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The Coed

An older guy looking for a connection meets a young college girl online
Steve looked at his tablet as the Lush website loaded. It was late and his wife next to him was softly snoring. He checked out the chat rooms for any action. “What am I doing here,” he thought. How did I get to the point of looking for a connection in a chat room?
Well, the road to this place was a bit bumpy. He loved his wife. When they met, she was a sexual tiger. Their libidos were in sync. They fucked like rabbits. Almost 24 years of marriage later and things had changed. Her libido had mellowed to the point of non-existence. Steve on the other hand had the same drive as when he was twenty. They were still good friends, but Steve felt like he had a roommate and not a lover. He missed sex. It was down to once a month, maybe. It was no longer passionate and fulfilling. Now it was a favor she did to appease him. She even literally told him to hurry up and finish, usually while reading her IPad. It was no longer the passionate lovemaking of their youth, but a chore for her, like cleaning the bathroom. Still, he did not want to leave her. They were the best of friends, just not lovers any longer. So Steve found himself on Lush late one night and looking for a connection.
The chat rooms did not have anyone who Steve connected with, so he tried a different tactic. It was a bit lurking, but it sometimes resulted in chatting with someone interesting. He opened up the active member section. There he found the listing of all Lush Members that were currently online. He scrolled down the list, looking for something that would spark his interest. Suddenly he saw an avatar of a cute redhead. He clicked on it. It said that she was young and liked older men. Steve was 48 and always enjoyed chatting with younger women. They were usually fed up with the antics of twenty year olds. They appreciated someone who was patient and understanding. So he took a shot and sent her a private message.

“Hey, I’m an older guy who would like to chat with you about anything you like. Message me if you are interested.”

“I’m not going to be on here much longer; maybe we can chat some other time?”

Steve was a bit disappointed, but thought maybe later they would chat. He sent a friend request, hoping she would add him. He logged off, as it was late and he needed to get some sleep. Another night ended in no connection.

The following morning Steve was logged on while at his desk. He owned a consulting firm and worked from a home office, so he usually was on Lush. It was in the background as he worked. This morning he saw a message saying that his friend request was accepted. He noticed that she was logged on, so he sent a message.

“Hey, how are you?”


“What are you up to?”

“In between classes right now, I go to college.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty. You?”

“I’m 48. Is that too old? LOL”

“No, I like older men. Send me a naughty message for when we chat later.”

“Ok, here is your naughty message:
When we chat, I am going to tell you exactly what I want you to do to yourself. I will tell you when to rub your nipples and when you can touch your pussy. You will want to do things sooner, but you can’t. It makes you want it sooo badly, that the orgasm is intense.
Think about that...and you will be damp...”

“BTW, I am 6’1”, 195 lbs. and have brown hair and blue eyes.”

OMG thought Teresa. He sounds yummy. And the description of what he was going to do suddenly made her wet. She could think of only one thing: getting to her dorm room and masturbating, hopefully with his guidance. She did not remember what the professor said for the rest of the lecture. She kept sneaking touches of her pussy when no one was looking. She longed to bring herself to the intense orgasm he promised. Who was this guy? Why did his words make her so hot? She had chatted with many guys on lush. She attracted older guys with a penchant for younger girls. She was always in control. She decided when they chatted and about what. Why was this different? As the bell rang for the end of class, she grabbed her phone and looked to see if he was still on line. He was.

“Yes.. .Home soon… Not soon enough though… Will be running to my room after class, lol
you won't mind a little sweat will you?”

Steve looked up from his work and saw the message from Teresa. He chuckled as his cock stirred. So she was interested, eh? He messaged her back.

“I don’t mind at all. See you in a few, hurry!”

He gave his cock a couple of squeezes through his shorts. The thought of her running across campus to her dorm room to get naked and masturbate at his command was intoxicating. That someone wanted him that much was very arousing. His cock started to rise. He tried to do some more work, but could not concentrate. Steve realized that he had just read the same sentence three times and still did not know what it said. Sighing, he turned back to the screen. Come on, he thought, hurry up already, how far can it be to your dorm?

Seriously, thought Teresa, you are actually at a dead sprint? You don’t even know this guy and here you are running like a little girl to get to your dorm and play with yourself at his direction. But there is something about his words that made me tingle… She continued to debate with herself as she ran across campus. Her rational side said to stop and walk. Her sexy and naughty side wanted to smack her rational side and commanded her feet to move faster. Sexy and naughty won and she picked up her pace. She reached her dorm room out of breath but very excited. Quickly, she opened the door and checked for her roommate. She breathed a sigh of relief as she entered the empty room. Her books found a spot on the floor as she tossed them aside, landing on a pile of clothes. I’ll get to those later, she thought, as she grabbed her laptop and turned it on. Come on, hurry up, she thought, as she willed it to boot faster. God, why am I so horny?

God why am I so horny? Steve rubbed his now fully erect cock through his shorts. I have not even typed a word yet and I am so hard it hurts. These thoughts rushed through his brain, but to be honest, most of the blood in his body was heading south. He had not been so turned on in quite a while. Suddenly there it was. That familiar black box appeared in the corner of his screen.


“Hi, how are you?”

“Good and a bit out of breath.”

“Are you alone?” Steve gave his already hard cock another squeeze.

“Yes, my roommate is gone.” Teresa was really turned on. Why, she thought to herself. She rubbed herself and a small moan escaped her lips. “I’m naked,” she typed. Her clothes were in a pile on top of her books. “I am waiting…”

“Mmmmm, I love the thought of you being naked.”

