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Not Fully Awake

Tags: shower, squirt
Amy 's undeniable horniness has yet to be quenched.
The bright summer sun shone through the window of another suburban house onto the body of Amy, lying naked and spreadeagled on her bed. A sheet lay casually tossed to the floor, and on top of it, a crumpled t-shirt and small pair of stained panties. Amy groaned as the harsh light trickled through her eyelids and she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Movement downstairs caught her attention and her situation was suddenly cast into stark reality. She became aware of her hair, sweaty and in disarray, her mattress cover was stiff beneath her and her pussy throbbed, becoming wet just as she acknowledged it.

Last night had been a delicious quick fix but had done nothing to quench her bodies violent thirst for sexual gratification. Tears welled in her eyes, she had gone against everything she had been taught, from a young age with no permanent satisfaction and guilt washed over her. She jumped up to snatch a shirt from her wardrobe and struggled into it, as if it could hide her shame. Quickly gathering up her panties, stiff with dry cum and t-shirt, still damp with sweat she shoved them into her laundry basket along with the sheet and mattress cover she had hastily torn from her bed.

Creeping across the landing, Amy stole towards the shower, not wanting to inform her parents that she was awake until she had washed the filth from her body and mind. Every step she took bounced her breasts up and down, rubbing her nipples against the rough cotton shirt until they were, once again, erect and painfully sensitive. Her legs rubbed as she moved, her cunt lips sliding silkily together and juices already freely running down her inner thighs.

Abandoning discretion, Amy ran into the bathroom, shutting the door hurriedly behind her she tore off the shirt, releasing her sore breasts to the slightly cooler air to try and calm down. She was just as uncomfortable as last night. Sitting on the seat of the toilet, Amy took deep slow breaths. Her juices quickly made the surface slippery and wet meaning she slid around on in, rubbing her puffy lips against the cool, hard plastic, driving her mad. Her fingers curled around the rim of the seat as the breath shuddered out of her toes curling under.

Jumping up Amy clambered into the shower. She felt as though her body was fighting against her. All her morals screamed at her to stop moving, yet everything stimulated her pulsating pussy more. Trembling hands turned the shower on to cold and Amy jumped back in shock at the vast temperature contrast of the icy water to the intense humidity of the room. Taking the shower head she ran the freezing water quickly over her breasts, down her stomach and swiftly over her snatch in a last ditch attempt to shock her body into behaving.

It didn't work. Her nipples stood to attention as soon as the spray came close, even the air seemed to grate against them, the heat grazing its teeth over the sensitive nubs making her moan out loud. Her plan to quickly douse her pussy also backfired horribly. The water pounded the engorged lips of her cunt, slipping inside to bite at her throbbing clitoris, Amy screamed, collapsing forwards, the hand she reached out to steady herself caught the temperature controls making tantalizingly warm water shoot out of the head, powerful beads of water kneading her dripping pussy towards an inevitable climax.

Amy's body was too weak to resist the strong jets that tickled her towards orgasmic insanity. She slid down the steamed up glass of the shower until her soft ass came to rest on the cool floor, her legs wide apart.

Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own as one grasped for the slippery bar of soap on the shower floor and brought it up to circle her darkened areola and run over the tip of her hard, pink nipples. Amy continued to tease her breasts whilst the other hand kept the shower head's pulsing flow directly aimed at her pussy. The water slammed against her vagina lips, spreading them and seeking out her swollen clit and sticky slit. Her juices mingled with the water to disappear down the drain as Amy shifted her position to allow easier access to her aching cunt.

 Moving the shower head up and down, Amy varied the pressure on her hooded clitoris, moving the spray down to tease her slit. The water was powerful and easily reached inside her and she gasped and buckled on the floor as her snatch was fucked hard by the harsh jets of water.

Hissing with frustration, Amy abandoned the shower head and flipped over onto her knees. Spreading her pussy lips with one hand she quickly forced two fingers into her virgin cunt, her honey drenching her hand and dripping down onto to shower floor. She pressed her face against the cold wall as she bounced up and down on her hand and she thrust her fingers in and out at an ever increasing speed. Her fingers quickly found her g-spot again and she writhed on the floor as she tickled and rubbed it whilst viciously circling and pulling at her clit with the other.

She could feel her orgasm building up in her belly just like last time and increased her efforts to make herself cum. Three fingers forced themselves into her tight snatch making her gasp in new found lusty pleasure. One hand mercilessly stimulated her clitoris on the outside whilst the other pressed and rubbed it from within. Amy could bear it no longer. She humped against her hands for the build up of her orgasm, faster and harder until it crashed through her fragile body.

She shuddered her release, screaming and biting her lips to muffle the sound. Her cum squirted over her hands and the floor, spurts of juice spilling down her thighs and into the drain. Amy closed her eyes in her orgasmic exhaustion, the shower head still pulsing out water next to her, and as her mind cleared, as did the shame roll in.

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