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Seeing It Spurt

Do you remember when you first watched a boy shoot his cum?
A lot of people write the story about the first time they had sex or the first threesome they ever had; you know, things like that. Well, this is about a first, too, but it was the first time I watched the semen shoot out of a boy's dick. Well, maybe not a life-changing event, but, for me, close to it at age sixteen.

It all started when I was over at a friend's house. Taylor was about six months older than me so while we were in the same grade she turned sixteen well before I did.

She also was ahead of me in one other important area, she had a steady boyfriend. So, I always listened closely when we talked about boys and sex and stuff, which was almost all the time. Well, it was all the time, really.

Anyway, we were talking about sex and she was telling me how they had slowly began kissing, then on to a little feeling around, like his hands on her boobs, then up under her shirt, then under her bra. From the first feel outside her shirt to a bare boob feel took about two weeks.

"What about him, what about touching his penis, his dick?" I asked eagerly.

"Oh, by the time he was sucking my boobs, that was about a month later, he was laying on the sofa, his head on my arm in my lap sucking. It was making me so hot, Gina, oh, just wait until a boy sucks your nipples, man, I was so wet. Anyway, he was sucking, his eyes were closed, it felt so good, so hot, I just reached my hand over and put it right where his pants were all lumpy with his dick under there."

"What did it feel like? Was it exciting?"

"Oh, girl, he opened his eyes, for sure, just as soon as I put my hand there."

"I bet he did. What did it feel like ?"

"Well, it was this lump, a long lump and it was hard but also a little soft. And he sure did like me rubbing it, he started moaning as soon as I started."

"He must have really liked it, huh?"

"Did he ever. I had no idea how much but after a few minutes, he groaned and got tense all over and a couple of minutes later, I felt his pants were wet. I'd made him shoot in his pants. Can you believe it?"

"He shot in his pants?"

"Yeah, he laughed about it, thought it was funny."

"So that's as far as you've gone?" I asked.

"Um, no, the next time we were on the sofa like that, I had him take his pants down and I did it to his dick."

"A handjob?"

"Yeah, it was the first time I'd ever seen his dick, any boy's dick, really, oh, except for babysitting, you know, little boys."

"What did it look like?"

"Kind of pinkish-brown, long and with a neck on it then a top kind of rounded and, that was really soft, just silky-smooth."

"The top part?"

"Yeah and feeling along the length of it, it was really soft on the outside but with a hardness or a firmness inside it. It was so fun to play with, I just loved it. You've never played with a boy's dick, right?"

"No, but, god, it sounds so cool. He really liked it, huh?"

"I'll say, I jacked him up and down and you could just see in his face that it felt so good. I did it for quite a while and he finally asked me if I had some hand lotion to use. I guess I was making it sore."

"Sore, it hurt?"

"Yeah, not bad or anything but I got some lotion and used it and he really loved that, my hand slid right up and down on him. Then, then, he shot off. I just couldn't believe how it looked. His cum just shot out like a cannon."

"A cannon?"

"Well, no, um, more like…well, well, you just have to see it to believe it, Gina. It is the wildest thing."

"Well, if I live long enough, maybe I'll see it happen but right now the chances are pretty slim," I joked.

"I can always ask my boyfriend."

"John, ask him what?"

"If he'd show you how his dick cums."

"Your boyfriend? You'd ask him to show me his dick when it cums? You're kidding."

"No, wanna see it? I'll bet I could get him to show you."

Well, there it was. It was her boyfriend, I mean, really, what did I have to lose?

"Sure, you really think he will?"

"If I know boys, he will. I really think almost any boy would show you but I know he'll keep his mouth shut and he does have a nice cock."

"What makes a nice cock? That seems like a strange description," I asked.

"Well, it's nice and long and straight, smooth, the top is nice and rounded, you can see the blood veins in it, along the length of it, it's really cool. I'm sure he'd let you see it up close, even play with it. I know he loves it when I do."

"And you really think he'd do it?" I asked naively not knowing boys like I do now.

"I know one way to find out, want me to call him?"

I nodded and she reached over and punched her phone.

"Hi, John, Gina and I were just talking about you.

"Oh, she's the cute little blond, short, ponytail most of the time. You've met her here before.

"Yeah, Gina, that's her. Well, we were talking and, you're gonna love this, she was asking me what it looked like when a guy cums, when he shoots his jizz.

"Yeah, she's never seen it really happen, she doesn't have a hot steady like I do. I mean, I get to see it all the time.

