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Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two

Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two

Is It Time Yet?
After my first time masturbating, I knew I couldn’t get enough, but when my friend suggested I use toys, I never in a million years thought how great that could be. That first night, when I was in bed thinking of Nicolas and masturbating with my new toy, it was exciting and hot. I was so lost in pure bliss.

It's been a few weeks, and I can’t stop thinking what it would be like to be with Nicolas. Things between us are amazing; we’ve grown even closer. I’ve become daring, doing more with him. I even told him I’ve been masturbating, which has made him incredibly turned on. I really want to do more, tease him more, see what else we can do. But before making the jump into sex, I need to talk to my best friend.

Nicolas has work tonight, so I’ve made plans to spend time with Sadie. I know she is the girl I can talk to about all of this. She’s been there for me since day one. She knows how much I like using toys, she is so right!

“How have things been between you and Nicolas?” Sadie asks me. She comes to sit next to me, as we soak in the last bit of sunlight out on her back deck.

“Honestly, things are so good, Sadie. I want to do more, I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the actual sex stuff.” I blush, taking a sip of my water. Even though she knows all about my sex life, or lack thereof, it still makes me embarrassed to talk about.

“First of all, I think it’s pretty wicked that Nicolas is being so faithful and doesn’t mind waiting. I wish more guys were like him. Second of all, what have you actually done since the toy thing?”

She talks with ease, no judgement, though she never does, I relax. I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend.

“I know I have gotten lucky. I don’t want to lose him though. I’m not going to do something I’m not ready for, just to keep a guy. Not even Nicolas,” I say, telling the truth.

“Erm, well, we’ve been feeling each other more. You know over the clothes kind of thing, totally PG stuff.” I blush deeply.

I feel even more like a virgin than I am . Maybe I should just get it over with, so I can get past all the weird first times. I just want to do it right.

“Let’s see, you can try sending each other X rated photos or start simple, just sexier ones. You can always try having phone sex with him. That’s always fun, I’ve recently found someone to do that with. Oh, he’s good too, and he has the best moan!” She giggles, looking at me.

“Really?! Who is it?” I ask, confused, because she hasn’t told me about it yet.

“Well, I met him online in a chat room. He’s not from around here. He’s older, in his twenties, but you can’t tell anyone. My parents would freak out! I really like him though. I’m sorry I haven’t said anything. I wanted to keep it a secret until I knew it was something I wanted to share.”

“Don’t worry, I understand. I’m so excited for you though, just be careful, online dating, Sadie? We were warned about that in school last year.”

“Please don’t start, I know. This is why I didn’t say anything to anyone.”

“I won’t start, just saying. Now, back to me. No I’ve not done naughty photos. I guess I could try. I don’t know about nudes though.”

We keep talking about the things I could do to keep it spicy between Nicolas and me. She fills me in on all kinds of ways. Once we are done, we head up to her room, where she shows me the site she met her new guy on. His name is Matthew; he is twenty two and lives the next state over. When she shows me a photo of him, I can’t help but giggle. He is really cute, though it makes me wonder why someone so cute needs to ‘date’ online and be into someone who is just sixteen.

She lets me give her the third degree ‘be safe speech,’ once more. After that, we drop it. I know that if I push too much on her, she won’t tell me any of the good stuff later. She even lets me borrow some of her clothes, and I decide to try out a few of her ideas.

I go into the bathroom, changing into one of the outfits she let me use. It’s something I wouldn’t normally wear, but it does fit nicely on me. Sadie and I are the same size, except my breasts are a little bigger than hers. When I’m done, Sadie helps me do my hair and makeup. It’s an outright girls night. I feel like a doll. Once we’re done, and I get her approval, Sadie helps me take a few photos.

We go outside taking photos and do a few in her bedroom. Afterwards, we decide which ones are the best to save. It makes me excited to do this, I’m surprisingly not nervous at all. One of my favourites is of me sitting at the edge of Sadie’s bed; my bottom lip looks a little pouty. The outfit she gave me is of Daisy duke shorts and a cute top that shows off my 'great rack', in Sadie's words. My breasts look like they might spill out of it a little, since I’m a bit bigger than Sadie, but that is what makes it work.

