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A knock at the door

A quiet night takes a major twist
It was a typical Thursday evening aside from the fact that my wife had left on a trip with her sister. I had just settled into my recliner with my glass of sweet tea within reach. Powering up my iPad I logged onto Lush and planned to read a few stories and chat with friends. I heard someone knocking on the door and got up to see who it was. I hadn't seen any headlights so I was curious as to who was at my door. Turning on the porch light I looked out and saw a woman . Opening the door I stepped out onto the porch. In the light I saw that she was an attractive lady dressed in jeans and a red button down blouse with the top three buttons undone.

"May I help you?" I asked her.

" My car ran out of gas on the interstate,"she said with a weak smile."I saw your lights and was hoping you might have some gas."

I smiled at her and said ,"Wait right here and I will get the gas can and a funnel." Going into the garage I found the already full gas can and the funnel. I walked back to the porch and started walking toward the interstate.Her car was visible in the bright moonlight as we walked toward the interstate fence. Setting the gas can and funnel over the fence I proceeded to help her climb over. In the bright moonlight I could tell that she filled out her tight jeans very well. We made our way to her car and I began pouring the gas in. There was not much traffic to be carefull of as I finished pouring the gas in. Having finished I twisted the cap back on and shut the small door that covers the tank entrance.

"How much do I owe you?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Just help the next person that you meet who has a need,"I replied as I smiled back .

She stepped close to me and placed her hands on my shoulders giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. Then suddenly her hands slid behind my neck and her lips found mine. Pressing her body against me she kissed me passionately. My shock soon became desire as her soft lips felt so good pressed to mine. My arms wrapped around her pulling her even tighter against my body. I felt her tongue sliding along my lips. Parting my lips I slid my tongue thru her parted lips and our tongues danced together in her sweet mouth. Our hands were roaming over each others bodies as we kissed passionately . A car passed by and I broke the kiss long enough to suggest that we should not be standing beside the interstate. She opened the back door and slid in as I watched her. I quickly slid in beside her and pulled the door closed.

I pulled her close against me as our lips met again. Soon my hands were busy unbuttoning her blouse as she did the same to my shirt. Sliding her blouse off her shoulders I kissed down her neck as I unhooked her bra and slid it off. My shirt was now off as my mouth found her breasts gently kissing each one as my hands unbuttoned her jeans. " Oh that feels so good," she moaned as I sucked each of her nipples. I slipped her jeans down over her hips as I hungrily sucked on her breasts. Her hands unbuckled my belt and then unbuttoned my jeans. I raised my hips allowing her to pull my jeans down over my hips. She quickly started rubbing my hardening cock through my briefs as I pulled her panties down. My finger moved along her now wet pussy as she slid my briefs off. "Oh yes. Yes ," she gasped as I slid a finger in her. My teeth gently nibbled her nipples as I moved my finger in and out of her very wet pussy.

"I need your hard cock now,"she said as I slid a second finger in. Moving between her now spread thighs I rubbed my cockhead on her wet needy pussy. Looking down at her I saw the lust in her eyes and I knew she saw the same in mine. " Please fuck me," she begged as I slowly slid my cock in her. Pulling back out only the head in then pushing my cock back in. Her moans filled the car as I started pumping my hard cock deep in her. I slid my hands to her breasts carressing them as my hips drove my cock faster and deeper into her . The sound of our skin slapping together mixed with our moans as we fucked wildly. Her legs wrapped tight around me pulling my cock in deeper as we worked together for our mutual satisfaction. Our breathing turned to panting as we lost ourselves in passion. Driving my cock deep and twisting my hips I continued to give her what she wanted. My cock buried in her it started to spasm. My body shaking as I unloaded myself in her. My eyes wide with lust looking down at her seeing hers closed and her head moving side to side. I stop thrusting as her legs squeeze me tightly. I kiss her forehead and tell her what a wonderful lover she is. "Mmm so are you baby," she replied. Sliding off her I start putting my clothes back on as she does the same.

We both exit the car and smile at each other."Let's make sure the car starts before I go back to the house,"I said.

"Oh it will start Jethro," she replied.

My head snapped around to look at her. "Wh. What?"I said as I saw a big smile come across her face.

"Yes it's me,"she replied."I wasn't out of gas I have been planning this ever since I read your poem "Tell Me".

"But how ?"

"When you told me the other night while we chatted that your wife was going on a trip I decided to come and tell you.

"Well then I hope that you spend the night with me then."

"I packed enough for three days," she said with a huge grin.

"That should give me plenty inspiration for a number of stories,"I replied as I climbed behind the wheel of her car and started driving her to my house.

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Posted 22 Jan 2014 13:10
Very good story
Posted 31 Jan 2013 13:15
Very nice Enjoyed every second of it...

Posted 15 Jan 2013 12:49
This is a great story. It has enough detail but doesn't age on for ever in boring details that don't really need to be in it. I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing.
Posted 14 Jan 2013 19:23
a familiar story, of the damsel in distress. with a very nice twist

Posted 13 Jan 2013 13:35
great story hope to read more
Posted 12 Jan 2013 01:24
Nice one hope its a true one and you had a great time!
Posted 11 Jan 2013 12:27
very good
Posted 09 Jan 2013 07:33
Darling, what a great twist at the end! I'm so happy you continued writing after 'Tell Me' with a story that links back to it... great idea!

And the content of this story--wow, one word, HOT! Keep up the sexy work, darling
Posted 09 Jan 2013 06:43
I loved it!!! The "Good Sam" you is so believable, for me. The sex was hot and the twist at the end a great segue into another super story, I hope. If I could give you more than 5's I would.

Posted 08 Jan 2013 23:21
You did a very nice job of writing and had a good story that was quite believable. Keep on!! "5"'s all the way!!
Posted 08 Jan 2013 19:17
An honorary member of the good sams now.
Posted 08 Jan 2013 19:06
Outstanding story... loved the spontaneity and the cool spin about being friends here... 5

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