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My Hot Aunt Debbie Part1

My Aunt gives me a week to remember.
During Desert Storm, I was serving in the Air Force and ready to come home on leave. At nineteen, I was in very good shape with a very firm body and neglected cock after being gone for so long. I was given a couple weeks leave after being gone for a year, so I immediately started making plans. 

My mom had a goof-ball boyfriend living with her, so I didn't want to stay there. Next best option, my uncle. The more I thought about staying with my uncle, the better it sounded. My uncle had always been the best male role model I'd known. He was one of those guys with the best cars, all the guy toys, and all the hot girl friends. He definitely wouldn't mind me staying with him for a couple weeks, unless his new wife, who I only met once, had a problem with it. I only remembered her as being one of the many skinny hot blondes he dated. 

I called my uncle and he was ecstatic I would be coming home to visit and he gave me access to the guest room at his house as long as I needed it.

A friend picked me up and dropped me off at my uncles after a beer and making some fun plans for the weekend. I heaved my bag up to the door and rang the bell. I was not expecting what happened next. I heard heels clicking in the entry way, and the door was opened by this goddess.

She said, "Hi Ricky! So glad you made it."

All I could do was stare at the sight in front of me. Her long, blonde hair pulled slightly back, her big, blue eyes and long eye lashes blinking at me. Her full lips covered in pink lip gloss against her tan, smooth skin was almost inviting. My eyes moved down her body to her beautiful, big breasts that formed an amazing deep cleavage in her red tank top. They were so big, and held perfectly in place by her bra, I couldn't tell if they were enhanced or natural. Her hips were barely covered by her white, tight jeans, showing off her tight thighs and legs, to the high heels on her perfectly kept feet. It was probably only seconds taking in this view, but it seemed like minutes as I tried to gain my composure. "Oh, um hi Aunt Debbie. Thank you so much for letting me stay with you."

"Oh, it's our pleasure. Come in, Come in. And give me a hug. Its been so long since we saw you last."

Oh my god, did she just ask for a hug? She put her arms around me like we were going to slow dance. I took her embrace and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even feeling her big breasts against my chest was amazing. Maybe I had been gone too long. This was craziness! I was lusting after my own aunt. 

My uncle greeted me in the living room, and we started reuniting after having been gone for so long. Like most people, they wanted to know what it was like in the Air Force and about the war and what I was doing. We had a great dinner catching up, talking about family and the town. While I would occasionally steal glances at my aunt's chest across from me. It was late and after being in an airplane for so long I was ready to call it a night and catch up on some much needed sleep.

I woke up the next morning, almost noon, to the sound of a chain saw that sounded like was right outside my bedroom door. I stumbled out my side bedroom door that had access to the backyard. My uncle was in the process of trying to cut down a tree. I suggested he stop, so I could change and give him a hand. As we cut the tree down, I was covered in sweat from the California sun in June. I took the first wheel borrow of wood around the back yard and almost tripped over it. My aunt was lying on her back by the pool, in a tiny black bikini. She must have had her legs open, because she quickly brought them up and to the side when she saw me; the triangles of the top barely covering her big boobs. Yes, they were natural, and big. I was guessing DD cups. Her skin glossy from the lotion she was using.

"Looks like someone is working up a sweat," she pointed to me. 

"Yea, I guess so. This tree is big!" as I peeled my t-shirt off. 

"WOW Ricky, you should show your uncle whatever you been working out with. He could use some gym time," she said with a giggle. "But don't tell him I said that. Do you work out every day?"

"No, mostly I just run, do push ups and pull ups. Not much else to do." Is my aunt really checking me out? I wondered.

After working with my uncle, trying to avoid getting a hard on every time I saw my aunt in her little bikini, I had to cool off in the pool. I jumped in and suddenly felt a relief from the heat. But it didn't last long as my aunt stood up, and walked to the pool edge. Her big boobs barely contained as she walked. Her tan hips swaying with the strings of her bikini bottoms. She jumped in, and I immediately wished her top would pop loose. I went under the water, just to check. Nope. But my cock was stirring. This was going to keep me in the water for a while.

As soon as she jumped in, she swam to the pool steps. I watched her every move. Seeing her bikini clad ass for the first time, brought my cock to full mass, almost aching. It wasn't as young and tight as I imagined it would be, but full and round. This was giving me some self pleasure material for later. She turned and said she needed to feed the baby and that dinner would be ready in about hour. The baby?

