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Star of my Fantasy

Working with the star of your fantasy can get a little bit complicated...
I'm having fantasies about my co-worker. Sexual ones. Yes I'm already in a relationship, but I haven't had sex in more than 2 months! Don't even ask. So I figure a little flirting and mental gymnastics never hurt anyone...right?

So I'm sitting at my desk, studiously trying to finish this report that was due like yesterday. But the face right across me is so damn distracting! There is a time and a place for fantasy, and this is not it let me tell you. But he's so damn gorgeous! Caramel skin and dark chocolate eyes. A wide mouth that breaks into a sexy smirk (just for me, it seems). And don't even get me started on that goatee! I could just stare at it all day thinking about how his rough beard would feel against my sensitive, neglected clit. Oh god, I'm not gonna finish this report today!

Well, it's a good thing we have these wide-ass desks to hide my multitude of sins. Sometimes I get so caught up in my fantasies that I Inadvertently start playing with my very hot, very wet pussy. Like today. Oh boy, was today hot.

"Good morning Stan."

"Hey Anna, morning! You're looking extra beautiful today"

Bla bla bla. The rest of the conversation was just a blur as I tried to calm my heart - he had just called me beautiful! It took every ounce of will power not to start squealing and giggling like a little girl. That's how my elevator ride into work started this morning. Stan's little comment has got me all fired up and reading way more into it that he intended, I'm sure. But that little bit of affirmation was like a rain shower in the desert - lord knows I'm not getting enough of it at home. So you understand why I need just this one good thing in my life, right?

Anyway, we get off and walk our desks (remember he sits right across me?). I open up that report I was telling you about and try to work on it for at least an hour. I tried really hard, I swear! But Stan is full of stories today and I can't very well ignore him, now can I? Not when it gives me a chance to stare at his lips all I want!

The hours tick by slowly as the din of my thoughts and the ache between my thighs grows more intense. After a while, I see Stan getting up from his chair.

"I'm going to get some coffee downstairs. Want anything?"

"No thanks, I'm good!"

"Okay Anna-banana," (that's what he calls me..weird but I think it's cute) "Tell the boss I'll be just a minute."

As he walks away, I can't help but stare at his tight little ass that looks oh-so-good in his tailored suit. I think of his taut muscles bunching and flexing under my grasping hand as he pumps in and out of me...slowly, methodically.

"Oh god!" I gasp under my breath as a shudder goes through me.

Its a good (actually great) thing that I'm wearing my tight black skirt today. It has a very conveniently placed slit up it's side, making it very easy to slide my hand up my thigh, across the top of my stockings and garters and into my quim. Oh god, I'm soaking wet! Oh, and I'm not wearing panties too. What can I say, I have to get our rocks off somehow.

I slide my finger across my nether lips and close my eyes as the sensations tighten in my stomach. My hard little bud is peeking out and I graze it lightly with my fingernail. Feeling the need for something more, I quickly part my pussy lips and stick one finger into my vagina. I add another finger and eagerly search for the tight knot of my g-spot: I need to cum hard and fast before anyone notices anything out of the ordinary.

All this time, I'm hunched over my desk pretending to be reading through some financials. Granted, my hand-eye coordination is not optimal, but I think I'm doing a pretty good job faking studiousness! As for my breathing - well, that is a bit harder but I think I cover up my involuntary gasps pretty well with coughs and such.

"Since you didn't want coffee I got you a muffin anyway."

Stan is back (duh)! What is he, a ninja? I didn't hear him walking back! I don't even have time to panic, let alone stop what I'm doing. But as sudden appearances go, his was pretty advantageous: the sight of his gorgeous mouth pushes me over the edge and I feel the waves of my orgasm rip through me. I can feel it right from the tips of my fingers to my toes. I can also feel myself break out in a cold sweat and a series of shudders rock me in my chair. All coherent thought is wiped away from my mind as I come just like I wanted - hard and fast.

Opening my eyes, I see Stan looking at me with a little bit of concern. I gingerly (and unobtrusively) remove my hand from my quim and wipe off the wetness on my stocking. No good. I'm gonna need a lot of napkins for this!

"You're looking...flushed," he says. "Are you okay?"

There's real concern in his voice. I can't help but giggle internally at his poor choice of words: 'flushed'! Haha.

"I'm feeling a little woozy actually. Could you get me a glass of water or something?"

And off he goes, dutifully like a little boy. I quickly grab the tab of wet wipes I keep in my handbag to wipe off my fingers, and spray on a bit of scent to mask the obvious smell of my sex. And just in time too, as Stan walks in with my water!

"Here you go," he says handing me the glass.

As I reach out my hand to take it, he quickly grabs it and licks the fingers that were so recently inside me. And stares directly into my eyes.


This is my first story, so please be (a little) kind in the comments

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