"Yes, she knows what we're talking about, she's right here. Oh, come on, John, she knows I jack you off all the time, that's why I'm calling you. I want you to show her how it looks when a boy cums.

"Yes, you heard right. She'll watch. Maybe even do it for you?"

I looked at her and she winked and went on, "Yeah, she's cute, I'll bet you'd like her jacking your dick. Okay, yeah, I'll tell her. Soon, babe."

"He's on his way."

"Omigod, he's really coming over? Like to show me his dick?"

"You wanted to see it. Oh, you're gonna love it, he's got a nice one."

"And you told him maybe I'd like to do it. Geez, Taylor, I never said that."

"Well, I just thought I'd throw that in to see whet he thought."


"He liked the idea, especially after I told him you were cute."

"Oh, great. Well, I think I'll let you do it."

So, we talked a little more as I nervously awaited the star of the upcoming show to arrive.

The doorbell rang and Taylor ran down and a minute later was coming back into her bedroom with her boyfriend, John.

"You remember, Gina?" she asked him.

"Oh, sure, now I remember. She's right, you are cute."

Well, I was liking John already. But I was nervous and pretty uptight on top of it.

"Well, Gina's never seen a boy shoot his cum and, well, I guess she's never seen a boy's equipment, right Gina?" I nodded and she went on, "So, that where you come in. You'll get naked for me won't you, hon?" she teased her boyfriend.

He pulled off his teeshirt and unbuckled his belt, zipped down, then slipped off his shorts to stand there in a pair of white briefs that showed his boner bulging underneath.

"Looks like you've got a hard-on started," she quipped as he looked at me, then pulled his underpants to the floor.

Well, there it was. My first dick, alive and in person. Oh, sure, I'd seen pictures, even some porn on the computer, but this was the real thing. And, it was moving, it just kept moving.

"It jumps, god, look at it," I giggled, pointing to his twitching dick. It was long and curved upward some. I always thought they would be straight, like an arrow, but his bent up.

Not only that, it looked huge. I know now from Taylor that it was seven inches, she'd measured it once, and that is above average though not as enormous as I thought that day. It was big in my eyes, for sure.

He stood there as she reached over and took it in her hand to give it a little squeeze. Then she pulled her hand away, took mine and put it on top of it.

"Here, Gina, see what you think."

It was so warm, and it did feel hard, especially the inside though the outer skin was soft.

"Feel the end, right here, how soft it is," she urged as John stood there smiling, no doubt enjoying the attention his penis was getting.

"Oh, yeah, like silk or velvet, really soft," I answered as my thumb rubbed over it causing it to twitch.

"I made it jump," I gushed, my face reddening.

"Oh, girl, after a while you find out all kinds of things you can make it do."

"These are his testicles?" I asked lifting his dick a bit.

"Yeah, feel them gently though, I still remember the time we were horsing around on my bed and I accidentally slapped at him there and, oh, it doubled him up. I found a way to make him feel lots better though."

"Oh, she sure did, kissed it all better."

Well, well, I had been wondering just how far these two had gone in the few months they'd been dating. Now, I'm getting a better idea, I thought as I squeezed and played with his dick.

"Look, see the blood vessels along the side?"

There they were, blue lines running lengthwise on his cock.

"You want to try doing it, Gina? Jacking him off?"

"Um, I've never done it before, why don't you start."

Yes, I know, chicken-shit, but it was true.

"Okay, John, get up on my bed. Here's some lotion I use," and she pulled a bottle off her bedside table and squirted a line of it along the length of his dick, then took him and began sliding her hand, gripped around him, back and forth.

"Like that, baby? Make your cock feel good?"

"Mmm, always does, you're so good, Taylor, I love it when you jack me off."

Her hand was slipping up and down and you could see he was really into it. He had his eyes closed and his head tilted back, occasionally moaning softly.

"Ummm, mmm, oooh, good, babe, mmm, good."

Then she let go and nodded to me. Omigod, I'm going to jack-off a boy, his hard cock right there waiting for me. I reached over and took it in my hand. It was still slippery with the lotion so I began moving up and down like I'd seen Taylor do.

His eyes were now open and he was looking at me.

"Here. John, see if this helps," Taylor said as she began pulling off her teeshirt. God, she was going to show him her tits. Then her bra came off and she sat there next to him as he reached over and began feeling her boobs. Right there in front of me.

I was so hot by now, this had gone lots farther than I'd imagined and, now, she bent over and placed her nipple on his mouth which he began to suck.

