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A Friend Comes To Visit

I've become close with a few people here on Lush. Hope you enjoy.
This is my first story. I’ve become close to a few people on Lush, the guy in this story being one of them. We tease and play with each other constantly but unfortunately we live far from one another so we can only talk on the phone. I had a dream that he came to visit me and it was hot enough to share with everyone as well as be my first story! Names have been changed, of course.


I rolled over in my bed when I heard my phone ringing. The screen flashed when I hit the unlock button, letting me know it was 6 in the morning… I wondered to myself why on earth anyone would be calling me at this ungodly hour. I looked at the caller ID, it came up as unknown. "Hello," I mumbled into the phone.

"Hello baby," said a masculine voice at the other end, sounding unbelievably cheerful at that moment considering he’s a time zone behind me and its 6 o’clock a.m. here which means its 5 o’clock a.m. there.

"Kev! How are you? And what the fuck are you doing calling me this fucking early?" I basically yelled into the phone.

"Well I just wanted to let you know that I have a conference in your province... Can I stop by and see you?" he asked.

"Of course! Why don't you stay with me?!" I asked.

"Okay sure I’ll be there Friday night!” he said before we said our goodbyes and hung up. I of course went straight back to bed, I mean it was 6 o’clock in the morning!


Soon enough Friday came and I was standing in the airport when I saw him come down the escalator with a grin on his face. I could barely contain myself; I ran towards him, jumped on him and wrapped my legs around him, hugging him. "You look great Kev! I can’t believe your actually here! This is unbelievable!” I was talking so fast that I jumbled my words together.

"Thanks baby as do you! Haha I know I can’t believe it either and Kali you’re going to have to slow down a little bit for me to understand what you’re saying!" he was stroking my back as he said this, my legs still wrapped around his hips and my arms around his neck. People started to stare but I didn't care I was just glad he was here, in my arms, completely real.

“Kali you’re going to have to get off of me so I can get my luggage you know?” He laughed as he set me on the ground.

“Right! I know I’m just really excited that you’re actually here! I didn’t think we’d ever get to meet!” I told him as he put his arm around my shoulders and drew me close.

“I know baby. I know. I’m glad we get this chance too.” We picked up his bags from the luggage carousal and brought it to my car. We shoved it into the trunk and backseat before hoping into the driver and passenger seats. We drove to my house in comfortable silence.

As I pulled into the drive way I announced "Well we're here, my home sweet home."

We got your bags from the trunk and backseat and hauled them inside. “Hey Kev do you always carry bricks around in your suitcases when you have business trips?” I teased.

“Haha, very funny Kali, actually that suitcase just has my suits in it. Hun, you just don’t have any muscles” he teased. I glanced down at my biceps…I really didn’t have any he was right.

I was pulled out of my self-pity party of having no muscles when he asked, "Hey babe, is it alright if I have a shower?"

Me, being an amazing friend, said, "Sure Kev whatever you want, you can have!" Though I did say it rather slyly, with a sexual meaning implied.

I led him upstairs to one of my two guest rooms and showed him where the bathroom was. I retreated to the other guest room, on the first floor that I use as an office. I heard the water being turned on and the sound of a belt buckle dropping onto tile. I assumed this meant he was undressing and hoping into the shower. That's when I started thinking... “I've only seen his dick on cam before... I really want to see it in real life.”

Then an idea popped into my head. I realized I had not yet given him a towel so I slipped inside the bathroom. I yelled over the running water, "Hey Kev I left a towel for you on the counter." And then I slipped out of the bathroom.

He yelled back, "Thanks Kali! Appreciate that!"

I had my first voyeuristic experience as I peeked through the door to make sure he got the towel, just as he stepped out of the shower naked! I mean completely naked — birthday suit naked! A sharp breath escaped my lips as I watched him walk to the counter completely naked. His body was glistening from the water running down his body. His well-kept, defined, and sexy as hell body. I stood at the door, watching him dry himself off. I think the thing that fascinated me the most and kept my attention for the longest, was that his pubic area was completely bare. I don't know many guys who are willing to do that. They refuse to, saying it is my job not theirs to be completely bare.

His penis, which was not fully erect I might add, seemed huge. I watched with growing fascination as he took his cock in his hand and massaged it gently. Running his fingers up and down the length and running his thumb over the head. His eyes were half closed as he jerked himself slowly. I watched as his hand moved faster and faster until his cock reached full erection, standing proud and extending away from his body. I wanted to lick it then and there but I didn’t dare disturb him. It must've been 8 inches long... I licked my lips in lustfull anticipation.

I put one hand against a wall to support myself as my other hand found its way to the inside of my panties. I could feel the heat and dampness. I rubbed my clit, running my fingers over my swollen pussy lips. I dipped a finger into my pussy and found it wet and silky. My hips moved forward as if on their own, enclosing my finger in the depths of my pussy. My pussy squeezing my fingers, wishing they were a cock instead.

All that was running through my mind at this point I was, “Kev, please notice me so you can fuck the living shit out of me.” A moan escaped my lips as I felt the growing need for sex, any sex at all, I just needed sex.

