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Their First Time Together

Two lovers meet at last.

He was excited and nervous at the same time. Would she be there when he got there? They had been becoming closer as friends, but it was an online relationship. They had never been face to face before.


Their mutual attraction had finally made him suggest they meet and see where their relationship might go from here. She had agreed. Now he waited at the isolated country park wondering if she would actually go through with it or if she would be scared off.


It was a warm summer day, with just a hint of showers. He had brought a picnic lunch he hoped they would share as they finally could look into each other’s eyes. He walked along the path to the small shelter where he had told her to meet him.


The slight breeze made a peaceful background noise of branches dancing gently as the birds filled the air with their conversations. The sound of the nearby creek added to the gentle, hopefully comforting setting. He came around the bend and saw the shelter ahead. He stopped. She was sitting there waiting.


His breath caught in his throat. She was looking towards the creek and hadn’t seen him yet. Her golden hair was gently waving in the breeze. She had on a green sundress that favored her legs. He stood there, entranced by her. It seemed like a dream to him.


His heart started beating in his ears as he watched her. Then she turned and saw him watching her. Their eyes met across the distance. Her face lit up and the corners of her mouth turned up in a shy smile. He felt his cheeks burn from her gaze, as he started walking up to the shelter.


She stood as he entered the small, wooden structure. He set the basket down and said hello to her. He slowly walked up to her and looked down into her gorgeous green eyes. She returned his look and watched his blue eyes take her in.


She blushed at his attention and looked down for a moment, and then she looked at him again. They had done it. They were together at last. He suggested they go for a walk. She agreed and they set off down the path to the bubbling creek.


She walked beside him watching his body move. His blue shirt made his eyes sparkle. His slacks showed the signs of arousal. She glanced at the growing bulge in his slacks and then turned her head with a giggle.


He watched her body next to him, drinking in her every movement. Her green dress tantalized him as it pressed against her body in the breeze. Her breasts moved freely about under the shiny fabric, letting him know she was braless. He felt his penis turn to stone.


His throat went dry and he cleared his throat. She looked up at him and then glanced at his crotch. She let out a laugh and then another as she saw him turn red. Now it was his turn to look down quickly. He smiled a small smile and then looking at her he reached out and took her hand as they walked.


Their fingers entwined they walked on talking about life. They discussed regrets and past decisions. He pointed out a wildflower to her. She laughed at a joke he made. He watched as she flirted with him and he flirted back. She told him she was glad she had come. He looked at her and smiled.


They came to a bench beside the creek. They sat down and listened to the sounds of nature all around. They continued holding hands as they sat. She laughed at his embarrassment as he adjusted his still hard cock.


He looked down and stared at her hard nipples. Then he looked up at her eyes. They sat that way for some time, drinking in each other’s looks. Neither of them spoke as they took in the moment.


He let go of her hand and turned towards her. She sat silently, her chest moving in and out faster and faster as she waited. He reached towards her face and brushed her golden hair slowly. He touched her cheek. She looked at his full lips as he stroked her cheek gently.


His hand moved to her lips and he ran his fingers over her lips. She turned her head towards him and sucked his finger into his mouth. He let out a low sigh. A stain appeared on his light colored slacks. She continued sucking his finger and smiled as his hand started shaking.


Her nipples had never been so hard. Her silk panties were becoming wet as well. He looked into her eyes and leaned towards her taking her face with both hands as he gently kissed her lips. Their eyes closed as they moved their bodies closer together on the park bench.


She leaned into his kiss and they exchanged small, urgent kisses. She let out a small moan. His cock tented his slacks. Her hand reached across to him and squeezed his penis. His head jerked back and he let out a throaty groan. She smiled and started rubbing up and down on his engorged shaft.


He looked at her and then at her green dress. He reached for the straps holding her dress up. He slowly pulled them off of her shoulders. He leaned down and started kissing her neck. Then lower to her shoulders. She moaned and shuddered. He pulled her dress down some more exposing her lovely breasts to the open air. He put his head down further and softly blew on her hard nipples.


He kissed them. Then he sucked first one and then other. Her hand stopped stroking his cock and started opening his slacks. He sat up so that she could pull them down his legs. He stood up and stepped out of the slacks, pulling her to her feet. He took her dress and pulled it off of her. She started unbuttoning his blue shirt quickly.


Naked, he crouched in front of her and pulled her soaking wet panties down. She stepped out of them. He kicked off his sandals and helped her out of her shoes. He knelt naked before her. She stood naked and watched as he looked at her. Her hair moved in the wind as he looked at her body. Then he leaned forward and moved her legs gently apart.


He admired her glistening pussy for a moment and then he moved in and kissed it. She signed. He started to lick her slit and she opened her legs more and thrust her groin into his face. He licked and kissed her pussy. He reached up and slowly worked one of his long fingers in. She cried out and her head went back as her juices ran down her thighs.


He continued pleasuring her until she stood there shaking, as an orgasm ran through her body. He continued finger fucking her adding another and another finger to her dripping pussy. As she stopped shaking from her orgasm he stood and kissed her lips gently at first and then more urgently.