I send it to Nicolas with a small message:

'Just something to show you I’m missing you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have a good rest of your shift at work.'

Kisses xxx

Hitting send, I watch the icon, waiting for it to say 'sent.' Once it does, I put my phone down. I know he can’t always answer texts right away, so it might be a few before he answers. Sadie distracts me with food, going on about her new friend again. I think she is happy I know she seems like she needs someone to talk with about it all. I’m happy to listen; she always is the one giving me the advice.

When my phone goes off, I pick it up quickly, nearly dropping it.

'Kyra, you’re always on my mind, my sweet beautiful girl. I see you’ve come to tease me. I tease you back. I’m missing you too, baby girl.'

He sends a photo of himself with his shirt pulled up, exposing his wonderful chest. Before I can respond, he sends another.

'You are stunning, that photo is perfect. You have me lusting you even more.'

I blush deeply and go to the bathroom; I take a deep breath, removing my top. I take a photo of my upper half, with just a bra on. I send it to him, with a message.

'I love you, Nic. I’m totally ready to do more with you. Of course, if you want to...'

Hitting send, I giggle. I know he wants to, but I love hearing him tell me so. I slip my top back on, just as he responds.

'I’ve been ready, you know this, sweet girl. I just want you to be ready. See what you do to me? Your breasts are perfect!'

His next photo is of his lower half, even though they are covered. I can tell he is hard. It leaves me tingling and wishing I was home so I could masturbate. I really want to come. Nicolas is able to send me a few more texts before he has to go back to work. When he does, I go back and talk with Sadie. She’s gone online and is talking to Matthew. I can tell she is in the same kind of mood as I am, so I tell her I’m going to go home.

When I get home, my parents are already in bed. I make my way upstairs and take a quick shower before crawling into bed. I grab my toys from under my bed and decide on using the bullet first. I work it down into my panties, resting it against my clit. I turn it on, feeling the buzzing snap into life, letting out a soft groaning moan. With my phone in hand, I scroll the photos that I have of Nicolas. I’ve saved them all.

My mind spins like a film reel, replaying everything that Nicolas and I have ever done together. My heart drums fast and hard in my chest, thumping hard to the pace of the bullet. I roll my hips gently, working myself into a higher need. I wonder what it would be like to hear him on the other end of the call, moaning with me. I slip the bullet down further, allowing it to tease my entrance, thrumming away. My fingers begin to dance over my clit, gasping at certain ideas of Nicolas touching me.

The screaming lust I endure makes my toes curl hard. I have to muffle my face with a pillow, so I don’t moan out too loudly. I come so hard, so powerfully. I can’t help but giggle as I come down from my high. I know I want to try this with Nicolas, I’m ready for it. I bring myself into two more orgasms, before I fall asleep peacefully.

Waking up, I can still feel the moistness of my pussy. I really came hard last night. The idea of coming again sounds good, but I have a date with Nicolas this afternoon, I want to get ready for it. Going downstairs, I have breakfast before doing what little homework I have left to do. My mind is still on Nicolas, I’m too excited to see him. The hours seem to tick by, but finally one comes rolling in, and he sends me a text saying he is here.

“Hey beautiful girl, how are you?” Nicolas asks me, as I move to slide in on the passenger side. I take in a deep breath, smelling him. He’s fresh out of the shower, I can tell. His hair is still a bit damp.

It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon in autumn, the leaves are changing colours and the weather is cooling down. I love the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind; the autumnal smells are my favourite.

“I’m perfect now that I’m with you. How was your shift last night?” I ask him, running my fingers along his jaw line. He has the perfect amount of stubble to tickle my fingers. I love that feeling; he knows it too, which is why he keeps it just so.

“It started off slow, but it sure did speed by once we talked. I truly did love those photos, babe. It was such a surprise, one of the best I’ve ever had. You know you didn’t have to though, right?” His eyes are full of love, passion and I can see a bit of concern.

“I know I didn’t have to, I wanted to. It’s time,” I smile at him. I lean in, kissing him gently.

“I do love them, it made me happy. It also made me very excited.” He grins at me, taking my hand and resting it on his lap.

