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Strapped In

All my work is fiction. This is not me, it's a false story. That means it isn't real.
Just a quick story for all of you.

Teenagers bug the shit out of me. You know why?—they will always point out the most obvious sexual jokes, but they never understand the dirty jokes that you have to think about. For example, “strap yourself in.”

I love that phrase; it just makes me smirk with hidden naughtiness as I think about how it applies to my sex life. You see, I absolutely love the feeling of being strapped down with my legs spread wide as I take a pounding in my slippery cunt. The first time I strapped myself down, I was a little cautious, to say the least.

That first time I did it, I waited until everyone left the office to strip down. I work at a gynecologist’s office so I’ve got easy access to stirrup-equipped chairs, and tons of stupid teens whom have no idea how to have a real sex life. When I realized I was the last one in the office, I could feel the wetness in my panties beginning to go through my scrubs, begging me to rub my burning clit. I was in a desk chair at the time and I didn’t feel like letting my juices run all over a seat that everyone used; in the next second, I got the bright idea to use the sanitized patients’ chair in the back.

First, I shut all the lights up front off and then I made sure that the doors were securely locked. Though I love the idea of being watched, I didn’t want the wrong person to walk into my “me” time.

After the lights were off and the entrance shut tight, I practically ran with anticipation to the back room, my pussy pulsing with excitement as it dripped my sweet tasting nectar. I ripped my clothes off and planted my ass on the plastic seat covering, raising my legs to place them in the stirrups as I played with my hardening nipples.

The air covered my drenched, gaping cunt and chills ran up my spine; I shivered at the feeling and flexed my walls in flooded ecstasy brewing inside my core. My hands squeezed my breasts and I bit my lip, the apex of my legs crying for pleasure as liquid began to pool on the chair.

I continued to tease my tits as I let my body race with want for sexual release, my breath shortening as my heart tried to keep up with my body’s want. After only a few minutes, my nipples were hard as rocks. The tiny pebbles were stiff with attention and were beginning to be sore from my roughness; my body couldn’t take the secluded region of pleasure any longer and I thrust my hands between my thighs to play with my slit.

One hand rubbed vicious circles around my sensitive nub while the other hand went to work on my real treasure. Two of my slim fingers stretched the opening of my pussy that was so wet I could hear the splashing of my juices echo off the walls.

Hearing the ferocity of my horniness made my heart rate climb higher, the depravity of my actions making me want to burst in orgasmic bliss in that single instant. I needed to be filled more and I thrust another digit into myself, completely stretching my feminine cove. With three fingers ramming in and out of my cunt and a shit load of stimulation on my slippery clit, my body wrenched with an explosive orgasm. To this date, I cannot remember having an orgasm as powerful as the one I had that night. I guess that’s why I had to make it a habit of doing it at the office more often; and why I had to bring my machine in with me!

The next day, I was thoroughly distracted by my thoughts. All I could think about were the actions that I took the night before and the fucking machine that I had packed away in my car. As soon as I had finished cleaning away the cum on the seat, I went home and went to work on dissembling the machine I had just set up a week ago so I could fit it into my trunk. A part of me was permanently stuck on the machine and would continuously remind my body of what it was in store later on.

Just thinking about the raw pleasure I was going to give myself that night, I couldn't keep focus on the work in front of me. It got even worse when I had to examine a patient sitting on the chair that I had used the night before. Just seeing a young, fresh cunt of just seventeen-- a fertile box almost ten years younger than my own-- resting above the faint stain of want I had left not even eight hours ago. My heart ached with want as I thought about what it would be like to have this young woman play with me as I played with myself. Needless to say, I rushed through that examination while wanting it to never end.

Finally, the day finished with my mound wetter than the night before and I was once again the only one in the office. Again, I secured the entrances and shut off the lights, but this time, I went out to my car and pulled my machine through the back door. I pushed the machinery into one of the rooms and re-assembled it, the cock resting between the stirrups as it faced the seat.

I stripped away from my clothes once more and got comfortable in the seat, controller in hand. A new rush of excitement waved through me, each wave a different type of enticing naughtiness that cheered me on to my new orgasm. My bottom lip was intruded by my teeth as I strapped my feet into the stirrups, my mind occupied with the idea that I might spasm into a ball to get away from the intense pleasure that it couldn't handle.

When I was comfortable with the A/C blowing onto my open patch of sex, I let a whimper fall from my lips. I was so turned on just by the fact that I was doing this in the same office I worked in that I couldn't stop myself from turning the machine on without waiting for a moments notice. The cock thrust into my muff with one quick move; the sudden fill and stretch rolled my eyes into the back of my head and I moaned like a cheap whore with low expectations. My mouth gaped wider than my pussy as the cock retracted from my depths and proceeded to piston in and out of me.

My finger switched one of the buttons on the controller and my body spasmed at the onslaught of overbearing, cosmically shifting pleasure that I was giving myself. Sweat began to spot on my neck and chest as my hips rose to meet each stroke of the machine, my body using the stirrups for leverage on each thrust.

Each thrust gave bounce to my swollen bosom as my focus was entirely filled with reaching orgasm. I was aware of the constant twitching of my body to curl into itself, but I knew that it wasn't going to happen-- the straps I had used were going to make sure of that.

I flipped a switch as I felt my hips spasming uncontrollably and screamed in silence as the fake cock not only pistoned in and out of me at breakneck speed, but also vibrated as it did so. It took a matter of seconds for me to squirt my juices all over the floor and seat, cum dripping from the seat to the ground below as my body racked with exquisite ecstasy with my eyes shut tight.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in the patients' chair, my feet still strapped in the stirrups and the machine jabbing animalistically at the air in front of my asshole. I turned the machine off and undid the straps before looking around the room to see what time it was, assuring myself that I still had time to go home and wash myself before enjoying my day off. It took me only an hour to clean up everything, get the machine in my car, and drive home where I would have even more fun.
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Posted 25 Aug 2011 20:46
Posted 06 Aug 2011 21:34
very very hot
Posted 31 Jul 2011 07:36
ummmm, such a fun story Anna...I've been gone far too long. Very well written and thought provoking my friend.
Posted 21 Jul 2011 12:10
Oh my! Well done! Well done!
Posted 21 Jul 2011 11:55
gotta love a dirty girl.,,..,very sexy sweetie.

Posted 21 Jul 2011 06:04
It is very wild and sensuous, well written and described!!!
Posted 21 Jul 2011 02:50
Super sensuous!

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