He wrapped his arms around her and pulled their naked bodies together. Her arms held him close as they kissed. His hard cock pressed up against her and she rubbed her body against his moaning. As the gentle breeze continued blowing, warm, wet rain drops started falling on the two lovers.


He looked up at the rain cloud passing over head and smiled. She looked at him and laughed. He stepped away from her and picked up his shirt. Turning his naked back to her, he spread the shirt on the grass. With a smile he turned back to her and lay her down on the shirt on her back.


The soft rain made her nude body glisten. He admired her perfect breasts as beads of water rain down their soft curves. Standing if front of her with his still hard cock he looked into her eyes. He started to kneel between her open legs and then paused. She held out her arms to him.


Her naked vagina beckoned. He moved on top of her and leaned in for a kiss. She grasped his shaft and rubbed it over her swollen pussy. He groaned at her touch and his body shivered. They locked eyes once more as he entered her. Slowly he worked his cock inside of her. They both moaned. He pulled out and then pushed in a bit further. They were finally fucking each other.


He pulled almost out and then slammed into her as far as he could. He held himself still for a moment, looking down at her as she reached for his face. Then he started to really give in to his feelings and he began to pound her sweet pussy with his hard shaft. Faster and faster he fucked the green eyed woman. They both had longed for this and now it was becoming reality.


Her juices were slick on his manhood as he continued making love to her. The warm rain fell, as she spread her legs for her lover. He paused and took her legs in his hands. He moved her legs over his back and bent her in two as his passionate thrusting commenced again. Low groans came from deep inside him as they continued their union. She began to scream out his name as she came.


He smiled and looked down on her, enjoying the expression she made as her orgasm overtook her. Water drops fell from his body to hers. He fucked her even faster and then his body shook as his cum filled her sweet pussy. Jet after jet shot out of his cock as he called out her name. Exhausting himself, he leaned down and kissed her softly. Then he laughed with joy and so did she.


He moved her legs down again and lay on top of her hot, wet, naked body as his cock became soft again .He stayed inside of her, holding her close. He kissed her neck and stroked her wet hair. She ran her hands up and down his moist back. They were content.


The sun came back out, as the two of them lay shining in its rays. They kissed some more and smiled at one another. Now they truly were lovers.


He pulled out and sat back taking in her beauty. He stood and reached for her hand. She took it and he pulled her up. They laughed again at the water dripping of them. Then they moved closer and held each other, basking in the sun’s warmth and each other.


They walked back to the park bench and gathered up their wet clothes. Standing there, they gazed at each other, wondering what would happen between them now. Would this be their only time together or would it be destined to occur again?


Taking her small hand in his large hand, they walked back to the small shelter where the picnic basket sat waiting for them. He hung their wet garments out to dry in the warm sun, as she opened the basket. He came and sat beside her. They quietly ate together and enjoyed the touch of the other’s body. They were alone in their own paradise, at least for one afternoon.


They sat there for some time enjoying each other’s company and the sound of nature all around. She rested her head on his shoulder as he stroked her hair. She held his hand and he held her next to him. Neither wanted the afternoon to end. They kissed softly and talked quietly to each other.


Though they didn’t want it to, they knew this moment was coming to an end. They gazed into each other’s eyes. He finally stood up and she followed. They hugged naked once more and then they went to dress in their damp clothes. They laughed at themselves. Then they came together again for a long, long hug. At last the couple parted, with a final gentle kiss.


She watched his back as he made his way back up the path. Her eyes were damp. He looked back at her as he walked. He smiled and blew her a kiss. His eyes glistened with moisture. Smiling at her, he turned away and left her alone. She smiled to herself. He had told her they would be together again. She knew they would be. It was meant to be.

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Posted 27 Apr 2012 23:46
Wonderful writing. i hope to see more of your work in future.
Posted 21 Feb 2012 12:13
very good story. look forward to the next.
Posted 21 Sep 2011 22:44
A good story, well done.
Posted 21 Jan 2011 15:33
Sexy piece of writing, i loved it. As a new writer myself, i'm experimenting with different styles and this is defo the hardest but I find it the most arousing!
Posted 08 Aug 2010 03:37
Really good DC.... I really liked it
Posted 27 Mar 2010 06:07
Sensuous writer. A gentleman making love to a woman who wet her pussy so much for him that her panty was soaking wet when she stepped out of it. It shows two things 1) he excited her so much 2) he didn't rush. A gentleman who likes to please AND enjoys.
Posted 16 Mar 2010 21:28
Thanks so much for saying that. Novice writer, trust me!
Posted 16 Mar 2010 21:06
For someone who cliams he is not a writer, I am in awe. what a perfect love story. You have done well my friend.

Posted 14 Mar 2010 12:36
What a very erotic encounter! Beautiful first story and hope it will be the beginning of many more to come!
Posted 14 Mar 2010 11:19
For this particular story I decided to not have actual dialogue. It was a style choice. Makes it harder to write too. Future attempts will have a script for my actors. I wrote this for a friend. Thanks for the comments!

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