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Home Alone -- Finally!

My first Lush story, I decided to write about an event that happened this morning!
Here's a true account of how I made do with a little bit of time to myself!

To be honest, I never really got any time to myself, even at college. When I got home for winter break, things were always the same. People wandered in and out. This made it hard to find time alone, luckily though I finally found some time this morning. 

My cravings had been growing stronger and stronger after two weeks without a single finger in my pussy. Also as a college student, with a roommate, I found myself toy-less, which kind of sucked for an eighteen-year old virgin. But hey, without time to myself why would I even bother getting one? It would have been a waste of money.

Waking up, I reveled in the feeling of having silence (apart of course from my pets).

As I do every morning I quietly slid out of bed, adjusted my little female boxers and tank top -pulling it back down over my flat stomach as it had ridden up over night- and wandered for the bathroom.

As the steam from the shower fogged up the mirror I quietly stripped myself of my clothes, black and gold, silk and lace panties and slid into the shower. The hot water felt amazing on my frigid skin, making my nipples go hard. The stream of water hitting them continuously made my pussy throb just a bit, enough to make me recognize my urges.

Lathering up my hair I rinsed and admired as the soap slid down my body, over my 32D breasts, flat stomach, and decently shaped ass. My fingers daringly slid down to rub some of the suds into my skin. Massaging gently over my breasts, pinching the nipples and moaning just slightly. My clit gave a slow throb at the stimulation and I slid out after washing the rest of my body, wrapping a towel around my thin body and walking with a dash into my bedroom.

The cold air was not exactly welcomed but when I lay back on my bed, after shutting my door and spreading my legs, it felt amazing on my hot cunt.

The towel fell open and my eyes turned down to my own body. Nibbling on my lower lip I slid one hand flat down my front and parted my slick pussy lips, shifting my damp body so my knees were bent, giving me good leverage to slide my hand over the sensitive area.

Fingers finding my clit and slowly working it in circles, made my needy body tense. Oh it felt so good! Rubbing that soft finger over the hardening clit, and my body started to grind against it, pushing to fingers in to my quiet waiting virgin cunt.

Oh my god.

I'd been waiting for this for two whole weeks now. My fingers slid in and rubbed against my g-spot, tapping them enough to keep the stimulation. Soon though, this wasn't enough. I found myself needing more.

Standing up and making a fast dash back to the bathroom, I grab my electric razor, sliding off the razor head I walked back to my room and turned it on, watching it buzz across my bed. I'd never tried something like this. Never even shoved anything other than my fingers into my waiting pussy.

Taking a little bit of baby oil and smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip I pushed it against my clit just to start, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub. I moaned out, probably a bit too loud, and I found myself thanking the lord that no one was home.

In circles I rubbed it, faster and faster, bringing myself dangerously close to that orgasm I so desperately needed. My pussy was so wet and throbbing, begging for more! It was about two minutes of nothing before I shoved just the tip of the razor handle into my pussy, feeling it vibrate. Oh god, it felt so good.

It's a while of me shoving just in and out slowly, before I shoved it all the way in, crying out in pleasure. Gripping my sheets my hips started to buck, feeling the vibrating shaver hit my g-spot.

This brought me to a shaking orgasm, my body writhing around as my cum slid out onto my towel and around the razor. I pulled it out slowly, causing one more loud moan as it finally exited my tight pussy.

Laying back on the bed, I smirked to myself, rubbing my wet legs together and biting my lip. I smiled, getting back up and making my way to the shower to wash off, coming back and getting dressed right as my mother walks in the front door.

"Hey Anastasia, you just got up?"

"Yeah mom, long night," I lie.

Well I hope you like it.

If you do, I might right more. 

- Anastasia

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Posted 05 May 2012 05:04
incredibly hot!
Posted 07 Sep 2011 22:53
wow that was awesome lol and those are quite fun hehe
Posted 09 Aug 2011 23:56
woww loved it..
Posted 07 Aug 2011 11:31
Yes, please write more! Well written and a real turn-on!
Posted 08 Mar 2011 19:50
very nice, i love to see a young lady rub herself till she cums and i could see it with this story.
Posted 05 Feb 2011 02:54
Very SEXY love it
Posted 26 Jan 2011 19:50
Very sexy account
Posted 24 Jan 2011 10:39
An excellent "5" although I want to rate this story an almost perfect "10". Thanks Anastasia for being so detailed in your discriptions (I don't want to say "educational", but you told this old guy more than he ever knew), you are a talented story teller / writer.

As an editor, I can see only a couple of very, very minor suggestions for change (I'm a nit-picker).
Posted 21 Jan 2011 06:22
mmmmm this sounds quite like my teenage years. My electric toothbrush was quite amazing lol

Posted 09 Jan 2011 12:11
So hot and erotic, keep up the awesome work
Posted 08 Jan 2011 23:38
wow...really hot!
Posted 05 Jan 2011 20:40
So hot - I wish could have watched
Posted 05 Jan 2011 09:09
waoooooo I love masturbation with you
Posted 05 Jan 2011 09:08
Fantastic story
Posted 02 Jan 2011 18:32
totally had you pictured i.n my mind, like I was there watching you
Posted 01 Jan 2011 20:22
very good, I could see you on with that razor, thank you for sharing this, looking forward to more
Posted 31 Dec 2010 17:07
Great Story well written
Posted 31 Dec 2010 11:19
Great story! You definitely should write some more
Posted 31 Dec 2010 09:03
Keep the stories coming!
Posted 31 Dec 2010 08:31
great story... writing please!!
Posted 30 Dec 2010 23:23
Wonderful story. I do hope you write more...
Posted 30 Dec 2010 22:30
Very hot story... I am at work and it is all I can do to not take care of this rise in my pants right now.... Thanks for a great story.
Posted 30 Dec 2010 21:20
Loved it!! Very good, and I also used a hair brush Vivien..
Posted 30 Dec 2010 21:06
Great story and well told. Nice job in describing your feelings and action. Made me horny!
Posted 30 Dec 2010 20:54
Thanks so much guys!
Posted 30 Dec 2010 19:57
very nice. I also love to masturbate and enjoy reading about the joy that others get from doing this also. I hope you write more soon. this one was very hot and very good for a first story
Posted 30 Dec 2010 19:42
LOVE IT!!! super hot
Posted 30 Dec 2010 19:23
Posted 30 Dec 2010 19:20
I will!
Posted 30 Dec 2010 19:19
really hot great story please please write more
Posted 30 Dec 2010 18:21
Thanks both of you!

Posted 30 Dec 2010 18:15
very hot.

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