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The Fire Of Forbidden Passion

Writing my first story from a woman's perspective! Enjoy and feel free to Critisize!
As you walked through the door I felt the wave of your passion flow through the room and caress my body like a million hands touching me in all the right places! I am wearing you favorite black and red lace lingerie. You can see the top of my perky D Cup breast being pushed up perfectly by my bra. They're welcoming you to take advantage of my body and use me to fulfill all of your dirty fantasies! You stand in the doorway in your perfectly tailored Armani suit coming back from a hard day at the office. As I examine your muscular frame I see the bulge of your glorious penis pushing against your pants just begging to be released! I walk towards you seductively becoming more engorged in the flame of your desire with each passing step!

As I come upon you I grab at your jacket and we begin to embrace each other as if it’s been years since we’ve last made love when in reality it was just last night! I can feel the ridges of your hands fall down my silky smooth skin. As they stop to caress my plump round ass I beg for you to grab it! I don’t know why but in this moment all I want is to be used by you!

“Take Me!” I beg as you look deep into my eyes! I feel you lift me and as you bring me closer to you I wrap my legs around your rough and perfectly chiseled frame! I gasp as your penis presses against my body it’s obvious that you want me but you refuse to take me and use me! It puzzles me why but I allow you to tease us both! I begin to work my hips in a circular motion as you carry me to the bedroom. As we enter you throw me on the bed and begin to undress! As every stich of clothing falls from your beautiful body I become hungrier for your embrace, for your love, and for your HUGE COCK!

You stand before me in nothing but your gorgeous smile and I can see your throbbing boner beckoning to me!

“Come to me.” You say as the sound of your voice turns me on more and more! As I approach you I begin to examine your cock every time I see it I feel like a virgin again!

I finally put your rock hard penis in my mouth and as it moves in and out I feel every ridge of your cock move against my lips! You tell me to look up at you and when my blue eyes meet your gorgeous brown eyes you begin to rock your hips and I feel your cock slamming again the back of my throat! Your moans of ecstasy bring some much pleasure to me and I feel I could climax just by the thoughts of you alone!

You lay me on my back and begin to pull down my panties! I can feel them slide down my legs and the sensations bring so many shivers to my body I can hardly wait to feel your tongue pressed against my sweet mound! As you take your place between my legs I look down at you with my eyes begging for your touch! I feel your lips kissing everywhere from my feet, to my legs; everywhere but the one true place we both know that I’m dying to feel it! Finally you begin to slide your tongue between my sweet lips and I can’t believe how wonderful it feels!

“Oh baby, thank you so much,” are the words that flow uncontrollably from my mouth as I throw my head back in ecstasy allowing you to devour my sweet dripping pussy. I can’t help but keep moaning and moving as your tongue passionately touches every inch of my pussy!

You lay on your back and I take my position on top of you! We look deep into each others eyes as I slide my soaking pussy on your dick! As I slowly let it push it’s way inside of me I begin to rock my hips slowly as I’ve come to learn is how you love it! I feel your hands on my hips and I begin to lose control from the sense of your touch! Your penis is so amazing inside of you nothing feels as good no one I have ever been with can ever fuck me like you do! I feel myself climbing higher and higher and I know that soon I won’t be able to keep from bringing myself to a mind-blowing orgasm! I feel you sense it coming because you lift me from your penis! I look at you puzzled and you say, 

“Not yet, my love. I want us to come together!”

You bend me over and run your beautiful dick on the slits of my pussy I can barely handle this sweet torture when I begin to beg you to fuck me! You slide it in me and it feels so amazing I begin to rock my hips back on you without even making conscious decision! There’s something about how your penis fits inside of me that I can’t even describe! Nothing has or ever will feel so right! You smack my tight firm ass and it causes me to throw my head back making my hair flow down my back! Before I can ask you to you grab my hair and pull it back and grab my throat! You whisper in my ear,

“Tell me how much of a slut you are!” and I can’t help but oblige! I start to rub my clit and that sends me over the top!

“Baby, I’m gonna cum so hard!” I scream but again you remove your cock from my wet slit and the sensation instantly drains from me! I’m infuriated but I know that the sensation will return as soon as you are back inside of me!

As I lay on my back and hold my legs up in the air you make your way inside of me! I throw my hands back and grab at our silk sheets as my body begins to move back and forth making my breasts bounce! You grabs for then and begin to entwine my nipples in the cracks of your fingers! You look deep into my eyes and begin to pound me harder that you ever have before! I cover my mouth to keep from screaming! You know exactly what to do and you’re hitting the perfect spot with your dick! There’s no way I can possibly take anymore of this relentless torture when you scream out the words I have been dying to hear!

“Baby, I’m going to come” I begin to rub my clit again and I feel the sensation climb and climb and tear through my body with no remorse! We both begin to come and I love the look in your eyes as you pump my pussy with your sweet load! My body is shaking on your cock and I can’t stop it! I’m coming so hard and so are you!

As we both come down from this glorious high we begin to kiss and cuddle!

"How long do you think we can keep this up?” you ask me as you examine my body!

 I look at you and giggle.

“As long as it takes my shrimp dick husband to find out!” I kiss your cheek and make my way to the bathroom to wash your scent from my body!

I turn to you and say, “You can show yourself out!” :)

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