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Stepping over the line..Chapter 1.

getting found with my hand in the cookie jar so to speak...and she was willing.
"This is my first attempt at writing so it's kind of a hit and miss thing. It's a little short, but I hope to learn as I go. This is a fantasy story with some real parts to it."

As Katie picked up the moving box I looked at her, catching a peak down her blouse at her sports bra covered breast. She met my stare with an eyes up hear kind of smile. Having been caught, I stumble over a box almost dropping the DVD player I had been hauling out to the moving van.

"You going to make it with that?" Katie said, knowing full well I was perfectly fine.

"Oh yeah, just lost my step there for a moment," I said. Katie smiled and went back and picked up the box she had bent over to pick up moments before. I found my way out to the van and was placing the DVD player securely in place when the van shifted
"Hey sexy, you like what you see?" I turned to see my wife coming in the van carrying the box that her sister had been picking up. Now my wife, Laura, is my best friend. We met through my sister and hit it off day one. I was in the Navy at the time and on leave. Katie and Laura are both gorgeous ladies and look like they could be twins. Both had short brown hair that they always seemed to be styling the same as the other.

"Oh, hi babe, how was work?" I said, as I continued to nudge the VCR into a safe position between some old shoe boxes.

"You know, they had to have me stand there and look pretty." Working at a bank Laura would often get stuck working Saturdays, so that had left me to help Katie move to a new apartment across town. The day before I had gotten the call to meet the Laura and Katie at her place to start the move, and we had gotten almost all the furniture that night. I really didn't mind helping, in fact I had been drawn to Katie ever since I had started dating her sister 15 years earlier. At that time she was a 16 year old innocent high schooler, with a killer body. So I always helped Katie when she needed it.

Laura gave me quick kiss and as we left the van. Katie came out of the apartment carrying the last of the boxes from her bathroom. It was now pushing 2:00 when Katie suggested that since we hadn't had lunch that she and Laura would take this load over to the new apartment and I would finish bringing the bedroom boxes and mattresses around front to the living room. It was agreed that they would bring back lunch so it would be about an hour before they got back.

"You keep busy," my wife poked at me, giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Oh he will, he knocked over a box in my room so I left him a little mess to pick up,” Katie said winking at me. And with that they hopped into the van and headed out.

I turned and walked in to the apartment ready to finish the job at hand. As I walked into the bedroom looking for the mess, I noticed the box I had tripped over was in order and every thing else in the room seemed to be quite straitened up. The bed hadn't been stripped but the rest of the furniture had been at the apartment since yesterday so Katie's comment about a mess, had intrigued me.

Looking around the room, I noticed a shoe box on the bed with no lid on it. The box looked to have pictures in it and when I looked inside there were a dozen or so pictures lying on what appeared to be several pairs of woman’s silk panties. I looked closely at the pictures and noticed they were of Katie.

My heart skipped and I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Katie was partially nude and with another women, there were close ups of her in red satin panties. One picture had sticking a vibrater in her shaved pussy with an anal plug in her bum.

The one picture that really got my attention was of Katie's legs spread wide apart with the other woman's face between her legs. Katie pussy was shaven bare and with the ladies tongue lapping away and extremely wet from her arousal. She was looking directly at the camera seeming to look right into who ever was looking at her secret stash. My dick hardened immediately.

I looked over my shoulder to make sure I was alone. Rifling through the pictures, I noticed I was breathing heavier. Placing the pictures on the bed beside the box, I picked up the satin panties revealing the anal plug and vibrater from the pictures.

Having a monster panty fetish, I brought the satin panties to my nose, smelling the sweet odor of my wife’s sister I couldn't help myself, I opened my mouth and tasted the spot were her shaved pussy had been.

I was so hard by this time I had to do something. Looking at the pictures I had spread out on the bed, I started slowly stroking my hard on.

I had fantasized often about Katie; having even masturbated while she slept across from me on our couch one evening, after my wife had went to. I pulled her toys out and took the vibrater and brought it to my face to see if I could get a smell of Katie. My heading was spinning.

Laying on the bed, all my senses on sexual over load I thought of the pictures, her in the panties which I now held, smelling her sent on the her toy, my one hand stoking away, I brought the panties down to my manhood and felt the satin touch. I placed the panties over my penis and started slowly stroking. My mouth open and I took the rubber penis in my mouth and tasted my wife’s sister. I came so hard my head spun for what seemed like ever.

Something jarred me back from this bliss and I heard Katie's voice. Oh shit they were back. Pulling my shorts up and collecting all the items into the box, I hit the ground flying just as Katie entered the front door. She looked at me breathing hard and looking like I just had seen a ghost. She looked me up and down and her eyes fell to my shorts.

"Seems you found the mess I left you." She just smiled and pointed down to my shorts.

"You can have those, but I want them back when you’re done with them." I looked down to see her panties hanging out the top of my shorts. I shuddered with embarrassment. In my haste I had panicked when I pulled up my shorts the satin panties remained where I had been stroking my load into them.
"Oh, looks like you finished already," she reached and tugged them out of my shorts.
"Sticky. I like that." I froze, not sure what to say. She pulled the panties to her face and smelled, then tasted what I had left. I sighed.

"Guess what, I forgot the new apartment keys and had to come back, figured you would be enjoying my mess. I'm going to now leave and when we get back I hope you can have the rest of these panties sticky as well, but my toys I want to save for the next time I need your help." I just nodded as she turned and left.

I can only describe the record time I set getting the other panties sticky, and the pure adrenalin helped me get the rest of the boxes and mattresses to the living room. When my wife and Katie returned with lunch I ate like a horse while the girls loaded the last of the boxes I watch as Katie checked her special box and with a smile at me and a lick of her lips we made eye contact and I grew hard once again. I thought of the many things I wanted to help Katie with but first we had to finish this chore.

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