wave my hand under your nose, opening it and closing it quickly before you realize what it is and slide my present into your pocket. The scent must have given me away because I feel your cock growing and I squeeze it lightly. I see a couple looking at us whispering, she shocked, he with a sly smile. Your hand finds mine under the table and when you realize what I put there, you stand up folding your jacket over your arm discretely covering your crotch. Your cock by now is tenting in your pants.

You quickly slip some cash on the table and fold your arm around me pushing me firmly on the small of my back and guide me across the square. Our glasses and oysters shells remain, the only evidence we were there just a minute ago. The couple stares at us and I wink to the man when we walk away. We only have two hours; there is no time for chitchat or lunch…

Just out of sight from the square you brusquely push me to the wall and finally kiss me. I expect to hear a hissing sound where the heat from my body touches the ancient cold stones of the church.

Instead I hear you hiss, “You tease…”

I fold my arms around your neck, pulling you as close as I can get. Pressing my hips to you I feel your cock pulsing at my leg. You push me back holding your leg between mine, slightly lifting your knee. I moan, your hands are everywhere, first touching and squeezing my ass as you lift me slightly and then one hand is cupping my breast whilst the other one takes the pin out of my hair, releasing it in blond waves, the smell of my shampoo and perfume suddenly surrounding us. Our mouths are glued to each other, our tongues rekindling our fire, exploring each other and getting reacquainted.

To taste you after all these years is heaven, I feel my knees weaken. After what might have been minutes or hours I see your pupils are dark, dilated and filled with passion now. God that kiss could make me cum right here, right now.

Like you read my mind you pull away and your hoarse voice whispers, “Not here, let’s go,” and you take me to your car.

You light a cigarette, JPS, I smile, and you put the car in motion and drive off. You seem to have known that lunch would be optional as you initiate plan B. Within seconds we leave the centre of the old town and you drive me in the country toward the woods. In the back of the car I see a plaid blanket and I’m anxious of what is to come next. I look at you, and ask myself if you know how much my body is aching for you and your magnificent cock.

Since our time is precious, I unbuckle myself and bend over to your crotch. I pull your zipper and free your throbbing cock. God your scents are still the same, I smile again, even with soap you stick to your brands. I look at you and see nothing but lust and passion in your eyes. You get rid of your cigarette, unbuckle and slide your seat back, giving me more space in anticipation of what is to come.

There is no time for teasing or foreplay and after tasting your precum with the tip of my tongue, I slowly take you in. You sigh and I feel your piano fingers fondling my hair. My hands and mouth seem to know their way around you. Oh how, I missed your cock, it seems like all these years were just an in between, practice makes perfect they say, and this is our final exam. I slowly scrape along your shaft with the back of my teeth, as my hands fondle your balls, causing you to groan; I knew you liked that. I teasingly lick and squirm my tongue at the most sensitive part of your head, slowing sliding down your shaft. I then take your balls in my mouth, my tongue caressing them gently.

You’re shivering and leaking more precum by now and I taste and lick you clean. My warm velvet mouth enwraps you as I slowly take you in. My nose hits your pelvic bone, I try not to gag as I feel you sliding down my throat. A moan escapes my throat and the vibration is causing you to swell in my mouth. You softly growl and move your hips in rhythm as I bob my head. I feel you are close.

Suddenly you break and you pull me up before you can cum, you lift my head and kiss me ferociously trying to taste yourself. Although I want nothing more than you to fill my throat with your silky cum you have different plans.

I look up and see you have brought me to a beautiful secluded spot. There is a pond to our left and we seem to be surrounded by forest. You see the question and surprise in my eyes, how did you find… and you give me your widest grin, yes, you did your homework. How could I forget the perfectionist you are?

Before I can speak you say, “Never taken her here,” and kiss me again. I forgot how you were able to read my mind. There will be no ghosts to fight here.

You open your door and with your cock standing out from your pants like a spear, you walk around the car. I grin and feel a Kodak moment coming up. Before I can act you’ve opened my door and drag me out. You push me against the back door, lift my skirt, and with one thrust press your cock deep inside me. I gasp; though you're well shaped I have no trouble taking you in.

