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In my Classroom

She could feel him fill her mouth. It was a feeling she tried to shake as she sat after hours in her classroom trying to finish up the lessons she needed to write for the sub. She was to be out of school for the next three days for a get-away with him and the classroom set-up had to be perfect before she left.

Yet, she wasn't able to concentrate on the task before her. It was impossible because all she could think about was his cock and having it push through her lips, touching her tongue and filling her mouth. It was strange to her how much she craved him and loved to blow him. She had done it for others, but never actually enjoyed it with those guys. At times she found herself getting annoyed or angry with them for "making" her sit there bobbing up and down on their "thing". All she was doing then was hoping it would just get over with.

But no, no, not with him. She honestly found herself in desperate need to fuck him in her mouth. Like now, when she couldn't shake the need and found her mouth and pussy getting wetter with every thought of it. What else could she do, but satisfy her craving even if he wasn't there to be apart of it. She closed her eyes as she imagined her tongue tasting his manhood as she stroked his cock with it; making sure to put pressure on the extra sensitive parts of his shaft. Not to miss any part, she would stop at the tip and circle and suck it until she was able to swallow down the first signs of his pre-cum.

She was losing herself in this dream and totally forgot her surroundings as she leaned back on her desk chair and began to leave the classroom behind her.

Almost instantly she was back with him, kneeling in front of him; taking her hand and wrapping it around the bottom of his rod, looking up into his eyes as she slowly parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She tilted her head allowing her long blond hair to fall away from her face, while at the same time starring at him letting him know she wanted him to watch her.

Oh God, it felt so good having him in her mouth. She wanted it to be reality and wasn't sure how she could control herself until she would get to him later.

"uummmm" she would leak out of her lips as she began to slowly fuck him with her mouth. She gave every inch of his cock attention. Sucking him hard and licking him, stopping to squeeze and kiss his balls before putting him back where she felt most satisfied moving in and out, teasing her lips and tongue to get more.

His grunts and escaping words encouraged her to respond by bobbing her head faster and moving her hand to his package, squeezing and tickling them. She loved doing that because she knew he would have an uncontrollable need to be deeper inside of her. He would thrust himself forward so she could take all of him deep into her throat. He would need to push her head faster with his hands and she would move hers around him to hold onto his ass to help her keep up with his pace.

Kneeling there bobbing hard, a smile appeared while she sucked harder on his shaft. It felt like sucking the straw of an extra thick milkshake. To make the experience even hotter, she moved her fingers over his asshole, stopping to add pressure at its opening, totally knowing this would throw him over the top. What else was she to do, but do it. As she did he gasped hard and let out an, "aahhh God Babe!" with an intensity that cheered her on to continue. She circled his hole with the same rhythm that she was using to suck his cock.

Oh, my God her cunt was throbbing and dripping juices all over that desk chair. Ummm... she didn't care. What an amazing fantasy and she knew she couldn't stop it without going insane. She needed to fulfill her desires and the throbbing between her legs. Knowing no one was left in the building, she closed her eyes again and imagined herself stopping and taking her skirt and panties off while she did it for real in her classroom. She continued the escapade by taking one hand off of his ass and moving it in-between her legs. He moaned loudly knowing she was going to fuck herself while she blew him. She grabbed his ass hard with her free hand so to help her push him deep, deeper into her throat.

Her pleasure began to build as she felt him encompass the walls of her mouth and push her tongue down with his huge, hard cock. His, "oh my god, fuck yeah, God Babe, oh I am gonna cum, yeah oh yeah... I am gonna cum so hard in your mouth! Oh, get ready, uuuuh fuck yeah!"

She rubbed her clit harder and faster and the rush of sexual satisfaction was climbing to amazing heights, both kneeling in that dream and sitting pushed back in that chair with her feet spread apart; heels of her shoes resting on her desk.

Her need to feel his cum in her mouth was only a moment away and she herself was cresting into ecstasy. Then he gave it to her, what she wanted, the complete fullness of his cock encompassing the walls of her mouth, signaling that he was going to let his load go and he did as he thrust himself with such deliberate intention. And then, ahhh yeah, she tasted all of him, and he jerked his body as he continued to thrust with no control of his motions now. His natural reflexes took over and he was totally and completely hers. Knowing this she allowed herself to get her own personal satisfaction as she rubbed herself hard enough and fast enough to force her own, "ahhhs and ummmms," while she exploded into a long, sweet orgasm.

She didn't want to let that beautiful muscle out of her mouth. She slowed her motion and lightly licked and sucked until he was too sensitive and he forced her to release him. She was totally satisfied. She got what she wanted and what she needed.

However, ummmmm, God, sitting in that classroom she still wasn't satisfied and she was scared she was going to lose her mind if she didn't get his cock in her mouth soon.

Luckily, she wouldn't have to. She was still lost in the fog of her dream, when she finally opened her eyes and got ready to dress herself. While pulling her panties on, she noticed that he was there, in her classroom and by the look on his face had been there for the majority of her performance. She smiled at him, glancing to see the huge bulge in his pants, that lovely, fucking amazing bulge that begged to be placed in her mouth. With total delight, she winked and said "Come over here, sexy!"
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Posted 11 Jan 2014 15:48
young lady you made my fat cock hard as read it now where is part two tell me more mmm
Posted 06 Jan 2014 15:20
Damn girl, you write one very hot story. I loved it!
Posted 01 Aug 2013 02:35
love the detail and the womans perspective. That achieved the right end-orgasmic I must say!
Posted 07 Jul 2013 11:13
Wow, incredibly sensually detailed...Great story to whisper in someone's ear.....
Posted 06 May 2013 17:00
wow good story wish i was him
Posted 03 Mar 2013 21:58
Very well wriiten. Real talent here! Looking forward to more
Posted 24 Nov 2012 18:22
Wonderfully written, extremely erotic... aaahhh, the joys of being a teacher... 5+
Posted 27 Sep 2011 08:37
Very nice.
Posted 28 Aug 2011 06:05
Fantastic! Love how you bring the readers imagination, front and center with you. Keep up the great work. Look forward to more pleasurable reading of work! Thanks for sharing.
Posted 13 Aug 2011 03:56
Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! I felt like a fly on the wall, watching the pace built up ever so slowly, the heat of the moment rising until you (and he) exploded! A good a piece of erotica as I have ever read! Please grace us with more!
Posted 29 Jul 2011 01:02
Made me think of my classroom days
Posted 25 Jul 2011 23:25
What lovely and strong imagination she has. Wonderful to find a gal who is just crazy about cock sucking.
Posted 20 Jul 2011 07:23
Your story was exciting! My wife is a teacher and it's fun to imagine her getting hot thinking about sex while in her parochial school classroom writing lesson plans!
Posted 07 Jul 2011 13:38
I loved your story... Mmm Hot Very Sexy Aroused Teacher doing naughty things in her Classroom... Just the thought of it is putting a bulge in my levis, Thanks, Great Story!!! I hope you have more to cummmm :-)
Posted 07 Jul 2011 12:19
Great story girl!
Posted 29 Jun 2011 12:54
Well written. More please and soon.
Posted 29 Jun 2011 06:20
Loved this story. A wonderful combination of the sensual and the sexual.
Posted 29 Jun 2011 00:47
Classroom always made me horny
Posted 28 Jun 2011 21:04
very good
Posted 28 Jun 2011 20:08
excellant story. had to go masturbate after reading it was sooo hard and ready
Posted 28 Jun 2011 19:57
hot made me cum fast....
Posted 28 Jun 2011 19:47
you make me feel as though I am there..........sexually charged writing

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