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Shower Alone

Because of you, my shower becomes the best part of my day
In the shower, I thought of you. I was rinsing my hair and suddenly your image blazed into my minds eye. I closed my eyes and pictured you, naked and hard. Just for me.

As I soaped my neck and shoulders, fantasies of you whirled in my head. What would your hands feel like on me, in me? Where would you touch me first? My hands become yours, stroking down my shoulders and arms.

I imagine our naked bodies touching, yours hard and long, mine soft and petite. My breasts are lightly rubbing against your ribs, your jutting cock bobs against my tummy and slides against my hipbone. Our thighs touch intermittently. The water is making our flesh slick and slippery. Your arms are wrapped around me, holding me so tightly and close to you that for me to even draw a breath is a struggle. I revel in the sensation.

My hands are sliding over the sinew and tendons that bunch beneath the skin of your arms, back, chest, buttocks... Your hands are caressing the curves that go in and the curves that go out. I am glad to be a woman and desired by you.

I can't resist cupping my own breasts. Massaging them, pushing them up and together. I look down to see the soap creaming prettily on my flesh. No wonder womens bodies are coveted and adored. How soft and beautiful we are.

My imagination is running wild. Moaning softly in the steam of the shower, I imagine your hands on my breasts. My nipples already hard, beg for my fingers to pinch and tease. It feels amazing baby. My fingers are now your fingers tweaking the hard peaks of my tits.

My face is upturned to yours, holding myself up on tiptoes. Craving your kisses. Like a thirsty flower, standing as tall as possible in the rain. Trying in vain to fit my nether parts against your proudly standing cock.

What would it feel like for our mouths to touch, open and hot, water streaming between us? I open my lips and the water trickles inside. It is your tongue invading my mouth. Your tongue is dancing inside my mouth and I am greedily sucking it. I lean weakly against the wall of the shower.

My hands, now yours, slip down my belly. Your hand is sliding down past my navel to cup my pussy in your hand. Softly at first, but the urge to squeeze it hard overrides that first act.

I grind against my hand and feel the heat of my pussy against my fingers. I tickle my bare pussy lips lightly, teasing myself. Your fingers are wriggling against my labia, lightly stroking. My legs spread wider to accommodate the play.

I slide my finger into my wet slit as water pounds against my back and buttocks. Whispering into the moist heat of the shower, I compliment your technique and plead for you to continue.

Can anything compare to the wondorous feel of an excited pussy? There is nothing quite like it. The outer lips are soft and downy like a luxurious velvet. The inner lips like heated silk, so wet and supple. I know why it is the downfall of men throughout history. I am having a love affair with my own right now.

My fingers find my clit , I rub against it slowly. My clit is erect and hot. I want to draw the pleasure out. You make me feel so good. I am not ready for my wet dream to end.

My nipples are tingling and I must pinch one of them in my fingers. Again I imagine my nipple being rolled in between your strong fingers. The pleasure travels inside my body, down from my hard nipple directly to my aching clit.

I rub my clit faster, it is rigid with need. I can feel myself ready to cum. I force myself to stop and slow down. This is my time to be with you. If only in my head.

I plunge two stiff fingers in my pussy and pretend they are really your amazing cock pushing into me. It is a poor substitute, but beggars cannot be choosy. You make feel so hot, so utterly out of control.

I jack my fingers in and out of my cunt as fast as the aching muscles in my arm will allow. I am growing fatigued, but I cannot stop. How I wish it was your cock in me. I cry out softly with frustration, still fucking myself madly. The image of you before me sustains me and I don't want to let go of my fantasy.

I need to cum baby. I have to cum. I pull my fingers out of my pussy and stiffen my middle finger and apply sweet pressure to my clit. It is time to give myself the gift of an orgasm. I have been a very good girl. I deserve it, I deserve you.

I rub my swollen clit faster, my middle finger creates the familiar friction that will get me off. My pussy grows even wetter and hotter as it prepares to cum. I feel the orgasm begin to build, starting deep inside, radiating outward. Oh my God, baby, your the best. I realize I am breathing those words out over and over as my body shudders and climaxes.

I cum with your image in my head, imagining your body and mine joined, fucking wildly in the steam of the shower. I have made myself cum a million times before, but this one is different. It is a familiar feeling, but better as it was fueled by you. I stagger slightly and brace myself shakily against the wall. My finger has stilled and I feel the strong contractions of my orgasm inside my pussy slow.

The water is growing cold and I weakly turn to shut the flow off. I feel a heavy sadness around my heart. It wasn't you with me and the disappointment is almost more than I can bear.

I step out of the shower and shrug off the despondency that threatens to take over. I know that someday you will be mine and I will be yours. Until then I will console myself with these solo adventures and know that they will be so much more satisfying because of you.

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Posted 01 Apr 2013 06:18
Oh, those images in my mind - thank you for such expression. More, please
Posted 12 Jun 2011 10:56
Absolutely superb writing. It felt that the story pulled me along by my cock. It's a great description of pleasing yourself. Some wonderful phrases as well such as "the inner lips like heated silk" I could just imagine it.
Posted 10 Jun 2011 17:18
Please read my "Spirit for the Ladies". It fits right into your story line. As for anal, I totally agree.....a woman has to be well lubricated and emotionally ready to have a hard cock slowly pressed into her dark hole. Any man who doesn't understand that needs to have cock shoved into his ass. Then he would totally understand. Goose and gander, right??
Posted 10 Jun 2011 05:38
such a vivid account of a very personal sensual experience.........I feel as though i watched the entire scenario....thanks

Posted 07 Jun 2011 06:10
Wow! Great shower!! And a really fun story to read! Excellent job of writing!
Posted 05 Jun 2011 21:19
I felt like you were channeling my thoughts about a certain someone. Hooray for the hand-held shower I right ladies?
Posted 05 Jun 2011 19:34
You seduced me with the hot and vivid details of your body, your thoughts, and your playful fingers. Whew! Now, where's that box of tissues...
Posted 05 Jun 2011 16:57
Holy crap!! I know exactly how this feels, LOL! You were telling my story Very well done!!!
Posted 05 Jun 2011 15:36
Truly a great piece of work! Sensual! A very poetic rendition in form of prose! It is so hard to express, in words, the true inner feelings and sensations, but you accomplished it so well and with such ease.
Posted 05 Jun 2011 15:31
wow....very nice masterbation...would love to watch
Posted 05 Jun 2011 14:15
loved the story and wish i was doing that to u
Posted 05 Jun 2011 10:48
Another wonderfully told erotic story. Well done dear.
Posted 05 Jun 2011 10:47
Damn, Girl, felt that I was right there watching, wanting to do the things to you that you were describing what you wanted your lover to do to you!! Great job again!

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