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The Awakening

A young girl finds her transition into womanhood a lot steamier than she anticipated.
Amy squirmed in her bed, hands firmly by her sides in conscious effort. Her body was on fire with new sensations making her young nipples erect and painfully sensitive and her pussy throb, soaking her panties and making her cunt lips slide together sending electric pulses through her enjorged clit. Her coming of age, transition into womanhood, coincided with a sweltering summer, doing nothing for this new intense horniness. Her virginity meant she had no idea what was making her body turn on her like this and the heat made it hard for her to process much intelligent thought. However, as she had been raised in a Christian family since birth, her knee jerk reaction was that these new feelings were bad and anything she did to encourage them provoked deep guilt.

 At only 5'2" and just turned sixteen, her body had only just developed into a young womans and while she had slim hips and a gorgeous ass, genetics ruled that she was to remain very petite with only 32 B breasts. A pretty face, long chestnut hair and large hazel eyes meant she wasn't unpopular with the boys though, and her current boyfriend wasn't unaware of her classic beauty and kept up a fairly relentless pressure to gain entry to her more personal areas. The Christian upbringing again meant she easily pushed him away and the poor, besotted boy backed off each time yet always tried again, shortly afterwards.

It was one in the morning and everyone was asleep yet Amy couldn't lie still. There was no ease from the aching in between her legs and she was almost crying with frustration as she refused to touch herself, tied by the mental constraints placed on her by her parents and too embarrassed even to admit that she wanted to be pleasured. Her sore nipples grazed against the rough cotton of her t-shirt making her gasp and shudder. Rubbing her legs together, the thin sheet covering her body slipped off the bed, unnoticed in the sweltering heat of her bedroom. She slipped off her girlish knickers, soaking with her juices and spread her legs far apart. The wet material had been tickling her pussy at the slightest movement, teasing her to the brink of insanity and she would lie in any position to prevent the swollen lips of her vagina slipping and rubbing together, getting her closer and closer to the precipice of a forbidden climax.

The heat soon became unbearable and Amy was forced to throw off her t-shirt, leaving her naked on the bed, chest heaving in the the humidity she twisted and turned, trying to find comfort but only succeeding in dragging her protruding clitorus across the bed sheet. Pulses of sexual pleasure shot through her brain, down to each of her fingers and toes, fizzling through her stomach and painfully back down to her dripping snatch. Amy gave a muffled scream as she bit down on the mattress cover and pressed her fisted hands hard against her pussy. The sensations were too much for her to bear, the pleasure too great and the heat too intense. Carnal instinct overcame her as she ground her cunt against her clenched hands which quickly became slippery with her honey. All Christian moral left her and she closed her eyes and let her fingers slip into and around her cunt lips, smearing her juices over her mound and upper thighs.

Painfully inexperienced, Amy explored herself for the first time. Her clitorus was easily found, so enjorged with blood it stuck out between her vagina lips and as her fingers brushed over it, more liquid released itself from within her and she gasped and moaned in pleasure. With one hands on her rock hard nipples, pinching one at a time and rubbing them in a circular motion, Amy tentatively grasped her clit between index finger and thumb. This motion alone sent a shudder through her body and she writhed on the bed creating a warm, damp patch beneath her. She began to roll her clit around increasing the pressure as she felt something build up in her stomach. The pent up orgasm begged to be released as she rubbed her clit and pussy faster and harder, stimulating her nipples by rubbing up and down the bed she used one hand to quickly circle her throbbing clitorus while the other found the source of the hot honey flowing from her.

Amy slipped a slim finger up into her vagina, accidently hitting her g-spot. Crying out in orgasmic abandon, she wildly humped her hand as she furiously pulled and rubbed at her clit. Her climax got closer and closer as Amy wriggled the finger in her pussy, pressing against her clit from the inside and pushing it in and out, fucking herself with her digits she somehow managed to cram in her middle finger as well, helped by the natural lubrication. She only managed to thrust her fingers into herself once or twice before something inside her gave. She flipped over onto her back, knees spread she pushed her pussy into the air, taking her weight on her shoulders and feet. Withdrawing her hand from her cunt she used both hands, slippery and dripping with her own fluids to frantically rub her clit and wave after intense, orgasmic wave crashed through her. Her body jerked and shuddered with pleasure and cream shot from between her fingers as she continued to punish her clitorus. Amy gasped in satisfied exhaustion as she stopped cumming. Her knees gave way and her collasped on the bed in her sweltering room. Naked and covered in sweat and cum, hair plastered to her face and bed clothes sopping or slung across her room, a wave of fatigue washed over her and a smile played across her lips, before she slept.

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