I watched as his hand jerked his hard cock. The sliding of his hand up and down his cock, his soft groans as he pleased himself, and hearing them only made me wetter. I matched my movements to his. When his hand moved up I pulled my fingers out and when he moved his hand down I shoved my finger inside of me. My fingers were going In and out while my thumb stroked my clit. Oh I was so close. My legs were spasming from the pleasure and my juices were running down my legs. My clit a hard little ball that was easy to flick. I watched as his body jerked a little bit and watched as thick white liquid came spurt after spurt, shooting out of his cock, coating my bathroom counter. I could not hold back any longer, as my hips suddenly stopped moving and my thighs tightened and started to spasm. I felt my cum on my hand and felt my juices running down my legs as I bit my lip to keep from moaning loud enough for him to hear.

I retreated to my room to clean up my mess and go have a shower myself.


This is my first story; comments, helpful criticism and feedback are welcome! Tell me if you liked it! I’m anticipating the dream where I learn what happens next in Kevin’s visit. So check back in and see if there’s a sequel yet.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 08 Feb 2014 00:51
Hot story.

Posted 23 Dec 2013 12:58
nice story...right to the point with no useless extra verbiage and a suitable climax...two actually
Posted 24 Nov 2013 16:08
Mmmmmm juicy.
Posted 22 Nov 2013 13:36
Great story. I have a soft spot for watching myself.
Posted 20 Nov 2013 07:24
Wow, for a first story you certainly did so well with your attention to details and establishing the scene. Your mind - downright nasty - you must be a joy in the real world.
Thank you for sharing and from viewing your site - I will have several to read before the end!
Well done
Posted 19 Nov 2013 12:46
What a mind for a young lady that seemed so prim and proper it's a case of don't judge a book by its cover Great first story
Posted 19 Nov 2013 11:20
Posted 19 Sep 2013 14:55
great first story for sure! Cant wait to see more from you!
Posted 02 Jun 2013 05:41
very sexy make me feel like I am there with you
Posted 25 Feb 2013 21:28
Wow, luv the way it ends with you making yourself cum...
Posted 20 Dec 2012 23:22
Nothing hotter than a sexy story about a girl getting herself off.
Posted 17 Dec 2012 12:48
Very nice first story.
Posted 08 Oct 2012 12:55
Mmmm thanks for sharing, Loved your story... You pulled me into your delicious Fantasy... I can't wait to read your next one... ;-)
Posted 08 Oct 2012 10:00
Great story, well worth five stars. Would love to read more from you.

Posted 13 Apr 2012 08:09
Excellent story development, I really enjoyed it. Look forward to your next story. Thanks for sharing!
Posted 01 Apr 2012 16:04
Very hot, can feel the desire! I really hope your inner sex kitten conjures up more hot dreams! x
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:05
real nice sexy story. scored a 5.
Posted 04 Dec 2011 02:54
great story. i have questions to ask you about this as we get to know eachother better: ]
Posted 28 Nov 2011 12:04
A very nice story girl!
Posted 28 Nov 2011 10:23
Great story, really enjoyed. Congrats !! Real turn on. Expecting part 2
Posted 15 Nov 2011 18:12
Great story!! +5 from me!!
Posted 05 Nov 2011 20:44
loved the story,,, voyeur and masterbation... what a great combo. can i come and visit next????? cant wait for more stories

Posted 05 Nov 2011 05:37
That was a really sexy idea for a story - you masturbating while watching him do the same! I'm sure he was thinking of you too. I love watching people masturbate - girls as well as guys!

Posted 01 Nov 2011 11:48
So very well done Kali. Can't wait for you to write again!
Posted 01 Nov 2011 05:39
great story
Posted 01 Nov 2011 05:10
Kali, very good story...I like how you framed the story

Posted 31 Oct 2011 19:36
Great job Kali!!! One hot sexy teasing first story! I can't wait to read more!!!
Posted 31 Oct 2011 18:45
great story Kali, I like your writing style, you got my full attention so I gave you full marks!
Posted 31 Oct 2011 18:25
Great story! 5*
Posted 31 Oct 2011 15:35
Awesome story Kali, super hot and very enjoyable! Great first story, can't wait to read more!
Posted 31 Oct 2011 14:14
I enjoyed your great first story! I like that you take the time to develop the story and characters and then build to the hot action. I certainly hope you will continue writing, because this story needs to have more chapters!
Posted 31 Oct 2011 13:14
How could he not? I'm not retreating, just waiting for more. Nice first.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 09:03
good story would like to read more
Posted 31 Oct 2011 06:39
Very nice Kali! I sure hope there is a very hot follow up to this story! I will be looking and hoping! Very good first story.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 06:38
Nice story, but that dude needs a slap for not taking care of you. Got some nice tingles from your descriptions of your own pleasure.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 06:02
Posted 31 Oct 2011 05:50
Hot spicy story for the first. 5
Posted 31 Oct 2011 03:51
great story well done, a real turn on
Posted 31 Oct 2011 03:37
Well done for a first story. I could be critical of the details, but they were overpowered by the tempo and character buildup. The details of how many fingers you used is my only real or two? It says finger in one place and fingers in others...gave you a 5 because the story is well done and erotic.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 02:31
For a first story that was pretty good

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