Just then my uncle joined me in the pool with a couple beers, making it obvious he had already had a few. We chatted about his work and what I would be doing while on leave. He told me about their 6 month old baby, and how he was such a blessing. But the nights were difficult. How everything revolved around the baby now. As my cock settled to normalcy, I made my way out of the pool, just as my aunt announced dinner was ready. It was nice eating outside in the warm evening. Again, my aunt sat across from me, torturing me in a halter summer dress and freshly showered skin and wet hair. Her big breasts giving a slight jiggle every time she moved. She announced she was going to put the baby to bed and would be back downstairs later. I retreated to my bedroom to shower and change as well. 

As I stripped down and got ready to enter the shower, I noticed my aunt's bikini hanging in the shower on a hook. I looked at it, my cock growing, envisioning what it contained all day. As I washed, my cock grew and desperately needed some attention so I started stroking my fat 8" cock. Looking at my cock, its girth and length, I figured I needed to do some grooming. I pulled my extra razor out and started shaving my cock and balls. I wanted this one to be good. So I turned off the water, grabbed a towel and my aunt's bikini top then went across the hall to my bedroom. I sat in a desk chair and started jerking off. Holding my cock in one hand, the bikini top in the other, picturing I was titty fucking the big boobs it had contained. This wasn't going to last long. I was so close. I gave my cock a good firm stroke over the head, just as my bedroom door swung open.

"Ricky, have you seen....," was all she got out.

I blew my load, a big load, all over her bikini top. Spurt after spurt of cum. I am usually a heavy cummer, so the four blasts of cum wasn't a surprise to me. But it was very surprising to my aunt.

"Ooohh mmmyyy ggooodd. Um, just put it back in the shower when you are done. Sorry!" She said then closed the door. 

"Oh shit. What the hell just happened", was all I could think. "Damn this is so embarrassing." I got dressed, and washed her bikini top off in the shower and hung it back up. I stayed in my room for the rest of the night. 

The next morning I got up and made my way to the kitchen, hoping no one else was in there. My aunt was already up feeding the baby in a high chair, wearing another sundress that was a perfect snug fit to her curvy figure. She pointed me to cereal, oatmeal, toast or whatever I wanted for breakfast. As I poured myself some cereal, I looked down across the granite island into the top of her sundress. I could tell she was wearing a white lace bra that held her boobs perfectly. 

"Aunt Debbie, I am so sorry about last night. I really am."

"No worries sweetie. You have been gone a long time, and a young man needs his release. I am actually flattered I could help," she said with a smile and slight giggle. 

"Well thanks. It's just very embarrassing having your aunt witness that ya know," I said sheepishly.

"Oh don't be silly, Ricky. It's normal. Every guy jerks off. You know it's true," she laughed. "Besides, you should be proud of that thing. That gift doesn't run in your family."

Oh shit, did she just compliment my cock? "Um, OK, wow. Too much info Aunti." As I finished my cereal in a gulp, she laughed at me.

"Hey if you need to drive the truck and see some friends go ahead. I will be home all day."

"No, don't think so. Everyone is either in school or at work during the day. I think I am gonna go for a run in a little bit though."

As I made my way to my room and thought about my aunt's comment, my cock started to stir. No way, not now. I better go run and get this off my mind. When I came back from my run, I figured I would jump into the pool and relax for the rest of the day. Looked like my aunt had the same thing in mind. She was lying by the pool again, with the baby monitor next to her, in another string bikini. This one was red, and the same style as the black one. Strings tied on her hips, little triangles barely containing her big boobs and tied behind her neck and back. Not sure if it was way she was sitting when I walked out, or how it fit, but her flesh was peaking from below her bikini top. Her nipples were hard and bulging through the fabric.

I thought to myself, "This is going to be difficult. I won't be able to get out of the water."

My cock was already stirring in my shorts as I jumped in. I swam around and hung out on the pool's edge as we chatted about everything. My cock was rock hard as my eyes wandered all over her body through my sunglasses. I just hoped she didn't want to get into the water as well. I found out she was tanning for their trip to Hawaii in a few weeks. The baby started crying, she said she would be going in to take care of baby and then to the store. As she walked back into the house, I found my hand gripping my hard cock. Her bikini bottoms wedged into her ass cheeks. As she pulled them out slightly, this bikini was smaller. Almost a thong style.

As I listened to the baby monitor, she was feeding the baby and then making her way upstairs to change. It was clear for me to get out and make my way to my bathroom for a shower. I was pleasantly surprised to see my aunts red bikini she had just been wearing hanging in my shower. I took the opportunity to use it again for my pleasure, as I gripped my cock and started stroking it eagerly. Holding and feeling the fabric of her bikini top, the fabric that was just minutes before against my aunt's big supple tits. I had many thoughts, erotic thoughts, naughty thoughts a young man should not have about his aunt, running through my mind as I pumped away. I blew another load; I tried moving the top out of target range, but too late. A massive creamy blast already landed in the cup of her bikini. As I finished draining my cock, I hung it back up, forgetting to wash it off.