Biting my lip, I squeeze him gently through his jeans. I can tell he is pretty hard; it turns me on knowing how easily he can get excited for me. He starts his car, driving to our spot, which is just a look out over the city. My hand never leaves his cock, caressing him. My touch is gentle. With each passing moment, I can tell his cock is straining to be released from his jeans. When we pull up to the overlook, I kiss him deeply.

Somewhere in the midst of all the kissing, I begin to unzip his jeans. The music is down low on a station that we’ve both agreed we can handle listening to. The warmth of the autumn sun beams in through the windscreen, beating hard but not overly hot. The breeze is blowing through both our windows, teasing my sensations even more.

Our tongues dancing together, our breathing growing heavier, my hand roaming down into his jeans. I’ve never even seen his cock, but I’m about to touch it. I’m not over thinking this, it just seems so right. Slowly I work my hand down around his shaft, it’s thick and hard. I can feel him pulse against my palm and fingers. It causes me to break our kiss and look down. I want to see what I’m touching. There in my hand is his cock; he looks as thick as he feels. The head of his cock has a small bead of pre-cum, glistening against the glare of the sun through the windscreen.

My eyes meet his as I glance up; he has a small smile on his perfect face. I shiver with delight, my fingers stroke him lightly, making him let out a soft moan. He comes closer again, kissing me, the stubble on his face teasing my skin. It’s as if I know what I’m supposed to do, I begin to stroke his cock whilst we kiss. Our tongues go back to dancing with one another, moving in perfect harmony.

He moans against my lips, making me squeeze him tighter. I love how I can get these reactions from him; it makes me feel powerful and wanted. I don’t slow down, jerking his cock with a steady speed as we kiss. If our kiss gets faster, so does my hand, if we slow it down, so does my hand. He groans every so often, thrusting into my hand.

Not long after he releases our kiss, throwing his head back, he groans out. I feel his cock swell in my hand, making me work it a little faster.

“Don’t stop, baby, fuck, please,” he whimpers out.

I don’t; I keep jerking him. Within a moment of moving a little faster, his whole body tightens and he begins to come hard. He shoots straight up before it lands back down on his lap and my hand. I’m shocked by how much he comes, I still stroke him though. He shivers, arching a little until I know he’s done.

The moment we’re done, I blush, shocked I’d do such a thing. Nicolas is breathing deeply, catching air into his lungs. He lets his head roll towards me, a smile on his lips.

“This wasn’t what I had in mind today, but it sure as hell is worth it. Damn, Kyra, you sure you’ve never done this?” He flashes me a wicked smile.

“Swear it, never even seen a cock before, let alone touch one.”

“Can’t say I’m sorry that mine is the first you’ve seen. I like being your first with things, babe,” he tells me. I blush, thinking the same thing.

“Nic, I want to try something with you tonight. I don’t want to tell you, not yet. I’ll tell you on call, okay? I might chicken out by then, so no point in saying now.”

“We can do whatever you want, baby girl,” he tells me, as he adjusts himself back into his jeans.

“Thank you, baby,” I watch as he smiles at me. It causes my heart to skip a beat.

We go and grab dinner at the local diner and talk about work and school. Nicolas graduated this past year and has been working at his father’s store. He’s saving to go to college in a year. I know he is putting it off slightly because he isn’t ready to leave me yet. I think when we got together; neither of us thought it would last very long. We soon realised how wrong we were. We couldn’t be happier.

At around nine Nicolas drops me off at home, telling me he’ll give me a call before bed. I kiss him softly, telling him I’ll be waiting. When I go in, I remember its date night for my parents, and I have the place to myself. I wash up the dishes, before going to my room.

Two hours later Nicolas is calling me. I’ve snuggled myself down into bed, watching TV, waiting for him when he calls. A smile from ear to ear forms on my face. Just with a simple call, he makes me so happy.

“Hi pretty girl,” he whispers lightly. I can tell just by his tone that he is in bed, just like I am. I picture him next to me.

“Hi baby,” I say just as quietly. “I’ve missed you, silly isn’t it?”

“No, because I’ve missed you. Now I’m in bed, thinking of you here with me.” His voice is soft, loving.