I was sliding my slippery hand up and down on him, feeling how hard he felt in my hand, I could feel how tingly it was making me feel as I shifted the way I was kneeling so I could press the heel of my foot up under me and rub my pussy on it as I jacked him.

"Doesn't he look so peaceful, sucking my boob while you do his dick?" Taylor asked.

I nodded and kept on rubbing him up and down. It was exciting, yes, I knew it would be but it was also so sexually arousing, so hot, for me, I kept scooting my wet panties over my heel.

He was making some groaning sounds now as Taylor said, "Oh, I can tell, he's close now, watch the end of his dick, that little slit right there, watch what happens."

I kept stroking him up and down as he pushed his hips up in the air. I felt his dick get even harder, I think, then, wow, a big spurt up out the end, right out of that tiny, little slit, a long glob of white goo sprang out, then another, then another, followed by several more, each one shorter that the one before.

His mouth let go as he groaned, "Uh, uh, uuh, uuh, uhn, uhn, uh, mmm, oh, feels so good. Mmm."

"Gina, great job, see what I mean?"

"Yeah, it really flies out. Look it's everywhere," I observed rather astonished at it all.

"See, feel the stuff. It's sticky and warm," offered Taylor so I dragged my finger through it and it was not just gooey and sticky, it was really slippery as well.

"Taste it, Gina, go ahead, here I will," and she swiped up some on the end of her finger and plopped it right into her mouth.

I slowly wiped some onto my finger and brought it to my mouth.

"Go ahead, I like it. I taste it all the time when I suck him off."

Well, well. A little bit more about what they've been up to, I thought as I licked it off.

"Hey, thanks, Gina, you really did a good job on me. You can do that any time, any time at all. Taylor's not the jealous type, are you, hon?"

"Not me, you can suck his cock if you want, Gina."

"Um, well, maybe that was enough."

"But you've never done it, right?" my girlfriend asked me.

"No, but, well, I did this, that's kind of a lot, you know? I mean, you're used to doing stuff like this."

"Well, it's your chance to try doing some things, Gina, and I know John will love whatever you do."

"Well, maybe I should watch you," I said sheepishly.

"Sure, John, want me to suck you off?"

"You're asking? You know my answer, babe," and Taylor bent over him and took hold of his dick and started licking all around the crown, around and around.

Then, she looked up at me as she slid her lips down to begin sucking him up and down.

It was soooo hot. My pussy felt all warm and tingly as she sucked her boyfriend. It was so sexy to watch as he felt her boobs while she sucked up and down on him.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, you are so good, Taylor, just the best, mmm."

She sucked him for a few minutes more, he was sure loving it, that was obvious. Then, she raised up off him, looked at me and said, "Well, Gina, why don't you give it a try, it's really fun to do. It feels so sexy inside your mouth. Go ahead, John'll love it."

His dick did look neat, all hard and eager there, still damp from Taylor's sucking.

I bent over and let my lips slide over it as a cock entered my mouth for the first time ever. She was right, it was thrilling, especially when I began sucking softly and twisting my tongue around it as I'd seen Taylor do.

"Mmm, oh, man, Gina, that is so fine. Oh, girl, you're doing me so good."

Well, I guess I was, I really didn't have anything to compare with, did I? But, I was finding out that there is a real sense of power when a girl has a guy's cock in her mouth. I had one friend who told me that if you sucked a boy, you owned him. Well, I didn't know if that was true or not but John sure did like what I was doing.

Taylor was up so he could suck one of her boobs while I gave him head. As I did, I started wondering what it would be like to have my own boyfriend and to be sucking his cock whenever I wanted to make him happy. And, even better, for him to lick me and put his tongue inside me like some of my girlfriends were getting. The stories they told about it, well, I was wanting it myself.

I kept sucking on him and he began twisting around under me some when suddenly, he let out a groan and pushed his hips up as I felt the warm pulses of cum hit the back of my mouth. Swallow, I thought, swallow, as he emptied into me.

"Oh, uuh, uuh, uhhh, uh, uh, mmm, oh, wow, oh, that was so good, oh, Gina, mmm."

I got it all down, rather proud of myself for doing it, then raised up off him, smiling at him as he told me, "Oh, Gina, you're as good as Taylor, you really made me cum, girl. Man, that was good."

So, I did get to see a boy shoot off his cum and got a little more experience than I'd originally counted on. But, it was experience put to good use soon after when Taylor's boyfriend set me up with a friend of his, Todd Marks, who was really cute. You should see him shoot. I'll have him show you if you've never seen it before.

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