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At The Male Clinic

I suppose many of us men encounter male performance issues, commonly grouped under the general category of erectile dysfunction, as we mature. Such was the case with me some years back before current drugs such as Viagra and Cialis were even available. I found myself having difficulty in achieving and maintaining the kind of erection that I desired, not only for sex with my wife, but more importantly, for sex with men. I am normally a bottom, but I want to give my partner the joy of sucking and milking a fully hard cock, before rewarding him with my hot cum.

I discovered a men’s clinic in my home town that advertised for treatment of male performance issues and impotence, among other things. I hesitated to try it for quite a while, mainly because I was afraid I might be recognized patronizing such a place, which could be the source of some embarrassment among my acquaintances. But finally, the desire for a good, lasting erection drove me to make an appointment.

I was surprised to find that the receptionists were attractive women, and I was a little self-conscious explaining my problem. After giving the usual medical history and measuring weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, etc., I was ushered back to an exam room. However, they were quite professional and used clinical language. The doctor was a middle-aged, stocky African-American, with a congenial demeanor and a disarming personality that made me feel at ease - as much as was possible under the circumstance. He asked more questions about my sexual history and current practices: sex with my wife – about once a week; masturbation – one or two times a week; porn with masturbation – sometimes, to male porn; sex with others – infrequently, with men.

He indicated that there was a new drug that could help with erectile dysfunction, but he first needed to try and find out the underlying cause of the problem. The problem could be caused by a physical ailment or injury, a hormone deficiency, or it could be a mental problem. He prescribed the drug, which was self-injected into the penis just before sex, often in conjunction with other therapies, including behavioral modification. He wanted to get some blood work, and do a nocturnal erection test before going further.

He provided me with a device to take home and record my night-time erections. It consisted of an expandable, spring-loaded band that was placed around the base of my penis, connected by a wire to a small instrument case. The device would record the timing, duration, and strength of my erections. He asked that I not have sex for three days prior to the test. I took the test and returned the instrument to the office, and set up another appointment.

When I returned for the office visit, the doctor reported that my blood work was normal, and that my nocturnal erections were typical and quite strong. He concluded that it may be more of a mental issue in connecting my desires with my physical response. He thought the drug would certainly help, but wanted to consider the possibility of also doing some behavioral modification. First, he needed to perform a procedure in the office to test my sexual response to stimulation. The test would be run all the way to my orgasm. I was a little apprehensive, but agreed and set up another appointment. (All these appointments and tests were not inexpensive, and were not covered by insurance.)

On the appointed day, I was brought back to a room with a padded exam table. The doctor introduced his male nurse, Stan, who would administer the procedure. Stan appeared to be in his 30’s, of average looks and build. The doctor explained that I would be made comfortable on the table and would be subjected to electro-stimulation of increasing intensity until I climaxed. My response would be recorded using time-lapse photography. (No head shots would be taken.) I would be partially alone, with the attendant hidden behind a partition on the controls. He assured me that the room was quite private and sound-proof.

The doctor explained that the first test would be for a control to see my response. After reviewing the results, he may suggest some behavioral modifications to enhance my response before repeating the test. He asked if I had any questions, then left me with the nurse.

Stan said that I would be completely unclothed during the test. I certainly didn’t object, since one of my turn-on’s is exposing my nakedness to another man. I disrobed while he went to the controls and climbed up on the table on my back. The nurse returned and raised up two leg stirrups onto which my legs were placed and secured with Velcro straps. The stirrups were spread apart to a position where they were furthest apart and locked, exposing my shaved crotch. He then secured my arms at my sides with Velcro cuffs to keep me from touching the electrical connections, supposedly for my own safety and comfort.

Stan then sat on the stool at the end of the table between my legs and rolled over a table with some electrical-looking equipment. He asked me if I had ever heard of a TENS unit, and I said that I had used one during physical therapy for a shoulder injury. He indicated that this was kind of similar, only it would help stimulate me to orgasm.

He lubricated what appeared to be a specially designed butt plug, which he gently inserted into my anus, slowly working the large bulb in past my anal ring of muscles. Once past, my muscle ring automatically clamped down on the narrower stem near the base, locking it into place, and bringing an audible gasp from me. (I am very anal-erotic.) He then secured a flexible narrow band around my cock right below the flanged head. To both the plug and band he attached electrical leads, which were connected to a junction box.

He said that he was going behind the partition to turn on the camera and begin a series of electrical stimulations. He told me to relax and go with the sensations and not to fight against or resist them. He said that they would not be painful, but would be somewhat intense. After a moment, I began to feel tingling sensations. These were not constant, but were pulsing at a variable frequency, and at the same time the intensity was rising to a crescendo, then falling. I was panting as he sent wave after wave of current through my groin. The electrical stimulations were causing my anal sphincter to contract with each pulse. When it did, it clamped down tightly on the specially-shaped stem, pulling the large end of the butt plug in hard against my prostate. This occurred uncontrollably. I could not stop what was happening.

Stan adjusted the frequency of the pulses so that they set up an in-and-out pumping motion by the plug. It was like I was being fucked by the motions of my own anal contractions. In addition, the electrical path ran from my prostate, through my perineum, and up my cock to the head. Needless to say, I was breathless. My body was reacting to the pleasurable stimulations in ways that I could not control. All I could do was moan loudly in deep unintelligible groans, eyes closed, gasping and writhing as I was racked with extreme sexual pleasures like I had rarely experienced. I pulled against the restraints, but could not move. My cock was rigid as steel, veins distended, head purplish and engorged and drooling precum.

Stan increased the intensity of the pulses, driving the plug repeatedly against my sensitive G-spot. I cried out as my pent-up orgasm blasted from my cock, shooting rope-like strands of thick white cum up as far as my chest. He gradually slowed down the stimulations then turned them off. I was like a whimpering corpse, wet with sweat and coated with semen. It took a while to regain my composure. Stan removed the electrodes and loosened my restraints. He then left me to dress. I could not help but notice a clearly visible lump and wet spot on the front of his scrub pants. He noticed that I noticed and simply smiled.

The doctor returned in a few moments, and told me that the procedure went so well, that he was simply going to give me a prescription for the injectable performance drug. He demonstrated it for me, and in a few moments I was experiencing another rock-hard erection, even though I had just cum a few minutes earlier. Needless to say, the drug restored my confidence and brought many rewarding experiences, particularly with other guys.
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