“Really? I was just thinking the same thing, what are the odds?” I can’t help but giggle.

“Huh, go figure. Were you thinking of me naked, like I am of you?” I can hear his smile.

“As a matter of fact, I was. I’d love if you climbed into bed with me naked. I’m not even wearing socks. I want to feel your naked body against mine, touching me, kissing me, needing me,” I breathe lightly, telling him. My hands begin to roam, touching myself so soon.

“Err, wow, Kyra, I think I can handle that. Think of me doing just that, because I need and want all of that. See yourself on your back, me on my side. Me running a single finger from your belly button up to your collar bone. I can see the goose bumps form over your beautiful skin. The moon is shining into the window over us, illuminating our skin.”

“Don’t stop, Nic. I want more, please,” I whimper.

“Anything you want, princess. I want you to feel my lips against yours, kissing you lightly. My hand is tracing back down over your skin, skimming along the same place. I can feel you arch a little into it, needing more. My mouth trails from your lips to your jaw, toward your breast. The warmth of my breath teasing your skin, lips so light against your skin. I leave little kisses from as far as I can from the nipple, moving in gently. I watch it growing harder the closer I get.”

His voice trails on, leaving me in such a haze. I begin to touch myself further, slipping my hand down between my thighs. I can feel how wet I am for him, wanting to feel him truly touch me.

“Do you like that, baby?” he whispers through the phone, sounding as though he is right there in the room with me.

“I do, oh, I really do. It feels so real, just by your words,” I tremble out.

“Good girl, just listen to my words, let them take you in.”

“I will, please, keep going,” I moan softly.

Suddenly I see him in my room, next to me, in bed with me, touching me, doing as he describes. I can feel his lips inching closer to my now very hard, aching nipple. It’s his hand that caresses my mound, not mine. The warmth of his lips cover my perked nipple, engulfing it, he begins to suck gently on it. His tongue darting at the tip, sucking a little more. It’s making me heady.

His fingers trace my slit, slipping over me, feeling my wetness. I want to close my eyes, but at the same time I want to see every single thing he does to me. It is like he knows; he begins to dance his fingers over my clit, making my hips involuntarily move with his graceful touch. My hand reaches down to caress his shaft, stroking him like I did just hours ago. He moans against my breast, causing his fingers to move a little faster on my clit. It drives my passion on, my desires for him.

Nicolas’s fingers are moving perfectly against me, working me deeper, making my need grow for him. I moan out, they grow louder not holding back, craving him. I feel that beautiful sensation I’ve grown to know so well building, begging him not to slow down. My hand still on his cock, feeling him thrust in my hand again. We’re building our needs together, bringing each other closer to what we both need.

I gasp. Feeling it near, I tell him so. He encourages me not to stop, don’t stop, let it go, baby. He whispers into my ear, making the need closer. I feel my body go rigid. The moan I let out is like no other before it, feeling it tear through me like an electric shock. His fingers are never slowing down, pulling my orgasm from me as though I’m under his spell.

He comes with me, coming hard. I hear him growl out a long moan, coming with me. Our bodies sharing something together, brought on by something we did as one. We moan out together, gasping for air, refilling our lungs. My throat feels slightly sore from the harsh moan I endured.

“You’re rolling out with all kinds of surprises, Kyra. My God! I love you, pretty girl.”

“I just need you so much, Nicolas. I love you too, handsome. My sweet man.”

“You can have as much as you want, I won’t argue.”

“I want so much more with you. You just wait, Nicolas.” I blush, biting my lip.

“I’m not going anywhere, babe. I can promise that.”

We talk for a little while, talking about what has brought all this on. I even tell him about my toys. He jokes, telling me he knew all along I had a kink in me. I didn’t disagree with him, Sadie said the same thing. It must be true. Eventually, we end up falling asleep on the phone together, sleeping throughout the night.

Monday mornings are not my favourite but when I wake up to my boyfriend, it isn’t so bad. I wish him a nice morning, and get ready for school. I’m excited to tell Sadie what happened.

When I tell her all the details, or all the ones I’m willing to tell, she gets all excited for me. She tells me that I’m one step closer to being ready to going all the way.

What she doesn’t know is, I am ready…

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