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Drum Lesson - Part One

A drum lesson ends in a juicy climax
She had been the singer in our band for less than a month but she was doing a great job already. She could certainly sing and was great to look at and had great energy. Dark haired and Scottish, she was about 5’7” tall, slim but with a slightly full arse.

At her second rehearsal, she mentioned she wanted to have a go at my instrument - the drums. During a break she took a seat at the kit as I encouraged her to bash out a simple groove. As I saw her there, my mind took a turn and I imagined her arse and pussy rubbing against my drum stool as she banged out her rhythm.

That thought totally distracted me from the next song we played and yes I made a mistake. Apologizing to the rest of the band, I chuckled to myself at the reason for my lack of concentration. Oh well it was innocent and I quickly pushed it to the back of mind for the rest of the rehearsal.

A few days later I got a text from her asking if I did drum lessons. "Yes I do," I replied and a few minutes later my mobile rang. After the pleasantries, she asked me if I would mind giving her a lesson or two. She mentioned that one of her flatmates hand an electronic kit set up in the basement room and that she fancied seeing if she could get some drumming going.

That was fine by me and we arranged to meet up at her place in a few days. As always I prepared well and although I thought about the drum stool episode, I wasn’t expecting anything other than a drum lesson.

On arrival, I was led down to the rather comfortable basement room. It was hung with curtains, with a couple of sofas and table decorating the room. In one corner sat the drum kit. In short it was a great practice room for anyone, let alone a singer.

I accepted the glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc I was offered and started the lesson. I like to get the basics right like stick grip and position behind the kit. She looked great and we chatted comfortably about this and that as I got her to sit behind the kit.

She was wearing a loose fitting black skirt with no tights and a cream blouse which was translucent enough for me to see that she had no bra on. She was quite small up top but I could certainly make out her nipples poking through the material as we started the lesson.

As I got her to sit at the kit with her left foot on the hi-hat pedal and her right foot on the bass drum pedal, I noticed that her skirt had ridden up slightly and had exposed her milky thighs.

Very soon she had mastered the standard groove whilst I walked around in front of the kit with my wine and looked back at her seriously grooving. She was bouncing on the seat and obviously having fun. The thing was every time she moved her skirt flew up a bit and exposed a lovely pair of black lace panties for a few seconds at a time.

I really didn’t know what to do but was so completely enthralled by her performance that I wanted more. It was time for a play along track. I plugged in my iPod to the electronic brain and put on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. I explained to her that the groove was the one she had been playing and now her task was to play along to the track keeping time.

As the intro kicked in, she set off on her four minute grooveathon, clearly loving every single minute of it. So was I. Just watching her made me extremely horny as she exposed her thighs and her lace panties throughout the session.

Once we had run through the song a few times I suggested a break, so we adjourned to the sofa for some wine and a chat. Talking with her was really easy and natural, and once we had finished our glasses it was back to the lesson.

I really wanted to get her relaxed at the kit. Her playing was a bit stiff so I explained what I was going to do and how I was going to do it, and moved behind her. It was quite tight so I was close enough to smell her. She smelt divine.

I had to reach round from behind her to guide her arms into a more relaxed state. That was fine but then she asked about her feet and whether she was using the pedals properly.

She was playing heel down and I suggested heel up to give it a bit more oomph. She didn’t quite get it and I needed to get her sitting properly forward on the drum stool to make that technique more comfortable. Before I touched her I apologized and gave her a gentle shove forward and then made sure she was sitting upright by putting one hand on her back and one on her stomach.

My next task was her right foot. To get her to change to the heel up style, I had to reach down and lift her ankle up to start with. There was absolutely no objection either as I gently placed my hand under her right thigh, just above her knee, to get her to use the right movement.

Her closeness was beginning to have an effect and I felt my cock grow inside my trousers. I felt slightly embarrassed but hey it was a free erection.

I moved back behind her and asked her to play on to see how it all felt. She said that it felt fine and the improvement in her playing was easy to hear.

She had been playing for about forty-five minutes and that was about it. She had plenty to be getting on with and despite her pleading I turned down any payment. Instead she persuaded me to stay for another glass of wine and a few snacks.