That evening at dinner, during which I was sitting across from my aunt once again, her wearing a little halter dress that brought more naughty thoughts rushing through my mind as we ate. After dinner my uncle and I watched a baseball game and started playing pool in the game room. My aunt wanted to join in, and I made sure I was in prime view of her huge boobs as she leaned over the table. Her nipples were almost visible, barely contained in her red bra and dress. My uncle made a comment about her "milk jugs" almost falling out. She made a couple smiling glances at me, which I wasn't sure was to tease me or just a sly smile. Her ass was amazing, as she leaned over the pool table, the thin dress fabric revealing she was wearing a little thong. After a while said she was going to shower and go to bed and for my uncle not to stay up to late. She made a strange comment about if there was anything in my bathroom I needed. I couldn't think of anything. She said to please let her know if there was anything missing that I needed.

After our many rounds of pool and a few beers with my uncle I went to my bedroom to watch some late night TV. 

When I went into the bathroom I figured I might as well take another hot shower to relax. I undressed, stepped into the shower and noticed my aunt's bikini was gone, but hanging in its place was the red bra she was wearing today.

"Oh my god, what is she doing to me. Is she enjoying me jerking off into her tops?" I wondered.

I held it in my hands, the lace edges, the thin straps. The tag read 36DDD. My cock throbbed to life. I gave it a few strokes, with an image in my head of her wearing this bra. I wasn't going to waste this one in the shower. I got out, dried off sparingly and went into my room. I sat in my chair, with some lotion I found under the sink and started stroking my cock some more. Holding my aunts red lace bra in the other hand, feeling the fabric that was against her big tits. With my eyes closed, picturing in my mind my cock sliding between her big boobs. I heard a faint click and opened my eyes to see the door opening. 

"Oh my god! Twice in one day? Impressive Ricky."

"Oh shit. I am sorry", trying to cover my cock with her bra.

"A man must do what a man must do. Don't let me stop you", she said with a smile and her eyes locked on my semi-covered cock.

I looked at her standing in my doorway. She is wearing a short nightie, nipples hard and pushing through the thin fabric.

"Go ahead, its OK".

I start moving my hand up n down my shaft slowly, not knowing what else to do. She was watching me, biting her lower lip. Dark wet spots soon appear on the fabric surrounding her nipples.

"Oh fuck, I am leaking", as grabs her big boobs in her own hands.

Caressing them in her hands, I am about to lose my load. I can't hold back any longer as I watched her. Her left nipple became exposed with her rubbing and I came. The first blast landed on the floor and a little on her bra, the second and third spurt of my cum landed in her bra cup.

"Oh my god", she stammered and closed the door behind her. 

I was left with my thoughts and semi-drained cock once more. I just jerked off in front of my aunt! What am I thinking?

I wrote this story before when I was on Lush, so forgive me if you already enjoyed it once before. However, each time I write it, it turns me on more n more with the memories, so I had to share again! More about this week with my aunt if anyone is interested in hearing more. Just let me know.

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Posted 07 Nov 2013 17:59
A hot score of 5! Some women actually do things like that. Well written. Great dialog.
Posted 28 Jul 2013 12:40
what a hot story definetly going to read the rest great job
Posted 18 Jun 2013 14:41
Well for sure any guy can remember coming home from a trip in the military,, really horny..
We just didn't all get met by your Aunt.
Greaaat story.
Posted 08 Mar 2013 23:39
By any chance did Aunt Debbie live in Dallas? lol You are a naughty nephew Rick! But it was a great story!
Posted 17 Feb 2013 15:17
That sounded like a lot of fun!!
Posted 01 Feb 2013 15:54
Great story can't wait to read part II!
Posted 30 Jan 2013 18:46
Great story, can't wait hear what you and Aunt Debbie do next..
Posted 30 Jan 2013 13:57
Thanks Everyone... writing about the rest of the week now... by the way... its a real experience!
Posted 30 Jan 2013 08:00
Waiting for pt. 2.
Posted 30 Jan 2013 06:32
Too short
Posted 30 Jan 2013 04:41
now thats a nice aunt, yes have to hear more!!
Posted 29 Jan 2013 22:22
Please continue I want to see we're this goes...........
Posted 29 Jan 2013 20:54
Awesome!! Can't wait for Auntie to take her nephew... 5++

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