“Oh God you’re tight.” You whisper as you fill every void within me.

My body craves you as yours is craving mine. I wrap my leg around you and you lift me as if I am a feather, firmly gripping my ass. The warmth of you inside me combined with the cold metal of the car on my back makes me even crazier. You hold my ass squeezing it with one hand, as you pound deeper with each thrust. Your right hand lifts my shirt and bra in one motion leaving them squeezing the flesh above my breasts, as there is no time to take them off properly. You gasp by the sight of my rock hard nipples and attack them like a dog that has been deprived of meat for too long. Alternately biting, licking and sucking them, causing hot light bulbs to descend to my belly as I internally scream with pleasure.

You slowly and teasingly pull out of me, then pound hard back in again. You do that several times, making my squirm for more, whilst driving me insane with lust.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” My hands frantically try to pull up your shirt, and I end up tearing all the buttons apart as I long to feel your skin on mine.

I groan as my skin finally finds yours, and your lips find that soft spot behind my ears. Oh God, how I have missed your touch and your tongue.

“Oh, Freckles,” you whisper in my ear, and your breathing is driving me over the edge. I‘m silently holding my breath when you say, “Cum, baby, let yourself go.”

I realize, we’re not in boarding school, or a student house with paper-thin walls anymore, so there is no necessity to keep quiet with you. I go wild now and my husky voice has an added affect on you. Faster you pound me now. You squeeze my nipple and your other hand is leaving marks on my ass. The pain is covered by the sensation you bring me. I try to hold back, not wanting the moment to pass as I feel my muscles contracting, gripping you tight. I can’t hold anymore and you kiss me as my wave flashes over me and my juices leak out of us.

You wait until my wave subsides and slowly put me down and bend me over the hood. You're holding my hips, my legs are still shaky, and before I know it you thrust yourself into me from behind. I feel your balls slapping against my ass as your cock is tipping my cervix. The pain is quickly passing into an overwhelming sensation. You want to fill me as deep as possible and you are thrusting into me like a raging bull. You moan like an animal and your hand is searching and flicking my clit, and I feel I'm close again. I reach my hand between my legs and feel your ridge shaft pounding in me and I fondle you balls.

Your thrusts have become aggressive and you pull my hair, I arch my back, and you scream with lust, “Look at me."

I feel you swell inside me and as I gaze over my shoulder the earth is erupting, like a lion you growl and birds fly away as we cum together. With each thrust I feel you shoot me full with your hot cum. You bend over me enveloping me with your body, holding me tight by my hips, as you slowly pull yourself back.

You lay me carefully down at the grass and slide beside me. Your hand is pushing a lock of hair out of my face, I must look like a mess but your eyes say the contrary. You kiss the tip of my nose like you used to and pull me close. Then your kisses slide down from my neck to my nipples slowly making a trace down my belly and below.

You spread my legs and kiss and lick your way making a trail from my thighs to the centre of my joy. You explore thoroughly not forgetting a spot, but gently circling around my still sensitive clit. My excitement is growing again as you taste our cum and lick me clean and I squeeze my legs holding you in between them.

“Oh my god, I’ve missed how you taste.” You look up with your face covered in our mixed cum and before you kiss me, you give me that smile I still see in my dreams.

We both smile now, causing our teeth to clink while we kiss and sucking each other faces. You hug me, I feel your smile in my hair, you kiss my neck as you hold me tight, squeeze me.

“I’m not done with you yet; this is just the beginning.”

I feel a warm aching glow arising in the pit of my stomach, what to do... but I realize now is not the time to feel guilty and I decide to stay in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts. Again you seem to know what I’m thinking…

“Sssshh, later, not now,” and kiss me, looking deep in my eyes – so seriously filled with emotion, making my head spin.

In a mist I recall I still have to phone the office, but your lips tease my still glowing body on fire again. My last rational thoughts melt like ice in the sun and so, like a purring cat I kiss you back; our bodies already aching for round two. I feel drawn back to your spider’s web. It had taken me years to cut loose from your web, now I have returned, but I don’t mind, not now…

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