I sat down on the sofa and sipped my wine as she slipped upstairs to get the crisps and dips and nuts. She returned, plonked the food on the nearby table with another bottle of wine, and without warning positioned herself on the floor between my legs with her back to me.

The wine was good and the company delightful. We chatted and laughed about various things and when she gently took the mickey out of me, I put my hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

To my surprise she then asked me for another squeeze, complaining her shoulders and neck were sore. I put down my glass and started to massage her shoulders. From her gentle moans I could tell she was obviously enjoying it. She had also pulled her knees up and, as I carried on the massage, I noticed her skirt had risen to her hip level. Because she had slightly spread her legs, I could clearly see those panties. The problem was that they weren’t the black lace ones she had on before.They were now orange cotton. She had changed them.

As I continued, she began to bring her knees together and then separate them in a very rhythmical way. I could see her eyes were closed and as I was as horny as hell, I decided to take a risk and kiss her neck.

Instead of a slap or something similar, all I got was a sigh and her hand coming back to pull her dark hair forward and expose the rest of her neck. I took the hint and continued kissing her neck and shoulders. I decided to make the next move and move my right hand from her shoulder down underneath her arm and round to her breast.

I felt her nipple under her top, hard and proud and decided to tweak it between my thumb and forefinger. She sighed deeply and pushed her head back so I could kiss the side of her neck.

So far so good. I was now really horny but careful not to get too carried away. I moved my left hand to her other breast and stroked it, alternating the tweaks between each breast.

I could tell she was getting turned on as she started to shift her hips, and I could see her tensing her legs as I gently pulled on her nipples. Her top was pretty loose and I moved my right underneath her top, stroking her belly as I moved upwards to her breast. I stroked it gently for a minute or so and then swapped hands so that my left hand was now cupping her left breast inside her top.

As she began to moan more, I looked down to see that her panties were now totally exposed and her legs spread wide. I moved my had to her right knee and began the slow slide down to where those orange panties were covering her pussy.

As I got closer, she was getting more agitated. When I touched her pussy through her she let out a big groan. I began to move my fingers up and down her pussy with each stroke bringing more reaction from her.

I could make out the contours of her pussy and a dark stain that showed she was getting wet. I gently increased the pressure on the front of her panties, spending time down there before moving back to her breast. Yes I was teasing her but it was worth it.

This time I hooked my finger under her gusset and exposed a nicely trimmed pussy. She was wet all right. I could see her juice clearly and her swollen clit poking out among her dark pubic hair. It was made more divine by her scent which was hanging in the air.

As I pushed her panties aside, I slowly slipped my finger in between her lips, removed it and brought it up to her lips. Without any hesitation she accepted my gift and licked it clean.

I returned my hand to her pussy but this time inserted two fingers and brought my thumb to bear on her clit. As I moved my fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, her stomach began to clench in time with the movement of my hand and her breathing became faster and raspier.

I was feeling in a teasing mood, so I removed my fingers and placed my hand on her breast, smearing her juices over her nipple. I could tell she was feeling great pleasure but the removal of my hand from her swollen pussy had caused some frustration.

In reaction, she reached down to her panties and pulled the crotch aside and began rubbing her clit in circles, occasionally pausing to slip two fingers inside before continuing the assault on her sweet spot.

As I continued to stroke her breast and pinch her nipples, I encouraged her to carry on masturbating although it was clear she was not going to stop for anything. Her hips began to buck, her legs twitched and her moans got louder. I knew she was close and as she slipped her fingers back inside and began fucking herself, her body began to convulse as the orgasm built up inside her.

As it hit, I squeezed her nipples hard. This sent her into a spasm and first she thrust back against me before doubling up in exhaustion with her hand gently rubbing up and down her pussy lips as the contractions faded.

Spent, she lay back in my arms, eyes closed and breathing hard. She reached her hand up to my mouth and I readily accepted her juice covered fingers, licking them clean and tasting that sweet taste we all know.

She turned her head to look at me and I bent down to kiss her for the first time. Such sweet lips. I lifted her back up onto the couch where we lay for some moments holding each other close.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was lovely. Perhaps you are free for another lesson next week?”

I nodded and told her I would think of something else for her to do. I stood up, held her close to me and said goodbye.

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