“Do you have Messenger?”

“What is that?”

“Yahoo Messenger. We could voice chat and it leaves our hands free…”


“Then download it. I’ll wait.”

Really, Steve thought. I’m hard as a rock and she wants me to find a download? The thought of playing and not typing was very alluring. So he quickly searched for the download.
“Hurry, I’m naked…”

God I’m so horny, where is that fucking program. Note to the reader: When blood flows to the penis, it is not available to the brain. Thus what seems like a simple task becomes an infinitely more complex one. Now back to the story. Load, damn you, load, Steve was almost screaming at the screen with the voice in his head. He was trying to download it to his tablet so he could move away from his desk and be more comfortable. But all he was getting was an error message. Damn it!

“It’s not working, sorry.”

“OMG you are so computer illiterate it’s funny!” Teresa snickered to herself, but she was getting a bit frustrated. She wanted to play with her new friend, not sit on her bed and wait for him to figure out a simple download.

“I’m sorry. Should we just call?” A flutter coursed through his stomach. Did he just type that? He did not even really know her and he was going to give out his number? Man, being horny makes you desperate and common sense goes right out the window.

“Are you sure you want to?”

“I’m ok with it if you are?” Steve was not sure, but he was thinking with his little head now and it was running the show.

“Ok, send me your number. Remember, I am the young coed…lol.”

Steve typed in his number, and paused before he hit send. Hit that button and there is no going back. His finger stabbed at the key and the number sent. He picked up his cell and waited, cock in hand. Seconds that seemed like hours ticked by. His screen flashed the words “Blocked” and his phone rang.



“How are you?”

“Good, I like the sound of your voice.”

“Thanks, I like yours too.” Steve stroked his cock. “Are you in bed?”

"Yes and naked and awaiting instructions…” Teresa giggled.

“Mmmm, good. I want you to pinch and twist your nipples for me. “

“Ok. Ohhh, that feels good. I’m soooo wet. I want to rub my clit.”

“No, don’t touch it yet baby, not until I tell you to.” Steve was now stroking his cock in rhythm. Damn it felt good. He really liked the sound of Teresa’s voice, sultry yet with a touch of innocence.

“Ok, but I really want to.”

“I know, patience. Now run your fingers down your side and circle your pussy but do not touch it yet. Just rub the outer lips. How does it feel?”

“Ohhh, I’m soo wet. It feels really good.”

“Imagine my tongue on your wet pussy, licking up and down your slick lips. I flick your clit over and over.”

“Mmmm I wish your tongue was here now!” Teresa’s juices were running down her thighs and pooling on her sheets. The room was starting to smell of sex and a bead of sweat ran down her temple to her neck. God, this was making her soo horny! What was it about his voice that made her feel this way? Whatever it was, she wanted more. She wanted, no she needed to cum.

“Now put a finger in your pussy for me and thrust it in and out. Slowly at first, then gradually increase the tempo.”

“Ohhhh fuck that feels good. Unnngghhhh.” Teresa’s voice trailed off into a garble of gibberish and sounds as she fucked her wet pussy with her finger, just as Steve had instructed. It was so hot following his instructions and she loved the sound of his voice. It was so confident. He knew exactly what he wanted her to do. It was unlike any of the other guys on Lush she had “chatted” with. In those instances she had been the one in charge, but not here.

“Can you fit two inside baby?”

“I’ll try.” Teresa thrust another finger into her now sopping wet pussy and furiously fucked herself.

“Now rub your clit for me baby, I want you to cum for me.”

Teresa reached with her other hand and began to rub her clit, never stopping the furious fucking her pussy was receiving from the opposite hand. Ohhh my god, this feels so fucking good, she thought. “OMG this feels sooo fucking good, I’m gonna cum soon!” Her words echoed what was going through her mind.

Steve was now pumping his cock with increasing speed. Usually he just got the girls off and then maybe finished after. He really enjoyed just getting them to cum. But with Teresa, he was so into it and the sound of her impending orgasm drove him wild.

“I’m gonna cum…Unghhhhhhhhhh!” Teresa felt her orgasm hit like a wave. Not a 3-5 footer, but a North Shore type of wave where you need to be towed in or you will be crushed. It hit her like that and she was overwhelmed. The only sounds that were transmitted over the phone were moans and garbled sounds that told of pleasure.

Steve could feel that familiar tightening in his balls. “I’m gonna cum…Unnnnnnghhhhh!” Cum flew out in all directions. In his excitement, he had not planned for this inevitability very well. The tissues that were meant to be the destination for his ejaculation were still lying next to him. He didn’t care. My god that was amazing, Steve thought. I haven’t cum like that in a long time. “How are you doing baby?”

“God that was amazing. I am soaked!” Teresa giggled. She was sitting in a large wet spot in the middle of her sheets. Tonight was not going to be pleasant when she went to sleep, but at the moment she did not care.

“It was for me too. I am going to hang up now and let’s chat back on Lush, ok?”

“Sure. Bye.”

Steve ended the call. Still shaking, he got up and picked up his tablet. What was that? That was soooo hot. He found the black box in the corner of his screen.


“Hey, how are you feeling?”

“Amazing. That was just amazing.”

“Yeah, it was for me too.”

“I’m sorry to run, but my roommate will be back any minute now. Talk later?”

“Sure. We’ll chat later. Bye sweetie.”


Steve saw her log off. What was that? It felt different than the other cyber encounters he had had. He felt a connection here. What was this? He wasn’t sure.

To Be continued…

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